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  • CRUSHED 8% (with no downside marker in sight), don't look for a PM savings from the FRB lowering the Fed Funds Rate anytime soon. The Nasquack is being "levitated" by 5-stocks.......INTC, AMZN, GOOG/L, AMGN & BIIB. That will not be sustained.

  • ya better have some sort of exit strategy in place, cause the thousands of suffering hardcore longs will (and they know it....or they should by now) experience a catastrophic short sellers order placements avalanche.

    If $1.98 folds, look for $1.52
    If the MTU's decide to grab ALL the dough, you're looking at at a slow 1-2 year bleed down to $0.56

    If you're still left standing (or alive) by the end of the worlds record breaking transfer of will finally be time to buy.

    Hey drawn......the Donald is going to upset the crazy side from winning......what a development (kinda like JM choosing SP [the AL Rocket Scientist} to be VP.

  • nsxt2003 nsxt2003 Jul 8, 2015 3:05 AM Flag

    Geez're going to have to wean yourself from watching FBN all day....they still think Palin is a real sharp sweetie, and the 9,998 out of 10,000 climate "specialists" are all fools. Get a clue......either walker or cruz will rubber stamp a don-key landslide win, even if EW is running. The do-nothing "no-party" will be greeted with a resounding NO in 18-months.....their just reward.

  • We got the Chinese stock market loosing 3-Trillion $$$$ in value today; the "everyday" weather catastrophe leading the evening Nation News TV casts (no global warming connection though.....not to worry); Isis getting very messy; oil pounded down to sub-$53 (to punish Putin); the efelants presenting a corps of Palin Level IQ equivs as prospective Better watch your step, drawn, if the don-keys can't keep HC outa trouble (you know, those world spinning B-Gazzi, emailgate, pantsuitgate events, etc,etc,etc) you get B. Sanders (unlikely)......that leaves E. Warren. Your worst nightmare E.O. blizzard creator right outa the gate. The efelents will have a collective heart failure.

  • nsxt2003 nsxt2003 Jul 1, 2015 4:30 PM Flag

    geo.....the "banksters" understand fully what is going on------making massive profits (no matter what) is the standard "Command Media" for all these lowlife forms. You haven't clicked to that yet????

  • nsxt2003 nsxt2003 Jul 1, 2015 4:19 PM Flag

    snook......can't believe da hard metal boyz are getting "Greased" again (what a surprise.....this has been a yearly event for the last 5-7 years)......reaction: dump metals and buy dullars. What an oxymoron: Grease owes 1-1/2 billion $, and the sky is falling-------the US of A is in debt around 50-trillion $$$$$$$$$ (that's 333,000 billion $$$$$ more than Greases "unfortunate situation" (aka a Jpee setup)......but our Dullar goes up. Current (still standing) hard asset advocates will all be DOA before they see a return on "investment".......THE ULTIMATE OXYMORON.

    Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure: Metals are a wealth drain

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