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pascuaforensics 101 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 22, 2015 1:14 PM Member since: Mar 8, 2011
  • Physical Gold, Silver and Copper shall brake 2000USD/oz Silver USD50 per oz.

    as physical stocks dwindle, paper metals become suspect

    ETF have nothing to cover

    GATA discovered banks renting, leasing, borrowing and peddling the same metal bar to multiple clients

    The shorts of physical metals papered, meed another Planet to cooperate with physical metals, TO COVER.

    Gold is a very scarce commodity, used for the most important phases of human life

    Store of value for mom and pop
    Edible healing product
    Super conductor
    International currency
    sophisticated art ornaments
    safety for Governments Central Banks
    Miners fulfillment of loans
    Compliance with minimum physical Gold and Silver deposits at over papered ETF, COMEX, Banks
    payment for items
    fend off against paper currency fluctuations

    As just some of the main uses for precious metals.

    However, there are some cash greedy sinners that went all in at paper games without physical Gold to back their play. Having to settle toxic paper, manipulating metals down, oil down anything that could mean hurt the owners of resources to bankruptcy by design.

    Wealth depletion, first by conning the establishment via crooked regulators acting with political capital and ushering metal markets anarchy by ill consent,

    Authorizing thugs and merchants of fraud, to paper Silver and Gold via ETF and Markets, eager to paper Gold that has been under totally and may times over delivered while investors cash has been stolen or over spent

    shame shame shame

  • Civil Rico at ABX

    Civil Rico never existing PASCUA LAMA SILVER is peddled daily

    SLW and ABX dropped from Standards in financial markets, why?

    Supreme Court of Chile is hearing from Barrick two versions over Mina Pascua ownership.

    a) ABX never owned title.
    b) ABX never knew or had links or affiliation to TESOROS concessions owner (illegally at Pascua Lama protocol) Mining Engineer H.M.U.L 2001 to date
    c) ABX sworn at other Courts in Chile lately, to correct a) above, that ABX is the employer of the actor in b) above.

    ABX is at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE in supreme doodoo with their mouth open wide, swallowing rotted fermented crow stew with SLW

    shame shame shame

  • Barrick met its maker in Chile, nothing won by ABX delaying the loss of its salts and nitrates concessions peddled as Gold source for its flawed Pascua Lama Ponzi scam. 1994-2014 3 decades of crime.

    Where are the mentors, the Lex Luthors of the equation? all fled, named at criminal charges under way.

    Top insiders fled in secret with huge stock packages flogged at the peak, Brian Mulroney, Peter Munk come to record of insiders unloading at key Trial times in Chile 2001-2014.

    Gold was manipulated down and corrected upwards until today, starting June 2001.

    Coincides withLopehandia´s Injunction C-1912-2001 preventing ABX from opening Pascua Ponzi to date.

    At Supreme Court of Chile, things are hot Chile up ABX´s brains. Clueless, they decided to sport two truths.
    Just to make sure they deceive the Judicial of Chile well covering all bases, as in the political bribery spectrum, ABX sports to not have knowledge of, affiliation with or relationship of any kind with HECTOR MARDOQUEO UNDA LLANOS the actor that owns the TESOROS concessions filed by ABX at is SEC and OSC financials.

    At Supreme Court of Chile 2001 to date, ABX never met HECTOR MARDOQUEO UNDA LLANOS owner titular of TESOROS concessions (Pascua Lama to Barrick), yet, Barrick is on Court record several places, 2012-2014 to be the EMPLOYER of HECTOR M. UNDA LL. 1995-2014.

    The same travesty of false testimony in Court was used to sue Mr. Lopehandia and Judge Reyes Kokisch by ABX, to deceive banks, exchanges and RCMP-IMET, on record, v. MSX and its client, Mina Pascua owner.

    Nicely done ABX,

    Peter Munk is not and is Bern Maddof the II

    ABX Ponzi Pascua Lama, has become Bre-X Busang on steroids and crack. Was Munk not part of that too?

    shame shame shame

  • Get ready or run

    the leftovers are owned by others.

    shame shame shame

  • Having two opposed testimonies at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE December 2014 up for a licking at law.

    Already at Supreme Court of Chile 2014 delaying its truth

    ABX sued a Judge in Chile to buy time out to steal some more at Exchanges, deceiving the RCMP, crooked regulators on side to scam the Police.

    Criminal charges in Chile to all executives and Canada Lawyer top legal person in Chile, are no material facts for ABX that sold Gold and Silver from Pascua title less and backed by salts and nitrates concessions of LAC 1978-2014 unable to exploit Gold in Chile, only salts.

    Barrick salted its PASCUA LAMA PONZI

    Barrick 1994 PASCUA PROSPECTUS a fraud of BRE-XIC proportions.

    shame shame shame

  • Do not follow the ABX Pascua Ponzi scam tactics

    ABX + SLW are diving hard on that fraud from 50's to under 20 ABX

    Rigged financial markets trading stolen assets, playing hard money at Courts to elongate the bleedingf obvious

    BHP never owned ESCONDIDA MINE legally in Chile

    The con artists just had cash to stuff the legal deck for a decade + just like ABX at Pascua

    all assets of BHP worldwide, are now suspect orof future loss, or fair game as retort.

    shame shame shame

  • Another Pascua fraud like transaction

    Pushed via Courts while illegally exploiting and making riches in fraud.

    shame, shame shame

  • Supreme Court of Chile and other Chile Courts have ABX check mate so is SLW its PASCUA PONZI partner


    Insiders and banksters are dumping furiously against innocent investors and institutions

    Banks conspiring to defend MADDOF the II


    ABX + SLW + banksters + ROMALO DI FONZO crooked BCSC regulators defrauded the public in full knowledge 2009 that ABX did not own Pascua and that not even 1 gram of Silver was to be delivered to SLW under ABX contract

    It was a WEALTH DEPLETION SCHEME orchestrated from within the ABX + SLW + banksters + Exchanges

    attacking Mina Pascua owners and MSX as if that would mean clean Pascua title at Chilean Law.

    It is not.

    Now the shareholders of ABX + SLW + others peddlers of toxic PASCUA LAMA PONZI are at a loss

    a loss ninvented as a design to make believe that ABX owned Pascua.

    Very expensive con to SLW shareholders.

    Only Lopehandia and MSX have the winning legal file.

    Heed heed heed

    shame shame shame

  • This is the biggest non existing physical Gold turd since BRE-X

    Manipulation down of physical metals to settle toxic papers of ABX and banksters, is futile.

    ABX has conspired against the establishment and the Exchange regulators crooked antisocials on the take, gave us another anointed BERN MADDOF named PETER SKUNK MUNK.

    all skunked ABX insiders fled ABX to short it while hiding all material facts

    Go to IHUB MSX Boards for an interesting post from Pascua owner

    All available information at Chile courts v. ABX backs MSX and Lopehandia

    ABX libeled MSX and Lopehandia slandering MINA PASCUA CHILE asset in crime.

    ABX bought and owns salts and nitrates concessions of LAC MINERALS salting PASCUA LAMA

    ABX has no rights to exploit physical Gold at the Giant MINA PASCUA CHILE

    ABX had no rights to sell Gold to Deutschebank AG or Silver from Pascua to Silver Wheaton, that cash belongs to Mr. Lopehandia and MSX

    ABX operating a fraud at Pascua, working IN TRUST interest for Lopehandia 1996-2014 at Pascua, Chile

    shame shame shame

  • ABX will get the worse news of its criminal career this week.

    Run for safety or lose it all

    crooks deceived shareholders for over a decade with false assets in Chile.

    shame shame shame

  • Lowering Oil prices, does not indicate that every other commodity, wages, taxes, loan interests are down to produce the metal.

    Another round to send miners to bankruptcy and walk away with mines by defaulted loans instead of buying them at a fair market price.

    Was done with the houses of people to bring down Lehmans the custodian of toxic metals transactions already

    It is called financial market manipulation.

    Gold started its return June 2001 coinciding with C-1912-2001 injunction that prevented BARRICK to open MINA PASCUA CHILE of the PASCUA AMA PROJECT

    Barrick has valid rich PROSPECTUS MINA PASCUA CHILE later re invented onto PASCIUA LAMA PONZI
    to delay permitting process, extending its scam license to pillage exchanges title less.

    All top insiders fled and are in hiding lost at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE with live false testimony.

    The law shall grind ABX to dust, for rigging the process and having libel and perjury as a business MO

    CIVIL RICO + PONZI as exchanges business agenda

    shame shame shame

  • ABX and SLW after a terrific day sucking in gullible innocent investors spiking prices...

    short right away and collapse in fraud-amentals

    SLW and ABX are suppressing grave material facts at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE affecting ABX ownership of the SLW SIlver paid for and contracted.

    crooks silencing with bribes the very people whose job description was to be gate keepers of the Public´s purse, crooked insiders regulators of the ABX + SLW Pascua Ponzi scam.

    SLW and ABX are insider run yoyos going the way of KRY + DAY + PMU the same toxic type of bogus transactions of a Gold pipe dream that never was.

    The physical Gold and Silver looks to be at MSX and Canadian Chilean miner Jorge Lopehandia in accordance to MINA PASCUA area titles at Vallenar´s Mines Registrar.

    SLW43101 had a warning on title that was twice not heeded by rehulators + insiders.

    Why? Think about it, all insiders with blocks of shares and Options 5 years to short and unload at will while making gravy with unsuspecting innocent investors. All they ned iis the bribed regulators defenders of the scam from inside, to look the other side and the public´s purse has been pillaged as done.


    shame shame shame

  • Material to a 9 Billion Gold and Silver Ponzi of stealing cash for expenses of a Project never owned by ABX.

    ABX does not file material facts to steal the PASCUA cash for Gold and Silver sold forward and never owned.

    If ABX does not disclose its material facts, surely others will.

    Why would insiders short ABX after a great day yesterday?

    last one out turn the light off this empty toxic Gold and Silver loaded CIVIL RICO carcass, on the way out please.

    ABX + HSBC + SLW + all involved selling CIVIL RICO laundered by PWC ex Coopers Lybrand bought by PRICEWATERHOUSE to launder the books of ABX at Pierina Peru and Pascua Chile mines theft.

    Peruvians did not recover Pierina via Courts, law was perverted with bribes.

    In Chile and Argentina in accordance to RCMP even ex Presidents and Civil servants have an investigation for bribes by ABX and were named by RCMP Canada to PDI Chile

    Bribe presidents to steal Pascua from owner Jorge Lopehandia sued by ABX as having nothing to do with ABX or Pascua.

    ABX made a theory at Pascua and gave press to VILLAR + MONTEALEGRE as if, the ABX clowns trying to rob Pascua away from the rightful owner.

    All ABX stories re PASCUA are now uncovered, discovered, law enforced and criminally charged in Chile

    Where are ABX relevant material facts? waiting for arrest warrants or international legal exhorts?

    all fled + left over ABX insiders at the top in control of the scam in denial as financial terrorists, are jail bound.

    ABX swindled and are swindling the establishment and war veterans pension funds

    shame on you ABX insiders shame shame shame

  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 2, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    Grammatical errors? ha!

    How about beautifully crafted - grammatical picture perfect - gifted anointed excelling words to sell MINA PASCUA PONZI and LAMA scam by ABX?

    If they sell fraud to you with no grammatical erros... you buy in... how clever. NOT!

  • ABX has handed Lopehandia and MSX its best weapons, their top trial lawyers.

    ABX Trial lawyers have two truths and two realities for one PONZI SCAM at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE

    ABX lawyers sustain 2001 to 2014 not to know Mining Engineer HECTOR MARDOQUEO UNDA LLANOS titular of TESOROS concessions filed at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL , SEC and TSX as property of MINERA NEVADA SpA + Barrick. At Supreme Court 2014... they DO NOT KNOW the man, hence he owns TESOROS and Lopehandia´s MINA PASCUA is a goner!!!!! ha ha ha

    Really Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada thieves and scapees like MUlroney and Munk?

    ABX Lawyers including the criminally charged Canadian Lawyer Laura Phyllis Maria Emery, sustain that HECTOR MARDOQUEO UNDA LLANOS is their employee since 1995.

    ABX sued Judge Reyes with false testimony to defeat Jorge Lopehandia in Canada with false testimony.

    ABX gave ample press to VILLAR and LAMA to steal PASCUA from Lopehandia.

    Today VILLAR is out of SUPREME COURT a loser like Barrick

    OJANCO GROUP created to satisfy a false transaction of Barrick et al, like the fake CREDIT SWISS try to rob Trial information has collapsed. Villar and OJANCO have no longer rights at Pascua

    That leaves before Barrick in Chile at SUPREME COURT today Jorge Lopehandia, the party that Barrick lied to press and exchanges worldwide that had NOTHING TO DO Lopehandia or MSX with TESOROS or Pascua at ABX website December 21, 2011.

    Really ABX Jorge Lopehandia Pascua owner, NOT related to Pascua or VILLAR?

    Jorge Lopehandia is VILLAR today at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE and tomorrow ABX shall receive a chain in their teeth. ABX lawyers will eat their teeth and molars while singing fraud at PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    SHAME SHAME SHAME THUGS rigging Gold markets to suit toxic Gold and Silver paper

    shame shame shame shame shame

  • While they talked financed and cesspooled potential merger and Pascua talks

    Caught cesspooling to steal PASCUA that has 0.000000000000000000000001% to be BARRICK´S ever.

    Credit Swiss losses PASCUA
    Swiss vote no Gold standard
    Metals prices are lowered to settle TOXIC papered Gold and Silver

    Books are rigged for SLW + ABX 2009 to issue a Silver alibi to ABX as if sold to SLW to make believe the markets at TSX and BCSC insider regulators guided fraud... that ABX owned PASCUA LAMA

    ABX did not own a thing in Chile in accordance to its lawyer GONZALO NIETO VALDEZ only 181 hectares called CONAY is all Barrick had v. Lopehandia 1996 at MINA PASCUa and LAMA was not invented yet.

    Dirty banksterz used fake transactions to help Barrick fend off SUPREME COURT OF CHILE.

    Caugh cesspool shall be law enforced in all jurisdictions

    CREDIT SWISS - ABX + NEMONT aspirers of PASCUA and ABX + NEWMONT merger, CREDIT SWISS financing both corporations in the same securities

    CREDIT SWISS stealing Pascua Trial information 2014... why? why fall so low ? DNA is all over the place just like SLW selling to shareholders MINA PASCUA SILVER that never was owned by ABX

    shame shame shame

    shame shame shame

  • Banksters have an urge to lower physical Gold prices

    If banksters and astute Swiss politician and media WANTED Gold standard, they would have gotten Gold standard.

    SWISS are plotting too much to help BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION and its fraud to Gold


    SWISS BANKS have been investing in BARRICK + NEWMONT while tackling PASCUA owners in fraud of legal trial info at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE

    at the times a merger NEWMONT + ABX has been suggested and as of late tons of cash for both miners in the same financial obligation....

    PASCUA LAMA stinker theft 2014 by ABX and CREDIT SWISS Bank has been stopped and will be law enforced.

    Filth of the Earth.abusing their prestige of CLEAN OLD SWISS BANK to steal Trial information for what?

    ABX does not own PASCUA areas in Chile and LAMA is a bust, CREDIT SWISS and all Pascua not ABX

    CREDIT SWISS bet on ABX + NEWMONT to do Pascua somewhen or to save ABX while stealing Pascua trial info in fraud, is obscene, illegal manner to favor Barrick, discovered and shall be law enforced.

    SWISS dirty fake Gold at Barrick´s hands are tampering Gold Markets in North America with ABX toxic paper

    They sought they had the physical Gold markets rigged. It is not true, even XSTRATA at MORRO is caught.

    Sorry CREDiT SWISS + ABX + NEWMONT cesspool no phisical Gold for you for decades in Chile.

    You do not have 0.00000000001% changes to land PASCUA in Chile. LAMA is a 100% lie and bust!!!

    Go to another Planet with that scam against physical Gold prices you crooks

    Enjoy your toxic Gold and Silver paper at ETF´s all the way to bankruptcy like ABX + SLW Pascua Silver bust

    Investors beware, they are stealing yesterday´s phony share price boost, while insiders short at will via third parties or direct.


    CREDIT SWISS cesspooled with Barrick and are caught and will be law enforced for #$%$

    shame shame shame

    shame shame shame

  • After that, watch out and do not play silly as BCSC regulator ROMALO DI FONZO

    Wednesday next starts the beginining of the unfolding of PASCUA SILVER PONZI at SLW.

    Pump and Dump from 40´s to 20´s... buy buy buy

    shame shame shame

  • ABX sending fake stock gains devoid of fundamentals as token gift to its fooled ABX faith-fools

    it is all manipulation and they know it running with SLW in tandem peddling CIVIL RICO

    PASCUA PONZI SCAM with concessions of salts and nitrates.

    Barrick salted MINA PASCUA CHILE and LAMA is a fraud

    Barrick Africa peddling CERRO CASALE is a fraud, no one rock mined in Chile in two decades of crime.

    shame shame shame

  • These old news re BHP

    are today criminal charges to all executives

    Just like Barrick at Pascua Lama

    Have you seeing Barrick plummet? INSIDERS did it when fleeing

    Have you seeing BHP lose ground?

    INSIDERS of BHP on the know of ESCONDIDA MINE theft in Chile, have cooked the books

    Chile Court Rejects BHP Bid to Dismiss Lawsuit, Mercurio Says

    A Chilean court rejected a petition by BHP Billiton Ltd. to dismiss a lawsuit disputing ownership of Escondida, the world's biggest copper mine, newspaper El Mercurio reported.

    A civil court in the city of Antofagasta ordered BHP Billiton to respond to arguments in a lawsuit by geologist Jose Izquierdo, who claims he discovered and owns the mine, the newspaper said.

    BHP Billiton's spokesman in Santiago, Mauro Valdes, said Aug. 29 in a telephone interview that the company will appeal the court's decision. He said the lawsuit poses ``no risk'' to BHP Billiton, the world's biggest mining company.

    shame shame shame

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