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    GLD inventory massive surge

    by vette98dude May 20, 2016 8:12 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 10:38 PM Flag

    That quote comes from James Flanigan's pdf document which can be accessed at 321gold in Bob Moriarty's May 19th article entitled 'The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Correction. Read it, stop pretending to ignore my messages, and quit thinking you know that up is the only way gold will move.

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    GLD inventory massive surge

    by vette98dude May 20, 2016 8:12 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 9:46 PM Flag

    "The median correction in gold retraces 55% of the preceding leg up. That would project to 1162.70 on June 26."

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 5:24 PM Flag

    Great call, me. Why are the numbnutz all booing while going "Yay-Yah!" at everyone's posts saying "All is wonderful" since $0.84 and $0.76, expecting a straight up, uninterrupted continuance to and through $1.00.

    What a bunch of hypsters! Don't you think we not only should, but are Going to just bypass and go right through $1, $2, $5 AND $10 at tomorrow's open, printing Vngumm's guaranteed $28 per share "fundamental true value?" Yeah, that always brings several hundred thumbs-ups from the marty-re"tart"ies who sit chronically wishing.

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 5:04 PM Flag

    Gold looks ready to rip...up and down, and up and down, in hoverboard pattern, or sideways in its multi-year trading range. The chart shows you are Hoping

  • I guess differing opinions is what makes markets though, a that dude's charts had him also stating therein that your expected power jump above $1,300/oz was to be met with a "major top at $1,309." Whatever, 'cause anyway, we've done a 'mon back.

    """Trading Levels: Bearish Outside Week In Gold
    Overbought conditions and a recent failed breakout from the triangle pattern on the daily chart argue for short-term weakness in gold.
    The June Comex gold contract is forming a "bearish outside week" in midday action Friday = negative technical signal for next week.
    June Comex Gold is trading below its 20-day moving average at $1,270.10 = negative short-term signal."""

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    Charts mean everything

    by vette98dude May 21, 2016 9:16 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 2:59 PM Flag

    Helloooooooooooooo, $0.56, key area of a previous spike high on the chart! Ready for either a bounce and revisiting $0.60-ish, or we settle and pause around here til it is oversold. In any case, as we are seeing, the flag hadn't a bottom at $0.58.

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 23, 2016 2:10 PM Flag

    HELLO $0.56!

    Nooo, they said! No WAY we'd EVER see that price Again! We're going past $1.00 next week (i.e., two weeks ago; then again lats week's call). And...Bwahahaha, would ya listen to those dumbo bears saying $0.76 won't hold! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahahaaha!!! Now, why were there only 4 down rates on my post above? And why do "charts not matter" if it was supportive--briefly--at $0.61, where the corvette man already thought the stock was oversold, but has now fallen to This area--Again--and is pausing??? Must all be just coincidental, huh starz?

    Why did it fail, too, at $0.76-$0.77 if "charts don't matter?" Well, that just so happens to be right where the 200-week moving average was presenting its barrier! And if you'll remember to last July when I pointed to the 200-wk first went sinking below the $1.00/sh level, wild_gold kept having fits and going bonkers, griping that "Why am I posting that garbage?" LoL, because it wasn't and Isn't garbage! As you can see, charts DO matter! Not always, but Often!

    And no, we are Not entirely "oversold" yet either. Probably ripe for bouncing...since it#$%$ its next, lower chart floor. With relative strength indicating 39+ today still, and MACD still trending downward w/o showing signs of curling, well, kinda _supports_ more of the debate in favor o' charting stuff and its so called nonsense.

    $0.5608 last trade.

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    charts dont look good.

    by boehmer May 19, 2016 9:40 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 20, 2016 4:56 PM Flag

    Awww, c'mon, poor ol' studebaker! You must quit pretending to be a stock market rookie who thinks the one and only stock you buy and own should and will only see up days and WHEN, not If, there are down days, it has to be because, oh boy, there's an oogey-boogeyman "raid on gold by the (a) cartel!"

    Geezkriced, you (and Vngumm, and permarookie, clueless,
    equally paranoid steverbush) are so, so laughable, reading your "very soon, very soon" forecasts and Warnings for runaway rallies...elusive still for a year and a half of YOUR endlessly posted "BS," while at least boehmer and I are based on REALITY.

    YOU had best beware, stude! Beware your 70-yearold person doesn't become a steverbush 1-yearold type who'll "Waaaaaaaaaa! I'ma ignore you now, boehmer, 'cause you've started saying bad things about GSS and in my mkt newbie type, fearful mind, I'm Afraid of that! I'm scared it makes you a Basher!"

    Oh _doG_, the cries of glee club culties.

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    charts dont look good.

    by boehmer May 19, 2016 9:40 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 20, 2016 4:16 PM Flag

    Funny people here, huh, b, these permabulls? You suggest the $0.51 support level, an obviously lower price from current, along with the *potentially* frightening scenario of $0.50 breaking...and the folks absolutely LOVED it! THREE upbeat ratings from the cheerleaders!!! They totally Adore you, b! Now, MY post--a week or so ago--was for the $0.61 as a primary area to floor, they Hated. LoL FOUR down votes! And what happened? The stock bounced and held there a few days before failing and has been circling near that secondary $0.56 target on recent dips...BUT, since the lowly fks hate me, those same people have down rated my post again here in this Topic as the stock is slowly trying to retrace upward toward $0.60+, putting off the lower target for right now at least.

    Whatever. There were like 200 million thumbs-ups posts every time the "Mega Crashola very soon imminent for stocks, the dollar, and bonds" alllllllllllll of last year, with just as many down votes whenever I'd say no, no, the mkt ain't nosediving, citing areas of supportive strength. Can't say I've seen the Crash yet. Have you? o I think I'll take the thumbs-up aplenty recs with a grain of salt, same as I have all along. If the stock does hit $0.56, I'm sure you'll be embraced with love...and I'll still be hated! Lmfao. Let's see how things go. Prevailing sentiment seems to believe that G should now be priced well above $1/sh and gold at least $1,500/oz and anyone suggesting that even $0.0001 could possibly come off the stock is an esshoe! Yet SOMEhow, the stock has kept backtracking amidst the interim bounces like today! From high-$0.70s to ~$0.59, we've been "Headed to $1+ on TOMORROW'S strong rush across $1,300!" Noooo, we've not seen even a $0.0001 come off the stock and probably never, ever again will. According to all the brainiacs in the stock up to their eyeballs from $5 and who cite GSS as a $28/share stock! Hmmm, but today we saw another minor $0.0014/sh shaving. How so?!?

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    charts dont look good.

    by boehmer May 19, 2016 9:40 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 19, 2016 8:11 PM Flag

    $0.61 was the first "potential support" I mentioned earlier, prior to the $0.50s now. ~$0.56s look to be chewed on next as the secondary target cited. Another poster mentioned $051. Logical, yeah, but then there's me, and everyone knows stocks like to price around...


    Although, did I see a target $0.43 discussed by someone, also? I concur! If not soon then probably by/in the summertime. Apologies to paranoid steverbush, but after a mighty s/t run to a bit extended, it's just normal correction time.

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    Five days of counter trend

    by handline May 9, 2016 3:12 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 9, 2016 7:15 PM Flag

    You mean massively oversold with sentiment so bearish right where multiple support levels were, which caught a lot of the clueless and unsuspecting completely off guard! About to trigger a short- to intermediate-term buy signal on the $USD and with $DXY.

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 9, 2016 2:32 PM Flag

    Try 'n bust me.

  • Nothing unusual, nor "a conspiracy by the crimmies" either.

    First thing, you don't go straight up, nor do you move straight up indefinitely (like vette, et al, who seems to think the stock still should be roaring). And secondly, did somebody say there's that "stupid phenomenon" about selling in May and going away!!!

    WHO KNEW?!?! :-)

    Not to worry. Nothing to fret. Three-eights Fibo retracing of the run-up brings it right to the area, so give it up regarding a sort of hedgies or BLOMO playing dirty with the stock.

    One more thing. Remember last July when I started the _countdown_ (at $1.00/share) with the 200-week EMA avg plummeting ol' wild_gold was flipping out 'cause he considered the Topic "meaningless" and Wendy called it more "Blah-Blah-Blah?"

    Well, there you have seen EXACTLY how meaningFUL the message(s) and lesson was, were and is, when the stock got rejected a la LeBron like at the ~$0.77 zone a couple weeks ago! Right at the falling comet's resistance barrier, as the 200-wk EMA was at $0.777 beginning that week, after starting the year at $0.836. Today it is at $0.773. Oh well, maybe next time! Howzat fer learning, marty? (-; And wild_gold and stude. And our newer buddy vette! You're seein, too, that this stock isn't the Corvette. The MUX you/I/we own is. GSS is the gold stock group's Studebaker--the classic junker.

    Meantime, 20- and 50-wk averages are now at $0.471 and $0.369/sh and Rising. $0.61 and $0.56 were posted as first targets to be expected. What's very possible, and should be watched for as we move from the seasonably favorable period for metals and PM stocks, to the _doldrums_ of May til post-Labor Day, toward October--is for this very, very, Very strong sector leader (LoL), turnaround gem, and resurgent "growth dynamo" to be drifting between the EMAs, with a slightly corrective bias to work off the extended to showing overbought parameters. In that case, we'll be looking at a deeper pullback, toward...


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    Post your thoughts on Q1 results here

    by marty_705 May 4, 2016 4:04 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 4, 2016 5:55 PM Flag

    Everything is proceeding on track ahead of schedule, but it's clear they need every dollar they're receiving via financing as they're blowing through the cash faster than it's received! Remember before the RGLD deal when they had about $39 million? Well, no wonder they were wanting to raise more capital. They NEEDED to!!!

    "Consolidated cash balance of $14.6 million prior to the receipt of the $20 million scheduled advance payment as per the streaming agreement received subsequent to the quarter end on April 1, 2016."

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    by wild_gold May 4, 2016 4:50 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 4, 2016 5:37 PM Flag

    You may yet get your wish for another run up toward that mid-$0.80s ceiling, but I think the shorter-term pops will be sold into and the stock slides. $0.61 and $0.56 first though.

    The air of excess is going to come off the group, barring another ~$50 climb in gold. Check the technicals. Over the rainbow and rolling! Harmony's chart and its indicators/metrics are a perfect example. For anyone who's looking to add or are just seeking to buy, throw in the lower bids near or at the support levels I've given and let the stock come to you as it corrects and consolidates the big, first quarter gains.

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    66gang hitting it hard

    by wallstcrookbuster May 4, 2016 11:45 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents May 4, 2016 2:59 PM Flag

    Re: "There is no demand for the shares they are hypothetically dumping..."

    #$%$! EVERYONE here, practically, has made some sort of comment hinting that they're "Hoping there'll be a pullback" so they can add. That is clamoring to scoop up the shares! So, are you suggesting the demand from the retail posters is so small that it's essentially nil in comparison to the street?

    P.S. Hello goes to studebaker, who I see is "wondering about me!" :-) You're an alright guy, stude. Disputing words and opinions is all good and what makes markets!

  • Wow, reading the board gives one the notion that this rocket is fixed for its next mach stage, accelerating higher without another retreat. "$25." "New all-time highs." "We were $x when gold was $500 so we've GOTTA be at least $x again right now!" Even the lowest guesstimate was, "Retesting $0.80s." Couldn't find anybody calling a "'mon back," aside from some "HOPE to buy some more a bit cheaper," though thinking it would Never, ever happen. Well geez, after Already bottle-rocketing some ~ 400% plus recently, the metals and mining group looking extended, and April having concluded, wasn't anybody thinking both the sector and the stock might be subjected to the usual, seasonal, "sell in May and go away" phenomenon?

    Back and 'philn,' folks. Have to pull back, digest 'n rest. Yeah, amazing! There still Are days will trade lower!!! And it probably won't be because of "manipulation!" LoL

    Also, we were told that that there would be bankruptcy, some sort of courtroom litigation, a reverse split...AND, that "dilution was a thing of the past!"

    Oops! What happened there, Vngumm? As one of the denizens would ask, "How could you get it so wrong?"

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Apr 28, 2016 7:58 PM Flag

    Glad you're feeling so much better with the stock's run-up and the care you DO have with my posts! Because it seems you maybe have learned the lesson I preach(ed) for like, what, a year and a half or so that with stocks it's usually a lot more prudent and beneficial buying uptrends and avoiding attempts at grabbing bottoms, repeatedly averaging down. Good job! You were paying attention!

    But you were angry and bitter back then. At least now, with the stock rallying nicely, you're happy and bitter.

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Apr 28, 2016 7:16 PM Flag

    C'mon, boehmer, why is it "ranting" when it's simply a Copy of Moriarty's column? You have Never objected nor complained about Holter's mile long columns when studebaker posts them. Apparently you don't read them, or since stude has learned the way to circumvent Yahoo's character limit and fits all the content in a single post. It's never ranting to you, who's probably stude in disguise, nor to Wendy or vngumm either, who I also suspect of being studebaker in disguise. How come?????

    And how come you pretend to be dumb to what point it might be that I'm trying to make? You can figure out everything else without much trouble, it seems, so don't go telling me you aren't "even sure if (I'm) trying to make a point." Again, it's Bob Moriarty's "rant" about which you're scratching your head! So you're (not" your!") admitting you can't understand his message, which is in regards to Holter's ranting write-ups with lies. Therefore you can't understand Holter and that you've been lied to by him whenever stude posts his stuff!!! How then do you comprehend more complicated things, like GSS's Press Releases, their financials, and company statements?

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Apr 28, 2016 4:09 PM Flag

    Actually I can understand why Mr. Holter has his panties in a wad. He thought I was writing about him. Imagine that. I guess he thinks he is either an expert, a guru or a fool and has taken great offense.

    One of the biggest advantages of writing a book and putting it on Amazon in Kindle format is that the book is dynamic. You write the book in Microsoft Word and can make changes any time you want in a matter of minutes. Once Kindle has accepted your document you can preview it and see other areas you want to change. From the time you make a change until the reader sees the newer version may be a day.

    Mr. Holter’s rant made me realize I left something out of the book. I should have warned readers about writers who “guarantee” anything. Since life doesn’t come with any sort of money back guarantee, neither should financial writing. Only guys who are outright frauds guarantee anything.

    While Mr. Holter wants the reader to believe that he somehow is offering a guarantee when he said, “The chances (sp?) of a Comex default. . . is guaranteed,” in his title, he should have defined his actual guarantee or admitted that in fact he wasn’t guaranteeing anything at all.

    If there is no Comex default in the next 15 years as there has been no Comex default in the last 15 years since Ted Butler made up the term, will Mr. Holter refund all the $119 subscriptions he took in? Somehow I suspect his guarantee is as worthless as his use of English, logic and knowledge of commodities trading.

    Bob Moriarty