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  • Maybe just maybe, the projections weren't realistic and they didn't want to be holding the bag. Top dogs in a company don't usually leave great opportunities on the table. It's clear there is no way Musk can deliver his promises and the moron who said the stock only dropped from $260...well yea it did, and you can expect it to be cut in half by next year. Going short is easy money here.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 May 10, 2016 1:01 PM Flag

    Margins shot, and the only medicine for that is volume that they won't be able to come close to achieving. Why do you think the manufacturing guys left? The writing is on the wall---there will be 400,000 customers receiving returned deposits as their orders can't and won't be fulfilled. The math never added up and throw in a few quality problems along the way and all hell will break loose. Tesla stock is no longer a buy and hold.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 May 9, 2016 5:42 PM Flag

    And if it goes down what will you do?

  • So a glass of wine is like a joint? lol, yea and the prescription for the knee replacement is call Norco that is legal and the joint substance that is still illegal in most states will hardly dent the pain. You are such a hypocrite and liar. So again, your pastor has no problem with you investing in the MJ industry---you liar.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Apr 27, 2016 12:01 PM Flag

    You are such a con Phelm. Yea, your church 100% supports your investing in MJ companies and potential drug addicts. Does your pastor smoke pot? Do you? Let's see, I'll bet you justify buying Phillip Morris stock to those who have died of lung cancer. Your little catharsis just back fired as no church that I know of would support what you just described. Then's a secret that they don't need to know about. Sweet Dreams to you Mr. hypocrite and liar.

  • He doesn't care that he is part of this means nothing to him. He could have donated his money to people in need, but he prefers the self-indulgence of gambling his money away. LOL, this guy is not only a moron, but a masochist.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Apr 1, 2016 11:47 PM Flag

    and I won't go away until you stop pumping this stock at the expense of others. Please deny the fact the suite they occupy is nothing more than part of a a shell company scam and is unoccupied. Did you ever go to their headquarters oh wise one. Do you really believe Cindy was an officer for a legitimate company? Telll me why her supposed companies are listed as her personal addresses? Please take a minute and refute that point instead of firing back...oh he is angry. Please tell me more about the pedigree of Cindy O. Geez from the video she and Todd did...she looks like a pot head and hardly a PHD. So tell me how many people are employed at their current address? I visited them, did you before investing your supposed $10k. What you couldn't afford a ticket to Vegas. You could gamble 10K on a penny stock but couldn't afford a $250 southwest ticket to check this place out. Yea another example of your amazing due diligence. You are a loser phlem and are trying to entice others to make the same mistake you made. Then again, you're right, no use getting upset at a loser that doesn't have a pot to pee in and lies about his investments in this stock and others. Now getting back to this company, do you think there is some dilution here with Todd and Cindy selling the shares that suckers like you are buying. Man I can't wait for a legit audit when they become Nasdaq compliant.....Lol.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Apr 1, 2016 3:04 PM Flag

    You are clearly a Vegas gambler at best and not a stock trader. I bought 5k of Priceline stock almost a decade ago--now that's worth bragging about as opposed to your wishful thinking on a penny stock. Have you ever visited the HQ's---I did on a weekday about 8 months ago and guess what idiot---the door was locked on a Thursday at 11:00 a.m. I encourage you to try and locate H Orser's companies and you'll find that she obviously has worked from her personnel residences--there was no company. Oh how about the famous interview where Todd D interview her as if this was some big new organization seeking info--great marketing efforts here. 10k on this demonstrates how wasteful you are, but then again you are probably lying about anything you say.

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