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  • They said that inflation is low jobs are good GDP is strong. They have been saying that for 3 quarters and the fact is there has been no improvement over that stretch. So the market keeps the rally going by producing nothing. They have discounted the same old numbers for 3 quarters but the idiot investors think the numbers are great. The other non convient fact is the numbers are made up. there is no job growth all jobs created are part time low wage temp positions. Inflation is high and GDP us adjusted with some make up number. We are on Fed watch to see if they want to hike rates a quarter of a point. Up or down a quarter of a point is meaningless.

  • bad news really bad news. The economy is rolling over and the interest rate trade has played out. We are about to see bad news become a market disaster.

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    Here is your utopian dream today

    by penystoc Sep 7, 2015 6:48 PM
    penystoc penystoc Sep 7, 2015 7:40 PM Flag

    Are you kidding me the government service here is practically no existent. the las major snow storm we had they left us snowed in for a week. Pot holes so big they can swallow a tank. Schools are joke just a baby sitting service. People complain and they get the typical bureaucrat response. 'We will look into it". A friend of mine works for a government agency here and they laugh when they get complaints. Socialist Utopia for sure. By the way the poor in the city are worse off every year.

  • penystoc penystoc Sep 7, 2015 8:22 PM Flag

    USA in the most debt ever-the most food stamps ever-the lowest worker participation rate ever-You can clearly see why the country is in trouble when you get comments like we are in the best shape ever. the mere comment means we truly are in the worst shape ever. if the masses believe the government propaganda program. That is the only signal you need to sell and get short. Now it's confirmed by Rocket Man.

  • I pay Federal taxes at 39 percent -state tax of 8percent-county sales tax at 8 percent. school tax at about 3400-property tax of 4500-If I sell any stock to pay for my taxes it's 20 percent of the profit. I pay to register my car- toll to use the NYS thruway. Their are some weird charges on my phone bill that are due to some kind of tax. I added up my taxes last year and I paid about 65 percent of my income in taxes. And now Bernie baby wants to say we aren't paying our fair share. Half the country pays no taxes. You think it's the rich that don't pay. If the bottom 50 percent of americans paid just 10 percent in federal taxes we could say they are paiying their fair share. But come on you want me to pay at 65 percent and them at zero.

  • I was crazy and the stock would not fall to 1.89 or lower please respond. I can tell you what to do now.

  • No one will notice or pay much attention to a slow drip market move down. They have been conditioned appropriately. The DOW is approaching a 1000 points down and there is no concern by the average investor. Best move to fake out the most is have a slow drip for August so when thy look at their statement it won't look too bad. then nail them in September. by the time they know what's going on they will be down 20 percent. Then they can panic in time for Goldman to being it back 10 percent-just enough to get them back in for the next leg down.

  • penystoc by penystoc Aug 11, 2015 11:38 PM Flag

    because it is.

  • penystoc by penystoc Aug 22, 2015 12:55 PM Flag

    silver still has some downside. Sell off in commodities is not over and the dollar will have a sharp rally near term. silver is much more abundant than Gold but what Crammer misses is the price is adjusted for that. You can't say you like a little gold but not silver-the market adjusts for that and the spread is historically wide. Best to just buy a little at a time. When inflation gets going again - maybe 2016 silver will rocket even more then gold. You don't want to be the first at the party but you don't want to be the last. Average in now and in the years ahead your family will be OK--

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    Here is your utopian dream today

    by penystoc Sep 7, 2015 6:48 PM
    penystoc penystoc Sep 7, 2015 8:14 PM Flag

    Some idiot just gave me a thumbs down for reporting the truth. Mindless idiots on the run. You can't give a thumbs down for reporting what is happening to me unless you are a mindless robotic socialist.

  • Do you honestly think fi they build a million dollar tunnel we can't find it. Obaozo has you hood winked. Let them build all they want at a few million a pop. I have friends in the military and they can find them if Obozo would let them and trust me they can get rid of them very easy.

  • penystoc by penystoc Jul 23, 2015 12:49 PM Flag

    Jobs numbers good with low wage no benefits work. Who is taking these-those on public assistance who in turn are working just enough to keep their benefits. Longs rates are rising which means the fed will be forces to raise short using the storing jobs numbers as cover. rise will be enough to #$%$ the stock novices to sell. Margin debt is near all time highs and the really big traders are getting out. Earnings are punk and soon will be puke. dollar is getting stronger and a rate hike will only make it worse. EURO is about to take out the 1.00 level and that will push up[ the dollar.

  • you won't recognize the place. market destroyed bonds crushed food prices thru the roof. Social unrest.
    Best not be complaining about the 1 percent they won't be taking the place down and coming after you.. Better worry about the poor who will be coming after the 50 percent who are productive. When free stuff can't be found you will see who you need to watch out for.

  • penystoc by penystoc Sep 18, 2015 12:49 PM Flag

    Earning puke out coming-to finish the job.

  • The sell signal for the market is already here. No matter what they do it will be wrong. In 2010 Januts your current savior at the Fed said she failed to see any of the mess coming. A recession is coming and she will be singing the same tune I didn't see it coming. The mere fact she is considering raising rates is a sure sign she is as clueless as ever. Even if she doesn't do it she has still said they need to. Why? So she can prove she was a politically correct appointment who will carry water for the administration has zero brains and will screw things up again. If she raises rates by a quarter point and says that will be enough for a while she admits that a quarter point is all the economy can take. Wow if that isn't a sell signal I don't know what is. And She will even have to back track on that little number in a few weeks when the whole house comes down.

  • With the market falling -the dollar rising there is no way they can tighten before Dec.. With bonds moving higher meaning yeild moving lower tightening now would invert the yield curve. TRUELY TRAPPED POLITICAL IDIOTS.
    White House made them hold off and hold off-painting the numbers and being nice little government tools.
    Now their tool box is empty and watch them twist in the wind.

  • penystoc by penystoc Oct 1, 2015 12:00 AM Flag

    China data awful BUT much better then expected. With data like this who needs a depression.

  • As per CNBC this is the start of a QE 4 rally. Bottom in. Time to Buy Buy Buy. With earnings a little on the light side the Fed now has your back. -- No rate hike is like a rate cut. Clear ahead now. Or so they say…..

  • It's official Germany caves and thinks it has a solution. Obma pressure to make sure things are held together with bailing wire until he leaves town in 2016. Surprise any deal means a blow up in the financial system in short order. 3 more years of money to dead beat Greece and markets will smell the rat in about 3 weeks when Greece starts to back peddle on reforms. Of course they will already have the deal signed. And the hair cut to debt will be the new theme for Spain-Frnace and Italy. Watch the finical markets and see how long the celebration lasts when they figure out the French spanish and italians are coming to town.

  • in after hours reporting yet futures are down and market has been weak for the last few weeks. YOu should be very careful and take something off the table right here.

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