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  • notneklip notneklip 4 hours ago Flag

    "Well Zagenda/Nmbr1, it looks like you are officially wrong by over a year and a quarter."

    He's wrong by much more than that. How many times has this company announced it's starting the sales of its products? Hey, today is the 7th anniversary of a classic PR NNLX released that included the following:

    "HUBBARD, Ohio, May 28, 2008...NanoLogix personnel will showcase company technology at booth 1304 at the ASM General Meeting and Exhibition in Boston, June 1-5 2008. The ASM meeting is the world's premier event for microbiology development. Representing NanoLogix will be Dr. Sergey Gazenko and CEO Bret Barnhizer...
    At the ASM meeting NanoLogix will unveil ten products for use with their BNC and BNP technology for fast microorganism detection. This step is a milestone in company development. Director and company founder Dr. Robert A. Ollar, M.Sc., Ph.D. stated: "The sale of products developed by NanoLogix scientific staff marks an important stage in the evolution of the company. The firm is now putting its technologies into actual product configurations, and offering them for sale in the international market place where they will be utilized by the Global Scientific Community."

    2008. Unveil ten products. Milestone in company development. Sale of Products. International marketplace. Important stage in company's evolution. 2008.

    It's bad enough that Zagy, Nmbr1 and others just seemingly lap-up whatever the company puts out without doing even the slightest amount of DD to check the historical record or competitive landscape. But to just start making things up to fit the uber-bull narrative strongly hints at a level of willful deceit or mental instability that should raise a big red credibility flag to anyone who reads posts by these people.

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    by omarhatesyou May 8, 2015 12:06 AM
    notneklip notneklip May 19, 2015 1:09 PM Flag

    "It's still pending, looks like will finish out the week without it being posted, does it really surprise anyone that this is happening ?"

    The big guy should change the company motto from "Tomorrow's Results Today" to "Last Year's Results Next Year"

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    Consistently clueless

    by cachingamore May 10, 2015 11:56 AM
    notneklip notneklip May 12, 2015 11:03 AM Flag

    "Misfitful--" "only" $1800 of the trades value moved it to .04, which while correct,..."

    Mitsy reminds me of Rckuehn or other true believers trying to characterize an isolated daily uptick as a huge reversal. The indisputable chart trend over several years has been lower highs and lower lows. Sure, even the most flea-bitten dogs in the stock market will fluctuate and have up days but NNLX's basic trajectory hasn't changed. What has changed is NNLX has now sunk way deep into penny stock land where daily stock movements can be even more divorced from company fundamentals and experience wild swings.

    And that Barnhizer can pull a classic Barnhizer move by posting an announcement that after two years a new annual ops summary is forthcoming on some undisclosed date (but not within a week!) and apparently still get the bootlickers in a mini buying frenzy speaks volumes to this point. While most real companies just post news and updates in a timely fashion as they are warranted, this seems more similar to the MO of a typical stinky pink sheet stock.

  • notneklip notneklip May 6, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    "Perhaps the model isn't really to mass market but just to stir enough interest in the patents and sell the business...I don't think this company is capable of generating enough sales to survive as a stand alone company. "

    How times have changed! According to our friend w/anger management issues, number1stckpickr, Barnhizer was convinced of a much different trajectory, much earlier. These classics courtesy of number1stckpckr back in the good old days:

    "I asked BB when he was releasing the PR announcing the sale of the company for $500M. He said $500M is not enough, but more importantly, they aren't interested in selling the company.

    So...I don't think he's looking for suitors. More likely investigating more partnerships or building customer relationships."

    "I asked IR for revenue projections, but the response was that it is too early to predict and he did not want to guess at numbers. He did provide a little carrot saying that he expects the company to be cash flow positive sometime next year (if all goes according to plan).

    The part in () is me reading between the lines.

    He also wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm gonna read into this to mean he is expecting the company to be worth $500M by the middle of 2009 and $1B by the end of 2009."

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    Grasping at Straws

    by nanofanboyyeahbaby Apr 26, 2015 7:51 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 29, 2015 10:37 AM Flag

    "Seed Equity is an online platform that links start-up's with investment bankers. It is generally used as a last ditch effort for companies that have exhausted their resources. "

    So are the regulars in this circle jerk finally deciding enough of throwing good money after bad? Has Parents not been able to get more home equity loans to buy shares during this blue light special? Or maybe Petro bought that island after all...but with a mortgage and is now dumping this stock to make ends meet instead of coming through for his old buddy with more PIPE purchases.

    What this does seem to show is that after years and years and years of big talk about serious interest from deep-pocketed entities, his royal heightness is having to get more creative in trying to find basic funding for this "start-up". There is no sign that sales are anywhere near enough to pay the monthly bills but credit the big guy for hanging on this long thanks to his PIPE smokers.

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    anyone drive by latey?

    by domesticoillong Apr 14, 2015 5:19 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 22, 2015 9:46 AM Flag

    "Did you get any sense of how things are going? Any sense that things are really taking off vs. having a few orders and such?"

    Looks like he's getting an occasional order for poured dishes. Why expect anything more? Apparently Barnhizer is the chief agar barrista and likely has, tops, two FTEs on the payroll. Remember when he was quoted as predicting an imminent need for hundreds of employees-- or later just chattering about demand driving major hiring? If things were going great, you would know; Barnhizer has never been one to shy away from dangling even tenuous potentialities out there for the Friends&Family gang to drool over.

    But real public companies are now starting to report Q1 financials (and holding CCs!) while Barnhizer is still sitting on Q4 numbers. What's he hiding? Oh yeah, according to the bootlickers this is a sign sales are going gangbusters but if Barnhizer posted the quarterly results the competitors would know how much business NNLX was taking and, well, this is where the reasoning gets unhinged and shows how divorced from reality the true believers are.

    Hang in there, though, it's about time for the CEO to announce the company is starting to get serious about selling its proprietary DX products. How many times has that happened over the years? Of course for the uberbulls it's always the first time and clearly shows (again) that the big zoom is just around the corner (again).
    Here's a golden-oldie from 2011:
    "With no 510(k) product clearances from the FDA in hand, NanoLogix sells only to the research market, but that could soon change. CEO Bret Barnhizer is eyeing sales to hospital and laboratory industries after — and if — the company passes the appropriate regulatory hurdles.

    “Our market will increase dramatically upon FDA approval,” he said."

    Sure. What approvals has he gotten? What approvals are needed? On what approvals is he now working? Does he have any serious repeat customers for the proprietary DX products?

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    Inovio gets grant

    by rayludwiczak Apr 8, 2015 1:19 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 10, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    "The interest is reflected in the revenue that is produced."

    And who knows what is really going on. Is Barnhizer backsliding just a little when it comes to posting quarterly numbers or is this the start of another multi-year reporting drought? I just wonder what the current hook is to move more PIPE shares.

    The apparent lack of real progress in marketing and selling proprietary dx products, though, continues to force the family&friends gaggle to grasp at straws. For example, remember the selectequities101 alias pounding this board last Sept. with posts demanding someone refute the huge significance of an alleged LinkedIn connection between Barnhizer and someone at the Gates Foundation (see below)? That FOB would have been better served pounding this board for people to sell NNLX and buy LNKD. Clearly, the opportunity cost involved in staying long NNLX is the only thing that is going up with this investment.

    Yet, it's baffling how some still enable or defend corporate behavior that is at odds with how real public companies normally operate such as the reporting of quarterly financials on a regular and predictable basis and holding quarterly CCs and/or annual shareholder meetings. And who can forget the patent switcheroo?

    "Interesting that there is no response from the bashers regarding the post on investors HANGOUT about the CEO's recent connections on LinkedIn with senior people at Battelle and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Are they trying not to call attention to it?? Has anyone been able to verify the claim on the post? I just signed up to LinkedIn to try to verify it, but apparently one needs a premium account. So do any of the bashers here have the guts to check it out?"

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    update from nanoland

    by willtheoak Apr 2, 2015 1:48 PM
    notneklip notneklip Apr 3, 2015 7:59 PM Flag

    "Quite a disparity in volume & price appreciation."

    But not a surprising one. BNP is old news and never attracted the commercial demand Barnhizer was hyping... I mean hoping for. And then it was BNF and more recently it's N-Assay that's being pointed to finally deliver serious revenue-- or at least that's what I understand to be the current company line.

    Here's a related excerpt from a comprehensive company posted in early 2012:

    "We have exhibited our BNF and BNP technologies at multiple events: the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Meeting and the BPM-media Food Safety Summit, both in Washington, D.C., and at the ASM annual meeting in New Orleans. Two questions recur at these events: “Have peer reviewed third-party papers been published?” and “Do your products have FDA approval?” As of this year our answer is: “two papers” and: “We are working with an experienced third party on FDA applications.”

    What's his answers in 2015?

  • notneklip notneklip Mar 26, 2015 11:03 AM Flag

    "I went through the online company releases and found no references to "7,000 standing orders per week" or "an agreement to purchase the building". There is an old newspaper article from October 2008 that mentioned sales potential but it's a newspaper article and without a doubt reporters NEVER get anything wrong."

    Below is an excerpt from an email claimed to be from Barnhizer that was posted on this message board shortly after the article came out that sure seems to indicate he was satisfied with what was reported. Oh, and notice how the issue of defining a PR is addressed. Another alias bites the dust...or do you want more?

    "We're proceeding as outlined in our latest operations update and also the Youngstown VIndicator article of a few weeks ago. When you mention no press release in the last three months, that depends on your definition of a press release ---- the Vindicator article was read by far more people than would read a PR from us released as a pink sheet company, and was apparently acted upon be many, as evidenced by the stock sales and price over the following weeks. We could have come out with a PR stating that there was news in a newspaper, but what sense is there to us spending $400-600 to tell a few thousand people at most (the potential readership for a pinksheet PR) that there's an article that went to 70-80,000 people through their daily newspaper?..."

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    Reason to be optimistic:

    by big_dumb_trader Mar 24, 2015 1:34 PM
    notneklip notneklip Mar 25, 2015 4:17 PM Flag

    "Oh. i was going by what Barny said in a PR some years ago. If I remember correctly he said they had made a deal to purchase it for 50,000. It was right before they built the clean room."

    See the original update on this below in which Barnhizer publicly announced he was trying to buy the building and that he had recently banked over a million dollars by printing more shares. I doubt that tidbit on being cashed-up helped the company's negotiating position but, hey, maybe some day he can start moving actual product the way he's been able to keep PIPE smokers coming back for more new shares year in and year out.

    "Thursday, May 20, 2010

    The company has entered into negotiations to purchase its corporate headquarters and clean room production facility from the current owners. In addition NanoLogix would like to announce they have raised approximately $1.4 million since the beginning of 2010 in private placement funds. This provides basic operating capital for the company for the next three years. All funds were raised through the sale of restricted shares with a focus on minimal dilution."

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    55 pennies, great start for Monday morning

    by erickarther Feb 13, 2012 10:21 AM
    notneklip notneklip Mar 23, 2015 10:30 AM Flag

    "I was thinking this would happen a few months ago. Let's all hope it keeps up, we get approvals, sales and profits. good luck to all"

    OK, this gem about the stock at .55 was posted a couple years ago but it also reminded me all that's now on the company website that's outdated and likely confusing to prospective investors.

    In regards to accurately remembering the years in which Barnhizer went to various expos (or stopped going), I can see where some may have a difficult time keeping the dates straight. For example, some readers could be thinking there is no way a company would keep a stale ops summary from almost two years ago still posted prominently on its home page (with mention of ASM Biodefense show). Instead, I can see some thinking the company just mistakenly stated April 30, 2013 when it meant 2014. It wouldn't be the first time NNLX has mis-dated a posting on its website with the wrong year.

    Similarly, those doing due diligence and checking the company's events page may be left wondering if the last dog&pony show of any sort NNLX did was really the ASM Biodefense in 2013 as listed there. And I could also see some readers mistakenly thinking the share count prominently posted at the top of the Financials page is still accurate: What real public company would leave such an important data point prominently posted but so outdated and not reflective of the most recently announced share count? How difficult would it be to update that number in a timely fashion? It certainly wouldn't take nearly as much time and effort as mowing one's lawn.

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    Absolutely Amazing

    by julietnovember33 Mar 6, 2015 7:11 PM
    notneklip notneklip Mar 9, 2015 10:26 AM Flag

    "Probably because ZAG, is..............Bret. And if it is, he's in deep, deep Doo Doo!
    ? - My opinion"

    Based on what I know of the big guy, I wouldn't completely dismiss such a possibility. More likely, though, zaggy is just another alias for one of the known attack dogs among the Family&Friends pack who thinks he's some sort of accomplished cyber sleuth sniffing out personal info with which he can intimidate other posters. Instead, he's only proving once again that it has the opposite effect and just keeps the contrarian voices more willing to stay engaged.

    Yes, better to stay focused on the company and the job Barnhizer is doing, as well as what's being accomplished by others in the sector. But as Omar mentioned, not much from zaggy that highlights whatever NNLX has going for it these days to inform a higher-- or even the current-- pps valuation.

    Heck, real public companies put out annual reports and/or yearly operations summaries. Barnhizer even tried doing the latter for two years. Yet as evidenced by the one dated April 2013 still being prominently featured on the company homepage, he's pretty much given up on even doing an annual summary in a predictable and timely fashion. Now he looks to be more into just putting out teasers of potential future possibilities as needed to keep the true believers from getting too whiny.

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