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    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 8:44 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 11, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    apparently breakup fee is just for CBST to back out.

    I should have nibbled on the shares yesterday when they were below $95. oh well.

  • o08o.ugh64w by o08o.ugh64w Dec 11, 2014 2:12 PM Flag

    bankruptcy is closer than you think

  • o08o.ugh64w by o08o.ugh64w Dec 11, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    Bankruptcy imminent.

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    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 8:38 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 8:08 PM Flag

    quite a showing today being up. some of it was probably related to people seeing Lloyd buying and he may have been buying more today as well.

    how did your portfolio hold up today? mine was pretty good all morning, then the games approaching the close started. I'm nibbling adding to my strong/core positions and happy. I dumped my DRAD since it was up to take some profits and offset all the red I was seeing today...will start buying back again at $3.75.

    sold off 10+ year old positions in MRK this morning on the bounce, and PFE and MCD late last week - happy to be rid of them all...too many ulcers between them over the years.

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    The announcement...

    by citnitout Dec 9, 2014 7:30 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 7:26 PM Flag

    It was a termination - you do not collect severance and are not offered outplacement services when you leave by your own choice.

    There's more to it, but obviously everyone agreed that they'd follow a well-scripted cover story.

    It's just another step down the path to growth. It's done, let's move forward.

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    ClearAg Prime release

    by friendofthetrend Dec 9, 2014 10:50 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    I believe this was the one where they were going to be able to sell subscriptions to the farmers and have recurring monthly revenue streams - and they were substantial in size.

  • o08o.ugh64w by o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    I'll take the shares from those who want to toss them below $26...not a problem...keep them coming!

    Thank you!

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    by mitchell957 Dec 9, 2014 7:33 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 10, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    it's a real business, it is not losing money hand over fist, they have cash and almost no debt, the future for wind power looks respectable. certainly with the engineering capabilities they have, I suspect they could also expand into other markets.

    my point is that at this time the shares are significantly undervalued. should they gain a following, a good tailwind, and the right outlook, considering the small float, the shares could go to $20, $30, or $50. I don't think that $10 is an unreasonable place for the shares to be trading as the low end, but I do believe that $5 is unjustified, regardless of the oil situation.

  • This vote is going to be a landslide and Wise's ticket is going to win every board seat. Johnson just digs his grave that much deeper as each day goes by and he attempts another underhanded maneuver to block Wise. Wise can just sit back and watch at this point.

    Once Wise and his directors take their posts, Johnson and Garrett are history. The cost savings from getting rid of these two boneheads and their wasteful ways will immediately bring FORD to profitability.

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    stock buyback

    by mitchell957 Dec 9, 2014 9:12 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 9, 2014 11:49 AM Flag

    generally buyback summary information will be included with the quarterly reports - how many shares were purchased and what the average price was. they usually don't announce the individual purchases.

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    Earnings are out and they are worse than ever!

    by o08o.ugh64w Nov 6, 2014 5:42 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 9, 2014 10:03 AM Flag

    you were all warned

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    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 6, 2014 1:54 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 11:11 PM Flag

    the key though is that if Cramer is getting $3.5 million a year from TST, this is more than the amount of loss they're currently posting. the chrome dome has to be smart enough to understand that if that $3.5 million were not paid out to him, and the company instead were profitable, the shares would be much higher and he'd make many times more than the $3.5 million in annual salary.

    I don't know what his TST contract says, but it doesn't make sense that he should be paid $3.5 million for whatever he does, and be allowed to spend all day on CNBC and be paid as a result of a full-time second job.

    funny story...about 13 years ago, after the 9/11 attacks, our offices were moved in to 14 Wall St. for a while. One afternoon when I was leaving the building I see Cramer coming in - and I just stopped and had to do a double-take. I didn't even know their offices were in the same building until then.

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    Added more at .33

    by ridgebackboo Dec 8, 2014 2:57 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 5:13 PM Flag

    I don't think there's anything coming until the earnings announcement in early February. However, the US government did recently authorize another batch of F-35s, and Israel also approved the purchase of another batch just last week, so this is good news.

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    Nothing more than tax selling

    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 3, 2014 10:29 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 4:24 PM Flag

    "...there was large blocks of stocks purchased by the exec team. Not sure those 10k shares are a large enough boost to make me a buyer."

    The 10k shares are no different than last year.

    Last year on December 11, Duprey purchased 5,000 shares at $5.33 and another 5,000 at $5.32. Kushner purchased a total of 10,000 shares at $5.25 and $5.75 between December 10 and December 12. There was no other insider purchasing.

    The order was announced days after their share purchases last year - I remember it well.

    This year Duprey purchased his 10,000 shares at $6.57 - obviously he believes that's a good price. I think we'll see more insider purchasing between now and year end.

    I believe there is also potential for a contract announcement over the next several weeks.

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    Nothing more than tax selling

    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 3, 2014 10:29 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    I'm happy for what others may blame it on. They may also be wrong. Let's see what happens to the shares in January/February and then we can discuss further.

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    Added more at .33

    by ridgebackboo Dec 8, 2014 2:57 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 3:15 PM Flag

    Tax selling kicking into high gear with weak markets today. Folks tossing shares for whatever they can get.

    Come January shares will bounce.

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    Nothing more than tax selling

    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 3, 2014 10:29 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 2:38 PM Flag

    if you believe that then you are very naïve.

    for shares which are far off their 52 week highs, people are much more inclined to sell and take the loss - especially when the markets have been up for the year and they have gains they could offset with those losses.

    tell me, according to your research proven theory, since shares were at this same price a year ago, why did they then go up to $14 and now back down? please tell me what fundamentals moved the stock to $5s last year at this time, what fundamentals drove them to $14 during the year, and what fundamentals have now driven them back to $5s? fundamentals don't change so drastically so frequently.

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    Nothing more than tax selling

    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 3, 2014 10:29 AM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 1:18 PM Flag

    Tax selling will go to the end of the month. People will sell right up to the last moment to be able to claim the loss for 2014 taxes. People are not considering or thinking about buying back the shares when they sell, I assure you.

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    by o08o.ugh64w Dec 6, 2014 2:19 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 8, 2014 12:51 PM Flag

    Nice! Still watching.

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    No nonsense approach...

    by citnitout Dec 5, 2014 7:14 PM
    o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Dec 6, 2014 10:23 PM Flag

    Not broken...evolving.

    If it were broken, then H would not have petitioned to acquire another 18% of the shares.

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