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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u 5 hours ago Flag

    The new dilution owners were not ready and ONCS was not desperate enough to dilute. They want to make as much money for friends and family members and it takes time to organize another scam for the 7th time. They are good at this and need to take the time to set it up correctly. When they came out and said they had enough money to last until the end of 2016 should have told you that dilution is set up for August/September.

  • You do know that it takes a month or so to run the price down to where the new dilution owners want the price to bne. It takes another month or two to purchase enough shares to make a profit. Then another month or so to run the price up to where they want to sell at a profit before they will purchase the diluted shares.That 3-4 months or longer will take us to August/September where I suspected the new dilution will take place. ONCS said they had enough money, at that burn rate in December, to last the entire year. The problem is that the burn rate has gone up due to new hires, new building, and a new phase 2 trial that cost more money. Thatcertainly will not wait until they are completely out of money to dilute so with money running low in October, they will need to dilute in August/September. This whole scenario fits perfectly into what is happening right now. Price is dropping into May. Dilution owners will purchase in June/July. Price will run up in July/August..They will sell in August September and have they profit to purchase dilution in late September or early October. This is another perfect set up. for intelligent traders to cash in.

  • Will today be another double digit loss?
    Getting close with a 7 cent drop but it will need to drop down into the $1.70's to complete the deal.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u May 2, 2016 4:22 PM Flag

    As long as there are 25-30 million shorted shares that CAN NOT BE COVERED, there will be manipulation in the stock price until revenues take control. I don't figure revenues to blow out of proportion until Europe opens and they get expanded usage of LS. That will be well into 2017 so I expect another short raid after the price climbs to ? is the question.
    Could it climb back up to $2.50-$2.75 again?
    If the price climbs back to $2.75 how low can they bring it again with Europe opening and expanded usage coming soon. Seems like the manipulating shorts use tax loss season as a fuel. Can they run the price up in May, June and July ,to pay off the interest charges, and they take it back down in September, October and tax loss season in late November December again?
    All the Conferences in June and July help pump these BIUO stocks and then reality sets in and they drop back down again. Just wondering if this is another 2-3 month hold and sell and wait for 2-3 months for another bottom..

  • Right after I bought, the price dropped down to $1.31 and I was worried that the price would drop further. I have no clue of what has happened but now I sure am glad I purchased at $1.36.
    The problem I see is that this is moving up before the quarterly report comes out next week.
    Is this a false run up?
    Is there any real substance for the move up from $1.30 to $1.50?
    Does not sound like much but a $15% move so far and another week or more before the report and CC next week.

  • is the fact that there has only been one major drop. It fell off the cliff early and has been holding stead all day so far. With 40 minutes left to trade, you better have some more vaseline ready for the last 10 minutes of trading or be ready for tomorrows punishment.. Either way, it is a good idea to grease up early so you can be ready for the AZZPOUNDING that is about to take place in the next week or so. Even worse than what happened in April.

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    Back to $1.80's again

    by woofmoocat May 2, 2016 10:07 AM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u May 2, 2016 1:04 PM Flag

    Real soon you will be saying "Back to the $1.50's again".
    Will they take it back down to test the $1.30's again before the next dilution owners will need the stock to run back up so they can get their guaranteed profits up front?

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u May 2, 2016 12:53 PM Flag

    Nothing really, just another double digit loss for today. With more and more double digit losses, the ONLY thing that could mean is they are close to or already have their next dilution purchaser. The price will run down and shares will be bought up. Then when they announce some "FLUFFY" news about results from the 1 or 2 patients they have hand picked, the stock will run up in price so dilution owners can dump on unsuspecting BAGHOLDERS AGAIN for the 7th time. I think this has to be coming close to a record for dilutions.
    Does anyone know of any company that has diluted 6 times and will need to dilute a minimum of 9-10 times to reach the finish line?
    The finish line I am talking about is when this stock is finally FINISHED and can not pull off any more scams.

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u Apr 29, 2016 10:10 PM Flag

    Monday is May 2nd and I doubt they give the quarterly report next week because Thursday is only the 5th. I expect a PR on Wednesday or Thursday saying the quarterly report will be out on Tuesday May 10th or Thursday Mat 12th. This will be another very important day for NAVBsales should be up because how many people want operations during the holidays unless they are absolutely necessary?
    Expect a good increase in sales but the CC will be what is more important.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Apr 29, 2016 8:24 PM Flag

    If they were dumping 1.6 BILLION shares on the market, it would take them about 40 years to sell that many at the average daily trades at the present. I don;t think I will be here in 40 years.

  • It could have been down 20 cents. Of course next week will probably take care of that but today is a good day. It will give those longs a well deserves reat on spreading those butt checks.

  • Of course the move does not hold and back down the price falls. Maybe blueberry should change his name to blueballs because he is getting SQUEEZED over and over again.

  • If this was being manipulated, you would think that someone would grab those 3 million shares because it has not been this low for awhile. The quieter this company is, the more they are going to pay in the price of their stock. They had better come out with some SOLID info soon or keeping this price up will be much harder. I think the pretending has to stop and the next PR better have some substance to it because the market is tired of hearing BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So are all the shareholders who are still holding shares in this pretend company. Putting things off again and again will drive the price down but the only thing is that you know the price will jump back up if they ever come out with anything that has any concrete info attached.

  • They tried to get this back over $2.00 but failed. Grease up and spread those cheeks because Friday can be very punishing. If they don't get this back up over $2.00, next week will see $1.75 for sure. Back down under 8 cents where it belongs. The new dilution purchasers need to see $1.50-$1.70 before they will even think about investing in the next dilution. It has happened 6 times before and it will keep happening as long as the suckers keep lining up to get hosed. Trading this stock is the only way to go and you get at least once and sometimes twice a year to make over 100% on your money

  • 3/31 quarter was a loss of $81,000, 6.30 quarter was a loss of $71,000, the 9.30 quarter was a whopping $397,000 loss and the 12/31 quarter was cut back to $51,000.
    Does anyone know why the loss in the September quarter was $397,000?
    Cutting the losses all the way back to $51,000 was a good thing but this stock needs revenues and maybe they could come close to break even. Without revenues, this stock will bounce up and down and p[robably stay under a penny while doing it. I think this year will be the make or break of this company. They have put off sales from "EARLY APRIL to a VAGUE July/August. If they do not produce something this year TAX LOSS SEASON (end of November thru early January)will kill the price.
    Discount prices could be as low as .0025.

  • Looks like the price dropped another 6 cents in the last few minutes of trading today. I wonder if that means another 20 cent loss tomorrow?
    It was only 11 cents today so could double that tomorrow.

  • The last time the stock was run down to $1.35, there wasn't enough shares traded to allow the new dilution investors to make enough profit. They took their profit on what they had and now they will run the price down again and will not need 5 million shares to get their up front pay off before they purchase the dilution. They may not even have to drop the price back down to $1.30's again either. When the volume increases and dilution investors have enough shares they will run the price back up to dilute at $2.25-$2.50 after they dump their shares in the $2.75-$3.00 range.
    NOBODY will purchase diluted shares without a profit up front so if this company is going to make it into 2017, you have a 100% chance of a move back up this year so purchase in a month or two and wait for the price to run up after some BIG announcement at the ASCO conference and then dilution in August/September. Remember, the new dilution owners need to dump those shares before the price fals so have you finger on the SELL button when the price rises.

  • Todays PUMPING stock is ITNS. Obviously the price was up early so insiders could dump on the MORONS that actually believe these people but over 80 million shares have been sold. They do bring volume and a rise in price but you better have the stock "BEFORE:" they pump it or you will be a 95% loser. just like every other stock they put out.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Apr 13, 2016 3:59 PM Flag

    You are absolutely correct nevjer but you also forgot that the price was up around 1.6 in April of last year before dropping down and going back up to 1.8 in June. Years ago the price was run up to 5 cents and 7.8 cents. I would b e thrilled to see 3 cents again but that will all depend on what news (IF ANY) is released that actually has some significance instead of just fluff...

  • There is only a 98,000 share ASK at .0053 so this looks like it will stay above .005 for awhile. Hopefully someone starts buying up shares. 98,000 shares at .0053 is only $520 so moving this price upward fast will not take a lot of money. We just need some kind of SOLID INFO to make the price rise.

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