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oopsiomni50cents 140 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 23, 2014 3:53 PM Member since: Dec 29, 2008
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  • Hmmm, let's see...this TARA-FIRMA companies looks like a DANM compelling company and _value stock_ to buy! They've got TONS of working capital with ~$82,000 of liquidity in the coffer...enough to pay, oh, perhaps another couple of months of employees' salaries!! They've got these two managers running the company who really are FOCUSED on where they want to take the day turning their heads to the left, saying "Yes, Don Roman is where it's at!" Then, after getting wild hairs up their buttttts, looking to the right and promising shareholders, "Ya know, we can get us some decent revenues with the iron ore that's prevalent on this other property...til we start unearthing and selling those 77 billion ounces of both precious and base metals we are DEFINITIVELY sitting on!" Next thing, another shifting of gears to the U.S.'s great northwest where apparently in this one, secret part of Idaho it must "snow gold" during the Winter, as "We have found literally acre after acre of darn near an ounce of Au per every square foot!" And finally, after the merry-go-round has spun for about 8 years with still practically ZERO revenues...and almost that little in available cash (at the time; ~$100K) they, uh, _pay_ half a MILLION dollars to diversify and, uhm, _acquire_ a FOOD/FLOWER PRESERVATION company whose technology, from what I have read, is still requiring some type of approval from the U.S. FDA which would only Then authorize FIRMA-TARA to begin selling the product and service! Yes, all while the vast amount of precious minerals remain untapped and UNPURSUED and, as I noted earlier, with cash dwindling rapidly!

    Oh, and don't forget that those who are choosing to still Buy the stock obliviously to everything listed above, are continuing to raise the Bids higher and higher despite the fact that FRMA IS SELLING AT 30 TIMES ITS BOOK VALUE!!! Meaning, that the stock is priced in the STRATOSPHERE, a MAJORLY overblown Blimp which if PROPERLY priced would be at $0.0029.

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    Silver Price Manipulation

    by mars_in_scorpio Jul 23, 2014 1:53 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 23, 2014 2:04 PM Flag


  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 23, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Whoops! Darn, talk about Forgetting things, it entirely slipped my feeble little mind that I hadn't remembered to switch my ID back over to my lobsterpot1989 logon from oopsiomni50cents before posting that message above. Sheesh. I guess these kinds of incidents happen sometimes whenever I'm dreaming of PLUG Powering my wife in that Adorrrrable skimpy thong bikini she and I recently shopped for and bought together!

    Hehe, sorry about that careless mistake. I promise to be more cautious and Attentive next time!



  • HaHOOOOOOOO!!! Look at that baby trading at $1.85! I'm trying like ~WILDFIRE~ to pick up a huge bundle of shares here, but I forgot...I forgot to tell you that I didn't ever S.O.S. (Sell On the itty-bitty Strength TU-svm-RD had seen) BECAUSE...I posted t(with my 'asianshortsqueeze' ID) that SVM was going MUCH, much higher and I had ZERO intentions of selling ANY of the stock until $15, $20, maybe even til hitting $25 per share!

    So, unfortunately, instead of doing the "repurchasing SVM" I'm "trying" to have you readers beLIEve...reality is, I'm farking BAGHOLDING the siht as it goes UNEXPECTEDLY tumbling!!! GRRRRRR. I'll tell you, that oopsi really is uncannily amazing in his ability to call a dog a dog (SVM) and a spade a spade (boolsihtting, lying ME).


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    Gold/Silver technical forecast

    by mudpuppyman Jul 18, 2014 10:07 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 19, 2014 8:55 PM Flag

    LoL Do you believe the Philip Morris Intl. stock we discussed some years ago several times, is a great, safe play still with its attractive 4% plus dividend yield and whose payout has been increasing at about a 10% per annum clip? :-D It is due for consideration with their BoD next month and probable standard increase will be announced (which btw, has been raised about 50% in total since we exchanged msgs) Won't it be GREAT to see the quarterly payout alone at ~$1 a share? And the stock is only at $85 and change presently, too!

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    Don't get complacement!

    by trader_v03 Jul 16, 2014 4:40 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 19, 2014 6:45 PM Flag

    LoLoLoL So freakin' bizarre...actually just Weird...that Yahoo censors the word #$%$=t.u-m." Pathetic and SAD that people cannot even freely use common terms from the English Dictionary, coincidentally and ironically beginning with the same three letters. Also, somehow the second portion of my message had gotten cropped and cut off (eliminated) from the first part, seen in the above posted message, as stated in the following:

    If you weren't SELLING ON _STRENGTH_ the recent rallies then you are risking "getting/Being complacent" and you had better be using any subsequent rallying spates to S.O.S. and do so! Or risk bagholding when the perpetual grinddown on the stock resumes and continues to below $2, as Very Significant Walls Of Overhead Resistance And/From Supply In $2.30s/$2.40s And Low-$2s Persistently Building!

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    Gold/Silver technical forecast

    by mudpuppyman Jul 18, 2014 10:07 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 19, 2014 6:21 PM Flag

    According to my prognosticating *excellence* in TA, I figure the fairly narrow trading ranges seen in recent months will continue, with only modest chances of wavering/differing much further in either direction.

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    Don't get complacement!

    by trader_v03 Jul 16, 2014 4:40 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 19, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    Exactly, the "don't get complacent" #$%$tum trader_v05 advises.

    #$%$·tum #$%$-tuhm] : noun, plural #$%$·ta #$%$-tuh] Show IPA , #$%$·tums.
    1. an authoritative pronouncement; ju#$%$ial assertion.
    2. a saying; maxim.
    3. obiter #$%$tum.
    Origin: 1660–70;

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 19, 2014 3:51 PM Flag

    Just remember this: oopsi and asianvest = brilliant _marketitians_, the BEST here at SVM board in detecting FUNDAMENTAL TRAINWRECKS of mining stocks (et al) in a long-term secular decline, *regardless* that precious metals may be in a longer-term, ``major bull market.`` Because of mediocre, bad or poor management in that they are inept to some degree...and/or they are (ahem!) _good_ at being greedy in having Finesse at enriching THEMSELVES, at the expense of shareholders who get shafted and sold down the river in the form of, A) stock dilution, and B) ever eroding share price from foundering operating results.

    They may be truly GREAT people, with skillful, dedicated employees, indeed all throughout the company, ryugo. This is all secondary to and separate from a sliding Book Value and accompanying stock price in one of the most difficult industries, the mining and ore sector.

    P.S. DO NOT deflect in responding to irrelevant discussion of *other* companies as we are on topic *exclusively* to SVM and Silvercorp Metals, Inc.

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 16, 2014 6:10 PM Flag

    July 7, 2014: Open: $2.10 High: $2.10 Low: $2.02 Close: $2.04
    HELLOOOOOOOOO, $1.95/$1.96!!! How you doin', people? Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts regarding my Excellence! NOT BAD! Not bad at all, huh?


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    Don't get complacement!

    by trader_v03 Jul 16, 2014 4:40 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 16, 2014 5:50 PM Flag

    trader_v just wrote: "I bought a BOATLOAD of this stock at $6. Was I complacent for clinging as it slid to under $2? And more added every dollar the whole way down. Yeah, in, I am Down in excess of 50% on my collective holdings!!! What that Means, if you are a Silvercorp long, is what I said above, that shorts better have Plenty of lubricant because One day soon, basing this thought on a _charlie_ (HOPE, PRAYER, and WISHING), I will only be down 40% on my SVM!"

    So you think the company being able to post marginal profitability and running on rapidly diminishing cash levels is the equation for a rallying stock price, huh? Whoops, my bad, I keep forgetting that silver is supposed to *automatically* carry SVM higher. What happens though if silver prices simply Oscillate (as they have been) for another year???

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 15, 2014 6:33 PM Flag

    Come on, come on, let's get the negative ratings supercharging from all the Hopeful-Wishfuls! Retreat is settling in right on plan/forecast...only partially delayed by a couple days.

    If it's realist based and reasoned with logic and higher probabilities, we're certain to see few if Any positive ratings. Just a lot of thumbs downs, like here! Post anything Hypster-esque, or what you WANT silver and SVM to do, however, and watch the positive ratings tally up in record time from the people breathing sighs of relief, as if saying "Ahhhh! Thank you for telling me exactly what I'm wanting to read!"

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    Is the silver price manipulated ?

    by charlie1840088 Jul 14, 2014 3:33 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 15, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

    I will, charlie. And I am, charlie. However, one thing, why do you even bother posting these PRAYER type Topics if you do not Want to read replies you do not Like, Because you do not Agree with the viewpoints expressed, and Because the viewpoints are not telling you precisely what you WANT to hear? Seriously, your message essentially is an effort in trying to tell the market what you WANT(ED) it to do, what you THINK (THOUGHT) should occur, based solely on the premise of your EXPECTATIONS. Clearly, and obviously, you haven't ANY desire to try and Learn how the market is, or May be, more likely to react. Considering that silver had traded higher for 20 out of the 24 days previous to your PLEA yesterday for why the runup wasn't continuing, perhaps rather than state your angst you might have wondered the probability of its RSI maintaining an ALREADY 3-week long+ streak of overextended, 75+ readings. Like, DUH! How about attempting to LEARN these sorts of things, which are never Perfect predictors, but give you better Probability indications of where markets are likely about to respond. If you believe things like, "Wars are escalating this WEEKEND, so look out for silver's sure surge on MONDAY," which like I said, basically is your narrow-based WISH, then don't waste your time looking back in at a reply like mine that's written upon fundamental LOGIC and statistical REASONING. I just cannot fathom your having this ignorance for wanting/trying to become better enlightened whenever opportunities are presented.

    Oh, and I'm sorry we are two days later than I had first targeted for SVM to be "correcting" to middle-$1.90s.

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    Is the silver price manipulated ?

    by charlie1840088 Jul 14, 2014 3:33 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 14, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    The only thing you appear to be missing is the MAJOR _CURRENCY_ WAR which seems to be going on! The race to the bottom between your #1 and #2 favorite stocks! On this corner we have Silvercorp, SVM, which has for its low (thus far) of $1.59 per share...and currently _recovered_ to $2.06. And in the far corner there is Molycorp, tumbling just recently to nearly the same low as SVM's, hitting $1.61, bouncing back somewhat to the present $2.17.

    Whoa, boy! These stinkers are almost EXACTLY like the dreaded and loathed Fiat Currencys, apparently being in a race to "the bottom"...which is, well, of course nobody knows for certain...but according to Mr. Market and the trading action being seen on both equities, the signs look to be in place for continuance of this "race."


    Oh, and to answer charlie's question of what's wrong with gold and silver selling down today. Well, it couldn't have been because we just finished a weekend, as charlie ASSURED us a week ago Friday to not DARE be short the metals, because when wars go from only breaking out in many locations around the globe, to full scale escalation...the only logical thing is when we wake up each Monday Following these things known as "weekends," we WILL see gold and silver AUTOMATICALLY tacking on huge gains!!!!! So true, apparently all the indicators showing how frigging Extended the rallies had become--especially Silver's--haven't any bearing anymore on pricing patterns (LoL) and should simply just keep going Up-Up-Up-Up-Up without pausing!

    Maybe next Friday you can try again, reiterating how "shorties are only slitting their own throats if they don't close positions ahead the normal ``runup Weekend`` time!

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    Van Eck bought 438,672 shares of SVM yesterday!

    by asianvest Jul 12, 2014 9:00 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 14, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    Yes, except for the FACT(S)--which you either casually Missed when I posted, or you're conveniently Sidestepping--that TAHO Resources had reversed prior periods of quarterly losses by reporting a Profit of $0.17 per share in Q1, on massively INCREASED PRODUCTION AND SALES!!!

    At the time, I asked ryugo WHY the company would be, as he believes it Is, "stupid for any silver company to sell much of their metal in this severely depressed price environment, and they'd be even Dumber to sell any Increased amount!" Naturally he never responded to the issue! But anyway, wait til you see TAHO's NEXT quarterly, and how, uh, "difficult it report ``good performance`` when silver price is very low."

    How do They "manage" do it, stockdude??!!??

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 11, 2014 3:52 PM Flag

    Hey, "Doom-Boom-&-Gloom" Faber ought to lighten up a bit! I suggest that he "HAVE A HANSEN'S!!!" Because, beside the fact that the stock is a MoNSTer, at 33.33 P/E and hovering at ~$69-$71 for quite a spell now, the fantastic growth dynamo has gotten to be...


    Oh, and of course ryugo conveniently forgets, as he all too often does, when and that I recommended MNST also at $56. :-)~

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    I'll be sitting on my long Gold & Silver-

    by charlie1840088 Jul 10, 2014 8:35 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 11, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

    Get the DJUA below ~530 and maybe I'll consider your "worries." :-D Right now, it's hangin' hard, just at the breakout area of the previous l/t all-time high. Under 510, if you can _tank_ it to there, chuck, and you might finally have the broad market "suffer" that ~10% correction which has been so elusive the last several years and is said to be "a standard, normal, ballpark variety pullback" typically seen yearly, give or take. Smash it 480, the decisively lower, breaking down the numerous support zones, and now the 200W-ema, THEN we could see "the upcoming crash & ensuing recession" you are expecting.

    Have at it, bud! Get your "minions" busy! Ichbanf and ryugo did "real good" making this same call beginning about last year at this time. LoLoLoL And ich's "$150 oil" prediction still stands out as the ultimate in pipedream lunacy!!! WHERE IT"S AT?!? (-; Where's HE at? He ASSURED us with "he wars breaking out everywhere" that crude oil prices were to be way up to there by...well, let's see, 2013 ended almost 7 and 1/2 months ago, and, in case ya ain't been noticing, oil's sorta been having quite a slippage from the ~$108 recent peak, back at $101.

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    Every Day SVM Goes Up A Little More

    by asianshortsqueeze Jul 2, 2014 1:59 PM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 10, 2014 7:06 PM Flag

    Chugging and sputtering, right as SVM so often does! VERY BEAUTIFUL, that broad sector-reversal, huh, pottylobster? Have to love it!

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    SVM Longs = Delusional

    by kzaz1469 Jun 18, 2014 11:28 AM
    oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 10, 2014 6:57 PM Flag

    Heheh, yeah, they can't see it even when tables rating their performance, %-age gain or lack thereof, on most of the various timeframes shown! Whattya know, there's Silvercorp at #45, just a couple notches above ol' DRD Gold, the other mega-dog which I was an, uhm, "paid shortie/Basher" as it lagged its peers for YEARS ('02-'07) of bullish PM stock performance, still taking dumps yet *again* with a -17.89% ytd "return," at 47th on the list of 51 miners.

    In other words, according to bulls lobsterpot, heterdol, trader_v, clay.autery, et al, SVM only had to tumble to several ticks of $1.59 in order to get this "PHENOMENAL 32.7% rally!" aamsterdammx, ichbanf and a few whose names begin with w are also amongst the above. :-D Longterm faithfuls LOVE it when their perma darling has a -7.85% performance for the year when 35 other miners are + double-digit gainers, with 16 of 'em +50% or much better! What-Huh, you can't understand, I mean "rationalize," their logic, and so bravado?

  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Jul 10, 2014 5:30 PM Flag

    Awwww, when I saw the series of posts in succession from you, I thought for sure you were going to tell me how ECSTATIC you were watching this afternoon's FABULOUS REVERSAL IN MOST ALL OF THE MINERS!!!!! (GDXJ, GDX, XAU, HUI0 What happened, everybody got the piles?

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