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  • Georgia-Pacific, a subsidiary of the Koch brothers, is closing the specialty woods product plant in Phillips. Sixty employees will be fired. No chance of the jobs coming back. The Kochs are going to sell the equipment and tear down the building. In business since 1958, business has been "on a steady decline" during the Walker years. Scott Walker is also an employee of the Koch brothers.
    All together now "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • For a solution company firing employees is kind of the wrong name for a company. Any who, the commercial printer no longer needs the 44 employees. At Wisconsin Job Loss Today we wish them well and have a word of advice. No, not the classic "plastics" from The Graduate, it's Minnesota.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Latest figures show for the week ending August 15 there were 5,936 new jobless claims in Wisconsin. An increase of 322 from the previous week. That's a lot of people losing their jobs in one week when you think of it from a medium sized state.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Yes, the very same school Scott Walker bombed out of because he didn't go to class as he related in his autobiography. If your library didn't buy any, look in the clearance bin at Goodwill for freebie media copies tossed away.
    Let's dwell on the facts, Scotty is probably in the throes of orgasmic excitement at the loss of education. Once a fascist, always a fascist.
    Gone are two full time faculty, 35 part-time and adjunct faculty and 4 staff members. In addition to closing the school and sending 130 students scrambling, Marquette is ending it's night program for psychology, criminology and law studies and professional communications majors.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    No need to pay WE Energy by burning the midnight oil as there is nothing to study. lol

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Aug 24, 2015 10:41 PM Flag

    While Walker is "fighting for Americans" apparently that doesn't extend to their jobs. He didn't even make a phone call to Kraft to voice his disappointment more jobs are leaving under his administration. Not much connection to WE Energy outside of some For Sale signs going up on vacation homes from Kraft employees that can't afford them now.
    Thumbs up for Isthmus freebie newspaper for their article this spring on Kraft cutting jobs. They knew it was coming. Seems Scott Walker didn't know it. That's why Isthmus hires only college grads, eh, Walker?
    All together now, let's make this one special, "Scott Walker, where are you and those 250,000 jobs you promised? Why Scotty don't you want Obama to met Xi Jinping while you went to China to kiss Xi Jinping left nut?

  • Every kid who ever had a Band-Aid put on them by their mother is suing JNJ for permitting their mother to practice medicine without a license. The loss of JNJ will be enormous.
    Please before you jump out of your 100th story window, call your broker and sell your JNJ. I will gladly buy it from you and the fire sale price.

  • Waukesha, the seat of Republican power in the state, can't seem to create enough business to keep food stores open. Pic n' Save is shutting down. Seems Roundy's, Wisconsin's home grown food retailer isn't doing very well, losing money for what now, the third year in a row? Gee, they better call Scotty and Ron Johnson, that wizard of business, to get the Wisconsin economy growing. Hey, Ron, you promised a job creation plan if you were elected. Where is it?
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Let's stay in the food industry tomorrow and show more Wisconsin workers the door!

  • An increase of 257 from the previous week. Makes you wonder how open to business Wisconsin is.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Gee, turn in tomorrow to see you gets the axe, and it isn't that Paul Bunyan axe between the UW and Minnesota football teams.

  • Despite being a Milwaukee based company they are closing up in Milwaukee and firing 70 employees. Gee, WE Energy is losing another commercial customer. Look for a haircut in WE Energy revenue starting in October.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised"?
    Tune in tomorrow, let's fire some food processors tomorrow. Maybe we'll be neighborly and fire people in another state. I'll leave you guessing.

  • Iron Mountain Rock Company fired 58 from their frac sand mine in Bloomer. Gee, Klappa, you can't find enough people to sell electricity to, now you're down 58 plus the mine. There's some bald face lies about they well be hired back in 6 months, but astute investors are laughing into their pillows. There is no place to go with the oil now much less all the Saudi crude pumping record amounts. If Iran starts entering the world market again, oh boy!
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Unemployed, you need to follow every edition of Wisconsin Job Loss Today to aid you in your job hunting. No need to look for work where it isn't.

  • WE Energy can't sell all the electricity its generating. Poor planning, eh Klappa? Better call your bud, Scotty Walker, and get the Wisconsin economy growing. Anywho, Klappa is filing a complaint against Alliant Energy building an environmentally friendly gas plant next to their existing Beloit plant. Alliant needs to generate more electricity as it's closing its ancient, coal burner Cassville plant and one of it coal boilers in Sheboygan.
    Now Klappa is insisting to the Public Service Commission Alliant should be forced to buy WE Energy over capacity. So much for the free market system, eh, Mein Fuhrer Klappa? WE shareholders look for legal fees among the expenses because Alliant is going to sue as there are no laws to force Alliant to buy power from WE Energy. Alliant will win and WE Energy is going to have to pay Alliant legal bills, too, and any costs delaying the Beloit project. If the judge throws in punitive damages there is no limit to what WE Energy will lose. Wolters, head of Madison G&E, is an attorney, is enjoying this plunder with a hearty laugh.
    All together now, let's clap our knees with our hands, too, "Scotty Walker, where are you and the 250,00 you promised?"

  • What's up Scotty? You've been taunting how you're created high paying welding jobs and they're getting laid off. Hey, what happened to that child molester, welder friend of yours you brought to the state capital so you could applaud him? Have fun looking for jobs former Allis Roller employees now jobless under Walker's watch.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Did you catch Alliant Energy's revenue was down? Shades of WE Energy's progressive revenue declines. lol, Great job with the economy Walker!

  • Another demo of Klappa's incompetence. Right after the merger his team figures it out the cost is almost twice what Schrock the Incompetent and his tribe was figuring. Think Illinois is going to have the customers foot the bill? Not likely, pay up WE Energy shareholders. $8 billion is a whole lot of money!

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    BAX and BXLTquestion about dividend

    by farscape617 Jul 29, 2015 11:29 PM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Jul 31, 2015 10:20 AM Flag

    I'm hitting the silk too, going to reinvest in Johnson & Johnson. Slow grower, but ultra-safe and reliable 6-7% annual dividend grower on a 3% dividend.

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    BAX and BXLTquestion about dividend

    by farscape617 Jul 29, 2015 11:29 PM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Jul 30, 2015 12:12 AM Flag

    Sure does. It's not just a haircut it's scalping.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Jul 29, 2015 8:52 AM Flag

    Doesn't take a genius to figure it out watching the Wisconsin economic numbers going south. Surprising the analists in New York can't figure it out, maybe they should hire a college grad, eh, Wisconsin? Revenue fell 5% year to year, residential down 5% and commerical/industrial usage down 1.4%.
    Excuse me, I'm feel a dire need to return to my pillow to laugh in it at WEC investors.

  • 83 full time staffers of the UW two year campus system are now unemployed. No faculty, just staff. Frankly, this haircut is long over due. There are more library administrators in the two year system than books in the tiny, seldom used libraries.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Both Bureau of Labor Statistics (Feds) and Dept of Workforce Development (State) have figured out between April and June Wisconsin's construction jobs declined 6,300. This is the largest drop in number and percentage in the history of employment number collecting in the state. Experts are stating quietly amongst themselves there's structural problems in Wisconsin, i.e.economy isn't diversified, manufacturing jobs leaving for other states and countries, little technology or resource extraction, and a declining education and infrastructure system with record high state and local bond debt.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

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    TEG-WEC merger and Computershare

    by celgans Jul 14, 2015 2:13 PM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Jul 21, 2015 8:47 PM Flag

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Computershare. For you investment virgins out there, Computershare is known for screw ups and their "improved" dividend reinvestment plans (i.e. fees). Did you notice it took almost two weeks from the merger date to getting the shares into your Computershare account? Did you try contacting WE Energy investor relations? Forget e-mail, you have to go through the Milwaukee phone book or snail mail. WE Energy is still figuring out this technology thing. As Klapp finds he needs big bucks to correct his mistake of refurbishing ancient, global warming coal plants you can anticipate the DRIP will go to fees.

  • Scotty has handed 57 DNR professional staff pink slips. Under the rules permanent staff can't be fired unless limited term employees are fired. too. Scotty didn't know that, Scotty doesn't know a lot of things college grads know.
    The DNR is finally getting around to Scotty's failed Iron County taconite mine. Seems his buddies owe the state $18,000 and still have not capped their bore holes. Noting is said about the tens of thousands in IOUs the company made to Iron County.
    Might as well fire the DNR dealing with this billion and half dollar non-existent iron mine, Scotty. The mine was just a fantasy in a long line of fantasies.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?" Hey, tomorrow, let's have fun and ask Scotty where all those Wisconsin construction jobs have gone to!

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