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  • oechman oechman Mar 23, 2015 8:33 AM Flag

    Spritee, Vitamin D plays a significant role in fighting inflammation. Most folks with MS, heart disease RA, etc etc (as a matter of fact most people (70%)) are vitamin D deficient. Obviously the best way to get vitamin D is through sunlight (with its risks) and the 2nd best will be Rayaldee.

  • This trial is about one thing, how much does Apple owe VHC. What if this jury awards more then the first, much more? What if this jury places a higher value on security then the first? What if this jury sees Apple as a big bully who has abused the system with behavior that is, at best, unethical and at worst.....? The last jury
    was sheltered from knowing about most of Apple's behavior, this jury will become experts on Apple tactics.
    The great emperor will be without clothes for all the public to see and this could go very badly for Apple. During this trial all Apple can really do is try to downplay the value of the patents all the while their behavior before and after the first trial indicates they place a great deal of value on these VHC patents. This is where the payback comes from all this questionable behavior and if VHC's lawyers just do their job Apple will have ZERO credibility with this jury.

    The trial will start and end badly for them with with the judge informing the jury that Apple has been found to infringe on VHC patents and they are tasked with assigning damages. This same jury whose job this is has been bombarded with news story after news story of security breaches affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide and costing companies and people ten of billions of dollars. This jury will be told of the true cost of the Apple workaround and will have the opportunity to evaluate Apple's numbers which they submitted to the court WHICH DIRECTLY AFFECTED THE FIRST JURY'S AWARD.

    Will we finally get to see Mr Ally on the stand? He's be the first person I'd call to the stand if I was the VHC lawyer.

  • oechman oechman Mar 17, 2015 4:44 AM Flag

    The OPK website has a bunch of publications on JNK that you can access.

    You mention early detection and we know BMY has been working with Claros to develop a test for Alzheimers so they could be our partner. This also has huge potential slowing down MS, you can run a trial with Rayaldee.

  • oechman by oechman Mar 10, 2015 7:00 AM Flag

    When COCP was negotiating with Dr Schinazi to merge the two companies, COCP was trading between $.40-$.53. The day the merger was announced the stock opened at $.45 and closed at $.53. I personally believe this is just a small taste of the gains that lie ahead for shareholders. Anyone not familiar with this guy should just Google his name

    Its really speaks volumes about the potential of the COCP science when you get a one of the foremost experts on viruses in the world coming on board. First Frost and company now this guy, no way this company fails.

  • Decent article on Investopedia, good overview nothing earth shattering. One thing I did agree with is the coming news regarding the 4K test and reimbursements. The article was very none committal saying it could be a niche product if not accepted.

    IF NOT ACCEPTED, please, the amount of money saved using this test ensures full reimbursement, its a done
    deal. Let us look at the decision facing Dr's and patients, finger #$%$ for a drop of blood or a biopsy which
    requires the Dr. to take a tiny piece of your prostrate. Any male who has had a physical knows how the Dr gets to where he needs to go to get a piece. Its like asking the question, do you want an injection once a week or once a day? BTW, the article has a pie chart breaking down the growth hormone players, I suggest all longs check that out. PFE / OPK will be in position to take big time marketshare in 2017. The OPK pipeline is brilliant, I've never seen a bio company with such robust potential across the whole spectrum of the medical
    business and yet carry so little risk in that pipeline.

    Imagine having a motivated big pharma company getting the Claros system in front of every general practitioner in the country / world? I think the good Dr implied that on the conference call. I personally believe the
    company he was talking about is BMY, they have been on board Claros for quite some time.

  • oechman by oechman Mar 3, 2015 7:49 AM Flag

    nothing like a good flush job to get rid of the day traders and momo players. The new CEO is a genius and there was no way he would have agreed to the deal without having total control. He is quite like Dr Frost, a been there done that type of guy and his track record is impressive. You think he knows what COCP has?
    Sit back and let those folks do what they do best, MAKE MONEY FOR SHAREHOLDERS.

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    Let Frost's buying begin again......

    by cyoung8404 Mar 2, 2015 8:26 PM
    oechman oechman Mar 3, 2015 5:05 AM Flag

    We won't know until later in the week but maybe that unannounced deal involving Claros mentioned on the CC has prevented Frost from buying. There wasn't anything but that in the CC that would have prevented him from buying, as he has done in the past, leading up to earnings.

  • oechman by oechman Mar 2, 2015 11:28 AM Flag

    Very impressive performance today by OPK, sellers tried and tried but this stock withstood the onslaught. I thought sub $13 was possible this morning but it didn't even come close. They will try again before the day ends but I think the good Dr. will be ready to counter that selling. Great day no matter where this closes this afternoon (me thinks above $14 is very likely).

    BTW shorts, look out if Dr Frost is not buying today.

  • Don't believe there are only "150k shares to short" this morning? Head on over to the VHC investor village board and you'll learn about all the tricks of the shorts' trade. They have been preparing for this for weeks knowing that OPK would report a big 4th Q loss. Obviously it was completed expected by investors but its the traders and weak long shares they want and know they can get. Stop losses will be taken out and frankly, after our huge run, a nice flush job is very much needed today Folks who have been around here since the low single digits know the drill today. There should be a series of negative headlines highlighting the big loss this morning as we move towards the open.

    If nothing is up at OPK and he can, expect the good Dr to be buying today, large. Besides the option conversion, the good Dr. only made two purchases in Feb, both were for 25,000 shares.

  • The takedown is coming and weak hands will be flushed. They are going to throw everything they have at this and we'll be in the $13's, maybe even $12's very quickly in the AM. I expect the good Dr to be buying tomorrow and if he is not then I believe something is up. Did someone say ROW marketing rights for Rayaldee?

    BTW, anyone who has invested in these bio diet drug companies know how expensive (and risky) the trials are and with so much going on in the pipeline we can't have enough cash. We are also going to need cash to bring COCP completely under our roof. Big pharma can't afford to let this opportunity for this drug to slip through their fingers so the bidding for the will be aggressive.

  • On one side of the ledger we have Dr Frost, Dr. Raymon Schinazis & a noble prize winner and on the other side we have the shorts, who are you going to invest with? No way does Dr Ray merge his company with
    COCP if he had the slightest shred of doubt about their technology and approach to combating viruses. Lets face it, its amateur hour around here when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the COCP science. We've had some way smart people dig deep into the nuts and bolts of this science and both jumped in with both feet. Its unproven and its still risky but does anybody really think this Hep C drug will fail?

    What kind of potential revenue # do you put on a Hep C drug that can be effective against ALL SIX STRAINS OF Hep C? What about influenza? If the P1 trial in Hep C validates the technology then its game on.

  • The volume has absolutely been on a tear for past two weeks. There is nothing to compare this type of volume to in COCP's trading history. If it weren't for the volume you could just chalk this move up to the craziness in biotech stocks lately but......... If you read back through the last quarter report, our CEO talks about the drug they have for Hep C and man o man does he sound bullish. We're all very aware of the current Hep C drug stocks and the valuations that sport so IF COCP has a drug which is effective against all 6 strains of Hep C then we are talking game charger. Wall St might have caught wind of our little company.

    I can't wait for this PI trial to start. If COCP can validate their approach to killing viruses then the sky is the limit for this company. Question is, will it be absorbed into OPK before that happens? This is the SOP for OPK so I'm expecting it to happen sooner rather then later.

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    by csonka39z Feb 25, 2015 10:02 AM
    oechman oechman Feb 25, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    Check out Claude Resources if you are looking for a gold stock, dirt cheap, falling mining costs with higher grades, nice situation

  • oechman by oechman Feb 25, 2015 7:47 AM Flag

    Dr Frost owns 12.4 million shares of COCP and I'm very happy I bought with him in Dec at $.44.

    Why in the world would you bet against this man, he is a money making machine? The shorts have picked the wrong company and the wrong man to go against and the pain will keep on coming.

  • oechman oechman Feb 24, 2015 3:18 PM Flag

    IF shares are issued to raise money, the shares will never reach the market. Its not how it works when Frost and friends are involved.

  • FMR dumped 2.3 million shares and Oracle dumped 500,000 as of 12/31/14. The Soros fund had no activity.

    Our ownership #'s are still way too low, Wall St. has a lot of buying to do. The next update in May will give a
    better picture into all this volume we've seen this Q.

  • The 3rd Q earnings release did not prevent the good Dr from buying stock the DAY BEFORE earnings release.

  • Dr Frost did not buy OPK stock from Nov 21st to Dec 17th, the longest stretch of not buying since I've had been
    a shareholder. We obviously all know what was going on during that time. AGAIN, THIS LATEST STRETCH OF NOT BUYING IS PROBABLY RELATED TO 4th Q EARNING but.................I just don't think its a coincidence that he last bought shares the day before he officially stepped down a chairman of Teva. Its all too cozy, Teva not buying Prolor (why?), OPK stepping in and then dealing the marketing rights to PFE . We know the negotiations took weeks between OPK & PFE so there is absolutely no doubt in my mind PFE inquired about Rayaldee and Claros. Frost could have said he will not discuss these until he is no longer chairman of Teva and to come back in Feb.

    We also know that there have been rumors of PFE sniffing around around Teva for possible buyout. IF, PFE had been then Dr Frost would have known about it. BTW, we all know what company is Soros's 2nd largest position, don't we folks? I just don't believe in coincidence.

    BTW, I'm waiting on the OPK institutional update from Soros, not posted yet (FMR also)

  • oechman by oechman Feb 16, 2015 11:13 AM Flag

    I initially thought Dr Frost's lack of buying stock since Feb 3rd was a result of our earnings release but OPK hasn't announced a release date yet. Of course, he may have enough info on the #'s that he can't trade. This is likely the reason but the timing of all this insider activity early in the month and now the lack of activity by Dr. Frost for almost two weeks makes my imagination go a little crazy.

    Consider the timeline:
    Options cashed in - Jan 31st
    Frost last purchase - Feb 3rd
    Frost Teva BOD resignation effective date - Feb 4th

    IF Frost is going to deal the rights, he must get a deal signed ASAP. Once the FDA accepts the application (by the end of the month?) the clock for approval starts ticking. This could be the biggest no brainer approval the FDA sees for the next 10 years, 97% effective with side effects equal to the placebo, need I say more.

    IMO, its Teva or PFE.

  • Its only holdings as of Dec 31st but thats two weeks to react to the PFE deal. Shorts kept on shorting so
    positions were added to. we'll find out who shortly.

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