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    Here Bear

    by norrishappy 3 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 3 hours ago Flag

    What we witness by tide is even the 'Liberal' Protestant communities 'leaving' their 'secular' corporations to collectivists. One thing about hard edged collectivists, socialism and social engineering is their religion. Just as they eventually assume control of most 'private foundations'.

    As result very few of these corporations survive effective and whole like the Salvation Army. BUt then I believe to me an administrator, you have to go through and become ordained. Also be called and in good standing with the community. (Ordained secular word ;)

  • norrishappy by norrishappy 3 hours ago Flag

    Historical Perspectives on Religion, Government
    and Social Welfare in America
    Peter Dobkin Hall

    The liberal Protestants were notable not only for the extensiveness of their
    associational ties, but also for their willingness to sponsor secular or ecumenical
    groups like the YMCA, Boy Scouts, and Campfire—organizations which
    served the whole community rather than their own members (328). “The
    Yankee City Second Church,” Warner wrote,
    has surrounded itself with some twenty associations whose behavior
    consists largely of secular activities that cannot be included in
    the sacred programs to which the church restricts its
    behavior…One of these associations is the Second Men’s Church
    Club. This group has virtually no connection with the sacred ritual
    of the Church but helps to integrate the Church with the larger
    society; and through the participation of its members in the club’s
    activities, the Church is directly related to the larger community
    itself. At meetings of the Men’s Club, a speaker, chosen from the

    piritual and material benefits of middle class life available to all.9
    As Conrad Cherry points out in his recent study of the evolution of
    American theological education, the social gospel was preeminently a middle
    class creed which called “for social reform while professing the inherent worth
    and rights of the individual, affirming the fundamental integrity of American
    democratic capitalism, and holding to the conviction that upward social and
    economic mobility is the birthright of every American”

  • norrishappy norrishappy 4 hours ago Flag

    The Knights of Labor (K of L), officially Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor, was the largest and one of the most important American labor organizations of the 1880s. Its most important leader was Terence V. Powderly. The Knights promoted the social and cultural uplift of the workingman, rejected Socialism and radicalism, demanded the eight-hour day, and promoted the producers ethic of republicanism. In some cases it acted as a labor union, negotiating with employers, but it was never well organized, and after a rapid expansion in the mid-1880s, it suddenly lost its new members and became a small operation again.

    It was established in 1869, reached 28,000 members in 1880, then jumped to 100,000 in 1884. Then it ballooned to nearly 800,000 members in 1886, but its frail organizational structure could not cope as it was battered by charges of failure and violence. Most members abandoned the movement in 1886-87, leaving at most 100,000 in 1890.[1] Remnants of the Knights of Labor continued in existence until 1949, when the group's last 50-member local dropped its affiliation.

    In 1882, the Knights ended their membership rituals and removed the words "Noble Order" from their name. This was to mollify the concerns of Catholic members and the bishops who wanted to avoid any resemblance to freemasonry

    Hum Dont' really think of a union worried about what a bishop things now days.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 4 hours ago Flag

    Actually no. The WIKI entry is one of the most clearly collectivist planted I have read.

    The religiosity of America was roughly the same North and South. The ugliness/evil of Jim Crow more than supersedes 'child welfare'. If we are speaking the coal mines it was county civil wars. Necessary too.
    The coal miners did not benefit from wide support of churches large church populations like in the cities. So to this day in the Reddest states you still find European style collectivist voting patterns around older mines.

    The time frame you wish to engage. No secret the Social Gospel Movement in the North collapsed with the supremacist Wilson. I am sure you are fully aware Wilson replaced northern church voter base by promoting the Southern Klan. A private showing of Birth of a Nation in our White House is sadly just a tip of the ugliness. The Progressive Grubering of getting American blacks to vote for you - church by definition - then segregating the military and civil service.

    You are equating the very ugly detachment of unions from the church over to the more Fabian Socialists using their 'science' to control the populations of inferiors. Like Americans who happened to be black. AKA Sanger.

    At the same time the union rank and file was very good at welcoming minorities. When the economy is growing so can the unions. As the unions were growing fast with the 50s economy it was not like today. Son/daughter very lucky to get Dads job. Even luckier if it is still at his scale. So the Christian values thing was easier.

    As for National Consumer League, it is another example where the support came from church communities. Not being aware of just how nasty the European Fabian thinkers were.

    You know Wilson kept a Bible by his bedside every night. It is claimed he read every night. I do not believe any mature Christian would call him in anyway a sound Christian.

  • None the less. Way to go John.

    I would have really lost my temper.

    My appreciation to Mr Shultz too.

    My experience is a couple of tactically obsolete size Marines make perfect moving walls.

    John your standing is so earned with our military that I would bet you could get a retired volunteer Marine honor guard. When you need it. As it should be.

    Any ways, glad some one still calls it like they see it.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    NO Bear you are most certainly a Progressive Collectivist whether you are aware or not. But at this point the tells are 85% you most certainly are.

    The child labor laws came from the Social Gospel Movement and not the unions. In fact, our unions came from the Social Gospel as well. Which is why American unions still were based in Free Enterprise while the Europeans were socialists.

    This hand and hand nonsense. Good sound economic policy created full employment. Full employment is the best possible economic environment for unions! For every wage earning American.

    Unions by the American system and tradition have earned their place. But other than using their political influence to encourage pro-economic growth policy, there is nothing a union can do to create a job. You are being silly.

    Correlation is not determinate. How does a union create a job?

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag


    Back in the day Americans had more common sense. We gave the UAW quotes for too long. Then said ok you have to at least assemble your superior cars here.

    Now the head of the UAW brags the union made sure the janitors are not union. So with that values system no surprise the Japanese labels have more American labor content than the 'American'.

    The problem across the board is a failure of ethics and so the inability to have rational conversations.

    In deed, the Progressive here demand to have a discussion on their terms, how they feel about things.

    Willie is always angry. It doesn't discus points but is 100% on never changing a thought. Hum, freedom on conscience and free will. I would say not. Some earthly force determines.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    Look the unions by centralizing power to state and federal government rather than local communities are primary in the dysfunction.

    As schools become dysfunctional centralizing collectivists imposed more rules, zero tolerance and poured tax payer money on. Plus even as it failed they hit the peddle harder.

    Look if local parents had been the primarily influence on local schools? They would be the ones demanding disruptives go to the special school. Our system worked very well.

    Look I like living in a diverse wage earning community. BUt I also picked my house because it is in the sliver which goes to the richer neighborhood school on the right side of the freeway.

    I could also pay for Christian based primary school. Most of the teachers and administrators in the public system treat their career as a calling. But there is also a great deal of union protected 'I will not do it because I don't want to ninnies'.
    No need to tell the stories. BUt my child also benefitted greatly from being in the 'gifted' programs the most senior teachers looked froward to each day.

    Look it is so screwed up by Progressives now that the only way to empower inner city families is a voucher.
    Families willing to take on the challenge and pay the price of getting their children the best education possible.

    Better still would be faith communities once again taking up the mission in full earnest. Of course we will have to figure out what to do with Progressives that demand the equality of opening a Satan School. Equality is beyond all reason of course. We had all better believe that Progressive say.

    Maybe as the unions lose their captive 'customers' they will begin dealing with teachers authority and respect necessary in a place of learning. You are correct. But you have only problems and no solutions.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    Yes we started out as resource economies for British Progressives.

    A good portion of what shaped the American character was being subjected to political economic crony capitalism.

    We delivered first rate resources and the cornies returned third rate.

    So to avoid the abuse, we figured out how to build it ourselves. There was more than just equal representation as Brtishmen; as Mr. Varney knows, driving events.

    I do find it a bit amusing you skip over the dramatic increases in productivity and living standards of the Edison/Tesla AC/DC rock battle. Standard Oil/Rockefeller responding to losing the lighting business by inventing gasoline. Of course those are just the titans improving the economic environment while playing those monopoly games, Games we ended because it was not let the best man win.

    So I will refrain from getting all the way into you 7th beer with Kegger Kruger magical economic theories.

    A rising boat lifts all boats. Most Americans saw it happen under Clinton. The higher taxes actually slowed the jolt from controlling government spending, rationalizing welfare with work requirements, easy on business regulation and LOW OIL prices.

    Nothing American 'black' culture about Clinton. General prosperity reached all the way into our urban cores. He does deserve great credit for awarding EARNED military honors to our black veterans. While many were still with us as witness. Stunning and shameful it took many generations. But then real heros and traditional Americans believe they are just doing their duty. The real heros are all dead.

    Look plenty of mistakes on the 'Republican' side. Allowing China a absurd hostile trade relationship at this extreme level is simply childish. Plus very dangerous.

    We can and should do better. But first we have to stop it with your myth smithing. Econ 101 is not so hard. Plus logical rational people understand unintended means adjustments will be necessary, as we go.

    The Progressive do what Europe did? Insane

  • For 2014 as a whole, GDP expanded 2.4%, a shade higher than the average 2.2% growth of 2010-2013. By comparison, during the 1990s the economy grew an average 3.4% a year.

    We can get another 1% and given low labour participation a great deal more, if we use American natural gas.

    By European experience and American experience, using natural gas will actually lower co2 emissions while leaving it to collectivist politicos make it worse. Much worse.

  • Yes but American consumers are the only ones who can pull the world Progressive economic basket cases along.

    Sure would be nice if we were reforming our business tax code to encourage investment. Get the Progressive nonsense out so we could lower marginal rates to about the effective 12% P's yap about. Get our natural gas to work so Americans go to work.

    There are now so many advantages to manufacturing in the US. All which is really requires is to get Progressives and their control freak delusions out of our way. The first is making energy artificially expensive creates jobs. That really is so insane they should just be pushed off the stage. Childish and selfish.

    All of what remains of our Union rank and file need to be beating the drum of build it. If they want to build it, get out of their way! Yet their leadership sends them political scraps while they live it up like any Progressive CEO. If the unions guys push for growth, they will get members.

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. economic growth slowed sharply in the fourth quarter as weak business spending and a wider trade deficit offset the fastest pace of consumer spending since 2006.

    The slowdown followed two back-to-back quarters of bullish growth and is likely to be short-lived given the enormous tailwind from lower gasoline prices. Other data on Friday showed consumer sentiment jumped to an 11-year high in January.

    "We look for strong domestic consumption to continue supporting growth momentum in the coming quarters even as investment suffers due to falling oil prices," said Gennadiy Goldberg, an economist at TD Securities in New York.

    Gross domestic product expanded at a 2.6 percent annual pace after the third quarter's 5 percent rate, the Commerce Department said in its first snapshot of fourth-quarter GDP.

    A gauge of underlying demand, which excludes trade, inventories and government, increased at a 3.9 percent pace. That compared to the third quarter's 4.1 percent rate. Analysts said the data indicated domestic fundamentals were strong enough to cushion the blow on growth from weakening overseas economies.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 10 hours ago Flag

    Progressive Bear

    Increasing economic productivity created the American middle class. That along with full enough employment that even Progressive managers understood. YOu can not layoff qulaity associates and get them back.

    Just as the non-inflationary economic growth of the fab late 40.s fab 50 and early 60s solved poverty except in resistant pockets. Of which racism was an ugly force.

    UNless of course you can explain how New Deal collectivist trade unions ended the Great Depression? FDR was big on unions for the north and threw them to the wolves in the south.

    Then there is Henry Ford realizing rather than treating people like chattel, his quality and productivity would explode if he paid $5 a day. There was also the matter of the Ford family desiring to be held in good regard by the American people.

    Look productive sector unions are part of our free market system. As for government unions, I agree with FDR.

    BUt please be realistic. How did unionization protect or grow the middle class in Europe. All which happened in the end is everyone is poor together and the young generation have no economic future.

    The key is high sustained rates of full employment. Unions do not create the condition of full employment.
    Unless and until like the 1950s they pushed democrats first for economic growth. Like get the heck out the way Obama, we are building XL and ng export plants and drilling oil and drilling gas and the processing plants and the chemical plants and the pipes which connect it all cleanly and efficiently.

    Somewhere along the line the unions became progressive captives with rank and file just trying to make it personally to retirement. Union movement can and should come back in a form like the rails or UPS or Costco.

    Growth! Growth! Growth!

    Not live with less Carter sweaters which morphed into the primitive religion of Progressive GW.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy 11 hours ago Flag

    The analysts will be very concerned about California. Both directly for LINE and other companies.

    They will be trying to get management to talk about which basins they believe will still be worked. Just like the KMI and EPD calls. Of course they were not telling where they might be thinking of buying.

    Big question will also be how much benefit has been realized and can be realized in production service costs.

    There will be much concern over ngl prices. Which have fallen further than WTI. Margins on ethane are so bad, even EPD elected not to take equity barrels.

    I bet management will have good news on the operational efficiency and cost front. But it is going a very tough call.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 11 hours ago Flag

    You know Progressive dreamer -

    Allowing SA to kill off the one industry where labor has pricing power is example of how collectivist policy makes it worse. As EPs face SA imposed reality, what do you think will happen to real family wages? As it ripples through to companies like Steel and Cat.

    If Obama did not abuse his authority, natural gas would be in export already. There would be a cushion.

    It is a simple thing to see when in an economic cycle wages increase.

    U.S. real median household income through 2012

    Check the graph. Clearly sound Econ 101 policy is more beneficial than Progressive political labels.
    Clinton going 'third way' worked. Unfortunately he was not a good enough man not to fan the Naz5000 bubble and jump off.

    At times of prosperity generating full employment. Which thanks to Obama has to be defined as labour participation now.

    Look Europe has had high structural unemployment for generations now. They have also had a dramatic decline in living standards. Until today Americans below the poverty line have oodles of life improving consumer goods their 'middle class' do not.

    It is not all that hard to change the dynamic of corporations keeping all the efficiency gains in profits. It never happened until Progressives (of which neo-con is a permutation) started imposing their will.

    Certainly no reasoning person would assume the government can solve this directly, given the absolute failure across all the statist states of Europe. Reality is an interesting concept.

  • The hamster in the ball was great for all. Actually it really was brilliant.

    Rich Products Sending 5,000 Pizzas to Afghanistan as Part of Pizza 4 Patriots Program
    Jan 29, 2015 Posted by Buffalorising In Food

    Chicago Pizza! Deep Dish Pizza.

    Maybe the closely held family corporation has Harvard MBAs. But the right thing has no connection to a Harvard MBA. But the family.

    So Jon Stewart! You are the man. Lead the blue collar rank and file union guys to get 'real' pizza to our troops.
    No, put aside your pride about California connection, New York style.

    This would be a real competitive contest on our national bread and circus day. Add advertising too if it gets more delivered. Chicago verses New York.

    Air dropping American pizza to forward bases. If only Mad Who could have the honour of jumping in as delivery boy! You know Honourable West is para qualified. But he is a Col and besides they would be more pleased to see him.

  • Reply to

    Cramer sings a different tune everyday.

    by dlw2244 13 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Oh silly Willie in full glow. What does typing and reading have to do with this show?

    Except for the mental antrum of the every present Progressive tantrum?

  • norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Now now.

    You are quite correct that public education, was stripped of all faith connection.

    As result none pay more for public education, and few or none have less to show than our Republic.

    When it comes to money, nothing and no one including our children come second behind the teachers union cash communion.

    No rational person would compare the business culture ethics of the WWII Greatest Generation with the Progressive mess of today. BUt then this is your zoo, or do you think this not true?

    Post WWII our most admired corporations engaged in warehousing employees. Company men were not ordinary inputs to simply be discarded. It was also because despite the Progressive sustained Great Depression, we had every reason to believe things would be better tomorrow.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    Why yes Opie of the corn,

    The problem here is OLB lack of ethics and therefore reason. So it is ever Progressive tantrum season.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    Well Willie of the moonglow. No would is surprised in your primitive state, you would believe so.

    Explain to us, if you can, why America is so grand?

    Except when Progressive Grubers have the power by lies, to impose their blubber?

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