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    Get out now --- high enough

    by martha_on_the_ragg2 Dec 30, 2015 4:22 PM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Jan 8, 2016 6:11 PM Flag

    Hiya Martha.... It is yur old friend Patricio. Haven't watched PBY in a long time. WOW great things must be happening for PBY especially in this market to hit 18. Must be a home run. Haven't read anything on what is happening. Buy Out? Icahn? All the best to those in PBY!!! Come on Martha wish the best for those Longs and quit being a $h#%!

  • I'm writing this to make myself feel better. Bought a Kenmore stove from Sears almost 3 years ago. Nothing much goes wrong with a stove or so I thought. No I don't have an extended warranty. Two prongs broke off one of the heavy grate. The prongs are about 3-4" long. Not a big deal but what if it continues to happen? One about 8 months ago and the other today. The grates have never been abused. I Called Sears and they said to call Kenmore which I did. I was disconnected and had to call again. The lady at Kenmore said she would put me through to the right person and different lady said the right hand grate was $194. That is 1/3 the price of what I paid for the stove. She told me that Frigidaire made the grate. She also said that Frigidaire, GE, etc made their appliances. They contract out for the best price. Stupid me I didn't know that. She gave me the phone number to Frigidaire and I called them and they said that Kenmore once they put their name on the stove was responsible. I guess I just live with the stove the way it is unless any one out there has a suggestions.

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Dec 14, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    We have complained so many times about Walmart I can't count them all. Please don't send us a gift card. All we want are decent products. Last time I was in your Silver City, New Mexico store I bought my wife some cherry turnovers. Do you remember the negative ads they ran for Mc Donalds? Where's the beef? Well your turnovers had one bite of cherries and the rest was dough and sugar icing.

    We live in a small town about 15000 and yes Walmart has the best prices BUT that is where it ends. Walmart is the only game in town. We are happy that you are raising the pay of your front line employees. Is it self-serving? More money an employee has the more money they will spend at Walmart.

    In the beginning you asked how likely are you to recommend Walmart to your friends and family. I put -0- chance. If your name was Costco instead of Walmart I would have put an 8.

    We no longer service our vehicles at Walmart. Spare tire dropped off our vehicle onto the driveway. Oil Drain plug had to be replaced because if was stripped by Walmart. Yes they paid for it to be replaced.
    We no longer buy chicken at Walmart. Comes from over 1000 miles away. Quality use to stink. Does the quality still stink now, I don't know.
    We no longer buy red meat at Walmart. Comes from over 1000 miles away. Quality use to stink. Does it still stink, I don't know.
    We no longer buy furniture etc at Walmart. Doesn't last
    We no longer buy most of the produce at Walmart. Some are picked green and doesn't ripen, like watermelon.
    Now we will no longer buy bakery goods at Walmart. Skimping on quality.

    The people that work on the front lines at Walmart are for the most part wonderful, that includes management. The corporate decision makers stink for they are the ones responsible for the lousy products that are in the stores. Profit, prices, people are in just that order. All of this is just my opinion. Others may have different experiences. Do you have a different experience?