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  • If the price falls below $3.40, it could go into FREEFALL. Even the dumbest of the dumbest shareholder here has to have learned that after 3 dilutions, this was a trading SCAM only.
    How about after 4 dilutions?
    How about after 5 dilutions?
    If you still could not figure it out, they have now done a 6th dilution just to make sure even the dumbest of the dumbest should have it figured out now.
    Sometimes I wonder if these dumb investors have been hired by management to try to keep the faith on this message board because NOBODY could possibly be that gullible to believe this company after 6 dilutions.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 9, 2015 4:21 PM Flag

    Wrong board. ONCS has no shorts because this stock does not need it. It sucks without shorts because management is crooked.

  • they will keep the price down here long enough to purchase shares again for the next move back up in January. They continue to buy at low levels and sell after the price moves up to pay off interest on those shorted shares. They have done this 3 times at least and will continue to control this stock because longs have not panicked and sold so shorts can not cover those 25-30 million shares. I am sure they are paying their interest and making money besides, but if longs do not sell, how are they ever going to cover those 25-30 million shares?
    They can only play this game ,and pay off the interest payments, for so long. The next 6-9 months could be the end of the line for shorts if revenues get to profits by the end of the June quarter. I could see one more attack next year after the run up in price in January. Especially when revenues for the 4th (December) quarter will improve but not make NAVB profitable yet. I will be selling again in late January or early February after the price is run back up for shorts to pay off the interest again. By the June quarter, released in early August, could be the end of this game so I expect shorts will try to run this price back down as low as possible in February/March so they can buy as many shares as they can get their hands on. By that time expansion of LS usage into other cancers could become reality and revenues will keep going up. Since longs are not selling their shares in millions, shorts can not cover so they will have to go long and sell to themselves to cover those shares.

  • Most likely happened in October sometime so the 4th quarter report should be looking good again. With revenues increasing over 75% (if you remove the grant money and license fees from the last 2 quarters) maybe the $4 million reported this last quarter could reach $6-$6.5 million for the 4th (December)quarter). Could be higher than that if repeat purchases comes from these 12 sales people with record setting usage being reported. You have to expect that these shorts will not go down without a fight. The next BIG position they will bring up is IF Manocpt spins off into a whole new stock, NAVB shareholders will lose profits from that.
    I don't care if NAVB and Manocept separate, as long as I get some shares of Manocept, I will be happy. Hopefully I can get 1 for 5 shares or even 1 shares of Manocept for every 10 shares of NAVB would be good. Especially if Manocept opens up at $10 or higher. I don't see any spin off until proof of the science is complete. If it is half as good as they say it could be, an opening price for Manocept at $10 would be extremely cheap.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 9, 2015 10:39 PM Flag

    Management has already said there was no chance of a R/S. They are going to wait this out until revenues start to come in and raise the price.

  • There really is no reason they should not het them unless the Mexican government is crookeder than everyone thinks they are. Everyone knows they need a bribe to get anything done so hopefully this company has paid off the right people. How does Mexico decline approval for a drug that is already approved in a couple other countries?
    I really have no idea how these very poor countries will pay for these products unless the government pays for them and distributes the product. These are very poor people that live in Mexico, Central and South America.

  • ontopofitall4u by ontopofitall4u Nov 10, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    I just picked up those 495,000 at .0061 in one of my accounts. If I see another big sell order around .006-.0061 I still need that 653,000 shares to even out my one account at 1.5 million. I have 2.5 million in this account. I probably should have waited to see if tax loss selling would drive the price down any more this week but I am a full believer that most tax loss selling is happening now in stocks that are going back up in January. People need to sell by November 20th so they can wait the 30 days and purchase on December 20th. Seeing that December 20th is a Sunday that means Thursday the 24th is a short day and Friday the market will be closed and the same thing for the following week with Thursday being a short day and Friday being closed. Usually those 3 days Monday the 28th thru Wednesday the 30th are very slow days. Hopefilly the price does not fall down to much further but I am glad I waited to purchase at .0061. I am very pleased with that purchase no matter what the price does in the next week. I will purchase those 653,000 shares if someone is willing to sell them in the .005's but the problem is that volume disappears when the price hits .0058-.0059

  • Take AVXL for example since this stock was the last stock pumped on this board. Just as I have said many times in the past, bet against any stock that the price is run up before news and bet on any stock that the price is run down on before news.
    AVXL had a drug in trials and the price was run up from $9.00 up to $14.00 3 days before the news release. The news was a complete failure and the stock price has dropped down to $4.00 and likely will fall much further. Typical for manipulation of a stock before news. Another perfect example of my theory about stocks with news and/or FDA approval pending.

  • Where is the price today. Let me look and see. It has just dropped down to $32.70 and even lower. We are entering tax loss season and when the price is in the $32/s, most people are losing money on purchases ithis year. Since the next Ex-dividend date is not until January, I figure this will test 52 week lows in the next few weeks before running back up going into January for the dividend. With 25-30 million shares sold almost every day, this stock is manipulated for quick gains and dividend pay outs.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 10, 2015 2:17 PM Flag

    That guy has a 5 word vocabulary. What could he possibly tell me?

  • You have to wonder how low the price will be taken down by tax loss sellers so manipulators can steal those shares for the EX-dividend date which should be around January 3-4. The more imtelligent tax loss sellers have already sold and will be buying back in December at a lower price then what they sold at 30 days earlier.
    Powerful stocks like AT&T have hedge funds selling from early November so they can buy back in in early December and save money. They are balancing their portfolios now with their bigger and more powerful stocks. The crummy stocks are the ones that fold up in the last 2-3 weeks of December. Watch AT&T make a run back up in the last 2 weeks of December so the BIG BOYS will make out again on that dividend.

  • To any normal investor like myself ,who can only purchase 1000-1500 shares, the dividend is not a whole lot of money. Many investors can not even buy 1000 shares ($32,500) so who does this continued drop in price help?
    This stock trades 20-35 million shares a day ($80-$110 million).. Who do you think is buying and selling that much money?
    It certainly isn't anyone on this board. Hedge funds can buy 5 million shares and hold for 4-6 weeks and watch the price go back up 50 cents to a dollar and get paid that 47 cent dividend. They can pick up a quick $5-$8 million dollars in less than two months on a $160 million investment. If my math is correct that would be a 3.125% for $5 million profit and 5% for a $8 million profit in 2 months so the actual gains would be 18%-25% for a yearly basis. Where could these BIG hedge funds get anything close to that kind of interest on their money. That is the reason these prices are manipulated up and down over and over again. To investors like you and myself who do not have this kind of money the money made is very small in comparison.
    I did make $1200 two quarterly reports ago in my margin account when I bought 1750 shares and I made around 70 cents when AT&T went up about $1.20 the day of the quarterly report release. Imagine what those hedge funds made when the price was run down the week before the release and then run up after the release.

  • My purchase of 495,000 shares at .0061 was much cheaper than this trade. My overall price cost was .006102 per share. These 3200 shares with a broker fee of $10 would cost this buyer .008725 per share. Even if he gets 100,000 shares his price would be .0066. That is why I figure buying at .006-.0062 in large volume is better than buying at a lower price because the volume just is not there.

  • The stock had hit $3.10 earlier today and might reach that again later on in trading. With $3.10 or 15.5 cents being the all time low, I don't expect that to hold. Especially since this stock really has nothing to offer for a few months and tax loss selling (since every single person who has ever bought this stock is losing money) could cause a massive sell off with panick selling fueling the downward spiral in the next few weeks. I would not be surprised to see $2.50 hit before the year is over and that is being generous. There could be the possibility of this hitting single digits (under 10 cents or $2.00) if panic sellers really panic.

  • With the Conference coming on Wednesday of next week, the price looks like it may be moving up going into that conference on Wednesday. Hopefully this can continue on Monday and Tuesday of next week and maybe be sitting in the mid $1.80's.

  • Manipulators will bring the price down as low as they can and tax loss selling will increase the fall in price. The BIG BOYS are licking their chops with the new EX-dividend date coming up in early January. I said awhile back that MID $32's was a certainty and maybe even low $32's. With the drop coming so quickly, with weeks left in tax loss season, I now believe $31's will be visited and maybe even mid $31's. Some tax loss sellers have already sold and will start buying back in December. That is why this stock will get a move back upwards in the last 2-3 weeks of December going into the EX-dividend date in early January.

  • If you are waiting to buy, then you can hardly wait for next week to arrive. I still say there is a better buying opportunity coming. The price may go up like it does every day, but the overall trend is down. Take today for example. The price hit $32.84 but closed at $32.31. That is a 50 cent range so manipulators are taking advantage of this with everything they have. 22 million shares traded today so that is only about average or maybe even below average volume with a 50 cent range. Manipulators love to play a stock like AT&T with this much volume and this much range. They will continue to make money even while they take the price down so they can buy as much as they can from tax loss sellers who will not be able to buy back in before the EX dividend date unless they sell by December 3-4. By the time those sellers can buy back in after the 30 day waiting period the price will have already startedto move back up . This is the best time of the year to trade stocks.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 13, 2015 8:05 PM Flag

    You are absolutely correct. Even with sales figures increasing last quarter, I guess they were not enough. If you take away the grants and license fees, LS had about a 75% increase in sales. With the grants and license fees they beat estimates by about 25% from $3.1 million estimate up to $4 million reported.
    Most companies that had a 90% increase in revenues (from $2.1 million up to $4 million)or beat estimates by 25% would be going up. The problem was that the price went up before the report and shorts attacked it. The other problem was the loss was greater than expected. Just wondering how revenues went up by that amount and loss also went up.
    What was all the money spent on to lose that much money?

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    by tntandjnj Nov 13, 2015 4:13 PM
    ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 13, 2015 8:10 PM Flag

    This will need some sort of news on Mexico approval and/or products being sold before the price runs up to 1-3 cents again. Uf they can get approval and start selling all thru Mexico, Central and South America, the HYPE alone should move the price but revenues will be needed to make any price movement sustainable.

  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Nov 14, 2015 4:04 PM Flag

    That would make the most sense. Maybe they just had a typing error by adding that zero at the end mobing the decimal point over one slot from $19.00 to a more respectful $1.90.

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