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pascuaforensics 2079 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 17, 2014 4:45 PM Member since: Mar 8, 2011
  • Have you seeing any undesirable executives from this BRE-X on steroids farce of a stock called ABX?

    Have you read or hear that they are abandoning the ship after fleecing it from 50+ to 20 minus in USD?

    Has anyone quit, fled, run away, abandon, retire or moved on to disassociate from these criminals lately?

    John W. Lill? John Carrington? Randall Oliphant? Patrick Garver? Vincent Borg? Brian Mulroney? Bush? Adnan Kashoggi? Peter Munk? Rotschild? anyone that fleeced this empty carcass left to tell the FRAUD + PONZI + CIVIL RICO scam to the public? Andy Lloyd, Panagos, Slkolkasky, all will be trapped.


    all cashed in paper sold when ABX was losing trials in Chile,

    all dumped enjoying JUDICIAL HOLIDAYS bought by rigged fabricated press releases...

    and now in desperation fiestywife selling Pascua?

    Time to send the troops to get these antisocial traitors and #$%$ to the monetary, bank & Gold systems

    zero worth...

  • CIVIL RICO +PONZI SCAM ushered by Barrick at PASCUA LAMA fraud is GAME OVER

    SLW + HSBC + Royal Gold + SEC + OSC + Banks were scammed by Peter Munk et al at ABX

    Barrick sued Pascua owner illegally and now is biting the dust.

    Barrick filed false testimony against a Judge in Chile and sued illegally to create an alibi in Exchanges to keep robbing the banks and its shareholders to date.

    Barrick sold several PASCUA locations, all over the place to ROYAL GOLD + SILVER WHEATON + CHILE & ARGENTINA.

    Now, they have nothing but a fraud at hand.

    ABX could trade as low as one cent 2014, get ready to fall hard ABX you have not seeing it yet have you?

  • Get ready for the BRE-X treatment SLW


    Game over lads, PASCUA was never an asset of BARRICK GOLKD CORPORATION in Chile

    tick tick tick tick KABOOOOMMMM both SLW + ABX will visit under 10 cents 2014

  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 22, 2014 5:16 PM Flag

    that is all you got left lame duck, you and Peter skunk, quacking away gibberish

    Pascua fraud pierced ABX pseudo built to last armor.

    Crooked and corrupt authors of the live scam, those at the helm, fled or fleeing while fleecing and selling large blocks to get rich without revealing the extent of the damage. are to be jailed.

    6 Billion lawsuit is peanuts in comparison of the large financial and pseudo Gold, toxic paper racket. a.k.a. ABX

  • SLW shall exit markets like BARRICK ENRON + BRE-X directly to the Hall of Shame in mining worldwide

  • ABX is trading bogus titles and fake ownership of PASCUA ASSET at SEC and OSC books

    In this corner, we dare to say that MSX has Pascua title and Barrick under criminal charges.

    So does Mr. Lopehandia, he who has Pascua on title today.

    Barrick filed titles in the name of Jorge Lopehandia today as their MINA PASCUA asset in Chile

    Bre-X and ENRON were more honest than Barrick to the public.

    Peter Munk is BERN MADDOF on steroids and crack

  • Listed at SEC as PASCUA LAMA title via MINERA NEVADA SpA are the TESOROS concesssions.

    So not owned by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION, that it had to sell Silver at under 4 dollars to SLW at stolen item price reduction TO BUY THE ALIBI that SLW has dd ABX at Pascua 2009 - 2014

    Stolen Silver + Stolen price item + stolen Pascua asset = PASCUA LAMA PONZI for ABX

    Now that turd is hard to pass so everyone who dumped at peak at ABX is now leaving the carcass after fleeced and blooded

    buy, buy, that insiders need to unload more before scaping to see how far they twist the laws to protect the illegal PASCUA LAMA loot 1994-2014 selling SALTS & NITRATES concessions of LAC MINERALS 1978-2014 in Chile.

    Peter Munk leaving the salt asset PASCUA due to environmental reasons of self inflicted damages?

    Hey Peter scamlord, you shall pay this life and the next ten ones for your pact with the Devil to be rich at any cost, making Barrick join in the MINERS HALL OF SHAME next to BRE X will be ABX

  • Any price spike without fundamentals 0 markets are rigged

    specially when you see SLW + ABX trade at the same volumes and price hikes intra day...

    or in electronic concerted and programmed astute market rigging fashion

    SLW 43101 spoke of NO TITLE and was taken too lightly by Management on PASCUA LAMA Silver, despite public warnings.

    All is great they wrote to the public. In Annual Reports bean counting BRE-XIC + ENRONIC Pascua Silver

    SLW + ABX sold Silver coated PONZI SCHEEME alibi for ABX to buy 5 more years of public market scam at PASCUA LAMA the project that never was, environmentally damaged at will by ABX to buy another alibi.

    Give up criminal minded insiders of SLW clean up your act at PASCUA bogus Silver contract.

    Consider yourselves meat for legal fodder SLW your insiders + Barrick insiders did in SLW shareholders under the crooked watchful eyes of BCSC dirty hand regulator ROMULO DIFONZO a permissive agent of ex BCSC peers, working hard at covering up BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION public theft at PASCUA.

    Named with KURT BERNARDI + PESSENTI as the whole Italian + Berlusconi team at the time in control of the PLanet or so they sought.

    PASCUA LAMA a fantasy creation with a legal SLW alibi, 2009 - 2014 that shall cost SLW its treasure and savings.

  • The proof is ABX shareholders had enough of hankypanky and sued

    Some are up to fleece and dissolve ABX, is SLW next?


    Expensive alibi to ABX pretended PASCUA ownership was paid by SLW insiders, to earn such perks, blocks of shares dumped at peak of the swindling to the markets. money

    Fleecing the public daily in CIVIL RICO SCAM of scams

    they hike price yesterday so innocent investors come in tto get blood bath today


    sorry... can you say that again?

  • All insiders had one objective WEALTH DEPLETION OF INNOCENT INVESTORS

    All insiders dumped stocks at peak ON THE KNOW to be title less at PASCUA LAMA in Chile giant Gold mine

    Insiders were assisted by REGULATORS looking the other way to make daily DIRTY TRADES CIVIL RICO FEES

    MSX has ABX correct evidenbce to trounce Barrick via shareholders.

    warning ABX shareholders lawsuit is ill conceived and ill guided as if ready to be killed at rigged legal procedures in favor of BARRIVCK to start with

    something smells fishy as heck, as wrong parties are indicated and many super guilty, are not named

  • 2009 to date

    ABX and SLW insiders knew as much as regulators previous to signing off the CIVIL RICO CONTRACT for PASCUA SILVER that never was.

    Yet, perks, blocks of shres, insiders compensation, ability to dump preferred stock at peaks... was stronger to deceive and betray ABX + SLW shareholders and innocent public investors.

    This criminal racket and illegal association was halted at ABX shareholders lawsuit

    However the real story and case is unknown by the tenor of the lawsuits and responsible indicated

    SLW shareholders success is tied to MSX evidence v. ABX Racketeering of PASCUA LAMA,

  • After all SLW knew it was inventing a rigged market alibi for Barrick to steal Pascua again and conceal it never owneerd legally at that time

    SLW was forewarned, however, it played the sick dance of CIVIL RICO PAPER shuffle and shuffle for the benefit of DIRTY INSIDERS at ABX + SLW all dumped at peak of stock prices, leabing innocent uninformed institutions and shareholders to enjoy the cash BLOOD BATH

    CIVIL RICO charges for all undesirables at SLW + ABX are coming tick tick tick tick KABOOOOMMMMMMM

  • Barrick in the business of legal court deception, exchange deception, filing false legal statements and financial statements with OSC and SEC

    Barrick at the lid of rigged stock markets, bullion prices and financial cesspooling with MM, MA and banksters worldwide.

    Pascua Lama has now pierced the veil of secrecy at Barrick imploding from shareholders outwards.

    SLW shareholders and other institutional ABX holders, now will be able to fleece this dead carcass

    fake runs equal to insiders dumping paradise

    All insiders dumped Barrick at peak, silent, on the know ABX never legally owned Pascua titles 1994-2014

    Mulroney, Oliphant, Wilkins, Carrimgton, Patrick Garver, Vince Borg, Aaron Regent, Panagos, Andy lloyd, Munks there are sour dirty hands at BARRICK still stealing the kitty and looting it

  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 10, 2014 1:35 PM Flag

    hey empty stack of shuffled ABX paper

    Get your bosses at ABX to own up to their CIVIL RICO PONZI daily Pascua trades with TESOROS concessions that are not owned by ABX as filed with SEC and OSC.

    There is no libel to the truth of legal record.

    There is criminality when ABX reports a PROSPECTUS backed by Gold they do not own at MINA PASCUA Chile.

    Take that to any court and see what you get big mouth ABX faithfool
    Get ABX to finally legally admit it has no Pascua asset ownership

    Peddling CIVIL RICO to fake its worth

  • A clean swipe and swindle of institutional and private cash by paper shufflers, impersonating ownership of the world's largest single Gold Silver Copper asset.

    Tainted books, tainted contracts, tainted 34101, tainted stock CIVIL RICO and PONZI is the truth,

    This smooth and slick CIVIL RICO operators will meet the legal Pascua wall.

    your financial holiday impersonating Pascua Silver ownership to clean and cleanse ABX Barrick tainted books is up for legal enforcement SLW insiders and wealth depletion agents.

    Spiking the stock in concert with ABX inside a daily trades, to swipe wealth at closing; is MANIPULATION

    selling Silver SLW + ABX knew it was never to be, is desecrating the transparency of the Gold and Silver markets

    SLW books are tainted with Silver for which legal ownership DOES NOT EXIST.

    SLW paper shuffling CIVIL RICO PASCUA SILVER daily to lend ABX an alibi for its criminally charged PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL in North American banking and financial system.

    Rotted to the core... carry on... the more you trade PASCUA PONZI the more SLW ownership owes to MINA PASCUA Chile ownership, after all, the contract was CHILE Silver.

    Peddlers of fraud, your books are official racketeering.

  • Bre X and ENRON were more decent scams than BARRICK'S PASCUA LAMA PONZI + CIVIL RICO heritage to Gold markets

  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 9, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    If Barrick feels that Mr. Jorge Lopehandia posted their fraud... go ahead, sue him again with lies and see what he does to Barrick

    Why don't you get Barrick's titles instead of defending their PASCUA LAMA fiasco?

    It seems that you are offended by their acts and taking it against the messenger of truth

    Better get some honesty pills pal, you are honesty deficient

  • Perhaps some claim not to understand my English, hence here it is.

    SLW was robbed by insiders and regulators, together with ABX insiders to create a scam.

    SLW was to buy Silver that Barrick never owned to pump both stocks and fleece the public via PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCAM.

    Ownership of PASCUA via Lawyers contacted SLW insiders and they confabulated with Barrick against its shareholders and sold PASCUA PONZI to the public as an ALIBI OF TITLE to ABX at Pascua.

    If SLW bought...PASCUA SILVER contract with ABX was or is real. It was not. It is not. Never will be.

    Just an insiders paradise of FABRICATED TRANSACTION dumping at the top in an illegal cesspool of fraud.

    How many Silver ounces delivered by ABX to SLW to keep your stock rising as promised?

    NONE!!! as fore told and forewarned by Pascua owner, via his Lawyers in Canada, 2009 SLW insiders!!

    Pascua has tainted SLW books to a point of NO RETURN

    Hence, insiders are cited to Chilean Justice system 2014.

    Like it or not, SLW is selling PASCUA CIVIL RICO, daily at world exchanges to the public.

    If you fail to understand, then it is suggested you are a BARRICK or SLW insider playing fool to steal more cash from innocent unsuspecting Joe public.

    So much for honesty at financial boards, manipulated by financial district thugs.

  • ABX and SLW have several locations for PASCUA asset, all different than the one ROYAL GOLD has by tens of kilometers in the other direction, leaving the real asset of Gold, Silver and Copper protected by BARRICK with salts concessions, in the middle and no title to ABX or SLW.

    ABX caught out of BARRICK 2 CHILE selling PASCUA LAMA metals it never owned.

    What a scam.

    Peter Munk all caught and ready for jailing is leaving ABX after dumping at the top at will like the rest of insiders at ABX and SLW.


    SLW top insiders are 100% included in the law enforcement of PASCUA LAMA re: Exchange * Bank fraud.

  • Against BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION false ownership of PASCUA asset in Chile.

    Lama is a PONZI SCHEEME used by BARRICK to peddle a farce to the markets and a false PROSPECTUS t SEC and OSC


    SLW and Barrick selling daily CIVIL RICO scam as PASCUA SILVER that never was and never will be.

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