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old_wisetrader 16 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 12, 2015 11:06 AM Member since: Mar 2, 1998
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    Shorts are down

    by cezcandy Aug 12, 2015 7:25 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Aug 12, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Investor presentation today at 5pm est, maybe they announce something after the close.

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    Shorts are down

    by cezcandy Aug 12, 2015 7:25 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Aug 12, 2015 11:00 AM Flag

    New August investor presentation on Mdxg website under investor button and presentations , haven't looked closely yet to see if any new changes from last months.

  • old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Aug 10, 2015 11:53 AM Flag

    Not to sound as though I am lecturing, but,,,anyone who has traded small cap biotechs better have the stomach for wild rides , extreme pain and many times jubilant upswings, that is how this game is played, if you want stability and the ability to not worry buy a basket of utility stocks paying a hefty dividend , investors have a wrong objective if they only expect mdxg to trade higher and higher without any turbulence , I keep discussing my 30 years of trading and from that I have had many painful trades and awesome gains, it is certainly normal to want to avoid or complain about a downdraft in a stock, but these powerful pullbacks and tests are how the game works, the key it to be on board when those ,2 weeks of meteoric rises happen and to predict those takes illegal insider information, yes I am in near ,1 dollar and i can ride this out, but never forget that what is happening will wash out the weak hands and that is part of why trading or investing is not for the faint of heart, I often use the term duck and cover and they time is almost over, the sun will shine again soon😇

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    Sorry boys - never means never

    by cezasse9 Aug 6, 2015 7:18 PM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Aug 9, 2015 8:48 PM Flag

    Spot on Earth, everyone is short term, I like Pete's remarks months ago about one day a news item will come out about company a purchasing company B:))

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    Old Wise Trader

    by gjohnson1220 Aug 4, 2015 11:42 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Aug 4, 2015 6:11 PM Flag

    Gjohnson, stocks go up, stocks go down. In my 30 years of trading rarely does a stock make the little guy look like a trading genius. All of this noise is just movements within a time frame. Warren Buffet can't time markets, and anyone with any sense of tax efficiency who day trade are just trading for peanuts in the big picture. Great wealth accumulation only comes from buying low and selling high, not attempting to be a one time expert picking a top or a bottom. All that really matters is where the stock is when you plan to sell. I have said from day one that I plan to hold for a buyout, that is my objective, what the stock does in the mean time is cheap entertainment for the shorts, the nervous nellies and the so called experts of the day. I have also learned that the more so called pain involved in a stock usually results in great returns, assuming the company is profitable, debt free and has growing sales. This is a great company with superb management. Sometimes you have to duck and cover, this might be one of those times. What matters is are you on board when the company is bought out for a huge premium, and I am waiting for that day that might come soon, if not, life goes on.

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    by doc4631 Jul 31, 2015 11:33 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jul 31, 2015 6:08 PM Flag

    I agree on the sale now, growth rates are slowing, FDA is a usual liberal slow down to capitalism with no quick answers to anything. Coming up on 2 years since the untitled letter. Collafix seems like bringing out something old that was locked in the basement as no new products can bring s pop to the business. If collafix was that great it wouldn't have been shelved for 4 years. The only ones who have the power and money to put up with multiple BLA's , patent lawsuits, oig investigations, FDA quagmires are large medical device or pharma companies, little mdxg with 475 employees and 200 million in sales is not going to scare anyone. Yes, I'm part of the dollar club and have no plans to sell, but if this is to remain a high growth company then they need to either announce more disruptive products or borrow a billion dollars and start making some buyouts of their own. Of course if operating Margins do exceed 25 percent in a couple of years a one time 10 percent dividend would heal some wounds. It is almost we are cursed because we are debt free and growing cash. Speculation runs higher when the companies have maybe one year of cash burn left and everyone is scared of the next secondary. Time to bring some fizz back to the town that is famous for soda.

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    by thompson.john19 Jul 22, 2015 8:18 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jul 22, 2015 9:45 AM Flag

    And to think mdxg has traveled from under one dollar to nearly 13 and we haven't had "the" short squeeze yet. When that storm hits we will need spatulas to scrape the shorts off of the pavement, that day is coming soon. Earnings come out soon!

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    Harry Boxer’s Charts for the Day

    by thetechtraderca Jul 15, 2015 8:14 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jul 15, 2015 9:48 AM Flag

    Been trading for over 30 years, I am biased with mdxg, with that said most chartist expect mdxg to pull back and test low 12's , market doesn't usually do what most want, wouldn't be surprised to see run keep going to cause most pain

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    Holiday spirits

    by curiousoneatthat Jul 14, 2015 10:07 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jul 14, 2015 11:37 AM Flag

    If Petit was real nice he would release some great news about now, then even KY wouldn't work for the Bears :))

  • old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jul 1, 2015 5:50 PM Flag

    Market, the Medtronic and Zimmer deal are sold under non Mdxg labels. After 2 years the ramp is slow, hopefully your Stryker deal will move faster.

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    Petit on Squak Box tomorrow at 6:50 EDT

    by volstate57 Jun 16, 2015 5:05 PM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jun 17, 2015 7:39 AM Flag

    I listened to most of Interview, Joe Kernan did some homework. Seemed to stay on wound care , bed sores and mentioned a few other areas but I did t hear anything regarding sports. Premarket up 1 buck so we shall see today. Pete seemed very relaxed and did a wonderful job on camera, however he upset 1/2 of ?Georgia by throwing UGA under the bus with his allegiance to GA Tech.

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    Petit on Squak Box tomorrow at 6:50 EDT

    by volstate57 Jun 16, 2015 5:05 PM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jun 16, 2015 8:08 PM Flag

    Volstate, I am old, still have black and white TV and rabbit ears:))

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    Petit on Squak Box tomorrow at 6:50 EDT

    by volstate57 Jun 16, 2015 5:05 PM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jun 16, 2015 5:34 PM Flag

    Darn, now I have to get up early tomorrow if Pete is on CNBC

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    International expansion

    by old_wisetrader Jun 3, 2015 8:39 AM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jun 3, 2015 12:14 PM Flag

    Doc actually buys amniofix for his practice and has seen it work first hand. You can't blame him for cheerleading as he knows the potential not only as an investor, but a Doctor on our board who has put his money where his mouth is.

  • old_wisetrader by old_wisetrader Jun 3, 2015 8:39 AM Flag

    Listening to Jeffries conference and Bill Taylor just stated they are focusing on International expansion and expect meaningful revenue growth starting in 2016

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    Jefferies Presentation tomorrow....will

    by str8biteforlife Jun 2, 2015 3:53 PM
    old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Jun 2, 2015 10:33 PM Flag

    Rentdmc ,,,the hardest part in investing is waiting, the greatest gains in life can be had by doing what is hard.

    Story is unfolding, have faith and patience. I have been here over 5.5 years, and yes, the waiting is difficult.

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