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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2015 12:57 PM Flag

    Neo-progressive Zombie Bear.

    Deal with the data. Electricty rates are up far above the cost of inflation. When fuel costs have never been lower in real terms.

    So not attempt your Cloward and Piven mental conditioning with Mad Who. Address the facts. What could cause this to happen?

  • Michael Bastasch

    "U.S. average electricity rates will hit a record high, this year, at 38 percent higher than they were in 2001, according to the Energy Information Administration. That record is expected to be beaten in 2016, as prices hit 12.86 cents per kilowatthour (kWh)– the highest annual average price in the 21st century."

    Now, with American produced natural gas at about $2.50 and coal priced in line, yea electricity prices should be down 38%.

    Plus the absurd artificial Obama recovery has been marked by none of the expected increase in electricity consumption which comes with economic recovery. So there has been a fat cushion of generating capacity from the Enron days. The merchants have been luck to make any cash return over their variable costs.

    Obama now with his emotional and willful policy agenda has destroyed the generation cushion or reserve. State regulators are having to pay big premiums for that merchant cushion now. Variable energy corruption requires a huge cushion.

    These new Obama regulations are simply ducking responsibility for lack of honest planning and grid stability by imposing it upon the state regulators. When the variability of the variable energy corruption could be best minimized by national planning.

    All Obama is doing is an Iraq bug-out with American energy production, stability and cost. Cunning and deceitful is not leadership. As is trying to stick the majority Republicans administrations in the states with the cost of his cold vanity.

    This has all been posted and explained. But you neo-progressive zombies just make the same noise. Like the disgraced human blood soaked monster, Stag.

    Who by the way has recommended nothing but investment disasters. Something truly beyond statistical probability. Could it be a punishment?

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2015 11:42 AM Flag

    Sick Willie of New South Africa.

    Growth in residential electricity prices highest in 6 years, but expected to slow in 2015

    YOu can see from the report that while fuel prices are down. Total cost of electricity is inflating at 10% increasing to a 12% run rate. It is far above inflation. When it should have fallen on fuel costs. Certainly the grid investment is not increasing efficiency and lowering costs. As efficiency does.

    The electricity industry likely will continue to invest in upgrades to transmission and distribution systems in the coming years as well as expand renewable generating capacity, the costs of which will be passed through to retail customers. Costs associated with environmental compliance also will affect future retail electricity rates.
    However, power generation fuel costs have fallen in recent months, especially the cost of natural gas. These lower costs are likely to offset some of the increases in utilities' nonfuel costs and thus slow the rate of retail electricity price increases. EIA's March edition of the Short-Term Energy Outlook projects residential electricity prices will rise by 1.0% during 2015, which would be the lowest increase since 2010.

    Of course this report contains the truth. But is heavily laced with neo-progressive puffing.

    Note the grid investment has not been for efficiency. It is to hide the massive cost and energy loss in long distance transmission of variable energy. Also redundancy necessary to make up for the variability.

    There is a whole bunch of EPA Grubering going on with the corrupt Obama EPA. BUt American see it in their bills.

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    Neo-Progressive Zombie Bear,

    This was all posted from the EPA site. The 38% was reported by the EPA at the wholesale.
    Which of of course sick Willie of New South African snarked about.

    The reail increase have been greater. Attempting to hide the cost of very expensive alternative energy transmission as grid investment. As it is just burying the true cost of the 'alternative energy feeding frenzy and the generation is variable, grib stability is becoming critically unstable.

    As noted before from the EPA website. Obama has already inflicted a 38% increase in electricity cost to American consumers. Yes, the additional cost of Obama's nescience regulation is another 40% on top of the 38% in the bag.

    Truth is as Obama is mandating with no planning or engineering, neo-progressive will blame the states for the greater co2 emissions which will be imposed irrational inefficiency.

    You know if you neo-progressive zombies had some self worth, some personal virtue, you could improve your condition. Years and years of repeating the neo-progressive zombie noise is more than enough.

    Strive for your God Given Liberty. You will live more abundantly.

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2015 9:51 AM Flag

    You are an an philistine. Avoiding rational thought and very real dangers of the emotional and therefore mindless.

    The best 'alternative energy' in the most ideal location is much more expensive than natural gas or coal plants. Critically so that modern clean coal assets are closed.

    In both Britain and Germany the mindless rush to force dispatchable generation down and deceive about the true cost of 'alternatives' had made logical planning and engineering impossible. So with the grid instability comes more co2 generation as the dispathable assets are run inefficiently. The environmental and economic costs you seem unaware of.

    Electricity costs are up 38% under Obama.. &8% in Germany with no end in sight. Their industrial base is no in flight. Can you explain how this reality came to be?

    Yes it is happen by political mandate. Collectivist political mandate. Now just like going past 10% corn ethanol mandate corruption, you have reached a physics barrier with wind and solar.

    In Europe they have gone beyond the limit. Germany is no destabilizing the grids of neighbors to hide their irrationality. Even giving away the excess is not enough to offset the destabilization.

    Of what value is an opinion to fellow human beings, if you are irrational and uniformed?

    If you want it to function properly and lower co2, you need to change your behavior.

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2015 4:15 AM Flag

    "The near-term peak in US production was 13.24 Mbpd in April 2015. The August figure was 12.69 Mbpd, down 550,000 bpd".

    Nor would Saudi Arabia wish a worldwide or American recession. Which are actually one in the same thing.

    Renewable are insignificant intotal generation. Further, we have already exceeded the limit of the variability the grids can tolerate. We must now include Britain along with Germany in dangerously destabilized electrical grids. It is now not just the punishing cost, It is also the very stability of supply.

    Whole nations have gone insane with this Climate change religion. You will not stop imposing your delusion.
    For it has nothing to do with reality.

    Surprise, the installed wind mills are not just variable. But will not produce the energy claimed. Shock.
    New England too. California too.

    Obama has increased American electricity rates about 38%. As the price of natural gas and coal crashed. How can this be?

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 6, 2015 6:30 PM Flag

    The only creatures in the world who could believe Obama is powerful is the neo-progressive Zombie herd.

    Tell Valid I will be more flexible after I steal the election. I wish you could realize how dysfunctional you have become.

  • Will the lights go off in Britain this winter?
    After a combination of low wind generation and unplanned plant outages pushed the U.K.?s electricity grid operator to take action to manage a supply squeeze on Wednesday, the threat resurfaced of the first power cuts since 2007. Yet traders have signaled consumers needn?t be scared yet.
    While the temporary loss of coal-fired units and low wind output on Wednesday shrunk extra power supply, known as reserve margins, National Grid Plc says it has tools at its disposal to manage a crunch this winter. On Wednesday it used one new measure to manage lower-than-expected supply when it asked businesses and factories on pre-agreed contracts to reduce consumption."

    The grid is beyond rational management. Such uncertainty does #$%$ capital investment. Not to mention cold kills.

    It is true. The Neo-progressive zombie herd is not rational nor will it learn. It just does what it does.

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    Kept my bonds but sold all my bbep and evep

    by tradedollarnut Nov 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 6, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    Neo-Progressive Zombie babble.

    Just like Obama's bald faced deception that his insane alternative energy crony feeding frenzy reduced American co2.

    This came wholesomely from American frackers and the crash in natural gas prices. Leading to more consumption of clean American produced natural gas.

    Which Obama stepped on at every opportunity. Even now he misleading the neo-progressive zombie herd that his corruption rather than free market natural gas produced the result.

    Clearly, not just American but the entire world can not function properly when the American president is so dishonest. Exploiting his base by taking advantage of their lack of awareness or Liberty.

    Look zombies just do the same things over and over. Even as the world is on fire.

    We just have to put them in a time-out pen. Maybe legalized pot will keep them from actually getting out of the Mom's basement and voting. Hum?

    Naw, bad example for the children. Unless of course we honestly point out what regular pot use does, like the neo-progressives in Mom's basement.

  • Still attempting to used time-outted excuses to obfuscate Obama's last place economic results.

    It is true the Barmy Franks lead the Cloward and Piven Black caucus political power structure, to be the prime cause of the housing bubble and insane mortgage underwriting. Which is why progressive Wall Street went along and gave their campaign money to 'democrats'.

    It is also true that Barmy was transparently responsible, so the neo-progressive power structure eliminated his safe seat. The corruption connection is why Obama is extorting money from business owners rather than perp walking the executives. They would take Obama's neo-progressive base with them.

    But back to the Great Ghoulsbee and the intellectual undead. Housing prices are at, above and near bubble valuations in most of America. The surplus in housing has been absorbed. Otherwise rents could not rise at these punishing rates.

    Econ 101 informs us that a normal construction cycle should be in full swing. But it is not. Barmy franks mindless regulation haunts us, even as Barmy is in his character grave. So young people can not qualify for the manipulated mortgage rates. Plus Obama has so undermined confidence in the American future, that the young do not wish to commit to a mortgage.

    So once again imputed rents are above rational market. Resulting in irrational home appreciation in many markets. The benefit limited to older Americans with home equity and good credit. Older people are terrible consumers. We are not so emotional and at this point already have more stuff than we need.

    Ghoulsbee knows better than the crap he is trying to serve up. As we have absorbed the housing excess, the real contribution from housing should be zero to normal. A massive boost to our growth rate.

    Instead the ghost of Ghoulsbee politics are causing irrational asset inflation. Resulting rents are destroying real family incomes. His missing consumer demand.

    Shame on you Austin. YOU do know better!

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    New Linn price targets FWIW

    by rjmcbear Nov 6, 2015 12:15 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 6, 2015 12:53 PM Flag

    Actually break with your neo-progressive programming and listen to the questions of the analysts on the call.

    We all understand viable American energy will be worth more in the future. Rational free market economics will not be held in check forever.

    Some of the senior term and bank lines do include the value of the hedges in the determination. So some of the cash being generated now mathematically is tied to the bank credit. In any case, what is occurring is a balance sheet asset being converted to cash.

    Management stopped buying in extremely discount notes. To preserve and insure liquidity.

    Yes, the long term economic value of first tier assets like Hugonton is not in question. The vast uncertainty is if current equity owners will be around for the realization.

    Obama has to must thankfully take his vainglorious disaster with him into retirement. So last place neo-progressive will avoid speaking his name. But beyond all ethics, morals and therefore rationality, Hillary might win.

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    Question on "Hedging"

    by baconcc Nov 5, 2015 11:59 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 6, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    No zombie herd gdp.

    What Obama has inflicted is a black swan on the viable American energy industry. It took all of his lawlessness, abuse of the bureaucratic state and delusional vainglorious foreign policy to achieve this result.

    LINE ladder the maturities, They focused on highly predictable low decline rate, low cost assets. To achieve this outcome, Obama had to achieve irrational pricing on natural gas, ngls and oil. A rational market in any one of these markets, would have been enough for LINE to flex production and skirt by the hard times.

    Indeed if natural gas investment had occur as the free market begged, the price of American natural gas would be much greater. After all the capital investment would have been sunk.

    My goodness America has been wasting propane and ethane for about seven years now. A responsible lucid President, especially a rational environmentalists, would have turned the waste and destruction into jobs. By using the bully-pulpit to have the rational necessary capital investment made. In America.

    Obama did the opposite. So the best run pipes are exporting our job machine ngls. Screaming they would rather every thing leaving America be value added solids.

    Obama did not control all the variables. But the ones he lawlessly did have control of, were the variables of determination.

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    Question on "Hedging"

    by baconcc Nov 5, 2015 11:59 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 6, 2015 9:38 AM Flag

    It is worse neo-progressive zombie gdp.

    The hedges represent pricing or pure DCF. All owners of LINE can thank Obama and his insane mocking deal with the Supreme Aryan Mullah for finishing this company off. Un-employing Americans lowering energy prices and increasing our national security.

    Obama has forged a mess beyond all reason. So just about anything is possible which could disrupt the oil supply. Disrupting Middle East supply certainty is in Putin's Imperial interest.

    Obama on an open mic. Tell Valid I can be more flexible (after I steal the election).

    As for ISIS being on the run. How do you think the terrorist process Hillary's admitted bald face lies about the video? Like the Supreme Aryan Mullah joyfully announcing the decline of the big Satan American power being confounded, by their god? YOu really think either will take Hillary seriously with their stacks of her deleted e-mails?

    The world over invested in energy and commodities. The pace of productivity gains has been remarkable in basic production. depending on at least a normal economic cycle. After all, it has been four generation sense FDR managed to impose what Obama has achieved.

    The good news is the next rational President has Obama's abject and absolute economic failure as a tail wind. It actually could be possible to match 1950s economic growth rate with no inflation, for a decade.

    BUt odds are Obama's childishness has doomed LINE equity. A reorganization where a good portion of the debt is converted to equity.

    Improvement in energy prices could happen. The assets being proved out for sale could generate better than expected monetarization. On rational administration futures prices might lift enough to provide visibility to debt refinance.

    But the truth is simply this. Obama engineered the worst possible outcome for LINE and America. There is nothing wrong with Hugoton. There is something wrong with the zombie condition of neo-progressive voting herd. .

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    Unit-holders Tax Liability

    by ronharv Nov 5, 2015 12:59 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 2:00 PM Flag

    No Ron^3 the willful dementia.

    First it depends on the unused loss carry forwards each owner has. Which is an individual determination.
    Buying back discounted debt is ordinary income. Which arose from business operations.

    If line had some how acquired a portfolio of securities, unrelated to direct business operations it could be UBTI.

    We will see. BUt given how badly things have gone, the loses booked which a good portion is deductible, along with the lose carry forward, it is unlikely long term owners will have taxable income.

    But this is tax lawyers stuff rather than cpa. We have all witnessed just how lawless the Obama SEC can be, here at LINE.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 1:46 PM Flag

    Willie I must admit I am entertained that it is all Bush's fault would-be king of the monkey things, It is all Bush's fault neo-progressive oblivion.

    Mad Who is very amused! Thank you.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 1:30 PM Flag

    No neo-progressive zombie bear. Saddam and his wicked police state was just a cork in a bottle. Sooner or later it would pop out. Likely it would result in an organized totalitarian neo-progressive regime exactly like the Supreme Aryan Mullah of the Persian people.

    We did the right thing as American people in extending limited protection and aid to the Kurds. Look at the good which has resulted.

    Obama could not help bugging out and leaving the vacuum to ISIS? Because the Bush devil made him do it?

    See why we have to manage your voting zombie herd to a holding place? It has come to the point the only thing Progressives can do is vote. How they get their weed and munchies.

    Yes the Bush administration made some critical errors. But the truth is Obama has been exponentially worse.

    Obama is third behind Putin and Merckel as significant world leaders. It doesn't feel like it under Obama, but he is the corrupt, lawless and inept leader of the worlds only super power. Defining failure.

    No Republicans is defining as the Bush III term. Not even a Bush.

    However, the corrupt, wicked and criminal Hillary is defining herself as Obama II.

    I would say stop and think. But zombies do not do that. Your just do what you do.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 11:13 AM Flag

    The neo-progressive stone age is back.

    The peace was politically handled. There is a reason Rumsfield is holding his tongue.

    But to be a critical thinker would require addressing Obama snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. By having a temper tantrum and bugging out.

    A small force of Marines with all their combined arms assets in place, would have vaporized ISIS when they broke cover.

    Well to remember Obama broke faith with all the Sunni's of Iraq. Allowing the corrupt central government to become nothing more than a satellite of the Supreme Aryan Mullah.

    The real problem is the progressive zombie herd can not longer reason. There is no solution but time out and containment.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 9:36 AM Flag

    Poor neo-progressive zombie bear,

    As even you know, deep down beyond the mental conditioning, the mortgage crises was a policy disaster of the neo-progressive Barmy Franks and the Cloward and Piven 'black' caucus, exploiting their hardest pressed communities.

    The detonation of excess leverage was not a certainty. Although Barmy knowingly showing the hubris to claim he could handle it if it did, improved the odds.

    No, the real detonation point was Pelosi shutting down the house rather than allow a vote for more domestic oil and gas production. An oil shock combined with a government shutdown so she could self proclaim the neo-progressive savior of earth, was the ignition point.

    You know full well Bush sided with the regulators against Franks and the Clower and Piven Black exploitation caucus. That Bush made the corn ethanol deal with Pelosi to secure more American oil drilling. That Obama in his hubris became lawless and set the world on fire with his willfully ignorant arrogance.

    Bush made some critical errors. But the financial crisis was primarily neo-progressive irrationality. Rather than Republican K-Street crony capitalism.

    What is certain? To make rational decisions in policy, the neo-progressive zombie herd will have to have a time out. As you prove, there is no rational mental function, so the same behavior is repeated and repeated and repeated.

    All we can do is give you a time out. But fortunately Jon has a new show coming. Neo-progressive daycare.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2015 8:17 AM Flag

    neo-progressive zombie bear,

    LINE did very well. However, now we have the problem with a non-cash generating partnership generating tax liability.

    But, to be able to refinance the debt stack will require an improvement of economically viable American produced energy above the markets cost of production. LINE is a low cost producer but needs prices in a rational range to secure margins.

    The American economy seeing the end to Obama/Hillary/Progressive delusions, could move the futures market prices. This could enable like to secure prices enough to again establish credit profile.

    But first we have to establish that enough Americans are not mad and deluded enough to elect Hillary. A treasonous and felonious Hillary who has promised to be even more lawless than Obama. Hillary who already threw productive service unions in the dump. For clearly nescience climate change religion.

    It is remotely possible LINE makes it. But it means you and the entire OLB will have to be given a time out. Also a spanking for screwing up America so badly.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 4, 2015 6:56 PM Flag

    Willie nothing can be done by me about your irrational condition.

    You can see Jon Stewart using a ball point pen in the digital age. Sometimes let us see his neo-progressive runes.

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