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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 2 hours 24 minutes ago Flag

    Nietzsche is the ultimate in material nihilism.
    Hume that humans are emotional messes
    Descartes a seeking Christian
    Keikegaard hopelessly naive. Therefore popular with material nihilist as an obfuscation.

    But the question would be what is the philosophical foundation of a Democrat Party which emotionally boos even the mention of God. Then prevaricates and lies to protect Planned Parenthood?

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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 4 hours ago Flag

    Now Oliverbur,

    The definition of material nihilism is a standard of philosophy.

    Your choice of behavior demonstrates the resulting condition. The resulting determined behavior is mutually exclusive to the higher level of aware Liberty. Which actually rests on the choice of personal virtue, by an imperfect creation. All the philosophy is simply to quantify what is self apparent.

    This interaction is not a productive discussion, for you. It is however thought provoking for me, in exploring the disabling nature of the Progressive material nihilist condition.

    The whole OLB has the ability to be much more effective. But a lack of logical structure to thought, bars it.

    Nothing more than a play on Dostoyevsky's themes. Close to Crime and Punishment. In fact, the whole OLB antics made me pull it from the shelve again. Determined I guess.

    The Russian want and base natures are here. But wrapped in an affecting primitive Gnostic fashion religion.
    Extending to the current fad of nescience environmentalism. Where the most hysteric have never heard of the scientific method, by political design. Yet, the hysteric trusts the science of magical high priest, they admit they will not even attempt to understand. Even a backslide into Dark Age inter-mediation to the gods.

    Which brings us back to real scientific polling used to manipulated emotions to the exclusion of rational facility. My goodness a man from BET turned himself into a knuckle dragging emotive on the Mr.O factor last night.

    A political party as an eternal superior alternative due to assumed sins of three generations ago. This is not even politics as religion. It is faction as religion. Therefore no need to focus on empowering employment and functioning schools. The Republicans are an evil akin to Middle Earth wraith, which must be defeated first.

    Good David Webb pretty much just smiled. The well educated man made an unaware fool of himself. Hope he washed his hands after. David that is.

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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 6 hours ago Flag

    Now now Oliverbur.

    This venom is pouring out due to false vanity. We both understand it.

    You are, as you are, due to a material nihilist collectivist religion. It closes your mind as a protective mechanism. Superior awareness which is a vanity laced delusion.

    Your imagined placed is as an intellectual elite. Which you most certain are not.

    Progressive material nihilist collectivists follow the same pattern over and over. First the bully. Then the emotionally wounded victim. A tertiary phase is one of brash denial and claims of being bullied. Which some how validates pretending to ignore while going full fool.

    The fascinating aspect of American Intelligent Piety is that it seeks objective truth. With the contradiction Ben Franklin exploded in his self improvement exploration.

    There are plenty of people brighter than me. But their are none in the OLB. Due do your choices. Nothing to do with me.

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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 7 hours ago Flag

    Poor Willie, just ask the Ukrainians about Putin's honesty.

    Very foolish.

    Cruise missile platform. .

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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 12 hours ago Flag

    Poor Willie, you will not get better until you make a better choice, for yourself.

    Like most Soviet era designs, a big premium was placed on simplicity, durability and ease of maintenance.
    Also a marked disregard for the survival or even health of crews.

    Otherwise it is a stunningly efficient design. Allowing the Bear to cover vast distances and even loiter.
    If you actually wished to understand rather Progressive collectivist pose, it is simple to understand why it is still in inventory.

    Besides it takes real childish willfulness not to recognize sending these bombers to test our air space defenses on 4th of July is pointedly provocative. These are bombers and not unarmed surveillance craft in international space.

    Trump probably could get along and come to an understanding with Putin and Neo-Mao. These alphas understand and respect strength. Even swagger in cultural context. They know Trump will slap right back.

    Certainly no person could be as humiliated as Obama. He has his dogmatic faith that all the world's problems are caused by American power of one sort of another. Which is a simple minded faith counter to human history and even his own direct experience. But, reason has nothing to do with Progressive collectivism.

    Just stop now. Goggling up supercilious minutia will not save you from being the board clown, today. YOu did it yourself.

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    U.S. Adds 173,000 Jobs in August

    by norrishappy 14 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    So says the vainly virtue-less and therefore impoverished Willie.

    The Bear Bombers are obsolete, They are also a technical wonder. The counter props are so loud as to deafen crews. A fun cold war factoid is that some Marine Assault ships made a readiness exercises out rapidly assembling and mooning the Bear crews, as they passed.

    There is also the legend of assault ships having trouble, from time to time, docking in Australia. Just takes one Marine to call out white women to starboard or port, then the thunderous herd of all pigment hues rushes to one side. Nothing racial, just younglings being younglings. Actually all which needs to said is women and the herd is off.

    Anyways, Bear bombers would not survive. But they can get close enough to launch cruise missiles. Soviets were of course the worst, But taking casualties is a Russian military ethos.

    Yes, Poor Willie everything typed was accurate.

    The Bear is not as good as the b52. But it is a wonder. Like ships of the line in Nelson's day or the M2 machine gun. it remains a valuable capability.

  • Europe's economy is rolling over into recession.
    China is already having trouble.

    Chinese ships insulting Obama.
    Russian Bear Bombers testing our air defense on the July 4th.

    Climate Control that is the ticket for political power.

    We are only the only country to hit what would have been that absurd Kyoto agreement co2 targets.
    The only reason was American natural gas. As Obama stepped all over it, lawlessly.

    Then to go traipsing around Alaska pretending America is not doing enough! With the Alaska economy and state budget in shambles from low oil price.

    Then to make a fig leaf out of allowing Shell to explore the Alaska self.

    We should be having a petro-chemical investment boom in America. But we will have to elect one of the republicans.

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    Bond Prices As a Confidence Indicator

    by ronharv Sep 2, 2015 2:43 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Now now Oliverbur, you really made a public clown of yourself.

    Find some new material. I know it is very Progressive to make stuff up then lie and dissemble.

    Obamacare and Climate Control.

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    Bond Prices As a Confidence Indicator

    by ronharv Sep 2, 2015 2:43 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 11:06 PM Flag

    Completely wrong Oliverbur.

    Even if you did understand the concept correctly, you forgot about the hedges.

    LINE disclosure of PV10 estimate in the SEC disclosures utilize the hedge horizon. The issue you seem to have misunderstood is the assumed rates used after the hedge horizon. Which are unfortunately likely to high. As the hedges have burned off, an increasing issue.

    No banks do not discount at 10%. They use multiple sensitivity scenarios. Exactly what are in the terms of the line are not standardized. Redetermination could be troublesome.

    Drool on the drum! Big sound Oliverbur! ;)

    I was a banker long ago. I did business credit lines.

    You seem to be struggling with the concept of tertiary recovery. As the bank lines are senior to the bonds, Banks are not concerned about anything like your imaginary NAV. Still it is bad business to get caught in a re-organization. Expensive.

    Now the banks will not begin at $40 when 85% of the production is hedged at $80. Only in the world of the OLB would any imaginary NAV begin with imaginary pricing.

    The active traded bonds are indeed crashed to under $40. Which means bond buy backs will add to cash flow. Problem though is no way to roll the maturities in 2019 in these conditions. The bank syndicate will be looking for an out. Which could cause a liquidity event.

    Why do you pose the fool?

    Yes there is a valid reason the units are at $3. That trading between LINN and LNCO is interesting.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 7:54 PM Flag

    I am not a big bond trader.

    But it seems yahoo offers quotes on OTC bond through valubond.

    Price: 89.65
    Coupon (%): 8.625
    Maturity Date: 15-Apr-2020
    Yield to Maturity (%): 11.241
    Current Yield (%): 9.621
    Fitch Ratings: B
    Coupon Payment Frequency: Semi-Annual
    First Coupon Date: 15-Apr-2011
    Type: Corporate
    Callable: Yes
    Quantity Available: 175
    Minimum Trade Qty: 10
    Dated Date: 15-Oct-2010
    Settlement Date: 4-Dec-2014

    So a retail investor is offered up to 175 bonds in at least 10 bond trade.

    There are far to many bonds with very distinct terms to create something like a deep equity exchange.
    A 1,000 bonds is not a large trade for these markets. One is never exactly like another in corporate.
    But the idea a retail investor can put a bid out there for 10 bonds and get it filled is questionable.
    Once you are in, you are really in. The market is not liquid and the real portfolio guys are not going to bother with 10 bond lots.

    I am sure management would love to take back bonds at 30% of par. YTM would be astronomical. That would move the math.

    The real danger here is the new dry natural gas fields coming on which can be profitably developed at around $3mfc. This would be a good-for-them in a normal American economy. But we have the doesn't-have -to-be Obama misery economy. This Obama forged Russia-Iran nexus of power means a stable American supply is what poor old Europe desperately needs for security. Ah but Climate Control! 16 months to go until recovery begins.

    Strange brew here. Daily.

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    Obama working for saudie

    by accessconsutants Sep 2, 2015 12:52 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 3:51 PM Flag

    Oh my.

  • “Important questions have been raised concerning the need to increase security assistance to our allies and partners in the region and to enhance our efforts to counter Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region,” Kerry writes. “We share the concern expressed by many in Congress regarding Iran’s continued support for terrorist and proxy groups throughout the region, its propping up of the Assad regime in Syria, its efforts to undermine the stability of its regional neighbors, and the threat it poses to Israel.”
    The Obama administration, Kerry claims, is under “no illusion that this behavior will change following implementation of the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
    “The president has made clear that he views Israel’s security as sacrosanct, and he has ensured that the United States has backed up this message with concrete actions that have increased US military, intelligence, and security cooperation with Israel to their highest levels ever,” the letter states.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 2:00 PM Flag

    Now now. Don't add louche to your repute.

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    Obama working for saudie

    by accessconsutants Sep 2, 2015 12:52 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 1:55 PM Flag

    Nonsense Willie.

    Our exports to China are something like .007% of our GNP.
    While their hostile Mercantile economy would implode without access to our consumer markets.
    We actually have to be mindful as the central planing has left them so inefficient and over-leveraged. Very fragile.

    The Iran economy is so puny and backward it means nothing to us. The oil is important. But it is also the only thing which keeps the backward economy afloat is oil. America doesn't need oil and gas. Just mature rational President.

    What do you think will happen when the next American President rattles Neo-Mao bird cage?

    See what happens when you read and then chant all this Media Matters delusions all day? You get very delusion about the relative size of things.

    Depressing Carter to Morning in American Reagan. It was like hitting the switch. It is about to happen again.

    We are ready for some Evil Empire fashion talk on trade. As we have our own clean energy in natural gas, we are actually much more powerful now. Things were structurally far worse then.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 1:20 PM Flag

    How is the pricing on lunar data plans? My goodness.

    Perhaps mom and dad do have house staff. But, you keep getting sent to the basement for not treating them with human respect. Something is really off.

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    Obama working for saudie

    by accessconsutants Sep 2, 2015 12:52 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 1:16 PM Flag

    Ron^3 the royal of magniloquence, has again graced the board.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 12:23 PM Flag

    Now Now. Temper temper.

    As I said many times before, I am grateful Trump is being heard. But, he does not have the temperament to be a President. Not of all the people.

    I have no doubt he could get the economy growing. Putin and Neo-Mao would quickly realize and respect a 'man'. But we also need some one who can repair all the cultural, social and moral damage, Obama has wrought. Maybe it is the time for a healing Doctor or a well reasoned mature American woman.

    They will need the service of patriots like Trump and Ichan. The Neo-Mao and corrupt Mexican elite understand their fashion of negotiation. Strength and purpose.

    Trump has driven a meaningful awareness of the purpose of the 14th amendment. Beyond the good judge and his Poison Ivy metaphysics. So that politically appointed elites, in now mocking robes of Intelligent Piety wisdom, can reinterpreted intent to fit their purpose. Is in fact an assault of the sovereignty of the people and therefore our God Given Liberty.

    It does not fit the agenda of Progressive force. But when it comes to the Majestic Civil Rights period, did the court reflect the engaged or changed hearts of Americans, or simply legal force? Clearly the following layers and layers of additional legal force left the majority of inner city Americans, separated, isolated and increasingly alienated.

    Collectivism always ends this way. Dye people purple, the result will be the same.

    The hopeful merging was reflected in 80s dance pop. Which was subsumed by Progressive delusions of awareness by promoting thug-rap. It required generations of just plain destructive government policy and exploitation. But, today, this false edifice of young, ignorant and angry young men obscures the Magnificent American Black culture. It is not extinct, just obscured.

    We witnessed it in Charlotte. I pray the whole of God's church is still engaged there. For the wonders are now obscured by Black Lies Matter. Reverend is correct, we have much work to do.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    Poor Willie, this is the real problem.
    You are so busy posing even the self apparent alludes you.
    Not good.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2015 10:25 AM Flag

    Yea Putin is using land and air power to prop up the murderous dictator of Syria. Still dropping chemical weapons, Putin was assumed to be safeguarding.

    SA i suddenly going to abandoned their geopolitical strategy. Work hand in hand with the Aryan-Russian power base.

    Really amazing and amusing.

    The dogs need their run. Then Varney and company is on a three hour tour.

    This delusion feedback loop is entertaining stuff. Maybe we can get the voting going again, as well.

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