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palinbigbazzoo 75 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 11, 2014 9:16 PM Member since: Jun 21, 2012
  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Nov 11, 2014 9:16 PM Flag

    The experience of training the South Vietnamese army to drop their guns and run was invaluable in training the Iraq army. If it wasn't for the Vietnam vets stopping the communists in Nam the Viet Cong would have invaded the California coast. There is no funnier movie than Rambo whining he can't find a job despite being potty trained in the army.

  • palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Nov 11, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    Tune in tomorrow as we visit a Wisconsin company that lost over $5.30 a share last quarter. Can you say bankruptcy?

  • Weir Minerals, the Scottish mine equipment giant, is closing five plants. Could it be they're savvy enough to be anticipating the slow down in Wisconsin sand mines as crude oil and gas is priced below the extraction costs? Gee, Wisconsin sand miners the unemployment line starts in the rear, the fifty four former Weir employees are in front of you.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • The store and auto center are finished. Thirty one are now jobless.
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Wall Street is nuts. It looks like KMB shareholders got a gift of like $38 for each share of KMB.

  • palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Nov 7, 2014 11:50 PM Flag

    "I need 1,500 volunteers, if you voted Republican on Tuesday step forward. Good, here are absentee ballots for the next election, you can mail them from Iraq if you're still around."

  • Koss has been delisted, fancy word for kicked off, from NASDAQ. Koss has traded below $5 million dollars for the last 30 days which is required. Trades are now in the Wall Street Twilight Zone called the Pink Sheets.
    Koss makes headphones. "Hey Walker, can you hear me now? We're going bankrupt!" lol

  • Waukesha-based Generac Holdings Inc. today reported net income has fallen 22% from the same quarter last year. Sales are down almost 5%. Expenses are rising faster than sales are falling. Look at it this way Generac employees, or should I say, soon to be former employees, your pink slips mean jobs for printers.

  • Multi-Color is ending operations immediately in Watertown. The last employees will be goners by January 5. Wonder if any of the 58 unemployed are wanting their votes back? heh, heh. Welcome to Walker's World, you deserve him. Oh, Multi-Color is promising to pay their wages owed, not offering those losing jobs at other plants and the executives aren't talking to the press.
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?" Hey, Walker, were is that 500 million state surplus, consumer spending is flat, jobs are going bye-bye and wage growth is flat-O?

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    total debt $7.13 billion

    by sandy.criscione Oct 27, 2014 5:55 PM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Nov 4, 2014 11:47 AM Flag

    Unlike Tesla, Ecolab has tripled their cash flow in the last ten years. Take a look who owns 10.1% of the stock. Yeah, there's a reason he's not your average multi-billionaire, he knows a great business when he sees it.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Nov 4, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    Education: Three years at Marquette with a 1.9 GPA. With Marquette requiring a 2.0 GPA to graduate I would have needed a 2.575 GPA in the final year. Yeah, a C+ average is only in my dreams! Okay, so Marquette is only considered a third tier academically, but being private I was hoping my parents would fork over enough contributions they would let me take a ride through kind of like George W Bush at Yale.
    Military: None.
    Internship: IBM and they didn't offer me a job, I guess I didn't impress a company that has been behind the times changing with technology. Guess that says it all about my intelligence and work ethic.
    Work: I put blood drive notices up on grocery store bulletin boards.
    Government: Changed my residence to Wauwatosa from Milwaukee as I couldn't get into the state assembly with my fascist philosophy. County Executive years the county saw the decline in parks and buildings and county services. Quietly reneged on returning part of salary after the third year. Did my best to kill public transit despite a 8% annual growth in Amtrak Chicago to Milwaukee. Governor of Wisconsin gave the state a $1.9 projected deficit while handing out corporate welfare and creating high paying do nothing jobs for my yes men. Decline in education is notable from the 180,000 waiting list at state community colleges and the UW can't find anybody to fill professorships. Turned away business in railroads, forget that Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Canadian Pacific, etc. have quadrupled in stock price since I was governor. Turned away federal funding that would have provided medical care for Wisconsin citizens. The state has the slowest job growth in the central Midwest.
    Job Creation: I set a number of my employees into careers as criminals. Everything from stealing from veterans groups to working on county time for my personal gain.

  • Timmy, does it really matter where you become a gut pile? Those flag waving patriots will see to it you get a headstone no matter what graves registration can find what's left of you. And the war will be mission accomplished! Everybody will come to pay respects to you on Veterans Day, well not really, we just pretend we do as we rather go to DISNEYLAND!

  • Did you guess Oshkosh Corp? You're right. They have fired over 1,500 Wisconsin employees in the last two years (and the cuts keep coming) and Oshkosh Corp executives have contributed almost $4k to Walker in the last year. Oshkosh Corp raised their stockholders' dividend 13% last week. NO JOB FOR YOU, BUT WE HAVE MORE MOO-LA FOR THE STOCKHOLDERS!
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised"
    Tomorrow should we be nice to Scott. Yes, let's. We'll write his resume for him as he will be unemployed tomorrow. He'll be going to Helen Hunt for one of those 250,000 jobs he created. HAH, HAH, HAH.

  • Xten is closing and ending employment of 120 workers. Another hit to Kenosha following Case ending its second shift of tractors.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Let's give the job cuts a rest tomorrow. How about kicking the Wisconsin unemployed when they're down? Tune in tomorrow for the fun.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Oct 31, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    Page 41 of the proxy, Dividend Policy. 'It is currently contemplated that following the distribution, we will not pay any cash dividends on Halyard common stock. There can be no assurance, however, that we will pay any cash dividends on Halyard common stock in the future.'
    History repeats itself. Abbott did the exact same thing ten years ago, spun off their hospital products and off loaded tons of its debt onto the new company. Hospira has never paid a penny in dividends.
    Don't hold your breath getting a Halyard dividend.

  • palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Oct 30, 2014 5:43 PM Flag

    Walker promised he would create 250,000 jobs.Wisconsin business headlines today; 150 jobs cut at Case New Holland and Xten is going into bankruptcy ending 120 jobs. Walker won't be going to Kenosha with all the unemployed having nothing better to do than showing up in his photo op going where are the jobs you promised. Oh, yes, Koss is not far behind in filling bankruptcy, the stock exchange is already delisting the Milwaukee company.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Oct 30, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    CNH is stopping second shift production of tractors in Mount Pleasant. 150 jobs gone in this round, February 2012 they fired 100.
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Tune in tomorrow for more manufacturing cuts in Kenosha. Boy, it just doesn't get any better in Walker's World, eh, Kenosha?

  • I'm a comedy writer and face it ebola and Isis aren't comedy material and Herman is comedy the whole way. Maybe he can knock up Bristol Palin between punches.

  • palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo Oct 28, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    This is what happens when McDonald's employees leave their heads in the french fry fryer too long. It really fries their brain and they become stupid enough to join the military. Look out for the boogeyman, grunt.

  • With him chasing women and Palin as his boozing VP think how much their comedy will keep us laughing no matter how bad things are.

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