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E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Message Board

notthatblind 15 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 hours 11 minutes ago Member since: May 4, 2001
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    The Market Shouts the Truth!

    by funfundvierzig Jun 24, 2009 5:54 PM
    notthatblind notthatblind 2 hours 11 minutes ago Flag

    Yes, indeed folks, the market doesn't lie....Why, just look at fun's post from June 24, 2009. MON's market cap was double what DD's was in 2009 (huh, coincidentally when Ellen took over as CEO) according to astute investor funfundvierzig. What a telling statistic for DD to pull so far ahead of MON in such a few years....

  • notthatblind notthatblind 2 hours 22 minutes ago Flag

    Got nuthin but grade school insults? It couldn't be that MON recently announced they expect their full year gross profit to be down about 10% that is making their stock tank? Don't you wish Pelz thought MON was worth buying?

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    Ms. Cull-Men's Superior Pedigree!

    by funfundvierzig Jan 1, 2009 4:41 PM
    notthatblind notthatblind 2 hours 37 minutes ago Flag

    Huh, Crispa kritter seems to mention Tufts university and Northwestern frequently....Either he studied up on all your old posts including your January 1, 2009 one concerning Ellen's "superior pedigree"and is plagerizing your published works, or you are one and the same....Geez, fun, you can't even fake identities successfully.

  • Care to explain, funfun? And why urge Pelz to review his DD purchases when you claim to be a DD shareholder as well? Why do you want to be a shareholder if you have thought DD's prospects were so low (for at least the past ten years we've heard the same gloom and doom story). You don't seem to be an astute stock selector. News flash---you don't have to keep DD stock permanently...Ha, ha.

  • MON dropped like a rock yesterday, down $4.26 in one day. DD was up $ .13. Maybe funfun should take his portfolio of aliases over to the MON message board and try to prop that stock up, seeing as how he and all his fake friends think MON is so superior and all. Gee, it wasn't that long ago MON had more market cap than DD, just a few short months ago....Must have been the mention of their gross profit dropping 10% for the year in that little speech Feb 25 that made it drop so drastically yesterday. (Go to MON's website to read it. Its kind of buried in a one sentence area in the Roundup section....) Although maybe funfun and all the fake pals should stay here and whine about Ellen, DD, speculation about Pelz, etc. It seems to be having a positive, not negative effect.

  • notthatblind notthatblind Feb 10, 2015 9:20 PM Flag

    Ha, ha....I'm responding as an INVESTOR, not an EMPLOYEE. As a non exempt employee-work gets left at work so when I get home I've got time for family, friends and hobbies. Merely an investor, pointing out competitor similarities and or shortfalls to respond to your "savvy" investor "open and candid" discussion. (Oh, isn't discussion supposed to be more than one person talking or did I miss something.) And thanks so much for responding to my post so it goes back to the top of the page so frequently!!! Geez!

  • notthatblind notthatblind Feb 10, 2015 7:38 PM Flag

    Oh, funfun, you silly goose. Tis not only the lowly high school educated "common" folk that come across as total idiots, as you and your imaginary pals prove on a daily basis. I've never felt the need to push my degrees or I.Q. here. Its enough to kick you around with your half truths and outright lies, such as trying to say I am posting on company time or have to have the approval of ANYONE to post whatever I want to here. Its called free speech, something we here in AMERICA value. Not like the country you appear to be from, wanting to tromp over others rights and then whine when someone calls you out on it. Thanks for proving my point about your whiney little woe is me posts whenever you feel someone is showing you out to be the board fool. Isn't it nice to have the imaginary pals to prop up your self importance all the time? Now go make it a nice day. Try to make an investment that won't have you crying and moaning decades later.

  • Poor funfun, all worked up about Ellen selling and taking actual profits from her DD stocks and options while the price is high. If you look at their declared holdings, Hugh owns only 142,000 shares (direct holdings as of the last reported date - Oct 2014) while Ellen currently owns 485,261 shares (475,435 direct holdings as of 2-4-15 and 9,826 indirect as of 12-14). So who believes in their company more, Hugh or Ellen? Still trying to create chaos where there is none. What a twit!

  • notthatblind notthatblind Feb 9, 2015 8:11 PM Flag

    Nomo: Yeah, I know, but its "fun" to stick my foot out and have him trip over it once in a while. I've noticed that all the fun sock puppet monkeys have been chattering here lately, while the rest of us go about our business. Only the addled and idled have time to constantly change aliases to repy and rate one another!

  • notthatblind notthatblind Feb 9, 2015 11:21 AM Flag

    Don't hold your breath about the redundancy thing. Working on 4 decades with DD, so I have seen a lot of ups and downs. I'll leave when I'm ready. Getting close, but as long as I enjoy what I do, I am not going anywhere. Unless a good severance package would be offered in the next few years. Oh, you need to look at MON's last quarter and tell me they had a good one with a straight face. No company can have unlimited great quarters, there are hickups here and there. I've seen a lot over the years with DD and also its competitors. The difference is I'm not the drama queen that some of you seem to be over everything from Ellens looks to DD's prospects. The bigger twit would be YOU and funfun if you feel so strongly against DD's prospects yet still own DD shares and continue to whine and cry here instead of move on to those "great" competitors.....

  • MON was ahead a few months ago, now slowly disappearing in the rear view mirror. Where is funfuns outrage and concern about THAT???! Naw, too busy creating all these fake folks to parrot each other about the "woes" of DD. Well, funfun, keep up the gloom and doom about DD which shows your "savvy" investment strategy to all of us here. I'll keep earning money by buying and selling when the time is right, while you hold on to moldy shares that you bought too high based on someone elses advice instead of doing your own due diligence.

    P.S. There are times when it pays to be nonexempt....I still get my variable comp Feb 20 (not near the maximum this year, but still better than last year), and I am able to work all the o.t. I want to build up the social security wages, pension amount and 401k matching. And our annual salary increase will happen in two months. Management's salary adjustments will happen, there is no way they would not pay for the skills management are applying to meet the goals that were set...Its just been delayed. Its a good life, and as much as you trash the ag portion of DD, we are hiring full service folks again here shortly. So things aren't as bad as you make out..Jeez.

  • notthatblind by notthatblind Jan 29, 2015 7:33 AM Flag

    Zig: For as many years observations you have had, and being a DD investor, you sure don't mind hanging on to those DD shares instead of selling, and moving on to some of these "superior" companies. Ha ha! We all know you are just here to relive the experience of getting kicked to the curb years ago. The rest of us are making money buying and selling instead of letting everyone here know that you got caught with your pants down buying DD when it was high years ago, and then just riding it down instead of selling when it was still higher, and then buying when it fell. But don't feel bad, even Warren Buffet doesn't time things right 100% of the time. He just doesn't linger on his mistakes.

  • Hey fun, did you conveniently forget that MON's profits dropped a whopping 34% for THEIR last quarter? Their seeds and genetic trait sales were down a whopping 12%. Lets not forget that when you are trashing DD for their quarterly sales being down 5%. Any 8 year old who has been following farm reports knows why crop protection/seed companies are having down quarters and may continue into 2015 quarters. Geez!!! And of course, DD is still way ahead in market cap after sailing past MON in that regard sometime last year....So as a fellow investor of DD, you are probably happy about that! (Ha, ha!)

  • Sadly, he can only parrot old moldy #$%$ which is so lame he can't get a response from those of us who are making money off our DD investments using buy and sell methods. He has to pull his fake supporters out of the air to agree with all he says! Nothing new, which is why I am not wasting time here responding to his weak insults. I guess I could post daily on how much more market cap DD has than MON. Oh, fun, tell Crispa that the Baton Rouge jury finds for DuPont in the trial that ended up being a failed whistleblower lawsuit. Because of the verdict, the plaintiff whistleblower isn't eligible to collect a share of any fines the EPA might levy. He also lost his claim that DD retaliated against him and created a work environment "so hostile" that he had to leave. He was not awarded back pay or other damages either. Too bad, as he could have received up to 30% of possible $37,500 fines per day against DD that he had contended lasted for three years. Well, fun, I guess that's good news for DD seeing as how you are a DD investor and all. (Ha, ha!)

  • notthatblind notthatblind Dec 28, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015! Wow, since my post December 1, 27 days ago, DD now has 9.27 BILLION DOLLARS more market cap than MON. (DD-68.06 Billion versus MON-58.79 Billion as of Friday Dec 26.) That's up 2.64 BILLION more dollars in 27 days! And now it looks like MON and DD have settled their lawsuits against one another, so poor chicken little funfundvierzig has to find something new to whine about. I'm sure he will. Anyway, to the rest of us, have a prosperous New Year 2015.

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