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    Örebro University (Sweden)

    by rogerharrysson 2 hours 54 minutes ago
    pdb3838 pdb3838 1 hour 57 minutes ago Flag

    Hate the way Yahoo arbitrarily does things but guess one cannot debate the price. LOL

    Great that we got another printer sale, but will be 4q unless the announcement is delayed. So we still have the 7only that we know about. But one more in backlog.

    I've explained my views in my analysis post to you on 10/1, 11 pm. ANy comments??, do you agree. Will all depend on how the street reacts. But if the trend continues, today is looking good. Heck as of yesterdays close we had a 61% up move So much for the 10ers.

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    Örebro University (Sweden)

    by rogerharrysson 2 hours 54 minutes ago
    pdb3838 pdb3838 2 hours 5 minutes ago Flag

    Your right if we continue papa arcam's lead.

    CC was just confirmed for 10/21.

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    Örebro University (Sweden)

    by rogerharrysson 2 hours 54 minutes ago
    pdb3838 pdb3838 2 hours 33 minutes ago Flag

    Thanks for the update. You must be located abroad as your the only one who finds this stuff. But is it relevant??. It only mentions laser, not arcam or ebm, does it pertain to arcam. IF not, relevancy.?? We all know EBM is taking a bigger role in mfg. Arcam has sold many printers to universities. But how does this help the arcam picture???

    But papa arcam is up nicely as of this writing with of course no specified news Hope baby arcam continues the up tic and that it continues through the ER which per my analysis is a big question mark, sure hope I;m too conservative. But I do expect the pps to rise going into the ER as per usual and then we will see how many sales we had and how the street reacts. Even without any more appreciation, have nice appreciation for another ER play but hoping I can hold for a while. Those 10 predictors were sure nicely wrong. 62% up and counting.

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    LNG Modeling

    by endeend88 21 hours ago

    Its sure refreshing to have a thread which so far has no idiotic Gary post. How anyone can spend so much and effort on a stock I don't think he even owns is amazing.

    On the merits. I understand the shorting but why would anyone short just before revenue starts. I could see in the past when no money was expected for years but the pps went up. Now that revenue is soon upon us, and doubling every 9 months, I sure would not short this stock. Its pricing and sales are booked and so the price really doesn't matter. The only risk that I see is if HH goes down enough as not to cover the debt and of course there is the 20% not covered by the contracts that will be sold on spot. But I predict that gas prices, who cares about oil as nat gas here, unlike Europe, is not price tied to oil, will go up as the huge exporting demand will increase. Just think how much LNG will be buying. And don't forget the trend towards using more nat gas for energy production and my hope that wprt and clne will take off and nat gas will be used more as a vechicle fuel as well. All that will spur nat gas demand and hence prices. IMHO.

    I'm sure hoping that we get back to at least where we were. And while I know that a lot of energy companies are down, I would not have expected LNG which is not in oil, not at the mercy of oil pricing and is already sold ouit except for that 20% but from what I can discern, given the cheap price here and the realtively low cost of teansport we will be able to sell easily to Europe and Asia to se up that 20% spot.

    We shall see but that's biut bet was looking great till the last few months. But I still optimistic although would have thought the ican pop would have lasted longer.

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    LNG Modeling

    by endeend88 21 hours ago

    Book, you know I agree with you on LNG, both from the validity of the contracts, the unimportance of new competition given those contracts and the security of the pricing which is tied to HH and not oil as Russia likes to do.

    But no one can argue that as exporinging nears, we only now 2 months from revenue begtinning, the pps has gotten killed. The shorts should not have that much power. And now that exporting will begin in 2 months, we will double that original capacity roughtly every 2 months for 15 train worth between now and what 2025??

    So why or why is the pps so weak. With that kind of revenue starting we should now be rocketing. Yet when exporting was a long way off we grew like a rocket pps wise and now that exporing is near we fall like an anvil. WHY??????

  • Hey Mr. 10, 4 posts trying to support your 10 prediction, cast aspirtions on my trading and trying to defend your rounding claim. well 12% is not a rounding error, arcam did not get to 10, and its now over 18, not 10.

    Bad investing/trading??? Profit on my trading shares with a lower basis than yours, documented hot share profits which you have not documented and up almost 60% on my substantial add position. And i'm a bad invester/trader? LOL Tend your own garden Mr. 10.

    Trying 4 times trying to support your 10 prediction and try to cast aspirtions on my trading where im green.and have nice profits. Maybe instead of your failing campaign to support your position, you might give some attention to the iupcoming ER and my analysis thereof which is a lot more relevant.

    Mr. 10 who cares about your obviously failed prediction, your poor trading not buying cheaply and having a higher basis, and your obvious need to try to feel superior when you re just pain wrong YOu should have bought when arcam was down, bought when I did and took the ER profits I did the last 3 ERs.

    Your focus should be on where arcam goes from here, whether my ER analysis is right or wrong and why and speculate on how the street will react thereto and move the pps.

    Mr. 10 that would be a better and certainly more germane fccus of your posting efforts as again your 10 was wrong, who cares how well I;m doing and the important thing is how arcam does.

  • Hey Mr. 10, you persist in trying to support your 10 prediction and arcam negativism. Wrong again.

    1. As I said in another post, your claim that arcam lost almost all its value is patently wrong Arcam went way up, then down but its basically at its intrinsic value, up from where it was when it started its run to over 200. I take credit for picking such a high flying stock.

    2. You are dead wrong on my own experiences. I am not down 25%. I'm up 52% from my adds, up 3 from my investment shares and have pocked hot share profits. So Mr 10, hate to educate you but its not a question of maybe I will recover. HAVE recovered and like where I am nd where I expect to go which is not 10.

    3. If you think that is terrible investing, you are entitled to your opinion and obviously have a need to try to convince others. But 52% profit is not terrible investing, pocketing hot share profits while many including Bosie showed loses despite all their brags and being up and showing a profit on my investment shares is not IMHO bad investing. Much better than those that bought and held at 50 and as near as I can tell beating the hell out of your investing with a higher basis, no hot shares and no buys at ll/12. Yet this is your 4th post trying to support your 10 prediction, over 12% off and not a rounding error and your trying to convince others my investing was so bad. You even admit my investing is superior to yours yet you post. I've documented all my hot share profits, you have not documented any interim trading, certainly not at a profit.

    3. Don't care what you think of my investing but you obviously have such a bosie like need to try to convince others that i'm so bad and your so good WRONG.

    4. So Mr. 10.. I have recovered from my losses,booked sizeable gains, am up almost 60% from my adds and I have a lower basis than you. And i'm a bad investor. Tend your own garden Mr. 10 and higher basis.

    All errors trying to top,me, 4 times yet, failing and no ER discussion .

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    Volume and Price Increase

    by gxoneill Sep 30, 2015 4:32 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 6, 2015 3:25 AM Flag

    Analysis found in the order for 2 EMB systems from ...... thread posted 10/1 at 11.04pm.

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    by ago_heights Oct 5, 2015 9:54 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 5, 2015 9:59 PM Flag

    I agree and disagree and i'm not a novice.

    I don't understand your emphasize on FEDERAL. Upcoming is a general quarterly ER release.

    There is competition, but no more than usual and per last ER season FEYE was holding its own. Big revenue and earnings increase, predicted cash flow positive this quarter and break even 2 years ahead of schedulel, many positive new partnerships and customers and increased guidance.

    But don't fool yourself, FEYE is not increasing its revenue and percentage growth better than al competition. Its in the top tier along with ftnt, cybr, panw, checkpoint. But it does have Meridan which is the only real forensic consulting firm out there and I bet participated in the brokerage cleanp I mentioned.

    Your statement that FEYE will release some bad news and fall is blatently wrong. Last quarter that happened with the CFO and the pps fell. But last 2 ERS the ER was good and the pps moved up nicely. ONe quarter does not a pattern or trend make

    But we do agree on the anticipation of a good ER, an increase in the PPS, Feye having a blowout quarter and the pps going up as it should have not gone down this far in the first place. And based on the last ER which was excellent IMHO the stock should have not gone down, but we will have another good ER and the pps will go up. When who knows, but it will go back and like you I;m not going to give shorts any of my shares. BUt i' m playing a cyber basket of feye, cybr, ftnt.

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    by ago_heights Oct 5, 2015 9:54 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 5, 2015 8:49 PM Flag

    You are right. Couple of things:

    (1) Essentially FEYE and a lot of the cybers have gone down with the market and many stocks. But Feye seems to e weaker than most.

    (2) These over 1 dollar moves in FEYE and its weakness since the ER is inexplicable to me. Feye, cybr and ftnt in my opinion are the crème of the crop but looks like FEYE has gotten the worst of the situation.

    (3) More important than above. I've been informed, and this hasn't been announced publically as far as I can tell, several brokerags have been hacked and contact data stolen. I don't see where this has been publicized. One of them informed me they did a full forensic investigation, with a leading cyber securety firm and discovered that while no money, SSNs or confidential data was taken, names and addreses were. They are offering ID theft protection.

    Two comments. THis breech happened months ago and we are only now being informed. This Is trend,justlike with the govt hack and many others, we are told about them a long time after and to late to take immediate remedial action. Any damage arguably has been done alreadyi before the notice

    Also wonder which forensic firm was hired to research the problem.

    Bottom line we are in ER season again and I expect good ERS from FEYE, Cybr and ftnt which should spurt their pps.

    Grader, unless there is something I don't know, this pps downturn for FEYE is inexplicable but i'm getting tired of it. May shift more resources to cybr and ftnt both of which show strength while feye is showing inexplicable weakness.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 5, 2015 8:23 PM Flag

    So you think an over 12% discrepancy from a 10 prediction is a rounding error. I know a lot of braggards who would shout that a 12% gain was HUGE and tell us that over and over. LOL

    Why Mr. 10 the fact is arcam did not get to 10 as you predicted and hoped given all your attempts to defend the prediction and those of us who added are now up over 50% in about 5 weeks and counting. I;m happy just hope the street likes this upcoming ER although as stated in my analysis I do have some concerns. The slales unknown over 7 and the potential delivery disappointment as we probably will only have 1/2 more delivered y/y and substantially down sequentially. The wildcards are how many sales did we get over 7 and how will the street react to the relatively static deliveries. The potential should move the stock but you could say that now, but then we did get a 50% up.

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    Volume and Price Increase

    by gxoneill Sep 30, 2015 4:32 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 5, 2015 8:15 PM Flag

    I said nothing personal about you nor did I seek you out. IF you took umbrage I apologize. But if you've been here any time, you know that I call them like I see them, positive and negative.

    THe originating post focused on the pps and why anyone would sell at this low price and about pps action. It was not primarilhy about volume, only that the poster was surprised about the volume in light of the pps action or inaction. Right???

    Then you posted jiberish and I commented on that. Any one dispute the original post was gibberish, especially the first sentence but the rest without a subject was inexplicable. Anyone disagree.

    Then you made a postulation in your clarification post, stating that the trust of your post was to say that volume spike every Wed, 5 weeks before the ER and you asked if others agree.

    Will I opined that volume in a vacuum was not of interest to me nor responsive to the originating post. I further answered your question and debunked your thesis by a quick "little" review of the record which showed that Wednesdays were not at all unusual volume wise. You admit my debunking was right.

    Well what is "hunting" you down or wrong in what I posted. I expressed an opinion re the relevancy of volume in a vacuum, and I've bemoaned the low volume incessantly, and answered your question by debuinking your thesis. What is wrong in that. Many have tried to debunk my opinions and multiple thesis over time without much success.

    On the ER which is very relevant, I agree with you and have formulated my reasons in multiple posts. But while you focus on sales which of course are important, i'm more concerned with deliveries which directly affect revenue. Long term I have no qualms at all like you for the reasons of the oft quoted article as well as many others. No need to repeat what we already have read in the PRs and other posts But look at my ER analysis post and see if you agree or debunk. I actually hope you debunk my conservative outlook.

    Where am I wrong

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    pdb3838 , what a clown....

    by millysisi Sep 30, 2015 9:33 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 4, 2015 8:15 PM Flag

    So I keep turning stories around??? What a fool and keep showing it. So I am dumb???? At least I don't contradict my own posts and am too stupid to know it. So dumb??? At least I don't say I was the first person to post on this board So dumb???? At least I don't simply write a post and claim that it proves that I was first. So dumb??? At least I don't have a need to quote estensively and follow someone I say no one reads and can't even formiulate a basi English sentence. So dumb??? At least I don't try to brag abouit future unhappened events. So now you claim your own sentences are mine.

    Little clown, and you keep showing it, I dokn't have to turn stories around. Your the one who has such a need to follow me and to quote from me. To lie about me and to brag as if you are so smart about events which havenk't even happened yet so obviously you are not right or wrong. But the events you did shout about the American people are stupid, the American economy would fail, that the stock market would collapse and everyone including you should get out of it and that gold/silver was the only investment to make all proved false. And that is a simple fact. Probably whiy you changed your name little Tilo. The American economy improved, the market hit new highs and gold/sliber collapsed. So what we do know is that you are proven dead wrong. LOL

    And i'm the dummy. LOL LIttle Tilo I do not have to change any stories around. You do such a good job of showing how dumb and stupid you are, how clownish and needyi you are, I do not have to change anything around to prove it as you do such a good job of showing your neediness and clownishness yourself

    But please keep adding t this thread as it does provide comic relief and show just how dumb and stupid some are Proves themselves wrong with their own posts and are so stupid they don't realize it. LOL little clown


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    Volume and Price Increase

    by gxoneill Sep 30, 2015 4:32 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 4, 2015 4:47 AM Flag

    Nope. Read your clarification. Even if your volume theory was useful, not in my opinion, it does not survive fact checking. Just something to provide a reason to post I guess and that not clearly.

    A five minute check of yahoo historical prices for this quarter and last debunks the thesis. Yes Wednesdays had some high volumes But higher volumes 5 weeks prior to this Er and 5 weeks prior to last shows some high volumes on Weds, but higher volumes on some Fridays, Thursdays and other days as well. As many highs on non Wednesdays as on Wednesdays. The by far highest volume day was on ER day, which was a Tuesday. So no coincidence, just a erroneous thesis. ER days understandable, the other days, most often Thus and Fri may be coincidence or maybe tied to news releases or who knows. Doesn't mater either way. ANd I did a quick analysis of pps action and found to day correlation re day of week or pps action either.

    Bottom line, I still say our Arcam volume is generally pathetic and don't understand it with arcam's execution, the excitement of the sector which all analysts say will grow substantially and the fact that all the other 3ders are in deep funk and can't execute. Lets discuss germane topics such as the upcoming ER and how arcam is performig and not incomprehensible posts and red herring issues JMHO

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    Volume and Price Increase

    by gxoneill Sep 30, 2015 4:32 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 4, 2015 4:27 AM Flag

    Short is great, as long as its comprehensible which yours was not. I defy anyone to realize what you were trying to say with your first sentence much less the rest.

    So your only reason to post was to tell us that 5 weeks before ER, on Wednesdays each week, arcam has higher volume and saying nothing about the pps action. If it addressed pps action I might find some usefulness but volume in a vacuum, others may care I don't. So incomprehensible initially and upon correction still not useful, but for the heck of it I will take a quick look at see if 5 weeks fefore ER, on WED only volume spikes which seems to be the theme that caused you to post. Now if you had developed a pps thesis or provided some analysis on the merits of the upcoming ER the post might have offered something.

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    Volume and Price Increase

    by gxoneill Sep 30, 2015 4:32 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 3, 2015 8:31 PM Flag

    You've lost me. Another post that is incomprehensible, absent a subject.

    First, ER is Oct 21, less than 20 days or about 3 weeks. Where does 5 weeks come from??????

    Second, what is Wednesday only. Subject??

    Third, what is THIS in this pattern to repeat??

    Fourth what will repeat 7th and 14th of October. Again Subject??

    Fifth what has a good chance this will happen again Again subject?

    At least with some of the drivel posted here it is easy to rebut, put the lie to or otherwise ridicule the content for its nonsense.

    Here, I can't comment as I cannot understand enough of what is being said to agree, disagree, ridicule or accept.

    If i'm dense and its me, please elucidate me and tell me what the poster is trying to say and how you figured it out with the ER date misstatement and the subject less statements.

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    pdb3838 , what a clown....

    by millysisi Sep 30, 2015 9:33 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 3, 2015 8:15 PM Flag

    Look clown, you have been caught in so many lie, misstatements, false brags, and numerous hiding identities that no one would believe anything you said. I do not know its "me" and which "me" to you mean. You speak as if every one of your alias is a sepearte person, a sure sign of mental illness as is answering yourself. What I do know is that you hae not shown that you came before yourself, LOL, nor that you were the first poster on this board as you claimed. You have not proven that you came before me and that quote does not prove anything. Like

    investin3d + Dec 6 2012 10:59 AM. See I can type also. LOL

    Which I are you using today clown So you were here before Tilo came on board. You are the same. LOL

    So its important for you to pretend that you came on here before me. That is quite clownish and needy, little Tilo.

    What I said, and its easily documented, is that I was here before Tilo. Heck you may have a ton of other alias, knowing your neediness and tendency to hide, I wouild not be surprised. But you have not established that you were here before me and other than you, who cares. Your the one who seems to think i' m so important that you need to headline me, post lies to me and have such a need to lie that you were the first poster on this board and that you were on here before me. Heck, if I was as needy as you I would simply go back in history, find the first identity and claim it was me. Just like you do with all your other names.

    And i'm the little clown. Heck over your history of posting you earned the title clown with yor neediness to respond to and try to top me. WIth your false brags and lies and most especially with your heroworship that you've been following me for years and no created a new identity to respond to jut little ole me.

    And i'm the little clown??. Just like you put the lie to your claim that no one pays attention or reads my posts, you've shown how clownish, ignorant and out right stupid you are.

    Your worse than Bosie LOL

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    pdb3838 , what a clown....

    by millysisi Sep 30, 2015 9:33 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 3, 2015 8:03 PM Flag

    You are obviously mentally ill. Proven by the juvenile tone of all your posts and your lies and false brags. Heck expending so much ink, bragging about what MAY happen in the future. Following me for years and creating a whole knew identity to respond and post to just me, me who you said in this thread no body reads or cares about Heck you respond to yourself and posted two messages just in this thead at the same time, to respond to the one you said nobody cares about or reads. Are you nobody as you obviously abjhectly need to read and respond to all that I say. LOL GOTCHA

    And in addition to all the above signs of mental illness, you even talk about yourself in the third person and seem to pretend that each of your aliasis are not you, that they are separate persons acting independently. Like "I was here before Tilo came on board." LOL
    Pathetic. You and tilo are the same. GOTCHA cracker guy.

    Some I'm a little clown?? You are so stupid you cannot even come up with your own words and phraseology. All those false brags lying about what you did in the past, trying to foregot your erroneous shouts on the US economy, the market and gold/silver. And such pathetic neediness and heroworship on just me. Heck, you paint yourself a liar saying no one cares or pays attention to me yet based on my thumbs and responses your obvious wrong and all your headline posts and responses to me shows that your one of my most abject followers. GOTCHA again.

    Another GOTCHA. You have claimed that you had no aliases as I caught you over a year ducking behind them. YOur claim, then and now, you only use alias when you can't use the prior name any more. Now your claiming that you were using milliesisi before you hid behind TIlo. Now your claiming that you always had millsis, so why hide behind Tilo. More lies

    You are so stupid and comprehension challenged. That post means nothing. I could have posted that. Are you alleging another name. Doesn't prove you were the first poster as claimed

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    pdb3838 , what a clown....

    by millysisi Sep 30, 2015 9:33 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 3, 2015 7:46 PM Flag

    So you are so limited and dumb that you have t use my own words and so need that you continue to have a need to reply to me, try to cast aspersions and of course fail as .

    I love your posts as you make such a fool of yourself and all your multiple identities and your abject hero worship. Everyone of your new identity posts are directed to just little ole me and as usual contain lies, mistatemens and so much proof of your abject clownishness and neediness.

    Anyone can discern the juvenile tone of your posts which document your lack of any intelligence. Anyone can also discern your abject neediness to headline me, to follow me over all these years an to create a new alias to respond to just little old me. And how about the juvenile nature of your posts such needs to shout, to brag and to insult and yet you have nothing to say.

    Your brags are all way in the past, what you allege having done all lies and in the future where you brag about what you MAY achieve in the future. Talk about brags and ego stmuli with no substance.

    On the other hand I did gain the appreciation from 11 to 17 on new shares and am in te green in Arcam on my investment shares while you are not. I did not loose money in gld as you did and I did participate in all those market highs while you were out of the market. The are the facts, OMG.

    Now your lies and mis statements . No one reads my posts??. what a liar. First my replies and thumbs, both up and down puts the lie to your statement. GOTCHA Second your own posts document your lies. First you admit to following my posts for these years when hyou've been hiding and your responses to just me under your new alias establish that you are following and reading my posts. And you call me a liar.

    Turn things around.. I don't need to turn anything around. Your stupidity and ignorance does it. You are not in arcam for the gains. You said to sell all stock and invest in gold and silver and missed all those highs. Your juvenile brags are self evident

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Oct 3, 2015 7:08 AM Flag

    IF you tried to make sense and it was yahoo that caused it to be subject less jiberish, I apologize to you and criticize yahoo. But it did not and does not make sens to me and since I understood the originating post that is all I need. Why even post if you can't be clear. I might later decide to take the time but that's for the future. I'm more concerned in trying to get a feel for the ER in less than 20 days.

    Sadly its my understanding that yahoo, in its infinite wisdom does not allow posting of links. Maybe they re afraid people will post commercial links.
    But i'm happy with the concept that any new use for ebm is good for arcam. Now lets hope we have a good ER and some idea of how good going into the magic day. I am worried about the sequential comparison, not arcam future, but just how WS will react diven what I expect will be a poor sequential delivery comparison and who knows re the sales. But at best I anticipate deliveries up 1/2 y/y and down sequentially. Hope I;m unduly conservative. We shall see.

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