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pere_joseph 436 posts  |  Last Activity: 12 hours ago Member since: Jun 23, 2004
  • pere_joseph pere_joseph 12 hours ago Flag

    GMCR was sold into the 17 from the 70 ties. Now at 125 and something. Do not predict same will happen to SODA but markets are illogical. So the price movement in itself says nothing. Actions and results will determine the future. For the moment the stock is wounded. Needs repair work. Could happen from within or with some help of a (new) friend. Something gotta give, isn't that so Mr Nicholson?

  • pere_joseph by pere_joseph 13 hours ago Flag

    Just checking in for new developments with NQ. Nope, no clean audit but yes new deal. Seen that before. So, happy for the ones that got in at the 4 level. Not for me though. Only after clean bill of health I will consider new long position. Not that that matters to anybody of you, i know. Just saying.

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    An article that sums up you soda longs

    by rwcva Jul 28, 2014 9:30 AM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 28, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    Pretty poor and simple article. Wonder why such brabble is published anyway. Useless piece of writing.

  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 24, 2014 5:54 AM Flag

    Your comments make sense and I can read an educated man. Same story happened with NQ Mobile, being accused of cooking the books. In the end it was true but to what extend we will never know. The stock tanked. Suddenly the company is making a sharp reversal upwards. It looks certainly that companies like KNDI and NQ are being used as trading vehicles for insider trading (not official insiders, that would be too risky, but the people that get info to buy or sell outside the company). I have asked a Chinese friend of mine about NQ and he said a month ago that a prime investment bank stated they believed NQ to be fraud. So I took my loss and out. I do not want that to happen again with KNDI. So my question to you is; Are you close enough to the company to KNOW what is going on there or are you talking the line as KNDI is presented to the investment community? That is of course a beautiful growth story. I have sent out a request to my Chinese friend (should have done that earlier). As I get an answer I will post that. Cherio

  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 21, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    Agree to your reasoning. Long GTAT. But why is Mr Market saying doubtful to no?

  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 15, 2014 2:17 PM Flag

    You are correct! But to what use is it to post that here . If your intention is to alert investors on a interesting story you could post it. But the story of KNDI is materially different from BBRY. I for one am invested in both. Took (à % of the table today in KNDI at 19,40. Will buy back again. Markets will come down. Invested the money in SODA; So hope that somebody appreciates that you started this tread. SODA is in now way a sure thing!!!

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    Update is just around the corner

    by truthandjust Jul 15, 2014 2:20 AM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 15, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

    You are the same as Mosbear isn,t it. I have sold and took a loss, substantial. But I keep checking in to see/hear developments. You have been "babbling" a lot, trying to get credibility by saying you are an accountant, but up till now you have been dead wrong. Assuming this, assuming that but nothing of any importance . Just like that Betsy show up. Wishful thinkers. Of course I hope everybody makes some money in the stockmarket. But here at NQ it is nothing more than gambling, double or lose all. Your pick. But not to my taste. I think you should be very prudent at this stage of not letting your wishful thinking get other people wrong-footed. This is a dangerous situation, that I know for sure!

  • pere_joseph by pere_joseph Jul 10, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Have a quite sizable position long in Soda. Holding and adding. Not aggressively. Why is overall short position declining in this stock when the business developments are rather negative, as reported?

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    Sold my total position today.

    by pere_joseph Jul 8, 2014 3:55 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 8, 2014 7:46 PM Flag

    Never been "pumping" on "insider" knowledge. Do not put words or actions in my mouth that are not correct. I could not believe their was fraud after the DT report and communication by the company. Now I got word out of China and reported that immediately. So I took the message to heart and sold. Whatever other investors do is their personal judgement, right? I will continue to follow what will happen here from the side lines. That is my choice. Feel far more relaxed. Also personal.GLTA

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    Sold my total position today.

    by pere_joseph Jul 8, 2014 3:55 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 8, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    That is correct. I thought to be able to deduct this info from the company. But I kept on feeling this doubt. Than I contacted a week ago a Chinese personal contact (I lived for 10 years in Hong Kong) and he went out on fact finding and the message I got back I posted immediately after I sold my total position. I feel this is fair to all loyal investors of NQ. The Red Flags are waving everywhere but one is easily wrong footed by posters like cigar ready who post "things to come" that are brilliant. But unfortunately it is not likely and I do not want to take the risk anymore. Simple as that. Look at Fab Universal, backed by Jim Rogers, but delisted and all shareholders are stuck. That I do not want with my invested money. So indeed I wrote that post and now I have written this post. Do whatever you think is the right thing to do. Now back to the match Brasil-Germany.

  • Do whatever you want with this info. I have seen the Betsy's etc come up in the last month's to support the stock. Got word out of China today, personal Chinese contact, to get out of NQ. Probability of Fraud very high.
    Sorry, but I do not want to take the risk anymore now. And for the loyal investors in NQ who spent hours and hours on this board I just wnat to give you my take on NQ. For me over and out.

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    So much for the expected PR from NQ today

    by investwisely1234 Jul 7, 2014 3:57 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 7, 2014 7:12 PM Flag

    Love letters to Betsy who showed up some 3 month 's ago, did a lot of stock promotion and all out of "gut feelings" and "hope". Now the balloon has exploded and Betsy should not loose faith??? Faith in what? Loosing more? Believing the deceptors in NQ Head Office. I would say: Lose all Faith and be very alert on what comes out of this #$%$ company and maybe, just maybe, with a little bit of luck we will be allowed to make some lost money back. But let Betsy out of this, she has no clue at all!! And the funny thing is that she advises "investors" with little experience to stay away from this company! It's getting more absurd by the minute here.

  • Although been bitten twice by this stock (and 1 nice ride up) could NOT resist in pushing the buy button at 4.45. Now of to the beach in St Tropez. Tonight I will read your musings again. Cherio

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    BIDU is eyeing NQ- What if

    by cigarready Jul 7, 2014 2:12 AM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 7, 2014 8:34 AM Flag

    You get the thumbs up because it gives the bagholders some hope. Fact is that management of NQ screwed up massively. If they were in talks to a third party they should have handled that in a complete different manner. If that were to happen now and we are probably talking a 1-2 deal only the gamblers by heart , new longs or bagholders, would benefit. The dissatisfied and hurt longs took their loss. And rightfully so because this company is not worth investing in under normal business conditions. The 1-2 deal would take the company private first at heavily discounted pps and later re-IPO-ed or taken over by your BIDU. That would make this massive scam COMPLETE.Kahn and Lin: #$%$, simple dumb shareholders! Maybe the "keeping on board" letters by Khan to NQ's staff, might point into your suggestion of a take over. But sorry for the shareholders! Next turn better.

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    "Expanding Audit Scope"

    by jjoo3414 Jul 3, 2014 3:01 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 3, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    He Foulmouth, how are you feeling today?

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    Bought more at 4.44

    by therisingdeepak Jul 3, 2014 12:11 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 3, 2014 2:02 PM Flag

    You "know" nothing. Not even a whatever grade is going to give you a headstart. usually people who believe they are smart are the dumbest in investing; (My 30 years or so of experience and also a top grader, means nothing, nada). But experience counts. Adjust your words to : I "gamble" I can make .... and than all agree. Your choice, but you don't get till the end of the year! Stock will be delisted long before (tip:Fab Universal, given credibility by good ole Jimmy Rogers????, the bowtie man, raking in big amounts to the disadvantage of luck seekers, read investors). You need more??

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    Bought more at 4.44

    by therisingdeepak Jul 3, 2014 12:11 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 3, 2014 12:30 PM Flag

    I'm afraid you have to change your "boardname" in the falling deepak. This little line:NQ man will consider PWC' request! is the biggest RED Flag you will ever encounter in your investment life. They will opt out of this situation telling they disagreed with PWC. No statement by PWC but resignation. SEC will have a letter already out today requesting for update on 20 F filing. No new info, no audit so stock will be delisted. This , I'm afraid is in the future. In the meantime they will issue some statements about new business activities, contracts and cooperation and remove all the assets to safer grounds (chinese); The shareholders will become the bagholders. This risk is so significant that I sold out of my position at open ! Disappointed and a bit angry at myself I did not see the heavy volume down day last friday as a warning signal. That was the day a lot of "investors in the know" already sold out to new bagholders. The second day they got out was with this false rumour about 20 F filing. Everything smells here and not very nice.

  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 3, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    If you mean the country it is still too high a price. I left Holland and switched to Switzerland. Holland is a broke country, massive debt, loads and loads of asylum seekers, unemployed and undereducated people from Africa, taxes completely out of control, being robbed of its rich pension system by European Union and a native population that is dwarfing in size and made inactive by the politicians. Brrrr. You can get it for free on my behalf.
    And NQ is finished. They will not allow PWC to issue a "qualified" statement on their audit, so no 20 F filing. NQ will be ordered by SEC to come up with a satisfactory explanation which they will not and can not give and the stock will be delisted! That is all I have to say about that (just like Forest G)

  • This announcement is the biggest red flaf that could have happened. I sold whole position at market and left 1000 for the fun. Consider PWC's request!! PWC resigns. Friends on BOD and cooperate in shelf construction. No fraud allegations possible anymore. If, and only IF, they had announced a big buy back of shares at the same time and execute they could have shown their REAL intentions. No share purchases of any of the boardmembers that promised to do so. This whole thing smells like smelly fish. Unfortunately.

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    NQ 20-F will not be filed

    by goldengatesings2 Jul 2, 2014 9:24 PM
    pere_joseph pere_joseph Jul 3, 2014 9:15 AM Flag

    When you look at the timing of my question you see it was before the press release (for me)

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