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    Syntroleum patent 8,212,094 / Petition IPR2013-00178

    by odialt Sep 14, 2014 1:02 PM
    odialt odialt Sep 14, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    This post should be Neste patent and Syntroleum/REG petition.
    Basically REG won and the Neste patent claims are declared unpatentable.

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  • For those having an interest in renewable diesel coming from Syntroleum

    "IV. ORDER
    In consideration of the foregoing, it is ORDERED that Patent Owner’s Motion to Amend is granted with
    respect to the cancelation of claims 1–20;
    FURTHER ORDERED that Patent Owner’s Motion to Amend is otherwise denied; and
    FURTHER ORDERED that because this is a final decision, parties to the proceeding seeking judicial review of the decision must comply with the notice and service requirements of 37 C.F.R. § 90.2."

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  • "1, the vehicle through the use of New Energy Co., Ltd. Zhuhai silver production of lithium titanate type of 85,200,235 20AH soft pack battery type, single battery voltage is 2.3V, the capacity of 20Ah, the battery pack is rated at 588V, with a total capacity of 120Ah; using Zhuhai Silver New Power Technology Co., permanent magnet synchronous motors YTP-MP120-W motor, rated at 100KW, peak power of 200KW; silver through the use of Zhuhai New Energy Co., Ltd. YTP-CP150-W electric controller; 2, an initial stage products; 3, endorsement demonstration run regional Wuan, Guangzhou, Shantou, Zhanjiang, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Shanwei"

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  • odialt odialt Aug 18, 2014 10:39 PM Flag

    Thanks, Ianz.

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  • Translated by Google... Anybody who can provide color around this announcement?

    "Three Friends of the chemical on the 11th night announcement that the company Zhuhai Silver Long New Energy Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "silver Long New Energy") in matters relating to debt plus equity was Hebei SASAC approval.

      Announcement that the August 11, 2014, the Company received Hebei Provincial People's Government State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Hebei UNCDF country planning and development [2014] No. 116, agreed in principle to related parties Tangshan three friends Securities Investment Limited set up by Choi Asset Management Plan for Long silver new energy projects and programs carried out 200 million yuan debt investments and Friends of Tangshan Chemical Co., Ltd. Takashi new energy to the silver body were not to be listed more than 500 million yuan of equity investment.

      The company said the next step, the company will be based in Hebei SASAC audit opinion, and further implement a new energy security responsibility Silver Long and the actual controller, signed an investment cooperation agreement as soon as possible. At the end of debt investments, equity investments to determine the specific amount and the equity ratio.

      March 27, 2014, the Company and Silver Long New Energy signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the investment in Zhuhai Silver Long and broad prospects of new energy is based on the new energy automobile market, and silver Long advantage of new energy technologies in the field of new energy vehicles, especially in Hebei production base layout, for full use of national support the rapid development of new energy vehicles, policy, seize opportunities policy, develop new industrial development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading."

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    regi shares received

    by jcanty8058 Aug 11, 2014 2:52 PM
    odialt odialt Aug 13, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    Brian, there won't be any cash left. Per filing it says:
    "As of the Effective Date, the Company had remaining total assets of approximately $37,702,000, which included cash and cash equivalents of $2,737,000 and the REGI Shares (with an aggregate market value of $34,831,000 (based on the closing price of REGI common stock on the Effective Date))."

    "As of the Effective Date, the Company had remaining total liabilities of approximately $2,850,000, including estimated net costs to be incurred during liquidation of $2,250,000 and accounts payable of $600,000. Estimated net costs to be incurred during liquidation consist of the following: compensation for directors and officers of $150,000, compliance costs (including auditing, printing, and distribution agent fees) of $250,000, legal and accounting fees of $600,000, cash payout on previously exercisable Warrants of $700,000, and insurance premiums of $550,000."

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  • ALTI is now reselling YTE/Guangtong electric buses.
    I just hope we will hear some real numbers soon.

    "August 5, the Ministry held exempt from the new energy automotive vehicle purchase tax policy Publicizing. At the meeting, the Ministry clarified the tax exemption can enjoy the purchase of new energy vehicles require specific policies and reporting procedures, and announced that car prices began to accept the declaration. "This month, the first batch of" exempt from vehicle purchase tax for new energy vehicles models directory "is expected to introduce" Ministry officials said.

      According to statistics, the first half of China's new energy automobile production and sales over 20,000, this year is expected to exceed 50,000. But from the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") of the target is still a wide gap. According to the plan, China's car sales in 2015 reached 500,000 New Energy, 2020 reached 5,000,000."

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    Soy Oil

    by sfceric64 Aug 12, 2014 1:24 PM
    odialt odialt Aug 12, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    For soybean oil, it takes 7.5 lbs per gallon.
    Add $0.03/lb for transport.
    This means feedstock cost about $2.85 to produce one gallon of mixed products.
    B100 sells for about $3.55 at the moment.

    REG Geismar better run at a high rate with no outage.

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    The value of SYNM assets - currently REGI Geismar

    by yinvestor Aug 12, 2014 11:27 AM
    odialt odialt Aug 12, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    I'm an ex-SYNM shareholders and I probably qualify to answer.
    And you probably know the answer... Anyway!

    1. Let's say 60 million gallons per year at current $3.50 per gallon would give $210M in revenue per year.
    Profit will ne about $0 but this is better than to pay $3M per quarter to keep the plant ready to restart!?

    2. REG Geismar will keep 100% of the tax credit as it sellls neat diesel, e.g. $60M per year

    At this time, the question is realy what will be the RVO for 1014 and beyond?
    If the RVO are not increased compared to 2013 REG Geismar may have to sell with RIN price free falling.

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    Boeing, SAA to make jet fuel from tobacco

    by odialt Aug 8, 2014 11:30 AM
    odialt odialt Aug 8, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    "SkyNRG is expanding production of the hybrid plant known as Solaris as an energy crop that farmers could grow instead of traditional tobacco. Test farming of the plants, which are effectively nicotine-free, is underway in South Africa with biofuel production expected from large and small farms in the next few years. Initially, oil from the plant's seeds will be converted into jet fuel. In coming years, Boeing expects emerging technologies to increase South Africa's aviation biofuel production from the rest of the plant"

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  • Renewable diesel or jet fuel with tobacco oil.

    "August 6 2014 at 07:20pm
    By Reuters

    Johannesburg - US planemaker Boeing has teamed up with South African Airways to develop jet fuel from a tobacco plant as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions and promote green energy in Africa's most advanced economy.

    The jet fuel will be made from a hybrid tobacco plant known as Solaris, which will be produced by alternative jet fuel maker SkyNRG, both companies said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

    Test farming of the plants, which are nicotine-free, is ongoing in South Africa, with biofuel output expected in the “next few years”, the companies said.

    “By using hybrid tobacco, we can leverage knowledge of tobacco growers in South Africa to grow a marketable biofuel crop without encouraging smoking,” Ian Cruickshank, SAA's Group Environmental Affairs Specialist, said."

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  • Another HON/UOP win.

    "PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SG Preston (SGP), a bioenergy leader, today announced the planned development of a 120 million gallon renewable diesel facility in Lawrence County, Ohio. The SGP South Point facility will have total investment of $400 million, create 100 permanent jobs and be the world's largest purpose-built producer of renewable diesel upon completion, estimated to occur in 2017.

    A key component of the facility's development is the licensing by SG Preston of advanced process technology which has been successfully proven at commercial scale at other locations. This advanced technology efficiently converts waste feedstock into renewable diesel, which is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel and can be used as a drop-in replacement in vehicles with no modifications. Moreover, this technology allows SG Preston to customize its biofuel offering by adjusting fuel characteristics to meet various operating environments (extreme cold or heat) of the end user without diluting energy content in the fuel blend. This technologically advanced process also delivers lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel from petroleum."

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  • "MONTREAL, Aug. 5, 2014 /CNW/ -- Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. (RES Canada), a leader in the development and construction of wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage projects in North America, is pleased to announce final certification of the company's second energy storage system, Amphora.

    RES Canada conceived, developed, and constructed the energy storage system, which it will own and operate. Located in Central Strathroy, west of London, Ontario, the system is comprised of a +/-4 megawatt (MW) (8MW total range)/ 2.6MWh lithium battery that will provide a service called "frequency regulation" to Ontario's grid operator, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Amphora will operate under a three year agreement with the IESO and the facility has a lifespan of more than 10 years. The site was provided by Entegrus, a utility providing electricity, renewable energy, and water supply to more than 40,000 customers in Southwestern Ontario.

    Amphora was developed in response to a request for proposal issued by the IESO, through which it sought to procure up to 10MW of regulation from alternative sources such as dispatchable loads, aggregated demand response, and storage technologies, including batteries and flywheels. The energy storage system will allow the IESO to acquire experience with battery technology. Unique operating characteristics at the facility enable it to contribute to Ontario's energy needs in a variety of ways while complementing the performance of existing generators.

    The project utilizes lithium iron phosphate, an inherently safe variant of lithium battery chemistry, and consists of two containers that house batteries weighing approximately 20 tons each, as well as a third container that converts the direct current (DC) output to alternating current (AC) for the grid. The equipment was supplied by BYD America."

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  • odialt odialt Aug 4, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    "Fire out at Diamond Green Diesel plant in Norco

    Aug. 04, 2014

    NORCO (AP) — Emergency officials in southeast Louisiana say a fire caused by an explosion at a plant that processes used cooking oil and other material into renewable diesel fuel has been extinguished. No injuries were reported.

    The St. Charles Parish Emergency Operations Center reports on its website that fire crews responded to an explosion at the Diamond Green Diesel plant in Norco that occurred at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday. They say the production unit involved has been shut down.

    Authorities said air monitoring crews in the area found nothing detectable, and no safety precautions were needed.

    Diamond Green Diesel is a joint venture between a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corp. and Darling International Inc. Its website says it produces 9,300 barrels of renewable diesel a day."

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    REG Geismar hiring

    by odialt Jul 26, 2014 12:12 PM
    odialt odialt Jul 28, 2014 2:32 PM Flag

    REG has more Employment Opportunities

    "Title: Plant Operator Location: Geismar, LA
    Position Summary:
    The Plant Operator is responsible for maintaining and operating the plant equipment safely and efficiently per established plans and procedures. The Plant Operator reports directly to the Operations Shift Supervisor while on shift. The Plant Operator must be able to communicate process unit conditions to the Board Operator and Operations Shift Supervisor to jointly maintain good plant operation.

    Title: General Manager Location: Geismar, LA
    Position Summary:
    To direct, promote, and coordinate the operations in a manner that will optimize market share, profitability, improve efficiency, help achieve the mission and goals of REG and those of the respective board, and result in outstanding customer service.

    Title: Laboratory Technician Location: Geismar, LA
    Position Summary:
    This position will run many tests for REG Geismar, including raw material, in-process and final products. This position will also be responsible for inputting data into the quality system that will be used for qualifying final products. "

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  • Industrial battery maker Saft won a multi-million dollar contract by Kauai Island Utility Co-operative (KIUC) to provide a Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) consisting of 8 Intensium Max 20 M containers to stabilize the Kauai island electrical grid. Saft’s BESS will be deployed for use as part of a new 12 MW solar energy park under construction in Anahola, Hawaii.

    The cooperative is working to reinvent how Kauai is powered and aggressively pursuing diversification of its energy portfolio to include a growing percentage of hydropower, photovoltaic, biofuel and biomass. KIUC is building the new $50 million solar energy park in partnership with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the Homestead Community Development Corp.

    Saft’s energy storage system will be used to provide stability and mitigate issues caused by intermittent fluctuations that can occur with renewable power sources. As part of the agreement, Saft will provide 6MW/4.63MWh energy storage system consisting of 8 Intensium Max 20 M containers and two containers housing an ABB 6 MW PCS to stabilize the electrical grid. This contract positions Saft as the preeminent supplier of battery energy storage solutions in Hawaii.

    Deliveries for the contract are set to begin in October.

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  • "Chemist
    Renewable Energy Group, Inc Geismar, LA 7/22/2014


    Position Summary

    This position acts as the REG Geismar Chemist (along with the Manager, Lab and Quality). This position is responsible for lab equipment set-up, maintenance, and quality performance. This position is also responsible for maintaining methods keeping up with industry changes including ASTM, AOCS. This position in coordination with the Manager, Lab and Quality maintains a safety awareness program for the laboratory. In conjunction with Manager, Lab and Quality maintains an inventory of chemical/laboratory supplies including compressed gases. This position must have a full understanding of all testing conducted in the REG Geismar laboratory, any testing conducted in the plant (by operators), and any additional testing performed by 3rd party laboratories. The Lead Technician, Laboratory will have to back up the Manager, Lab and Quality when he/she is offsite."

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  • Green Fuel technologies are here to stay.

    "Honeywell’s UOP green fuels process technology was selected by Petrixo Oil & Gas to produce renewable jet fuel and diesel at a new refinery to be built in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. This will be the first commercial-scale, renewable jet fuel production facility outside of North America.
    Petrixo will use UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process technology to convert approximately 500,000 metric tons per year of renewable feedstocks into renewable jet fuel and renewable diesel, also known as Honeywell Green Jet FuelTM and Honeywell Green DieselTM. The process technology is capable of converting a variety of renewable feedstocks.
    Petrixo announced earlier this year that it will invest $800 million to build the new refinery, which will have a design capacity of 1 million tons per year of biofuel products."

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  • Translated from chinese by Google.

    "Zhuhai since August have been put into 500 electric buses, July 7, 2014

    Guangdong News Zhuhai 7 July 4 (Xinhua) Reporter 4 days from Zhuhai Silver Lung Group was informed that the Division and Zhuhai signed 500 sets of new energy bus order, from year 8 onwards month have been put into the local bus market, will Zhuhai improve public transport capacity.

    According to vice president of the Division AO Jian-hua said the car uses fourth-generation technology as well as the international leader in battery technology, battery warranty period will be increased to ten years.

    Sun Guohua, president of Bank of Zhuhai Lung Group introduced an interview with reporters, as the sole owner of the lithium titanate production line and core technology of Chinese enterprises, silver Lung Group this year to actively explore overseas market electric cars, and in 2012 successfully made ​​the EU a pure electric coach certification, in addition to open in North America, Western Europe market, the company also markets in Thailand and Southeast Asia signed the 100 units of pure electric bus protocol, Malaysia EKA executive chairman拿督法兹亚at 5 end to Zhuhai, the Division has just signed an agency agreement, agreed in the next two years, EKA orders less than 410 units of pure electric vehicles.

      According to reports, Zhuhai Silver Long since 2012 after the acquisition of the U.S. Olympic titanium overall company's R & D team and patented technologies, has acquired the qualification of vehicle production has wide bus pass, and Anhui Ankai Chiron's star coach, now has to build from U.S. R & D base in the south ( Zhuhai ) headquarters base in the north ( Hebei ) base, East ( Anhui ) base four important base, the Division was in 2013 in 10 months and Mercedes - Benz and other famous enterprises also won the "World Bus Expo Award. "

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