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norrishappy 610 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 hours 18 minutes ago Member since: Apr 24, 2002
  • Monthly distributions are not subject to opinions.

    This is a great report. But line is still in transition. A well executed transition for those of us who like the monthly checks.

    But the back drop is irrational / hostile Obama policy. Plus backward or flat future markets for oil and gas.

    The response of the free market in Marcellus is to figure out how to blend ethane so it can be destroyed as natural gas.

    KMP builds out splitters to export processed oil. Then EPA comes along and receives a private ruling that normal de-gassing is sufficient process for export. The point is not the merit of the actions or decisions but simply how this type of Obama lack of leadership freezes capital investment in our economy.

    Obama should be threatening to hold up our ng export lines if our Marine is not freed. Striving to be fair and just does not mean taking #$%$ from a corrupt power structure in another country.

    Anyways, I do believe in the American natural gas century. Clearly buying up Hugoton LINE management believe it too. Back to low cost production, long reserve index and hedging out dependable low cost production. Paying those money checks until American get rational and does the right thing.

    It really is not so bad being on the right side of things. Really looking forward to the call.

    Good fortune real American investors.

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    Strong Performance

    by rrb1981 Aug 7, 2014 9:57 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 7, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    "A very nice reduction from the untenable 35% from several years ago."

    Still understand the basic concept of capital efficiency and more importantly rejects the proposition to be a rational being.

    Self handicapping in this market is like being wounded out in God's not sentient nature machine.
    'No no do not eat me Mr. Progressive always receives the same answer.'

    If you are a Progressive Politico the response is always the same

    'You ate up our voters we encouraged to go out into our capital markets like babes. Ok give us billions and we will can it even. We can get some more like them with scraps from our table'. See social justice is fair'.

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    Line Coverage 1.13?

    by crusnthrulife05 Aug 7, 2014 7:29 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 7, 2014 9:25 AM Flag

    I think FY04

    $963mm + $103mm = $1,065

    Which would be about 1.107 coverage for the year.

    Of course everywhere except in the epic olb myth, the market looks forward.

    Very good.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 6, 2014 10:10 PM Flag

    I would bet you will be pleased tomorrow.

    Hope so.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 6, 2014 10:05 PM Flag

    Desperately seeking attention rrb. I guess you had another blackout then. My goodness.

    Sand never had such problems. He was lucid and honest.

    Instead we have you, the nebbish. Yiddish definition.

    I can see the hive brain spinning up.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 6, 2014 9:34 PM Flag

    Now now rrb-Calibain.

    Man up or what ever your are. Speak truth.

    Strange thing is I could believe you do not remember. Perhaps medical pot?

    Just look through your email string. The truth is out there. The OLB X files.

    Shame the board seems stuck with your delusions rather than Sand's valuable contributions.

    Although it is a measure of delusion, Ron^3 with his deep in the money calls because they are cheap is just the right entity to thank you for lucid contribution!

    Two Cavuto's answering crank email rating for you.

    Silly fool. ;)

    One extra because you made me laugh so hard.

  • The process which makes it a finished product - not an ngl like olb claimed at will not correct - is basically de-gassing.

    So higher oil prices and more y-grade gas heavy on ethane is not so great in the short term.

    Hopefully an analyst will follow up on management's thinking here.

    There is already so much ethane being wasted that pulling it out of the natural gas stream would in all likelihood change the market for natural gas.

    A normal American capital investment and job creation boom waiting to happen. Hopefully the solution is not ethane headers into Mexico.

    Way more jobs than even the XL.

  • Couple things any one paying attention to our occupy movement members.

    rrb calibane was big on EROC. Chest beating and plenty of name calling. The usual stuff. But of course not only is their a record of self dealing management but poor management. But also no that the integrated model has been forced to be broken up, what remains are shales. Very nice shales but also very high cost shales.

    Something to ponder if you are not rrb. They just forget it of course.

    Ron^3 was prancing about blathering about deep in the money calls being cheap some where around $33. Yea, no monthly distribution and how much is left? Calls are leverage of course.

    Anyways -

    Things I will be looking for. We are still looking for color on the Permian valuations. The analysts are all over the place still. What is another billion to the olb.

    Management has clearly built a strategy around Hugoton. Hugoton is very rich in light ngls. Ethane is problematic in the Obama reality of American. But it remains one of the most valuable molecules in the world.
    There is also additional plant. Which may have come cheap as ethane is problematic.

    I noted too that management went ahead and did the latest Hugoton deal as a straight up buy. Or so it seems so far. This is what calls are for Certainly the prior acquisition would have cleared up any question about the dirty ng hedges used in an attempt to secure ngl pricing.

    If management got the mix of oil up, this maybe a pleasant quarter. Certainly the new acquisition should improve dcf guidance. But what really counts for the analysts in show me mode is the dependability of the dcf guidance. TI oil which is all ready coming down will not help here.

    If the DCF guidance is up around 1.1 I would not be surprised to see the return of puts in hedging.

    So good luck real investors. Many moving parts till. Also some new twists. BUt management is making what I believe to be good decisions.

  • The Kurds not only paid to broadcast thank you for assisting their liberation to us directly on our tv.
    The Kurds are not just our declared friends and allies. Their word is backed by their deeds.
    An American operator told me the Kurds assigned him a bodyguard. 'Under his command'. Truth was at any hint of danger they used their bodies as shields. He could command all he wanted they respond in tactical formation. But they refused his order. Half took tactical positions and half shielded him.
    The Christians of Iraq, in the land for over 1,000 years, are now under the protection of the Kurds and their citizen 'militia', those who face death.
    I of course could go on and on. No the Kurds are not perfect as they are people like us.

    Sadly Americans are so busy assigning political blame and anger for a mostly ungrateful Islamic area that we do not take notice of the people who did react like the freed people of the Soviet Progressive collectivist imposed countries.

    It is true the rule of law based on individual rights is the most difficult element of a Just society. This ideal goes against every element of our base Unreformed human nature. It will be difficult for the Kurds to move to this level of enacted Enlightenment.

    As Obama and the Progressive prove, it is not a matter of 'education' but logical mediphysics and/or Conviction. Requiring personal humility about our imperfect nature and accepting the challenge to be honest in mutual pursuit of truth.

    Sadly it is not surprising Obama as a collectivist does not act to help our Ally by deeds, The Kurds. Response is all secular equations for them.

    We traditional Americans' regardless of the belief in 'activist' or limited government understand the right thing to do.

    Remembering too that we have allowed our Constitution to be overcome by collectivist beliefs from time to time. But we have always recovered. Because we never gave up on trying to do the right thing as a function of striving to be good.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 5, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    rrb has auto-ignorance disorder. Again it reflects the propositional choice all Americans have the liberty to chose.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 5, 2014 1:34 AM Flag

    Internal Bank of course.

    There is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

    rrb pure delusion.

    Very few of the most informed professionals can beat the market over a sustained period. Fewer still by enough to exceed lush compensation.

    Individual investors can do pretty well with common sense. But you clearly have no humility and therefore no common sense.

    ;):) and ;0

    Two Cavutos and one Jon Stewart rating.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    "When Linn issues equity and debt, they are capturing that spread. It's very simple,"

    Actually the problem is the short attack has left LINEs cost of equity inefficiently high. ;)

    Which is exactly why it is necessary for capital efficiency to implement the INTERNAL BACK strategy.

    ;) ;) :) :) :)

    You receive the maximum award of five Cavuto's for entertainment. But of course the O'halfling gets his facts and concepts correct.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 8:58 PM Flag

    It would be wise to wait for the call before running off all the way to Willie's New South African dark side of the moon crater.

    There is market theory going on here about the implicit value of assets held as not producing assets verse the value of the new acquired assets. A strong form efficient market person would say there has been no real change in value as the markets properly valued both. Markets are segmented rather than continuous but remain efficient enough that aware people have respect for its determinations.

    rrb Caliban is very amusing in its anger and tantrum. The market would like an oil EOR play more than loading up on irrational prices rich gas assets.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 8:49 PM Flag

    sciolistic prolixed Poltroon rrb the unrepentant Caliban!

    ar·bi·trage noun \ˈär-bə-ˌträzh\
    business : the practice of buying something (such as foreign money, gold, etc.) in one place and selling it almost immediately in another place where it is worth more

    The financial definition is a riskless exploitation of a market inefficiency. Something being worth more in another place with the ability to simultaneously execute the trade.

    Now what you believe you are saying is something very different than what you are saying.

    Nor will you learn even from this. It is why you are such a poor self creation.

    Silly fool.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 6:27 PM Flag

    It will be interesting to see what comes across with the deal. Pioneer uses three way collars and only goes out about a year.

    Looking at only about $4mcf in the near years futures. All depends what the FD cost is on the transaction.

    The Marcellus plans to mix ethane as natural gas gets all the more interesting.

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    Whew, getting complicated

    by coochy.cooty Aug 4, 2014 4:23 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 6:08 PM Flag

    HUm $340 million in and $90k out is the whole deal. Very amusing.

    Yes Hugoton again and it is a nice transaction.

    Again Hugoton is an ethane and propane play as well. 60% natural gas. Plus the helium Caliban has not figured out the math on. Even now years later.

    PLus even more processing capacity. Which is very interesting. There is more to this than simply buying up the HUgoton.

    ANyways 'arbitrage' play or machine? Try explaining that one Caliban. What is riskless in all this? ;)

    Oh goodness. THe really scary part is this is olb persona multiplication again. As if there were not enough already.

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    Ah back to the disappearing posts.

    by norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 11:21 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    finally the world seems to be taking no notice of Kurdish men; those who face death, extending their protection to the ancient Christian peoples of the land.

    I am impressed again by the Kurdish Muslims. But they do not have the resources to care for the Christians.

    So Obama as our President should make some provision. At least enable religious groups in America to deliver aid.

    Worlds apart but they do remind me of the Poles.

    I do pray for them.

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    Ah back to the disappearing posts.

    by norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 11:21 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 4:27 PM Flag

    What what a great day for partnerships.

    Anyways now that OLB voting is complete, time to explore the persona of the lackey Willie or rather the latest delusional episode

    Willie is the corn monster lackey. It is fully aware that American corn going from $2 a bushel to over $8 is a causal factor in the major corn consuming countries of the Middle East. that the food insecurity and deprivation riots turned into revolutions. Revolutions which now we do have nothing to do with 'democracy'. Collectivist voting is in fact the mechanism by which democracy was extinguished by majority voting.

    Would help to actually read Washington's Farewell Address. America is only the most stable self represented society in the world.

    Forces have now risen across the Middle East with blood lust not just for Jewish folks but Christians as well.
    Of course the next step in this never ending saga of collectivism is then deciding which muslims are correct thinking.

    But back to the corn lackey. It now truly holds the delusion that it has the moral authority or perhaps just standing to proclaim the Palestinians prisoners. Not prisoners of the nasty fruits of collectivism. No the Israelis.

    Of course Israelis are just human beings therefore imperfect. But certainly they have fashioned a state where the rule of law and protection extends to individuals regardless belief or physical attributes.

    BUt there is moral equivalency not based on reason or objective observation of the fruits of different reasoning. Which is the same as morals. Not the primitive religion of collectivism and the hard or terrible will.

    NOt what is the outcome? .

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    Ah back to the disappearing posts.

    by norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 11:21 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 4, 2014 12:15 PM Flag

    Ah thank you for demonstrating my point on the unsentient nature of the collective will.

    It does not Wonder, as people do.

    So no ghost in the machine. Just the machine. Like God's creation of not sentient natural process.

    A personal rejection of the potential to embrace the full Wonder of the human condition. So, sadly no human condition.

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