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  • Anyone? Seems like it was shareholder money in NWBO that bought that nice piece of land for Cognate. Then per the 10k, NWBO "gifted" Cognate 8 million shares or about 40 million dollars worth.. and another 10 million new shares for officers of NWBO, so about 1/3 of todays market cap has been diluted just this month to NWBO and Cognate.

    Also, I'm a little confused by the NWBO Cognate relationship as Cognate seems to be very profitable with the relationship with NWBO.

    Anyone here shed some light on that?

    While it seems L and Direct has some stellar potential, I'm not sure NWBO is aligned with shareholders all that well.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 21, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    "Cognate are building the facility to manufacture to three countries"

    So why is NWBO giving money to Cognate to build MFG in other countries? Why wouldn't NWBO own the MFG instead?

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 21, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    Nope, they shouldn't work for free, but they have been getting paid half in cash and half in stock including warrants since last year, now they get a 40 million stock "bonus"? I also didn't read anything about a lock up period on it either.

    So lets say 400 or so are currently in trials with NWBO, so they are paying Colgnate $100,000 bonus per all current patients enrolled? Seems rather excessive to me. Colgnate seems to be making quite a bit of money off NWBO.

  • What is up with that? Cognate is making bank!

  • It's been awhile now, so I'm wondering what hope Carter and the message board pumpers are giving you now?

    The CEO Carter is making his 7 figures and what, HEB stock has been stuck at in the .20 cent range now for a couple years, with promises of the warehouse being operational (I encourage ANYONE to drive by the dilapidated warehouse for a peak). Ebola is now off the table as people are getting cured without HEB's help. Bird Flu is a thing of the past and the FDA is still waiting for Carter to come by for the CRL review almost 3 years later.

    Think Carter cares? Nope, he still has plenty of stock to issue at the market so that HEB can have enough cash to pay his salary so he can live the good life in his golden years.

    Keep buying the stock! Carter has another vacation home he wants to purchase!

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 20, 2014 7:49 PM Flag

    Why can't HEB manufacture Ampligen? Per the 10K for the last 5 + years, the MFG plant upgrades should be done in 18 months. It's well past 60 months now?

  • nowwhat654 by nowwhat654 Nov 19, 2014 7:18 PM Flag

    If memory serves me correct, Cognate is paid half in stock and half in shares, well they just got 40 million in shares, so they must have got 40 million in cash as well. So that's 80 million.

    So, NWBO has around than 300 or so enrolled in -L, an the 40 in the Direct trial right? So if NWBO has paid the equivalent of 80 million to Cognate, that is over $250,000 per person in NWBO's trials. Seems rather pricey to me considering how Power's states how "inexpensive" it is to MFG.

    No wonder the share price sucks and no one is interested in this company.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 18, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    CLDX could get FDA approval before NWBO even does a PR unless of course it's another financing deal...

  • Hope this isn't a bad sign.

  • You would think NWBO would have issued a PR outlining the abstract from MD Anderson and now they issued an extension for the 10k. Even Smith on Stocks didn't issue anything from the SITC about NWBO but jumped right on CLDX news on GBM.

    It's really making wonder. I guess Powers must be busy with holiday planning while the company stock takes a nice dive...

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    The shorts will NEVER lose here, mark this post

    by yuugo77 Nov 12, 2014 11:33 AM
    nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 12, 2014 12:47 PM Flag

    Yep, I completely agree, the shorts have complete control over AAPL, and how the shorts did with PBYI was just amazing having almost 2 million short at $70 when it's now trading over $230.

    They really "nailed" it.

  • nowwhat654 by nowwhat654 Nov 10, 2014 7:19 PM Flag

    This is really odd IMO. I don't want to speculate but given the stellar Direct results, Germany, the UK and the recent Seeking Alpha article(s) outlining the seemingly high probability of -L stopping for efficacy makes me think Power's might be talking to someone.... I can't come up with another reason NOT to publish what MD Anderson submitted and presented at SITC over the weekend. CLDX was quick to announce their proof of concept today, (which isn't even a phase 1 like Direct is).

    The company needs cash and the lack of a PR today to validate publicly the technology along with hopefully the stock price, would lend itself to an announcement which didn't happen.

    I'm a little puzzled about today...

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    Mistake of the shorts

    by value_huntin Nov 10, 2014 8:15 AM
    nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 10, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

    The shorts haven't made a mistake, at least not yet.

    Currently no pre-market, no PR from NWBO. I'm not sure what is up with that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the stock went down today given those two factors.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Nov 7, 2014 9:07 AM Flag

    Well Dan,

    If the "shorts" pile on from the get go, they are stupid for not letting it run and then shorting it.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Oct 30, 2014 8:21 PM Flag

    You know, the "cast of characters" MD Anderson is bringing is quite impressive. Seems we will get some "meat" rather than just another presentation stating "striking results" from Mice or decades old data.

  • Why do you think that is?

    Carter is paying himself over a million a year, yet shareholders continue to take a bath... it's also coming up on two years since the FDA gave HEB a CRL and Carter still hasn't had a review with the FDA. Not to mention the warehouse has been "18 months until completion" for almost 5 years (check the 10k's).

    HEB sure seems like a great investment for shareholders while Carter enjoys the good life doing NOTHING.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Oct 23, 2014 11:03 PM Flag

    why would they buy them out?

    NWBO doesn't have ANY current data on their trials that would justify a buyout. They won't even say how many are enrolled in L and haven't released any "meat" from Direct.

    Second, if they did buy out NWBO, Cognate has the MFG arm which could screw anyone who would buy them.

    With that said, a buyout would only get the buyer NWBO's patents which currently are unproven in the real world of clinical trials.

    Until some sort of "striking" results are published and validated by someone other than NWBO, the share price and more importantly share dilution will continue.

    I'm long NWBO, but one thing I have learned over the years is clinical trial data generally tends to leak like a sieve which is why some Bio's (E.G. CLDX) have very high Tute ownership while NWBO has little to none in comparison. CLDX also has fewer shares outstanding, 120 employees and a few more clinical trials going which makes me wonder, where is NWBO's money going? 2 trials and 8 employees?

    NWBO may be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat which is why I have a small position, but every day that passes with no news at all of direct, or L for that matter, and continuing worse financing every time they need money, is another day I wonder if this is really legit or just a money scam for Powers.

  • nowwhat654 nowwhat654 Oct 11, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    I'm very much hoping that "Turtle will have the last laugh and your mockery will haunt you"!!!

    Info from trials either blinded or Open (like Direct) generally leak like a sieve and tutes get on-board. Very high Tute ownership BIO stocks that POP generally have 70%+ ownership. It's because tutes generally are very well connected and know how to make money.

    It doesn't seem like this is happening with NWBO, even with the "open label" trial of direct. I'm pretty sure the last cash raise the financing company did DD with MD Anderson before they demanded free warrants and subsequent unloading of the stock, just like the last cash raise they did. (I'm guessing they bought quite a few puts right before they started ditching the newly acquired stock (look at put options in OCT).

    And the NAT GEO guy was not televised on Stand up Cancer. It was a video on NAT Geo's web site. I watched it hoping for some air time that didn't come (why wasn't he on the show if NWBO is so promising?).

    Given all the info you shared along with everything else "retail" stockholders pump, why is it that the share price continues to decline and the Tutes invest elsewhere if it's such a promising technology?

    And yes, I'm underwater like everyone else so I'd like to reverse this trend as well, I just don't know what it's going to do it. And don't say it's because it's a "phase one" trial. Look at what happened to SRPT with phase one few months ago, also just under 70% tute ownership....

    My gut is telling me something is wrong, I just hope my gut is wrong.

  • From all the "striking results" and owning NWBO stock?

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