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ohio_whitebear 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 20, 2016 9:24 PM Member since: May 18, 2003
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    Oil will see the teens

    by cleverlittleme Jan 19, 2016 2:33 PM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 20, 2016 9:24 PM Flag

    Yep, it was clear as glass back then that the only option going forward was to sell it all, assuming your core belief that oil was going to tank was intact. In September 2014 I posted a long, detailed account of where oil was going, why it was going there, and the impact it was going to have on energy, not just PWE, but all of them. Some listened, most pooh-poohed me, naturally, since it did not fit in with their confirmation bias.

    I've wasted a few minutes reading the "learned theses" of the masterminds here, and have concluded that they are all Saint Ador clones, same DNA, same blind, unreasonable stupidity, same blind belief system based on hopium. While they ponce around and waste time and money on this POS, there's a ton of money to be made out there in the GOOD energy names. How sane, how rational is it to waste one iota of time or money on this thing?

    I'm completely relocated now, residing in Shenzhen, China. Enjoying every minute of it and really loving the different perspective from here. Keep your powder dry, wait until the dust settles on Q4 reporting, it's going to be bloody and gruesome, and will be the catalyst for the capitulation we're looking for in the energy sector. This will be the year to start building positions in strong energy names, with fortunes to be made in the next 5-8 years.

    Take care and step carefully, the ground is littered with landmines. I'll be around to poke sharp sticks in the eyes of the PeeWee believers. Hang tough.

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    China continues to slow

    by cleverlittleme Jan 19, 2016 6:08 AM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 19, 2016 10:54 PM Flag

    Ah, glad to see Mr. Young and Will Never Retire did not jump from the 36th floor as was rumored. Still in there punching, I see. Still passing gas and trying to convince people it's gold. How's your PeeWee? LOL

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    It's done. Now lets get on down the road!

    by marketdatabull Jan 16, 2016 8:35 PM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 19, 2016 10:52 PM Flag

    Your bet has always been on PeeWee, and what's it gotten you? Hint: Nothing. Same old MarketDataBS. Same song, same dance, same loser.

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    elephant in the room

    by daicheng0722 Jan 16, 2016 3:48 PM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 19, 2016 10:34 PM Flag

    hey hey hey ka-ching the money making machine! how's that PeeWee working out for ya? Made your millions yet? Don't worry friend, your pain will end soon. Then you can sleep.

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    Oil will see the teens

    by cleverlittleme Jan 19, 2016 2:33 PM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 19, 2016 10:32 PM Flag

    BT, how are you mate? Long time no chat. I see there's a lot of newbies here, new victims for the ever increasing army of the walking dead...dead money, that is. Just thought I'd drop in to see how the movers and shakers of the energy complex are doing, and to get some brilliant insight into the subtleties of the O&G sector. After all, if you want the straight skinny, go no further than a PeeWee investor, right? Take care and happy hunting!

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    by bintwo09 Jan 19, 2016 9:34 PM
    ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Jan 19, 2016 10:28 PM Flag

    LOL The BintoBox speaks again, and this prediction is just as good as the rest of yours have been.

    How's it going losers? How's that 10 bagger working out for you? Hang on tight, kids, the rough ride is JUST GETTING STARTED. Remember, you were warned all those many months ago.

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