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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX) Message Board

optimizer2012 118 posts  |  Last Activity: 20 hours ago Member since: Apr 25, 2012
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  • when they read Rip Off's posts. LOL...just think Stock Gal and Nick has this guy on their that's a losing team. By the way Nick, how is your portfolio doing given ZGNX is your largest stake?

  • This company is running out of cash. This lack of volume ahead of earnings speaks volumes. Zogenix has no defense against this onslaught and watch the short game rise after earnings. It's as clear as day. No buyout here until it's under a buck and then maybe just maybe you'll see a double from that point. All of you morons that bought this 50% ago are about to get crushed some more as you should never fall in love with a stock, especially one that has political / macro forces stomping on it. The FDA will let nature take its course and get out of this without a black eye...just let Big Pharma do the work for them---that's exactly what's going on folks.

  • Hey Nick, I guess according to Seeking Alpha you are being myopic. What do you know that they don't moron. Now let me ask you this as a pro investor which you claim to be---what does one do if earnings disappoint? I guess you just couldn't find any other stocks for the past six months that could do better right? Need some help myopic one?

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 21, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    I was once on the short side of this stock, but after long due dilligence I am in fairly substantially. I am banking on this puppy hitting double digits when it's all over.

  • Besides myopic you're a loser as evidenced by the people you stick up for. You and Rip Off and clearly Jerk Offs with a lot of time on your hands. Let me ask you a personal question---does the fact that you still live at home impact your confidence levels? Finally, you clearly have a job that pays minimum wage given the number of times you post on this board---no world class company would tolerate your chat line addictive issues. You have a small man's complex, I'll be your under 5 foot 10 with a pencil under your waistline.
    Now go find work and stop soaking mom and dad. See ya myopic and pathetic one

  • Speaks volumes about who you are....down right pathetic

  • You can spell Edsel right--- an obsolete product, but you can't spell one of the most important words in the English language.

  • I thought you said you were done posting? What does it feel like to be out of control?

  • Please ignore the low volume reaction and turn to red---this is just an anomaly.

  • Let's see for starters, you actually side and encourage a numbskull like Rip Off since it's clear you need all the support you can get---even if it's coming from a loser. Tie a rock to a rock, throw it in the water and they both sink. You belong with the Ripoff's of the world as it's clear your stock equity investment acumen is laughable as you continue to remain a masochist with this stock. Didn't you ever hear moron "never fall in love with a stock?" Somehow you have convinced yourself that the goodness of your ignorant heart will change the course of this falling knife and Big Pharma will bow to your bidding and logic. Next thing is that you'll be telling me that this has been a good investment for you....yea another Tesla---as Rip himself once said...more like another Edsell. Expect, at the time he said it, this moron actually thought that it was a good thing...and just think, you support this knuckle head...lmao.

  • you're a liar and a chatline addict. It for certain that even longs on this board are sick of your wasting know jack...just spraying bullets hoping to hit one target. You're pathetic Rip Off.

  • your such a myopic fool. Just think what your money could have been doing the last three months...instead your masochistic feeble mind, just loves the punishment. Any moron on this board that considers this a good investment deserves the beating they are getting. People hung on to Kodak and Xerox and where did that get them. You are an idiot--it's about trading moron, not holding on through nasty macro forces that won't stop until this is a penny stock. MM's love numskulls like you.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 15, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    She needs someone to listen to another catharsis on how unfair this debacle is. Don't doctors realize the benefits of this drug and how much harm they are causing their patients by not switching. Geez, next thing you'll tell me is the big pharma representatives are steering the docs away from ZGNX based on directives from their bosses......oh my! How dare we suspect big money is more important that the welfare of millions needing pain killers that don't cause liver damage. Please don't tell me that there are better investment opportunities out there...hell even ATTBF a freaking penny stock is blowing away ZGNX this past month. RIP OFF is lying to all of merger folks...just dying on the vine.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 14, 2014 9:40 PM Flag

    Go to ENRT website, then LXRP (lol oil company) and finally ATTBF...tell me which website is more world class. Next look at cash...ATTBF over 3 much for your other dogs. On a percentage gain basis compare all three over the last month and continue by year end. ATTBF is the only pure play and it's the most diversified. The others are nothing more than painted zebra strips trying to emulate MJ companies.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 13, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    Let's see if you can really keep your promise. You are clearly addicted to this chat line in the most pathetic manner. That last post says it all about your mental state a woman in a little boy's body.

  • Let's point out all of the attributes of Zogenix in spite of the macro forces crippling this stock. Yea we have heard it all, no liver damage, less stomach irritation---geez, how about the fact that Big Pharma will never let this work for Zo. You can pump all you want and tout the benefits, but the Motley Fool story said it all. The idea that Zogenix is rising above it by being silent as the longs on this board think, is a bunch of bull. ZO doesn't have the money to defend themselves plain and simple. As far as RIP OFF waiting for a buyout---never happen--there is no need to buy this company when you can cause a slow death as it what's currently happening. Investors that buy equities strictly on the guess of a buyout tells you how pathetically juvenile RIP OFF is, not to mention a lousy investor. When he saw this wasn't going to be a 10x stock then he changed his strategy for owning by wishing for a buy that's a world class investor....he's a moron living with mom. Watch the short interest going into the fall, 2014, then the tax selling before year end...stock is in big trouble with this latest news.

  • By the way, go read the Motley Fool article today...a bit more influencial than Seeking Alpha. In any case,
    sounds like the market isn't overly as confidenct as you and the article explains the risks with the company very well. Then again, you are myopic and have differing opinions than the experts who control the market.

  • Let's say he does have a job...what person would on a daily basis rip off his employers by chatting all day instead of being productive. What type of company would tolerate this low life approach. In either case living at home or cheating tax payers and employers---this guy should be called RIP OFF.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 3, 2014 11:31 AM Flag

    you're only potential is to leave mom and dad.

  • optimizer2012 by optimizer2012 Jul 3, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    make sure you have ATTBF in you portfolio. As good as PLPL is, ATTBF actually has 3 million cash, less outstanding shares and float and a world class website that puts most other mj stocks to shame. There leadership is unmatched in this industry.

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