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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 28, 2015 8:32 PM Flag

    You better think about that again. Anyone that buys those stocks after the first 1 of trading when the price is over paid for, loses money on 95% of those stocks. They are aways run up immediately at the open and mthen sold off. The ONLY people that make anything are the insiders who pump the stock and sell it to the suckers.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 27, 2015 7:12 PM Flag

    There really is no reason to say anything to you until January comes. When we are halfway thru January, then you can spout off. Bashing a .006 stock is a little silly even for you/

  • I need the other 505,000 shares under .0060. With the tax loss sellers almost done for this year, I expect the price to stabalize starting next week. If you look at the last two years, the same pattern has emerged. The price drops in November from tax loss selling only to be run back up in the first 2 weeks of January With most BIG chunks being sold already, or transferred into other accounts, the share traded should drop in volume. The two biggest trades were obviously arranged to let someone keep their shares by transferring them to another account.
    How do you explain the action when BID .0061 ASK .0063 and 1. million shares goes thru at .0057 and then BID was .0058 ASK .0061 and 1.25 million shares goes thru at .0050. I think it was a miracle that I got 633,000 shares at .0056. The price might go lower but you can not buy any volume at the lower prices. We will see what happens in the next couple weeks but I will buy the other 505,000 shares hopefully under .0063 again.

  • Daytraders are playing this like a fiddle. Every time this stock moves up a little longs forget the price is at 16.-16.5 cents. Even I thought it would only go back to 17-18 cents around $3.50 but when it dropped all the way down to 14 cents at $2.85, I had to accept my mistake for giving this stock to much credit.
    Before, longs were saying I was crazy to think this would ever go down to 18 cents again. Now I might have to agree with them because this may not ever go back up to 18 cents ($3.60) again.
    Don't worry longs, it will go back up. They will need another dilution in May.June and the new investors will need that guaranteed profit. This needs to stay down here and lower for a few months before the next scam dilution run up can happen.

  • For some reason t=my account was holding back cash. I had to sell another stock to get this amount. All I would have done was sell another 4-5 shares of AT&T to cover the held money. Maybe I bought in early again but I have not seen any ASK amounts for that many shares under .006 for as long as I can remember. I still want 505,000 more shares in my other account so I will wait to see what happens. The last two years, the stock has started to go upwards in the middle of December.

  • Another obvious pre arranged trade. Watch the stock rebound right back up to .0058-.-.0060 . The BID was .0060 ASK .0062 and all of a sudden 1.5 million shares are sold at .005

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 24, 2015 6:11 PM Flag

    I am still waiting for the bottom because I feel there will be at least one more SCAM runup for the next dilution. If they can not get another dilution, which I feel the suckers will line up again for the 7th time, at least I will be able to get a DEAD CAT BOUNCE to make some profit from this dog.
    I figure this company can string along shareholders for as long as the money lasts. Another dilution will pay the salaries longer. One of the next two dilutions will be very large and will destroy the price but pay wages for at least a year.. Don't they still have the option for 200 million shares or is it more than that?

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 24, 2015 6:04 PM Flag

    I wonder if this guy even knows how to read. There was a PR put out September 27th that says
    "Positive results are announced for phase 2 trials with ImmunoPulse IL-12 in Merkel Cell carcinoma".
    If I am not mistaken, I think anyone with a 6th grade reading comprehension would agree that results were released but these longs are so confused and refuse to except reality, that they block out everything they don't want to hear. I do believe that the company said results were good but a different article I read said that any drug even a placebo would have given these results so the company is putting out info that is very difficult to believe but these shareholders are so far in the hole, they will never see lightr again and we are getting the blame. All we ever did was tell the truth and the truth is the hardest thing to believe.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 24, 2015 5:48 PM Flag

    I am not the one that has lost my money in this.YES they have put out results for the 2 or 3 patients that were probably so far gone they would sign up for anything. Anybody that still has any chance is not signing up for these trials. That is why they can not get enough patients to even give it a go yet.
    They are alreadyy past phase 1 trials and partially thru phase 2 trials with minimal amount of patients. Tell me Mr. Brilliant one, how do you think they have gone this far without putting out any results?
    Are you really that stupid?
    I guess you are because you still seem to think this stock is good.

  • Nobody seems to be selling. Once in awhile you might see a 300,000 sell but I am still waiting to buy 505,000 more in one account and 653,000 more in my other account. They just don't sell that many shares under .0063. I am hoping to get more than the 995,000 I have gotten at .0061 lately. The intelligent tax loss sellers have already sold so they can buy back in mid December. The 2 one million share trades were obviously someone transferring shares from one account to the other so they could keep their shares and take the tax loss. The price was under the bid price. The ones selling in early/mid December could be chasing the price upwards in January like last year when it ran up over 3 cents.

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    Bullish on these guys.

    by eleanoreiisuittllk2676 Nov 24, 2015 12:38 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 24, 2015 12:43 PM Flag

    Anyone that buys those stocks 95% of them lose money. The insiders pump the stock up at the open and almost every single one goes straight down as the insiders sell off the shares they purchased the days before.They over pay at the open to put out a second PR saying the stock is up 50%,80% or 100% so people will buy the shares they are selling. EURI is the only stock I have seen lately that actually went up after the open. 95% of them go straight down after a false open.

  • Some of the hard headed longs need the ship to turn straight up and power dive before floating back up to the surface. No telling how low it will go this time, heading into tax loss month, but the last time it hit $2.85 and that will most likely be tested again.
    I should be upset at myself for giving this stock too much credit when I said it would retest 17.5-18 cents again. It has tested 14 cents and could go lower than this before the month of December is over.Now 12.5-13 cents ($2.50-$2.60) is almost a certainty. If they do not get better resilts than what they have been getting out of these trials, than a much lower price will be seen.

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    Who is WOOFMOCAT? one word please

    by searchingoil Nov 24, 2015 10:11 AM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 24, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    HELPER. Just like myself, we are here to educate the newbies and blind longs to reality.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 10:19 PM Flag

    Don't you know that holding a stock is better than trading it?
    Do these longs know that no matter how long you have held, as soon as you sell, you have become a trader. Unless you hold forever, everyone is a trader. Some people like to trade for profit more often since every stock goes up and down over and over again.

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    As I have said before

    by ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 2:39 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 10:12 PM Flag

    Are you really that stupid or just ignorant. Anyone with a 6th grade education would have known by reading that post that it was $2.00 and $3.00. Just because my period did not work or I did not press it, Did you really think I meant $200 and $300 when I just said in a post that I don't expect anyone to get anything over $10.00 even if they get FDA approval and can get this to market in the next 5 years after another 4-5 dilutions?

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    Where is furbush?

    by ooo_key_doke Nov 18, 2015 3:40 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 7:11 PM Flag

    You are twisting words around. You can buy a stock and sell it the next day or a week later or a month later and make a profit. You can not do that with property. You have to hold property much, MUCH longer for the property to go up. I had my first house 10 years to have it go from $54,000 up to $125,000. If someone would have bought either of my houses in 93-94, you still would not have your money back, but if you bought in around 98-2000 you would have a profit What do you think broke all the banks back then. Houses go up and down like everything else does. The "TRADERS" make the money most people need a place to live or if they sell they need to reinvest the money or pay taxes. Even the people that are house flipping, which is not a good business right now, have to fix the house and then sell it to make any profit and that takes time.

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 2:39 PM Flag

    Just because this stock goes up a little, does not mean the price has hit bottom. The price will need to stabalize for weeks not hours to set up a bottom. Manipulators and day Traders are picking this stock apart now with these 20 cent moves. Just when longs think the price is going back up, day traders sell and drive the price back down again to buy for the next move.
    Good things for longs is that they can get a hard-on for 2 days but as in real life, they always go limp when the excitement is over.
    Until this stock settles for weeks and probably longer so the next dilution investors can load up on cheap shares, this has not hit bottom yet. They will be lucky to get $3.00 for the next dilution in May/June so this will need to get down to $2.50 so they can sell at $3.50 before they promise to purchase shares at $3.00. That is if they can get $300 for the next dilution. This could fall to $200 if the next dilution is at $2.50.

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    Where is furbush?

    by ooo_key_doke Nov 18, 2015 3:40 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 23, 2015 2:24 PM Flag

    SO, even you agree that you should trade and not hold. I can guarantee you that that property did not sell 6 months ago for $2.6 million unless 5-6 years ago it was worth $4 million and you lost $1.4 million because you held to long.. You can not compare property and real estate, whether it is a house or property to the stock market. Houses and property may go up and down but over years (so far) have ALWAYS gone up unless you bought at the peak in the last run up 5-7 years ago.
    Why do you think houses and property go up and down?
    My first house I bought was $54,000, that house went up to $260,000 and now is about $210,000 now. The second house I bought was when I traded the first house at $125,000 on the run up in the early 90's for a house in a different city for $122,000. That house went up to $310,000 and back down to $160,000 and now is back up to $230,000 and going up again I certainly would not want to buy any business office space when the price peaks because the new owners have to raise rents and the renters leave. I see 75% empty commercial sites everywhere but our economy is flourishing?
    People that bought commercial property 15-20 years ago and filled up all the suites and made a profit and the economy ran the commercial site up over 100%. Only a fool would not sell for that kind of profit when you know the economy goes up and down for the last 50 years and will continue to go up and down for the next 50 years. That is the same as trading stocks but property iIS a longer term investment.

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    Where is furbush?

    by ooo_key_doke Nov 18, 2015 3:40 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 21, 2015 4:17 PM Flag

    Furrybush will return when the next dilution is needed in May/June. This price will have to be run back up for dilution partners and every pumper and their brother will be back in April/May when the price starts to go up again.

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    Where is furbush?

    by ooo_key_doke Nov 18, 2015 3:40 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 21, 2015 4:13 PM Flag

    Obviously some of you longs just don't get it. Even after this has happened 6 times already. It is not a hard concept to understand.
    THIS IS NOT A HOLDING STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is for trading purposes only and that has already been proven 6 times already.. Anyone that paid 50 cents or higher ($10.00) will not get their money back for a minimum ot 3-4 years minimum. That would be until they get FDA approval, get their distribution set up, and rebenues from sales. Anyone that thinks this will get their product to market, and earn revenue from that, before 3 years has no clue of how the system works. I say it will be a minimum of 4 years and 4 more dilutions before they complete this and this may never get FDA approval even after 4-5 years and 4-5 more dilutions. Phase 3 trials are more expensive than phase 2 trials because they have to be larger.

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