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pdb3838 920 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 30, 2015 4:57 PM Member since: Jan 20, 2006
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  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 4:57 PM Flag

    Who the hell cares, especially on the arcam board.

    Boy are you needy to be relevant and seek attention. And knowing you every positive move you will shout over and over and of course you will be silent on any negative move.

    So predictable, so needy, so pathetic.

    You need to post every trade and then brag about them on up days incessantly and ignore on down days. Most of us just trade in silence except when mentioning is necessary to make a point. But none of us have the need to post daily the stocks moves or recall ancient past trades over and over to have something to brag about, especially when the brag is pathetic.

    Personally, I have no idea where oil is going specifically, but think except for lemming overreaction we are about done as ive said. Even when oil has been down, I notice SDRL and LGCY before its x date were up. After the x date and that nice 23% yield, who cares about that stock. LOL Will be a nice divvy payday in my divvy portfolio.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    I'm touting like a lemming, clown??. Who is the one who bores us with daily predictions on all his pathetic moves and posts so called informative posts which re frequently wrong. You were the lemming shouter yesterday and the day before and the day before that. But then as I predicted, silent today as oil changed course. What a needy clown braggard.

    And today clown oil was up. Sooooooooooo. The most interesting thing is that given that its only a toe, and a lot can change, i'm up on my toe buys and kinda hope we seel lower oil as want to buy a couple more toes. LOL

    But on down days i'm sure you will do like you accuse me of, touting like alemming when oil goes down and then being silent when it goes up.

    What a fool.

    The bottom line for long term investors is that this creaes a great opportunity The problem is determining when the down trend is over and that is almost impossible to predct. Viz dollar cost averaging. Maybe you can even comprehend that.

  • Reply to

    Price and volume

    by growth_owner Jan 30, 2015 1:41 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    Good point and what is even more interesting. Arcam pps and volume are spiking going into the close as the market collapses going into the close. Good sign. Maybe investors in general are realizing just how good arcam has been executing the last few months and what that impact will be on ER. Just look how good boeing has done with a good ER in this market after being bid down for whatever unknown reason given its aviation sales. Same story, both companies executing well but for some reason taken down pps wise last month and then recovering with good ER news. .

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 3:49 PM Flag

    As predicted, oil up, clown is silent. If oil down, clown will try to take another bow. So needy, so predictable. More importantly, note that the oil sector was up significantly today. One day does not a trend make but I think we are at or near a bottom, give or take a couple dollars. But who knows as the overreacting lemmings are in control. Chevron is the smartest company, buying a lot of BP gulf assets where it already has a strong presence. Oil development and profit is measured in decades not in months. Per several articles, most past downturns have bottomed in roughly 3 quarters. We shall see. But predictions of oil down to 20 and staying there for decades are outrageous in historical parameters. I think the JP and BAC predictions of 31 will likewise be proved wrong and i'm not even sure of the great oft repeated over and over and over again Bosie 40 prediction. BUt who knows.

    To be honest I care not about the price of oil except as it relates to the pps of certain energy stocks I'm interested in. Oil can go down so long as stocks stabilize and go up. But obviously the price of oil is an indicator.

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    GE gears up for engine tests of GE9X parts

    by mopusmaximus Jan 30, 2015 2:43 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 3:40 PM Flag

    True and useful info. Clear as many of us have been stating for months, arcam will be a significant part of any GE engine 3d printer order. How much is the only issue. Its one of only 3 metal printers of significance, EOS, arcam and to a lesser extent DDD thanks to its Phoenix purchase. But as we learned in the 3q ER, DDD has problems with metal printer capacity. Am I missing any other candidates for the ge order??

    Perhaps this slight pps improvement is realization that Arcam has been executing well, is undervalued and will have a great ER. Only issue is deliveries which will determine how great and whether we might have over expectations. BUt that is unlikely give the pathetic pps so far.

    Looks like arcam is executing on all fronts and is by far the best of 3d printer breed. How much we shall see on 2/5 and in the 1q ER.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    Geeze you cannot even get the ER day right. You have such a need to be relevant and to post, yet you can't get anytning right. Not the articles you feel the need to bore us with nor the info you feel the need to dispense. Per their website, er is 2/5, not 2/7. And the Jeffries PT is not in dollars unless you have other sources of info than I have. The Jeffries translation that I see stated 250 in Swedish currency. And the Fed already met.

    If you have such a need to seek attention, at least please post correct info. Geeze

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 7:01 AM Flag

    Believe what you want little clown. I know yu don't understand the concept of dollar avg as you noted in prior posts but i'm so glad that your so concerned about my actions.

    I don't understand something???? If anyone believes that drivel they must be a student of bosie new math. I fully understand trends and how to make money and have done so. That's why your biggest investment ever is 100000 and that is typical for me and many others on this board. You who say everyone here has no money. LOL. You do show your stupidity with your own posts. Not even knowing when the Fed meets yet talking about it. That was classic as was not being able to understand the articles you feel necessary to post. LOL

    Sorry Charlie, the fact that a thing ends green and does it often might well signal a change in a trend. For months, even before our SDRL buy, oil and the 3ders were in a downward trend. That is obvious clown. The key question and where one can disagree is when that trend bottoms and reverses. That issue for both oil and the 3ders is still open. You bet the bottom using sdrl as an example was 18 saying that was a steal, my bet was 14 to 16 Both were wrong. But difference is I didn't sell as I expect recovery and can wait it out. Instead have and will buy more. Toe dipping is 50 to 100 shares, investments for me at least are 1000s of shares. Cents or even dollars down on 100 shares is di minimis. Moves on 1000s of shares matters.

    But take a look at SDRL, on days when oil and oil stocks have been down like yesterday, it has stabilized. Is it at a bottom, who knows. But I bet its close.

    I will continue my strategy which has yieded me losers but a lot more big winners, 2, 3 and 4 baggers and that is not using bosie new math. I don't have to play bosie new math and aggregate many different trades, pretending its one to enhance the bragability of one trade. My multi baggers are valid IRS approved actual trades which have and are yielding great results. Poor clown

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 6:44 AM Flag

    3/15 clown. what is 3/15. or is that your latest wiggle on the fed action. Modifying your after election, 1/15, 2/15, end of Feb and now 3/15 prediction re when the Fed will raise. I've called you correctly on all and your still trying to defend like kyou did about predicting lousy arcam 3q ER. Maybe I should recall some of those posts for fun. SO just how much of a cown you are with your own drivel. Talk about being hoisted on your own petard. LOL

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 30, 2015 6:41 AM Flag

    Clown, this post makes no sense. Guess your trying so hard to wiggle that you are making a fool of yourself.

    Just like your ignorance in when the Fed meets. Your inability to understand and comprehend the articles you thrust upon us and your abject need to brag and to apply bosie math to have something to brag about. Pathetic.

    BUt his last post makes no sense. What is documented is yoiur drivel that the FED would raise interest rates after the election, then 1/15, then 2/15, then end of Feb and then the latest 3/15.

    Since you now know that the Fed has met already and not at the end of Feb has you posted like an ignoramous, do you rally expect the Fed to raise interest rates between meetings. If you do you you are the foolish clown I've called you. If not, hen its obvious that the fed won't raise interest reates by 2/15 as yu have repetitively posted as it wonk't meet by then. That leaves your two latest wiggles. Do you think you have any credibility or that anyone cares about your abject need to breag about ancient events which are not even bragable.

    To be relevant to this board, it might be fun to recall some of those brilliant posts of yours going into q3 when you were how arcam would miss on ER day, how the ER would be bad and how the pps would go down to 15. Now that would be fun and show how relevant you are. You who shout over and over that arcam needs ddd to bottom before it can rise. LOL

    keep trying it is s much fun to show your errors. BUt I must confess even I could not imagine how ignorant you are in ot being able to comprehend the articles you post or when the FED meets when you opine so often and wrongly about it.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 29, 2015 4:17 PM Flag

    Another post, another wiggle. 5th time on the Fed, now its 3/15/ Pathetic.
    God you are a needy pathetic little clown. Having to take repeat bows on the same topics when they are nothing to brag about. As of last count you are barely up on vjet, about a dollar. Down on ddd, almost down on arcam. And you consider that bragable. LOL

    Now if I wanted to do a Bosie, I could brag about boeing being up 7 dollars yesterday and 8 today, LNg being up 400% and counting, spwr up from 3 to mid 20s. etc etc etc.

    So you have nothing to brag about. And while you also brought kup your ancient cybr trade yet again, bragging aboiut such an ancient trade, you don't acknowledge how muchk you left on the table by selling too early.

    And yet you brag, repetitively bringing up old trades whch weren't that great in the first place.

    Geeze are you a pathetic needy clown. How many more times ae you goig to repeat your past acts.

    Myself, i'm just happy with successful trades withoiut the need to constantly shout about them over and over and over again.

    And I don't need to use Bosie new math to support my gains.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 29, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    If you are going to continue your needy attempts at bragging, you need a realty check. Now your wiggled on your pathetic fed prediction again: now its 3/15. LOL. You are so pathetic, you who did not even know when the Fed met. THATS ignorance.

    Oil looking spot on??? You keep talking about it. daily updaes except of course on the days oil goes up. LOL yu are pagthetic.

    Wish you luck on your panw, hope you don't leave a lto on the table like you do on most of your investments.

    Such needy bragging and you of course try to hhide being don on ddd like you talked down arcam last quarter.

    I'll show what someone who has something to brag about can brag about.

    Oh boy i'm the greatest stock picker. My Boeing was up over 7 dollars yesterday, another 7 today, love those 5 figure one day dollagains. Boy can I pick them. And wow, LNg is up over 400% and counting, wow can I pick them. Spwr up from 3 to mid 20s, wow such gains. I am the greatest. And I can repeat these brags periodically like you do with your ancient trades. And that is only a few of my winners.

    Now I can also do a non Bosie and admit that so far I have been wrong on my nat gas as a fuel bet. Except for Bosie new math or Pcyc which you as usual sold too early, none of your stocks even approach those gains and others. Haven't even mentioned my airline stock. But its so unseemly to need to keep harping on past trades and gains.

    But then i'm not the needy clown Bosie who needs to keep repeating past gains, does not even know when the fed meets or what the articles he posts mean and needs to lie about his trades so he has something to brag about. Pathetic clown

    Keep posting. We will see if oil gets down to 40 or 31 as JP and BAC say or stablizes We don't need is your needy daily report.

    Assuming Panw is the only cyber you own, your up on panw, down on DDD and barely up on vjet and arcam and that is only with avg as your almost down on buy 1.

    i'm up on a lot more. And you brag and keep repeating.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 29, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    Yes you were and easily shown.

    First you are such a needy little clown. Yes, a clown for your abject need to brag even when you have something to brag about. Heck, you feel the need to brag again about a trade you made a month ago. You have s little to talk about that you have to bring up ancient past news. And then alter the facts.

    No it was not wise to sell at 40 when it immediately went up further to 45 or was it 48 or higher. Stupid to leave so much on the table. Oh great self proclaimed great timer.

    You have so little current stuff to brag about that you need to keep bringing up old news. Now that is pathetic. And you puff that. If one believes you, you sold at 39 ish and the profit was 56%ish but you always try to puff in your favor. But could have had a lot more. But your worst was pcyc, selling at what 98ish as it goes up to over 140. LOL

    But showing your clownishness by bragging over aready done ancient trades. As pathetic as trying to combine separate trades to pad the amount you make on one trade.

    Hope you at least learned when the Fed meets. And no admit that yo were dead wrong about your various Fed predictions. But like you fail to admit how wrong you were on arcam's 3q ER you try not to admit all your failures.

    So like a playground clown, you keep bragging over ancient past trades even though you have nothing to brag about as while you make oney you leave so much on the table.

    It is laughable, your posting as much this quarter about how great arcam will do as yo did last quarter posting how bad arcam would do. LOL And I don't here you bragging about those ancient posts. LOL

    Awaiting you to predict again your 40 prediction as yo do everyday oil goes down. Of course you hide when it goes up. LOL

    You just keep proving how pathetic and needy the little bragging clown is. But keep your needy bragging, I know you will

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    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 10:46 PM Flag

    Not really. ORNL is not a true commercial customer. So because it has developed a technology and experimented with it does not equate to its being used by a commercial customer.

    Or like sales are equal to deliveries do you think that a laboratory is equal to a commercial customer???

    I simply asked whether the technology has been used by a COMMERCIAL customer in a COMMERCIAL setting. Simple enough but 3 posters have not been able to clearly answer that simple question and you considered ORNL the same as a commercial customer. LOL

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 7:47 PM Flag

    Yes I did state that. No direct knowledge re specific customer. But on the 1q or 2q cc Rene referenced the testing and said he estimated commercial release by mid 2015.

    Tom Hodgins apparently confirms in postings above. That is that rene said that the technology was in testing and scheduled for release mid 2015. But just earlier he also said that it had not been invented?? You explain that

    Does that answer your question directly??? Rene did not name specific customers and hardly ever does. All the printer sales are seldom attributed to specific customers. Right? But to repeat, did say hi res/speed was in beta testing and commercially scheduled for release mid 2015. Hope that specifically answers your question and confirms my original statement that was disputed; that is hi res/speed is further ahead commercially than the Los Alamos technology discussed in Oct 2014.

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 7:34 PM Flag

    I was going to move on but this last post is insulting. What conflating?? What venting???

    You have not answered my 2 questions. And there were two, not the one that you imply.

    Last time and then I'll move on because you obviously cannot understand the question or can't admit that I was right in the first place.

    (1) the oct 2014 article on new technology using an arcam machine. There is a difference between just using that technology in the lab as the Oct article suggesting and being used by customers in the real world, with real employees on a production schedule and producing products for the end use. The answer is either yes or no: That the product is being used in a commercial setting producing a commercial product or not. The answer is yes or no not all the obfuscation in the above post.

    (2) Hi res/hi speed technology is either in a arcam printer being tested for commercial release by mid yr as Rene said or is not invented yet as tom said once. If it is scheduled for commercial release by mid yr as Tom finally admitted and as Rene stated that arguably I was originally right that this technology is further ahead.

    What is conflating or venting about that??? Just your need to belittle and insult when you cannot answer a simple question and need to obfuscate with all kinds of drivel. Who cares about beta testing or lab testing. NOgthing to do with my questions

    Bottom line, I stick with my original simple statement which was contradicted and can be easily verified in this thread:

    That is simply that the commercial incorporation of hi speed/hi res is further ahead than the technology commercialization in the Oct Los Alamos article. Simple statement to prompt all this correspondence.

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 5:54 PM Flag

    At least you understand the question, not the motivation. I thought my research was done.

    If you read the thread, my statement was simple::: That hi speed/res was ahead of the technology Tom was discussing as tom's technology was just in the lab ad hi res/seed was in machines being beta tested in commercial markets. That was my statement. Then others disputed it and said I was wrong. I am now seeking clarification on whether the posters know that my understandings were wrong or not.

    I am responding to a contradiction not wanting research that I already had. The issue is whether my research and conclusions were wrong.

    Given the non responses, I am concluding that my original research and conclusions were right.

    Issue solved and agree strong buy. Just wonder how those deliveries will flow.,

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 5:45 PM Flag

    Are you going to bore us with a day by day recap of the price move?.

    Love your 4 times wiggle Fed prediction re raising interest rates: (1) after the election, then (2) 1/15, then (3) 2/15 and yesterday (4) end of Feb. Did you at least learn that the Fed met yesterday and today and not in a few weeks. LOL such ignorance.

    But keep trying to pretend that your predictions and statements mean something other than your abject need for attention. Yet all you get is negative. LOL

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 5:27 PM Flag

    Why the comments re relax, etc? I'm simply trying to clarify my understandings as an Acam investor. Both issues are material to arcam's future. And your I don't understand what I don't know comment is disingenuous. Its clear the issues were and are (1) Is the Los Alamos technology discussed in the OCt 2014 articles out of the lab and (2) is hi res/hi speed technology incorporated printers being readied for market mid yr. My understanding is no and yes. You can agree or not. So you do know what I know. RIght??? At least on these 2 issues.
    Sarcasm not needed and belittles you.

    Yep, arcam is doing very nicely as I've posted. But will do even better with new, better, technology.

    But I thought you answered my questions in a prior post and now i'm confused again. In the above post you indicated that hi res/hi speed has not being used as its not been invented yet. Now your saying that its going to be released mid yr per Rene as I've said. How can it be released (being incorporated into machines) if its not invented????

    At least you confirmed by understanding that Rene DID say that hi res/speed technology was being released mid yr. That suggests that it is invented and being tested as it cannot be released to customers without that.

    I'll leave the issue and do my own DD. While I appreciate both of you guys' responses, they have not helped. One cannot understand the question saying the issues don't exist and you offer inconsistent responses saying hi res/speed in one post hasn't been invented and in another admitting that Rene said it was being released mid yr. ??????


    Appreciate the replies even though not responsive, but not the sarcasm.

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 4:59 PM Flag

    Thank you tom. Wish I had read your post before I responded above to the other poster who seems to not be able to understand a question.

    You've given me an answer which I appreciate even though it corrects my understanding. But I am mystified.

    (1) Reading the article, unless we are talking about two different issues and articles, the one I read was from Los Alamos in October 2014 discussing research that had achieved a better consistency and product. It only mentioned the lab, not any outside customers, and used the future terms I quoted.

    Are we taking about the same thing?? Are you talking about the Los Alamos study results??? If not, that would kexplain a lot as we are talking about different things and I will have to recheck your source material.

    (2) On the other, maybe i'm just plain wrong. Will have to see if archives of the two ccs, q1 and q2 are available and recheck. Could have sworn that rene said that the hi res/hi speed was being beta testing in machines. If im wrong i'm wrong and apologize but that was my understanding. Will recheck that info.

    Thanks for answering my questions and will appreciate knowing if we are talking about the same technology.

    But the hi speed/res issue does concern me as I was counting on that new technology being sooner as I've posted before.

  • Reply to

    Recent EBM Developments

    by tomhodgins Jan 22, 2015 5:12 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jan 28, 2015 4:48 PM Flag

    If you have no answer fine, but don't tell me that the issue does not exist. I'll put things even simplier to establish that the issues do exist, but if you have no answer fine.

    (1) Is hi res/speed incorporated in actual arcam printers being used by customers in a beta format as we speak and Rene said in past cc??????

    (2) Is the Tom technology actually being tested by customers in the field, producing end products being used to make product sold for revenue on the market?????

    Simple enough. And those two questions do exist and are answerable in yes/no terms. It is my understanding that te answers are (1) YES and (2) NO. Am I correct, yes or no on each. Clear???? Simple???

    As far as contacting using another medium, that's fine with me but don't know how. You will have to educate me in how to do it as i'm internet and tech ignorant.

    But do not tell me the questions and issues do not exist. I put the questions very simple and they are answerable yes or no. I've given my understanding to each in yes/no terms.

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