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pdb3838 1032 posts  |  Last Activity: 5 hours ago Member since: Jan 20, 2006
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  • if you were so smart moron you would know what tongue in cheek is for papa arcam and that xmas eve is actually a holiday in Sweden. So is epithony day which I think is great and I had one when I realized just how stupid and ignorant and obsessive you and bosie is and how delusional you are in each post with all that rambling delusional drivel which you are so involved with. Money Python, socialism, dragnet, blue label and now religion. You do need help. Both in what is relevant and your trading given the trades you have felt the need to disclose here. This uneducated, poor vocabulary, moron has spoken. LOL

  • What a needy ignorant little clown. Now in addition to your tirades on monty python, dragnet, socialism and now religion you show your neediness to post to me again, without showing any comprehension or understanding.

    This moron at least was not stupid enough; to add to linc at 8ish fo the reasons I stated when I addressed your little linc post. Nor did I buy sdrl at over 20 or rig when its laying up rigs and scraping them because it can't get contracts and has the oldest fleet. Down the road we will see whether sdrl or rig was the better buy, but certainly not at 21 for sdrl. LOL This moron has spoken.

    As far as my question post is concerned, most except the comprehension challenged could tell that my tongue was firmly in my cheek with my comments about papa arcam and ending with LOL. Of course I Knew about xmas, but as I said elsewhere coiuld not explain about xmas eve or 12/26. BUt you and bose needed to satisfy your obsessive need to post and show your ignorance and both of you did. BUt you take the cake in all your posts with your off point rambling delusional statements which definitelyi shows some mental dysfunction as you include such delusional thinking in all your posts.

    Now for an informative sensible answer, which of course neither you nor bosie can figure out would have been. Sweden had holidays for xmas eve, xmas and boxing day which is a general European holiday. That would have been responsive and informative and appreciated. But no one sensible can even understand your ramblings much less appreciate them.

    On another note, I need investigate Swedish holidays and was amazed at how many they have. My favorite is epithomy day which I like. I realize it has religious overtones, but recognizing standard epithomies might be warranted. I know I had two when I realized just how ignorant, stupid and delusional you and bosie are. Have yet to read one sensible post from you given all your rants and ramblings and certainly as a stock picker your ignorant

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 27, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    And you could have answered the question or rebuked posters who lie.

    And clown, if boxing day explains Friday, it does not explain no trading on xmas or xmas eve which was open here, Thanks for another non response and you apparentlyi don't mind posts that lie or are personal. I do. Enough said but thanks for your need to interject.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 7:32 PM Flag

    No liar, saying a few day ago that your advise to short at 70 was so great. That was an out and oiut lie as you lost your max as the stock went up to 90. You are so needy to brag and this lie shows that need so clearly. Now if you had said to short, and it went down, you might have a worthy brag. But it didn't. But as with most bosie wiggles, you change the time as if that makes you right.

    This post is another example of your lying wiggles. You change the facts and try to wiggle from your errors.

    What was dead wrong little clown was shorting at 70 as the stock rose to 90. Clear???? Can you comprehend that????

    Now enough of youir nonsensical drivel to me today.

    Yes little clown, but the market here was open on xmas eve, so why the difference.

    And notice you try to wiggle over your claim that my question was only for TODAY. WILL 12/24/and 12'25 are not today, wiggling little clown.

    5 idiot posts today all directed to me, all total drivel.

    You sure keep showing your ignorance and drivel.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 7:26 PM Flag

    Another needy response to me. At least you did not lie but why bore me and the board with your drivel. Little clown, go peddle your lies and nonsense to others. I know you wiggles and lies and needs to have an audience. You lost al respect when tried to claim you were brilliant with claiming the benefits of sorting GPRO at 70 months after the prediction and of course omitting that you lost you max as the stock went up to 90. You had little credibility before that but such a ouitright needy lie lost all respect. Post your drivel to others. But then you promised you would 3 times before. What a pathetic needy little clown.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    I totally agree with you as I've been saying for weeks. But if 10 printers in roughly 2 weeks and a company proven to be EXECUTING has not moved the pps so far beginning to wonder but can't afford not to be in it. Baring something to excite the lemmings, i'm not sure if we have any catalyst to get the lemmings going before the ER and cc where we might see a 30%+ like last ER day. But then, will we hold that gain.
    But remember the whole sector is down and one hot day does not make a trend change. The whole 3d sector should be doing better for reasons we have both discussed. Wonder if the reason for the pop in the sector was the announcement that the whole sector is hugely short. Did not mention arcam, but the short report showed all of the 3ders, especially ddd heavily shorted. A lot of traders play the contra game. Who knows but that's the only news I saw today that might have moved the 3ders.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    Nope clown, don't use a digital calendar except the one provided with windows and have seen no reference to boxing day listing.

    But why respond again with nothing but nonsense. As I said before, please either answer the question with claritiy or slink away.

    We know you are needy to post but come on Like your needy brag a few days ago to shout that you were so insightful to predict shorting Gpro at 70 without noting that youi did short, lost your maximum shop loss as that stock went up to 90.

    Like with your incomplete answer to my question, did you really think we would not have remembered how lousiy thiat short at 70 advise was and that you could get awaiy with pretending that you were right months later.

    What a lying comprehension challenged clown.




    Please respond no more to my questions as you have neither the brains to understand the question nor to answer it. Wiggle away liar. Learn the difference between TODAY, you claim and since 12/23, specifically 12/24, 25, and 26 posed in my question.

    As I've said you are the poster boy for our failed education system with your alleged 2 degrees and inability to understand or answer a simple question.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Hope your right, that's why i'm big in the company and bought a lot more recently. But would be nice to hear some confirmation with contract printer refvenue, software sales or even just hearing that Honeywell, GE, etc are happy with the product and will use it when they turn to mfg. Would also like to hear an update from materialize. We need some progress reports and better Earnings reports. Execution, not talk, is what we need now.

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    by pdb3838 Dec 23, 2014 4:00 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 1:33 PM Flag

    Assume you mean Feb 5 is the ER release date. Thank you for that info, I asked that in another post but you've answered me.

    You aslo seem somewhat knowledgeable and can actually construct an informative post.

    So question:: Why as papa arcam in Sweden not been trading as the last IYahoo post is COB 12/23. Three days seems a bit much without explanation.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 1:28 PM Flag

    Not too bad Tom as DDD is up very nicely today, finally following arcam up a tad. Arcam should have been up 2 as well given its latest news.

    Any idea when earnings will be released???

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    Well can't have been too bad as ddd is up nicely today.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 1:24 PM Flag

    Another of your nonsequetar responses which mean nothing, assuming your reader can read your mind. In addition to your comprehension challenges despite your alleged 2 degrees, as I've pointed out you cannot form a simple declarative Engish sentence which conveys meaning. Do not bother to respond to any of my posts or questions if you are unable to communicate effectively.

    I posed a simple question. You responded with nonsense. For example::::

    Why open a calendar, what calendar, what year, for what Country, etc???. I have a USA calendar which does not answer my question.

    Re boxing day. What is it?. Is that a Holiday for the Swedish market, on what day, what is its significance, what day is it on, how long does it last, ETC??????? How ignorant can a poster get.

    I asked why the last Yahoo quote for papa Arcam was the end of 12/23 A "boxing day" does not explain what holiday it is, if it is a holiday, how long it lasts, it is only Swedish or Europe wide and most especially why it caused no trading for 12//24, 12/25 or 12/26, 3 full days. I do not know if Sweden recognizes xmas which might explain no trading for 12/25, but does not explain the lack of trading on 12/24 and 12/26.

    So unless you can form an English paragraph answering my questions, please slink away with your alleged degrees which you keep telling us about.

    On the other hand, if any readers out there can answer my questions, I will appreciate you doing so. At the least, you can inform me and show the clown bosie how to answer a question. LOL But then it would have to comprehend what is being asked and said. LOL

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 26, 2014 8:27 AM Flag

    QUESTION: Is arcam closed in Sweden/ Last quote on Yahoo is from 12/23. Suggests no trading for 12/24, 25 or today. What gives?? Any of you Europe residents know the story on papa yahoo, we adr children want to know???? LOL

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    BLGO has spent $435 to SLAPP me.

    by smaycs4 Dec 23, 2014 5:50 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 24, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    What has happened to this stock??? No volume two days in a role. Is I halted???? Why???? Any info appreciated

  • Reply to


    by pdb3838 Dec 23, 2014 4:00 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 24, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    Concur, in another post I gave my very rough estimate of 12 to 13 deliveries in the 4q based upon all most 2q and 3q sales being delivered except for customer options and the one 4q sale promised for 2014 delivery by Rene.

    So assume 12 to 13 deliveries and what will that give us for backlog going ito 2015 and most of those up for delivery in q1. That plus contracting and material revenue equates to a good q4 and q1. The rest will need more sales.

    But given all this good stuff why is the ipps weak again today. Granted xmas volume is low bot come on but I might add going into ER as that should give uis a pop. If that won't nothing will.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 24, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    Geeze tom, do you think arcam needs double counting or did you not understand that this was the sale we were discussing YESTERDAY in my yet another one headline post.

    Like others, some thought before posting and comprehension will enhance the discussion level.

  • Reply to

    According to Terry Wohlers

    by tomhodgins Dec 22, 2014 4:46 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 24, 2014 7:10 AM Flag

    Short version, you were so happy that you thought you caught me in one, that you neediness triumphed and you shouted before even comprehending.
    In the post you recalled (showing youi lied on your gpro allegations) I said I owned sdrl a while, that it like all energis was way down, that was going to buy more and in another post that I added from there.

    Where are the lies little clown. I've documented yours over an over, where is mine other than your wisfiulness and bosie new math.

    Now yes i'm red in the trade temporarily but a bag holder??? YOu don't even know what the term means. You've lost your 20%, i'm still in the ball park.

    GOTCHA again. You cannot even tell when you actiually got me with your pathetic shout. Wishful thinking but as I've shown in two posts, you far short, just proved your lying.

    You are such an easy target, I love it. So needy to try to show me up, that you jump when you think you got me and can't eve comprehend your failure. While at the same time you confirm that you lied on gpro as we all know. Love it.

    Just like in a debate when one utilizes a logic train to lead an opponent down a path without his realizing it till the end when he has boxed himself into admitting that he was totally one In his thesis. Then the men admit it, the clowns run, obfuscate or try to change the subject.

    Lets see what path the clown follows now that he's been shown up. Yes down, no lies and challenge the bag holder label.


  • Reply to

    According to Terry Wohlers

    by tomhodgins Dec 22, 2014 4:46 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 24, 2014 7:03 AM Flag

    Thank you little clown for confirming that you lied blatantly on your alleged gpro trades. You probably are too stupid to even realize it. You alleged buying gpro at its IPO and alleged that you posted about it in advance as you allege that you ALWAYS do as you were attacking me for not doing so. I challenged you on it and challenged you to recall you alleged posts Of course you didn't as you lied about it and this post confirms that you are only too ready to recall posts to try to how me up. So you obviously lied about your GPRO early trades and certainly did when saying how great you were in calling a gpro short at 70 as it went up to 90 and you lost your max stop loss. LOL GOTCHA AGAIN LITTLE CLOWN

    Now re SDRL, lying again. You obviously spent a lot of time finding and recalling that post and are so happy that you shot that i'm a lying bag holder. However, your so stupid your caught lying again. LOL

    OK Clown where did I lie. In this post I said I held SDRL and it was way down. LIE??? Said I was planning on buying more as it was way down and I liked the company. LIE??? In another post said I bought a lot of SDRL around 16, plus and minus. LIE??? Also said I was surprised at how far it went down was going to add. LIE??? So far everything I said was true.

    Now little clown so happy that he thought he caught me in a lie, as I docuiment him lying all the time, he was so needy that he had to spend a lot of time on I and shout it.

    But failed again, so miserably You ballon popped yet again.

    WHERE DID I LIE little clown??. Said I had sdrl, bought more and then more. Said in that post and in others that i'm down in sdrl. SOO Your down in arcam. LOL Another Bosie new math claim so stupid that he was shouting that a lie was shown when it was not. The stupid needy clown strikes again.

    As far as being a bag holder. Doubt it. Bag holder implies getting stuck with a stock. I feel this stock is going back up with energy, so while red not bag holder. LOL



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    According to Terry Wohlers

    by tomhodgins Dec 22, 2014 4:46 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 23, 2014 6:24 PM Flag

    What drivel. Simple fact. Had Bosie not deemed it necessary to post to me, with more lies, this morning, these comments would not have happened. I did not shout yesterday how great my post was to short Gpro at 70.when it went up to 90. He Did and was a total lie.

    I tried and did keep my comments to arcam's future.this morning.

    Do you really expect one to let false personalities, claims and lies go unrebutted. If you do, you are not as smart as you imply you are.

    I don't see how your posts are ruined. You commented favorably and repetitively, to some of my arcam comments.

    If you want the nonarcam comments to stop, direct your comments to those who raise the issues, who are so needy that they must comment to me daily with drivel With those who commented and lied repetitively on this board about other stocks and arcam without owning any stock.

    Bottom line I prefer and will analyze and provide my insight and opinions on arcam. But, if some needy individual feels it necessary to address me with lies, misstatements, false brags and other such I will respond accordingly.

    Simple solution, read what you like, skip what you don't.

  • Reply to

    According to Terry Wohlers

    by tomhodgins Dec 22, 2014 4:46 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Dec 23, 2014 6:12 PM Flag

    Wiggle Wiggle little clown. 5 posts today, all responding to and directed to me, all containing lies, misstatements and half truths and all rebutted.

    Keep wiggling and lying and I'll keep pointing them out. Like your bragging shout about how great your call was to short grpo at 70,, months earlier, when the truth was youi did, lost your maximum stop loss of 5 dollars per share as it went up to 90. Real great call to short at 70 lying clown.

    Then months later you try to fool the lemmings by saying how great your call to short gpro at 70 was. Monthsafter the call, trying to pretend your call covered the subsequent downturn and of course not mentioning that you lost money and that you shorted a stock at 70 which wentup to 90.

    LOL What a lying little clown and still wiggling. How many more wiggle attempts will you force me and others to show are simply bosie lies.

    More nonsense and bosie wiggles. Cannot tell thie truith on my ddd or arcam holdings and now lying abouit my sdrl as well. Please keep your lies o your own trades and not impose your obvious untruths on my trades which you usually cannot comprehend.

    To educate you comprehension challenged clown. What I posted before Is that I bought a lot of SDRL at 16ish. I also said I planned to add as it went down below what I expected. I did but did not bother disclosing it as I don't disclose my trades usually except to show how foolish your brags are. So logic should tell you that my SDRL basis is below l6.and I have no planes to sell so have no losses yet unlike you. May also add more at this price as well.

    Now clown whether I show a profit or loss on this trade will be determined in the future.

    Clown you again don't tell the truth. Can't you post once without lying. Everyone knew energy was going down and that the SDRL divvy was at risk. I commented on that. That was the reason for buying the stock dumb #$%$. I also posted all the reasons I thought SDRL was a great buy.

    More lies clown. How many more??

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