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  • oshinator54 by oshinator54 Feb 14, 2015 5:31 PM Flag

    If you add in a few hundred mil for EU then you see that it's not hard to get to well over 100m in revenues to enta this year. With Japan coming on at the end of this year and contributing a good bit in 2016 with the 50 percent higher royalties on Japan then it's very possible that the well over 100m in 2015 goes to close to 200m in 2016

    People have poo poo'd abbv statement of reaching a 3b run rate by the end of 2015 but I think it's a conservative number put out by abbv.

    Adam F chart can be found in his article "Hey ABBV Don't start what you cant finish"

  • oshinator54 by oshinator54 Feb 14, 2015 2:04 PM Flag

    The other thing to remember about this
    additional share from crossovers is that it add move to
    revenues than the almost 2 percent because these crossovers
    are not discounted.

    The other part of the math is that in the SA
    transcript for gild earnings con call gild said that the
    wider use in these exclusive contracts that have been
    bargained will up the number of patients treated from about
    170k to 250k for gild. Here are two quotes from the

    "Regarding HCV since the launch of Sovaldi in December
    2013 and Harvoni
    in October 2014 more than 170,000 individuals around the
    world have been
    treated with the sofosbuvir-based regimen. "

    "Overall with these new arrangements in place we are
    confident that a
    substantially higher number of patients will be treated in
    the United
    States in 2015. We think that there is capacity to treat at
    250,000 patients across all genotypes."

    It's hard to put your finger on exactly what this
    means because the first quote is 170k worldwide in a little
    over a year. The second quote is for the US expectation for
    2015 of 250k+. If the US is going to go from, a guess here,
    of 150k to 250k that is 66 percent more. I would actually
    guess the US number is less than 150k for 2014 but trying to
    be conservative here.

    If you now think abbv is going to get something like
    19 percent (AF's 17 plus my 2 for crossovers) of the
    market that last year was something like 150k that would
    represent about 30k which then is going to grow this year 66
    percent or more because of easier access in these bargained
    contracts then you come up with about 50k treated for abbv
    in the US alone. If you use an avg discounted price of 44k
    (assuming higher discounts for exclusive and adding back in
    a little for the full priced crossovers and the higher
    priced equal access contracts) which I think is a
    conservative estimate then you come up with 2.2B in revenues
    for abbv.

  • on an nrx basis this weeks numbers
    would be about 4 percent of nrx. I don't think you can
    look at trx yet as it's to early in the launch to have
    any significant number of people going back to get second
    script filled. Right now I just want to watch NRX.

    We still don't know how much we can rely on that
    IMS number with the supposed non reporting of esrx which
    would be the largest portion of abbv hepc scripts. But even
    4 percent at this early stage is not bad and looks like it
    can build to at least that 17 percent number that Adam F was
    throwing around.

    Here is some of the math. REFER TO Adam F's table
    where he is laying out current supposed
    contracts that abbv and gild have signed. There are a couple
    of problems with his analysis. One is that it's somewhat
    based on rumored contracts. Some of the contract are known
    but not all.

    The other thing that it doesn't account for is
    that some of each companies hepc treatments will not be a
    fit for some of the exclusive contract customers for that
    company. If you assume that for those that abbv has an
    exclusive and for those that gild has an exclusive that 3 to
    5 percent of the people will get the other just because of
    some counter indication or because one is stronger in a
    particular geno or geno subtype then that adds to abbv
    because gild has the higher customer base.

    If the contracts break down along the lines of the
    80/20 percent that people are speculating that gild and abbv
    will get then assume that each will get 3 percent of the
    others market for that exclusive crossovers then 3 percent
    of 20 percent is a smaller number than 3 percent of 80
    percent that would go to abbv. In theory abbv would loss .6
    to gild and gild would lose 2.4 to abbv for crossovers. This
    adds almost 2 percent to abbv market share even if you agree
    with AF numbers.

  • oshinator54 by oshinator54 Feb 8, 2015 2:30 PM Flag

    All those positive attributes listed for THIS biotech and it has a PE of 8?! Even discounting reduced VPak sales such a PE seems awful low

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    10 days until the Conference Call

    by esoteric687 Feb 5, 2015 12:58 PM
    oshinator54 oshinator54 Feb 5, 2015 8:38 PM Flag

    Reading this post makes me think of that WIll Farrell SNL skit where he was a cheerleader. Ridiculous drivel...and I'm LONG MIFI

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