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notneklip 7 posts  |  Last Activity: May 24, 2016 10:32 AM Member since: Oct 20, 2005
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  • notneklip notneklip May 24, 2016 10:32 AM Flag

    Commish, I think the person behind the new nottingham alias should also be reminded that before Barnhizer recruited Manley to be a member of the SAB, Manley was a major pumper on this board. Actually, one could posit that being a major pumper on this board can be a springboard to joining the NNLX company team as a few have done.

    Here is a gem from one of Manley's early 2012 posts:
    "If I had to estimate, this company will be bought out somewhere in the next 1-3 years between $8-10/share. There is nothing even close on the market, and soon every pregnant woman will be tested using there technology, worldwide."

    And here's another one:
    "They could probably get $3-5/share now in a buyout or, if everything falls in place, be a company trading at ??????$50-100/share in a few years. There is noting comparable to their technology and pricing (although I certainly worry about some of the giants in the market scrambling to find something comparable)in a $44 billion dollar market.
    I firmly believe they will be first to offer their product on the open market, and when that happens, I don't see any way that the majority of that $44 billion doesn't come their, and our, way!
    Just bought another 30,000 shares at .48 and .49!
    In process of freeing up more money!"

    Ok, one last one from early 2012:
    "btw...i spoke with Brett yesterday...all great news...and i am looking into buying another 500,000 shares of restricted stock...i am the kind of person that always figured i would work until i drop....i am counting on this company to change that from 80 hour 20 hour week!"

    And as Omar points out, Manley's SAB appointment acceptance blurb included a quote about him getting "necessary trials" done at prestigious institutions so, hopefully, NNLX GBS test would be standard by end of 2013.

    Maybe nottingham or another of the uber-bulls can explain why N-Assay will deliver when BNP and BNF, as hyped on this board for years, didn't and what trials will be needed and how long to run.

  • notneklip notneklip May 18, 2016 1:41 PM Flag

    "My life is fine, but I've also gotten more perspective and this message board is not a huge part of it any longer."

    So now you're leading a more enlightened life? Actually it doesn't appear you've changed at all. Last week you posted this:
    "Don't bother replying to me, as have no intention of reading this in the next few months as have a life away from yahoo message boards."

    No reading of this board again for the "next few months"? And now you're back after just a few days with multiple posts mostly whining more about who posts here and how that means they, unlike you, don't have lives otherwise.

    Don't you even have enough self-restraint to act as you state you will? Do you think anyone believes you haven't continually been reading this board and not using various aliases to post all along? Your credibility is as deep in the crapper as NNLX pps and your MO is well established.

    Post here if you want, of course, under any of your aliases but don't think anyone actually cares to read about your supposedly great life. Besides, it's often those who publicly claim such things who are the most miserable and insecure.

    BTW, compare your original claim about the pps now being back where it was before the big pump&dump and the pps data you're now digging up and posting. Keep it coming, Gary, and take good care!

  • notneklip notneklip May 13, 2016 1:43 PM Flag

    "Appears the share price has bottomed back out where it started before the pump and dump, so maybe soon it will trade on real news and real prospects. But maybe knot! ;-)"

    The pps is now back where it was before the pump&dump? Classic PDE revisionist history totally at odds with the data since the pps is obviously basing much lower now than ever since Barnhizer became CEO in 2007. Gary once claimed to be a very disciplined investor and was certain NNLX had the goods to support a much higher pps years ago. Really, though, he was a blatant cheerleader for his buddy Bret and fixated on riding the PIPE lather, rinse, repeat cycles as he tried to smother dissenting views on this investment.

    Besides changing aliases and scrubbing the board of his posts when he got so thoroughly humiliated for trying to re-write his posting record, he revealed he wasn't nearly the sophisticated and objective investor he claimed. Now he's out once again talking about a pump&dump as if he had nothing to do with any of that as it was going on.

    Hey, Gary, here's a little trip down memory lane around the time the pps was spiking above $1 with some of your more noteworthy pumps:

    "Try to not give investment advice... But when these players come on here.. casting doubt, posting what they likely believe to be false as FACTS, etc etc.. they are saying SELL! SELL NOW!!!! SELL ALL.. so what's a long to do? Personally BUY MORE! LOL Following their recommendations just make you a pawn in their game. Make your own decisions, check for yourself. But they WANT us to be scared. They want us to SELL. And they will go to any extreme that they can think of to try to accomplish their goals."

    “until Management tells me they recommend selling all of the business, I'll just monitor, work, and try to acquire more shares at less than $5/share,”

    “This 'idiot' NNLX investor is holding out for $20/share!
Take good care;

    Pompous, pedantic prevaricator. Stick that in your paradigm pipe and smoke it.

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    Looks like another high volume day

    by keembodakine Apr 27, 2016 5:54 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 29, 2016 11:04 AM Flag

    "And here we are another day the stock does not trade...the company hasn't posted financial results in 6 qtrs....let alone announce what % of sales are from the $10 BNP kit."

    Wait, are you referring to the dx product they've been flogging for almost a decade? Here's how the story is told on the company website:
    "In 2007, the focus of the company evolved from pure research and development to capitalizing on the company's intellectual property through a transition to production of NanoLogix BNP™ Ultra-Fast diagnostic test kits. In 2009, the company built a clean room in its Hubbard, Ohio facilities to manufacture the BNP™ Ultra-Fast diagnostic test kits."

    Nothing "ultra-fast" about sales growth or posting sales/financial info is there? Any sales numbers out of Singapore or Saudi Arabia?

    And what about making a big splash in the fungal infection dx market? A year ago there was quite a bit of excitement among the friends&family gang over an article that featured NNLX claims about this. Here's an excerpt:

    "NanoLogix has developed three types of technology that can detect fungal infections: BioNanoPore sandwiched-membrane petri-based detection technology, BioNanoFilter Ab/Ag tests, and N-Assay multiwell microplate assay.

    "Our technology is rapid and hypersensitive, so with our level of detection for fungal infections, viruses, and bacteria, we can detect below the threshold of other technologies," Barnhizer said."

    Hmmm... "...,we can detect..." So is anyone actually buying and detecting fungal infections, viruses or bacteria with these technologies? And a year after that article was posted how many of those "developed" technologies are available for purchase (or even mentioned) in the company website "Products" section?

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    Stock Issue

    by potawmack Apr 4, 2016 3:53 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 6, 2016 11:21 AM Flag

    "Lucky for them, they found enough suckers to supply them with enough capital to continue doing so."

    On the bright side, this offering may finally prompt a dump of quarterly financials going back to 2014.

    I just wonder how much NNLX will need to discount PIPE shares below current pps to entice enough of the F&F crowd to pony-up for more slop. I wouldn't be surprised, though, to see "news" soon with enough "between-the-lines" potential to perhaps give the stock at least a temporary boost and get the true believers salivating again. This could give a little more breathing room for the PIPE discount to settle not much below the current pps.

    Regardless, with this SEC filing it appears the company isn't bringing in enough revenue from pouring agar plates and stuffing them in gas bags-- or from supposed income-producing partnerships-- to cover current/forecast operating expenses and/or whatever else Barnhizer may want to do with the money.

    Also, remember that it may take a larger ecosystem to make this PIPE thing work. As NNLX PIPE-smoker Gary (aka PDE, among other aliases) once laid it out it for readers of this message board, the source of funds to buy PIPE shares can come from those PIPE-smokers first selling current holdings of same company on the open market to a different group of folks:

    "For example: one owns 100k shares of a stock - long position.
    If you sell 50k to raise funds, then reinvest same funds into a PIPE at a discounted price; end result is owning MORE SHARES and a lower cost basis per share. Depending upon the sales price and the discount or purchase price, one could end up with say 110k shares."

  • and I think Barnhizer will have set a new world record-- if he hasn't already-- for the longest time to have an annual update posted as "pending" on a public company website.

    Also, now almost 4 months since the N-Assay "customization" project was announced with no subsequent progress report posted on the website that I can find. Of course, the uber-bulls would assert lack of updates is a sure sign this company is taking already awesome commercial success and product development to the next level.

  • notneklip notneklip Mar 23, 2016 1:01 PM Flag

    "Be thankful Nanologix does not publish new sales numbers."

    Really? Even if Barnhizer is shipping enough basic agar plates to keep himself and maybe one other person busy while paying the bills, economies of scale are not in his favor. The true believers may latch on to hearsay and maximally extrapolate hints of business right now but this is not the stuff a high-growth public company can be built upon. And not owning the patent rights to the so-called breakthrough product that looks still to be in development and not yet ready for primetime (sound familiar?) would further cap this company's prospects and ROI to its shareholders.

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