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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u 3 hours ago Flag

    Shares are bery hard to get especially under .009. You will probably have to over bid the ask to get any quantity. I guess that depends on how many shares you want. I was asking for 455,000 and only got 105,000 at .0076.

  • Seems like most of the posters are crying the blues when MMI tweeted those messages. I took advantage of that and bought 105,000 more at .0076 and will continue to buy under 1 cent because I have $20,000 that I am playing AT&T with. Every time I can buy 100,000 shares with my profits I will. I will be buying more this week. I am kind of glad that the price did not move with this latest PR.
    Funny thing is that these same people that have disappeared will be back in force saying they loaded up under 1 cent when this goes back up. It has been driven down under 1 cent twice before and it has gone back up every time. I have loaded up and will take my profits when the price goes back up. There is no telling how high it can go. It has gone back up to 1.9 cents, 3.1 cents and the first time the price was run up to over 7 cents.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u 11 hours ago Flag

    I think you should rephrase that to the first trading week in August. The stock will be below $5.75 tomorrow, the third trading day in August. It will not even last the first week.

  • I certainly hope we don't have to wait for the next quarterly report before this moves up any higher. Europe distribution should be starting soon and we have not heard much from China or Asia lately either. This is going to go worldwide sooner or later so sometime in the future this has got to move up on HYPE alone Actual revenues are going to take time. We have learned that with the USA FDA approval and sales gaining ground slowly. This could be a few years away stilll but I have waited this long with my 40,000 shares so I can wait longer. I am waiting for another stock I have to make a move so I can buy more NAVB so I certainly hope the price does not move up too fast. I want another 20,000 shares at least.

  • I am trying a new theory of selling at the open when the price is run up. I figure that the stock has hit $34.50 twice this week so iy will probably drop below that tomorrow so I may try to double dip again . If it starts out at the open in the high $34.60's or hopefully the low $34.70's I will sell and buy back in when the MAGIC HOUR hits and the price drops down below $34.50 and sell when it runs back up to $34.60's again. I just can't figure out why these price manipulators have kept this same strategy for so long. It is so easy to figure out, even an amateur like myself can make money trading this on a daily basis.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u 13 hours ago Flag

    The timeline was absolutely perfect again. The only difference was the price was only taken down about 30 cents again instead of 50 cents. The time it happened was absolutely perfect and the time the ran the price back up to $34.71 was in the MAGIC HOUR once again. Now they are testing $34.50 again in the last 30 minutes. If you can not see a pattern, than you are one dumb trader who they love to see.

  • The MAGIC HOUR for the stock to drop is 1 1/2 hours-2 1/2 hours into trading (8am-9am California time) and then the second MAGIC HOUR is from 4 1/2-5 1/2 hours into trading (11am-12pm Caliornia time). Should be easy pickings today.

  • When the price drops down to test $4.00, manipulators will get interested in this again. A move back up to $5 will give them a 25% profit. The lower the price drops from here the higher the profit goes up when the price is artificially run back up to $5.00-$5.50. If the price is taken back down to $3.50 (17.5 cents pre-split),, which is where the price has been taken down before , going back up to $5.25 would be a 50% profit. I expect a take down to new lows if trials do not start and/or results are not out within 6-8 months. Then, a miraculous PUMP JOB to get the price back up to do the next dilution. Remember, they don't look for the dilution investors at the last minute they plan it way in advance so investors are guaranteed a profit before the dilution even happens.

  • We should soon find out how low manipulators will take the price today. After running the price up at the open to $34.80, it has been down around $34.60-$34.70 ever since. Should see a 20-30 cent drop here shortky if manipulators want to bring it back up to $34.65 to make theur daily profits with AT&T.

  • It may go up in pre-market, like it it today, but it will drop back down under $34.40 and maybe even test $34.30 before 2 hours of the market open and I will jump on it for the ride back up to $34.55-$34.60. Hopefully I can get a 20 cent profit tomorrow but I will be happy with 15 cents on those 1900 shares I can get.

  • Today was $34.50 back up to $34.73 and back down to wherever the close will be. Tomorrow it could run back up to $34.75 and back down to $34,30. Today's 50 cent range was larger than the last few days but it is the beginning of the week and not Friday.

  • I figure they have to drive it down if tomorrow morning , like this morning, they drive it back up. Manipulators will keep this action up as long as they can make money doing it.
    I might just take a chance and buy in the last 2 minutes if they run the price down.
    I hate to pay that $13 margin cost for holding over night but otherwise I will have to wait until the first half hour of trading when the drive the price back down Waiting until tomorrow to buy can give you a lower price but buying today can give you the chance to sell twice tomorrow.

  • They run the price down to $34.70 on Friday.
    Run the price up to $35.02 early today.
    Take it back down to $34.52 almost immediately.
    Run the price back up to $34.73 in the MAGIC HOUR
    Now, running the price back down for the afternoon rush or morning manipulation again.
    I was tempted to buy at $34.52 this morning but I got up late because I figured the dividend payout was going to drive the price down today and probably tomorrow also. These manipulators need to make money even when the price is going down so I may purchase but I hate to buy in a hurry. so I waited. Now I have to decide whether to purchase now and see it the price is run back up late today or wait to see how low it goes and hold over night for the morning manipulation. The price range has been trimmed down to around 20-25 cents but even 15 cents gets me about $250.00 for my 1800-1900 shares after costs.

  • If they come out and say the deal is off and even Mexico is not producing any revenue. It will be cqalled manipulation by getting the price up to 3 cents after being run down to .009.
    If they come out and say the MMI deal is back in business and the plant has been upgraded and out Mexico products are selling like hotcakes. They will be look like it was done on purpose to run the stock down to .007 to get a 300% move upward if the price goes back to 3 cents.

  • You have to wonder how low they will take the price. They tested $35.02 but the price has been in a nose dive since. I guess we will find out in the MAGIC HOUR which is more than 2 hours away.

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    Qualified Dividends received

    by warmwithslightbreeze Aug 3, 2015 7:57 AM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 3, 2015 10:07 AM Flag

    To get 25kish in dividends, you would have to own about 53,000 shares.
    Do you really believe that ANYONE here believes that you have $1.85 million worth of AT&T?
    With all that money in just one stock you are either a COMPLETE IDIOT or must have a minimum of $10 million in sticks. You waste your time on a message board bragging about something that EVERYONE here knows is a lie.
    Why would you pretend to be something you obviously are not?

  • I can see a drop down to test $34.00 again. The quarterly report was a good excuse to move the stock up but reality is the fact that AT&T has to put out $2.5 billion plus for dividends and more to DTV and shareholders. Manipulators will find a reason to drop the price back down and maybe even under $34 so the next owners dividend day, October 1st, (next dividend payout is November 3) will give them a reason to tun the price back up.Look at the charts to see when the price is moved up back down and then back up every 3 months period.I see $33 being possible next week especially if the market has some down days due to some companies bad quarterly reports.

  • Just wait until Monday when they have to pay out over $2.5 billion in dividends and add that to the money they have to pay for DTV and AT&T is worth much less. Thought I could double dip today but after selling my shares at $34.98 the stock did the usual frop in the MAGIC HOUR but could not muster up any movement at the end. If I would have waited another 2 minutes to buy, I could have got the shares at $34.73 and made money on the last minute trade.I had no intentions of holding over the weekend but the stock dropped 4-5 cents at the end after jumping up to $34.78-$34.79 where I tried to sell with about 30 seconds left in trading.

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    Looks like the update wasn't well received

    by craigikess Jul 31, 2015 2:02 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Jul 31, 2015 8:11 PM Flag

    What do they have to update?
    Patients are staying away like the trials are the plague. Does not seem like they can get anyone to sign up. Maybe they need to pay patients to try their treatment. There must be some desperate people out there with little or no hope of living who will try anything at this point..
    When a company has NOTHING to update, I think they should use some different wording.

  • MMI will want to get back those shares at 2 cents for sure. EAPH has dropped down under 1 cent a few times and always comes back for a 100%-200% gain. I fully expect the same thing and MMI begging EAPH to complete the deal.

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