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  • shows serious question on the US Army's ability to #$%$ itself.

  • Crude way of putting it, but it's the truth.

  • The Thousand Ship Navy. Oh, the laughs keep coming.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Jun 9, 2015 8:11 PM Flag

    Boy, you think food would be a essential, not in Wisconsin's economy, all boats are sinking. lol
    This time Del Monte is closing plants in Pulaski and Oconto Falls, 40 full time jobs and 200 seasonal are or will be in days no more.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo Jun 8, 2015 11:30 AM Flag

    Seen a couple of billboards McDonalds is looking to hire 15 year olds. No minimum wage to hire them.
    Of course kids don't wash their hands so you probably want to give your McDonalds order a good smell for a poop odor.

  • Modine and Brady look to be in trouble. Modine lost 7 cents a share in the last quarterly. Brady earns per share fell 16% from the previous year. According to Brady's CEO the company is "challenged by operational inefficiencies stemming from certain facilities." In other word, JOB CUTS!
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Tune in tomorrow to see if we ask Scott if his political cronies are going to pay back the state money he gave them or will we highlight the UW research projects leaving the state? We could also feature the economic reports showing Wisconsin is on the losing end in tourism and start ups. Oh, life isn't good under a absentee, college drop out governor.

  • In its faithful reenactment of Detroit, Milwaukee sees another successful business closing. Walgreens is closing a store in Milwaukee, its second store in the last year. Fifteen to twenty employees had worked at the location.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Tiger's golf game would improve if he spent more time playing with his own putter. lol

  • Hilarious annual shareholder meeting in Dodgeville for Land's End. The new Italian CEO says no jobs will leave Wisconsin. She will work from her home in New York despite Land's End being a Wisconsin operation. So already she's moved one job out of Wisconsin, hers. lol She's gotta stop insulting our intelligence.
    Get a load of Land's End numbers. They earned $1.7 million off a little less than $300 in sales. Works out to a profit of 0.5%, some savings accounts are about 1.0%.
    Okay, all together, be loud the laugh track for Walker speeches is hard to be heard over. "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Golden Country Foods of Plover, currently serviced by Wis Power and soon to be WE Energy after the merger, is bankrupt. It's fired its 432 workers and is closing down its two Plover production plants. No doubt they used lots of electricity as they made frozen foods so expect WE Energy to be light in the loafers again in revenue. lol
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • GeminiCare closed on May 31 ending the employment of 701. GeminiCares was founded in 1981 and contracted with managed care organizations and county agencies to provide personal care and home care to clients and also provides long-term care contracted staff.
    GeminiCares president and owner Kathleen Rublee issued a statement "with the uncertainty of the long-term care system of service provision due to changes proposed by Governor Walker weighed heavily into the decision to cease operations."
    No input from Walker what to do with those under the care of GeminiCare now with no care.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"

  • Allete joins the growing list of utes developing solar and wind, Nextera, Duke, Arizona Power, etc. while WE sticks with burning Neanderthal bones in coal.

    ALLETE Clean Energy (ACE) has agreed to acquire 100 percent of AES Armenia Mountain Wind, LLC, a 100.5 Megawatt (MW) wind facility near Troy, Pa. The division of ALLETE Inc. will pay $108 million and assume an amount of existing debt that was not disclosed.

    ACE exercised its purchase option April 1 and a purchase agreement was signed April 30. Closing is expected in July.

    Located near the New York-Pennsylvania border, Armenia Mountain contains 67, General Electric wind turbines that each generate 1.5 megawatts of electricity. They were installed in 2009. All the facility’s energy output is sold through existing agreements that extend through 2025.

    This is the fourth wind facility ACE has acquired from AES and the seventh in its portfolio. In January of 2014, ACE finalized the acquisition of wind energy projects with a total capacity of 231MW in Lake Benton, Minn., Storm Lake, Iowa, and Condon, Ore., from AES. Armenia Mountain is the largest and newest of the wind installations acquired by ACE.

    “This acquisition continues our steady growth, with ACE’s operating assets to total 540MW,” said ALLETE Clean Energy President Eric Norberg. “By moving into a different area of the country with a thriving renewable energy market, ACE builds upon its operational and entrepreneurial experience.”

    “ALLETE continues to successfully execute and integrate the major planks within our broader energy strategy,” said ALLETE Chairman, President and CEO Al Hodnik. “ALLETE’s combined portfolio of operating wind assets from ACE and Minnesota Power will total nearly 1,000 megawatts. This latest transaction reinforces our belief that a more sustainable energy future relying less on carbon will mold the North American energy landscape over the long haul.”

  • MADISON (WKOW) -- By the end of last week Wisconsin employers had already notified the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) of 3,543 planned layoffs, putting the state on pace to eclipse 10,000 in 2015.

    That would be the highest number of layoffs announced in Wisconsin since 2011, when Gov. Scott Walker first took office. The total number of layoff notifications topped 9,000 that year.

    By comparison, employers notified the state of 6,511 layoffs in 2012, 7,029 in 2013 and just 6,186 layoffs in 2014. The state records the notifications on the date when they are informed about the layoffs, which can then sometimes take effect over the course of a year or several years afterwards.

    Many of the 2015 layoffs will impact hundreds of employees here in South Central Wisconsin. Last week alone, 93 employees at the Eaton Corp. plant in Watertown and 119 workers at McCain Foods in Fort Atkinson were told they will be out of a job by the end of the year.

    "I just think our economic climate is not very healthy here," said Rep. Deb Kolste (D-Janesville), who sits on the Assembly Committee on Workforce Development.

    Rep. Kolste said both workers and employers are feeling the pinch of the state's economic woes.

    "We haven't created an environment where there's been robust wage growth and we are a consumer nation and if people aren't spending money - then we don't have the job growth," said Rep. Kolste.

    Officials at the Wisconsin chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses say their reports show consumer spending is down nationally in 2015, leading to a lack of optimism among small employers.

    "Which means they're not going to add to their inventory, there will be no capital spending, there will be no hiring, there will be no job creation," said Bill Smith, the state director for NFIB Wisconsin.

    Smith said the federal government needs to start leading on economic growth policies.

    "Tax reform, regulatory reform, legal reform - the things that really restore certainty," said Smith.

    But Rep. Kolste places the blame directly on Gov. Walker - specifically his budget proposal - for creating so much uncertainty. She points to changes proposed for long-term care as a prime example. Several long-term care providers have already announced layoffs planned for later this year.

    "I think our state is in a lot of hurt and it needs to find ways to get businesses growing," said Rep. Kolste.

    But Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce - the state's largest business lobbying group - puts a much brighter spin on the state's economic climate. WMC President Kurt Bauer said he does not expect the the final number of 2015 layoff notifications to top 10,000.

    "The business community sees strength in Wisconsin's economy as our unemployment rate has dropped to 2008 levels, we're growing manufacturing jobs at the fifth-highest rate in the country, and the business confidence level among our member CEOs is the most optimistic it's been since the Great Recession," said Bauer.

    WMC's membership differs substantially than that of NFIB - whose member businesses average just 10 employees.

    DWD also points to the state's 4.6 percent unemployment rate - nearly a point lower than the 5.5 percent rate nationally - as a bright spot and better indicator of the state's job situation than the layoff statistics.

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    PE Ratios

    by butchthebrute May 22, 2015 7:53 AM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo May 27, 2015 12:11 PM Flag

    Eventually the village idiot takes over every company as Buffett puts it. Not happy he's selling off the company in bits and pieces. Hopefully, P&G is large enough it will weather the storm so something is left. I'm sitting tight enjoying the dividend and avoiding capital gains.

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    MCds parking lots

    by mristow May 26, 2015 1:45 PM
    palinbigbazzoo palinbigbazzoo May 27, 2015 12:03 PM Flag

    As sales fall the employees have nothing else to do. When employees are holding Monopoly tournaments you better be out of McDonald's stock.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo May 27, 2015 8:39 AM Flag

    What was it the other day, 38 people shot in one day? Business shuttering by the day. Public schools can't afford textbooks. Gold star to the Packers for seeing the handwriting on the wall early and ending playing their games in Milwaukee. Well, it's Miller time, the worst major league team is taking the field, time for some good yucks!

  • Oh, dear, another revenue source leaves WE Energy, not to mention the loss of 46 residential customers that are now unemployed. Wonder what Traverse City, Michigan and Fremont, Nebraska have that is more favorable for manufacturing over Milwaukee?
    Okay, all together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Boy, we're going to have to stick to more blue collars being shown the door for tomorrow's Wisconsin Job Loss Today. There is a backlog of blue collar job losses.

  • Despite Walker's administration claims there would be no cuts to frac sand mines as crude oil prices fell the job losses commence. Problem is Walker's lack of a college degree. College grads can figure out crude oil falls in price companies cut back exploration and production of oil. It's a profit thing, Republicans don't get it.
    US Silica is releasing 30 of its 36 Sparta employees and Chippewa Sand is releasing 55 in Chippewa Falls. Expect more sand mines to release more smoes.
    All together, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Tune in tomorrow as we continue firing grunts.

  • palinbigbazzoo by palinbigbazzoo May 21, 2015 12:58 PM Flag

    Kiss off the gas and electrical needs of another manufacturing plant WE Energy. ConAgra is closing a Rippin' Good cookie plant in Ripon. Must take a fair amount of energy to bake cookies so look for WE Energy to continue their slid in revenue. Also 300 are now unemployed with the closure. Look for them to be cutting back their energy consumption, too.
    All together now, "Scott Walker, where are you and the 250,000 jobs you promised?"
    Let's keep the ball rolling and socked it to the workin' man for tomorrow's Wisconsin Job Loss Today. More blue collars going down.

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