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ontopofitall4u 119 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 20, 2014 11:24 AM Member since: Dec 19, 2009
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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 22, 2014 1:51 PM Flag

    My question to the company would be if they do join the Canadian exchsnge, does that mean they will have seperate shares on the Canadian exchange meaning that is the same thing as dilution isn't it?
    Is that their roundabout way of saying they are getting investors to finance?

  • The 40's is going to slip down into the low 30's within the next 2 weeks for sure and maybe even next week. The 3 week run is over and now it is time to set up a lower trading range. This range might last more than just 3 weeks so trading should be easy for quick 20% gains. I really did not understand why this stock has stayed in the 40 cents range when there was really no reason for it. THe 30 cent area has plenty of support so I expect the price to stay at that level maybe a little longer before finally dropping down to where the price should be at 20-25 cents again.

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    Did I miss something?

    by forarmy Aug 22, 2014 12:25 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 22, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    It did not stop trading, it is the fact that nobody wants to pay this high price when everyone knows that the 3 weeks is coming up next week and this will be trading at a lower level of 28-36. Why would someone want to pay 44 cents when they can get it withing 2 weeks for 30 cents?

  • It is easy to move the price upwards with low volume. This stock needs millions, and that is more than 1 million shares, to really start to move this price upwards. Then it needs to be followed up by multiple millions of shares days to continue the move upwards.
    Nobody in their right mind would sell this stock with the FDA expanded usage coming in 7 weeks time. The H&N approval run up started about one month before the date. If the same scenario occurs again, we are looking at some price movement starting the second week of September, about 3 weeks from now. H&N approval ran the price up to $1.90's but this expanded usage could demand a higher price and these prices will be gone forever at these levels. I just don't see this being manipulated down under $ 1.50 again even if the CC and quarterly report is 3 weeks after approval.
    Europe is waiting to see what expanded usage in the US means before they announce any approvals. European approval should be for at least the same as the expanded usage implies. Then other nations such as Asia, Australia and other will follow. It has been a long road but the pot of gold is almost in sight.

  • No real news yet again but pushing the same old monster news is coming soon. Now they say that #$%$ could be mixed into their OTC cream products. That is probably 2 years away at least. If you are going to pump something, at least get the cream products to market first before saying you could add the #$%$ with the product.. Probably good for another test of 1.7 cents but it will more than likely come right back down to 1.5 cents after the pump wears off.This stock needs solid news not any more possible news.

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    We are still hitting 1.50

    by fredobannion Aug 21, 2014 6:16 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 22, 2014 12:38 AM Flag

    I will be right here to take advantage of the next manipulation. This is going to happen at least two more3 times if not more. You pumpers will be pumping and the real intelligent shareholders will be trading again. You longs will have watched this stock go up and down 5 or 6 times and still will not understand.

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    We are still hitting 1.50

    by fredobannion Aug 21, 2014 6:16 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 21, 2014 9:15 PM Flag

    You will be still crying when you don't even get enough of a move upward to get part of your money back. I figure with your senseless pumpimg, you must be in at about 60-65 cent average. You were probably one of those morons that thought those investors bought those shares because they thought the stock would stay above 70 cents. Reality set in and those investors are counting their money and the lower the price goes, the more money they will make when the manipulation happens again on the next dilution next year.

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    Board is Quiet Once Again

    by dynapacman Aug 21, 2014 1:21 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 21, 2014 6:06 PM Flag

    Hey crabcakes, don't you realize that phase 1 and phase 2 trials are usually hand picked for best results. The trials are smaller and can be easily manipulated for better results. I can see the FDA needing a long term progress report on thie drug they are using because of all the dangerous side effects it has. Granted, they use less than other trials that have proven this to be extremely dangerous but ther FDA will need a lot more info on the side effects from a much larger phase 3 trial. That will put this approval back even farther than expected. Maybe that is why those warrants are for 5 years out.
    I do expect a nice return on another manipulation in phase 2 trials for another dilution, and then even a bigger manipulation in phase 3 trials before a CRL is awarded by the FDA. This stock will be tradeable for another 4 years at least.

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    How far and fast will this breakout go ?

    by bobcat537 Aug 21, 2014 5:24 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 21, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

    The downward trend has been slow but steady. The stages have lasted 2-3 weeks at a time so this range at 38-45 is coming up on 3 weeks next week so the downtrend should continue into the lower 30 cent range and develop a new range of 28-35 by the end of next week. Slow and steady wins the race, just ask the tortoise who beat the hare.

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u Aug 21, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    He has not posted very much lately after being one of the major pumpers on this board when the price was at 70 and then 80 cents. He was pumping over $1 for sure and now look. He is too embarrassed to show his face. I can guarantee you he is still here hiding under a different ID and will be back pumping this again on the next dilution run up.

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    this stocks is about to move up

    by davebodee Aug 20, 2014 10:07 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 21, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    I heard that too. It is 2-3 weeks away. THe problem is that the news is always 2-3 weeks away. One time, they actually said it would be by the end of the week and that news came almost a month later. If we take "by the end of the week" and it takes almost a month, I guess we can figure that 2-3 weeks, which started about 5 weeks ago , will take at least another 5 weeks to get here. Looking for this news to come by the end of September if we are lucky.
    I have over almost 1 million shares of this stock so I would love to see this news come I need to trade some of the shares(300,000-400,000 shares) at 5 cents plus so I can purchase a different stock before the end of September.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 3:12 PM Flag

    That was probably part of the dilution SCAM. They run the price up to let the investors make a killing. They invest money that ithat same profit money knowing the stock price will drop. THey buy up shares and some new investor SCAM is run and everyone makes out like a bandit. They sell the FREE shares and the new shares bought at 20-25 cents again, and everything is pure profit. They have pulled this off 4 times now and they are working on SCAM number 5. The investors at 71 cents have made more money then you could possibly believe and will make even more when they reach the price they want to buy at before running the price back up again. This is the same game this management played at their old gig and they are very good at it.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 3:07 PM Flag

    Another idiot pumper saying he bought at 20 cents and held on thru a 350% gain. You have the audacity to call me a liar. Your next post will be that you sold in the 80's right.
    Just admit that GREED got the best of you too. At least then you might not look so stupid for holding and losing all that pretend profit. I am a realist and I don't believe in living in a dream world like you pumpers do.

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 2:58 PM Flag

    I guess that is what happens with a stock that promises news and does not deliver. It is always 2-3 weeks away. There has not been one single PR so far with any absolutes. It is always
    We are still working on it and expect it to finalize in 2-3 weeks. Now that it has been 2-3 months, when is the solid news going to come?

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    The funny thing is that the proof is right in front of your eyes and most of you can't see it. What else do you need to see to show you this is a manipulated stock?
    Do the manipulators need to put out a e-mail in advance saying what they are going to do?
    If you think about it, and put two and two together, that is pretty much what they have done over and over again.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 2:38 PM Flag

    I am not trying to fool anyone. There are already enough fools on this board already that have watched this stock go down. If people listened to the pumpers on this board , who kept saying it can't go down any further, have had these loses reality thrown in their face.
    YES it can go down further and it does not need any reason for it to do so. It does need a reason to go back up but another dilution is 7-8 months away if you go on the average so they will need actual info to make this move. If they had real good news, why are they waiting?
    Letting friends and family members in on the SCAM probably. What else could you call the manipulation of this stock price up and down over and over again.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 2:29 PM Flag

    Ask yourself why it has gone back down to 20 cents after every single dilution they have done so far. Nobody cares "WHY" it goes down. The FACT is that is does go down every single time. You should be asking yourself "WHY" it would not go down like every single time so far.

  • They are happening so fast it is hard to get in on these manipulations especially when everyone knows at any time, the price could drop down to the next lower level. I figure this is probably the last pump and dump at this level. Still expecting 30 cents next week sometime. It is very difficult to buy into these PUMP and DUMPS after they have happened a couple times already. Every level.has had 3-4 pump and dumps because that is all they can get away with so expect the price to fall down next week.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 12:18 PM Flag

    NDA filing has no possibility of happening in the next year.
    Up listing has no possibility in the next year.
    A R/S has a slight possibility but not after dropping here or they could wait for it to drop to 25 cents and be forced to do it early next year. Either a R/S or another dilution is definitely going to happen next year and maybe both.
    Phase 2 results are definitely coming, at the latest, at the next CC which should be in early November and maybe earlier. They will need to pump this up after showing another quarter of losses and increasing burn rate. When phase 2b trials are announced at the CC, the burn rate will increase even more so a quick pump job will desperately be needed by then.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Aug 20, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

    I figured you to be more level headed than to get excited about a one day gain. How many times has this done that only to drop down to the next lower level?
    Every time the stock drops down to the next lower level has been right after a couple days of gains that are lost in one day and then it drops You are not becoming one of these senseless pumpers are you?
    You are better than that.


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