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    LAPD picks BMW i3 over Tesla Model S

    by questinator Jun 15, 2016 12:13 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 18, 2016 6:34 PM Flag

    nail_bigot sayz:
    "Funny, our police department are using Chevrolet Caprice PPV models, the best all round cop car on the market for now."

    but this is really what happened - - -

    gm accounting: what should we do with all the caprices? who authorized all the ppv options?

    gm leadership: i don't know who makes decisions to build these thingies

    gm accounting: let's discount them and sell them to local police

    gm leadership: i love it when we have a plan...

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    What we need is a Div hike to $2.00

    by michael_daniel_knight Jun 14, 2016 6:26 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 14, 2016 7:06 PM Flag

    i'll call mary in the morning...

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    forecast: free money continues

    by perfect_market Jun 12, 2016 7:49 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 14, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    the315185, funny thing about economic theories -at any point in time a handful of theories are right on while the other ones are not quite right. why is that?

    the wsj author is pondering a theory that obviously isn't applicable in today's global economy. i have an interesting organizational leadership handbook that has this as a preface:

    "During WWII, Allied bomber losses were high, so high that the British Air Ministry undertook a
    rigorous analysis in hopes of finding a solution. Their engineers set out to eyeball every bomber
    they could, gathering data on each bullet hole. After analyzing the results, engineers decided to
    reinforce the areas that had the highest concentrations of holes with armor plating.

    It didn’t work.

    Perplexed, the engineers assumed that the extra plating had made the planes too heavy, and that
    the difficulty in handling the planes was offsetting the protection of the armor plating.

    Enter Abraham Wald.

    Wald, a mathematician, suggested that they simply put extra armor plating where the bullet holes
    weren’t. The idea was simple: if the planes are returning with bullet holes, obviously those areas
    can be struck without causing the planes to crash. The planes that weren’t returning, Wald theorized, are the ones that are getting hit in different areas."

    the wsj article misses that point. the fed has other tools and theories to work with...

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    Cadillac goes (more) upscale

    by shitvrolet2003 Jun 11, 2016 2:53 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 13, 2016 10:47 AM Flag

    weren't you the guy that predicted gm was going to hit $100 bucks a share in 2015? and invited all the gm pumpers to a party at your expense. nice "jester"...

  • perfect_market by perfect_market Jun 12, 2016 7:49 PM Flag

    wsj 6/12/16

    "The problem is economists don’t fully understand why the natural rate is so low. That makes it hard to know whether the shift is permanent or temporary, and therefore whether the rate will rebound and by how much—and in turn where the long-term fed-funds rate will rest.

    “I think the current level of neutral or normal rates is pretty low,” Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen said in Philadelphia last week. She expects it will rise over time, but said “that is something we’re uncertain about and have to find out over time.”

    Economists have offered several theories for why the natural rate has fallen. Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has cited a glut of savings world-wide. Harvard University economist Lawrence Summers blames ‘secular stagnation,’ or a chronic shortfall in investment demand.

    Ms. Yellen has said temporary headwinds that have restrained growth since the financial crisis may be responsible, such as economic uncertainty, a strong dollar, and slower growth of productivity and the labor force.

    For guidance Fed officials have been revisiting the work of Mr. Wicksell, a famed Swedish economist who did much of the seminal thinking on the subject more than a hundred years ago. Speeches by senior policy makers, including Ms. Yellen, have referenced Mr. Wicksell five times in the past year alone, and Mr. Bernanke has blogged about the Swede’s ideas about the relationship between interest rates, economic growth and inflation.

    Mr. Wicksell characterized the natural rate of interest as “a certain rate of interest on loans which is neutral in respect to commodity prices, and tends neither to raise nor to lower them.” But the natural rate isn’t observable and depends on “a thousand and one things which determine the current economic position of a community,” and those factors—such as productivity, unemployment, and technological and demographic change—are constantly in flux, he said."

    free money continues - buy that car - boat - 2nd house...

  • numb, just like gm's product lines...

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    GM Going Nowhere!

    by jeeree234 Jun 7, 2016 9:54 AM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 9, 2016 1:36 PM Flag

    "You're gone now. Whew! That's better."

    cheers! i'm okay with that...

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    GM Going Nowhere!

    by jeeree234 Jun 7, 2016 9:54 AM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 9, 2016 11:03 AM Flag

    hhhhmmmm, let's see how the united nation classifies cars ---

    unspsc code lookup:

    50403200 Corn


    30264002 Carbon steel SAE 1100 series hot rolled sheet


    25121600 Railway and tramway cars


    here it is:

    25100000 Motor vehicles

    25100000 is a high level code but i do not see subcategories for cadilack, chevy, buick, midsize, blue, convertable...

    that kind of blows the cars are not commodities argument...

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    GM Going Nowhere!

    by jeeree234 Jun 7, 2016 9:54 AM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 8, 2016 4:44 PM Flag

    "they are wasting a stunning amount of money over a lifetime,"

    stop that! you'll wake up gm's marketing department and they'll start pumping out ridiculous commercials about keeping up with the neighbors, low interest rate loans and car-internet-pizza-ordering (cipo).

    nobody's calculated the cost difference between take-out fast food vs home cooking - so internet pizza ordering from the car is a differentiater - a must have.

    "your time is worth more than the value of time spent on home cooking. invest in a car that can order pizza while driving home"

    very few cars have cipo, so cars are not commodities!!!

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    by rick_cook6 Jun 8, 2016 11:38 AM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 8, 2016 11:46 AM Flag

    could be the next quarterly management mistake in the making...

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    Memorial Day Trolls

    by the315185 May 30, 2016 10:31 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 7, 2016 12:23 PM Flag

    "Too many fought and died for a society that is free to think and write and should we fall prey to trolls instead of voicing disagreements and finding compromise, we would truly be fools."

    exactly! you need to educate the flamers - chiblamno, wngr, p_less, etc. (and their aliasasses) on message board behavior. maybe mcdonals will stop offering free coffee refills so they won't obsess in a high state of caffeine about misspelled words in last months 10q.

    "Periodically, an exchange of flames erupts into a flame war that begin to take up all the space in a given newsgroup (and sometimes several; flamers like cross-posting to let the world know how they feel). These can go on for weeks (sometimes they go on for years, in which case they become "holy wars,'' usually on such topics as the relative merits of chevy vega vs pontiac aztek). Often, just when they're dying down, somebody new to the flame war reads all the messages, gets upset and issues an urgent plea that the flame war be taken to e-mail so everybody else can get back to whatever the newsgroup's business is."

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    by adrian_whapcaplet Jun 6, 2016 12:23 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 7, 2016 12:01 PM Flag

    "Uber buying 100,000 self-driving Mercedes S-Classes"

    'cause the masses don't want no stinkin cadilack!!!

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    by rift401 Jun 1, 2016 10:26 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 3, 2016 4:33 PM Flag

    "weather the Lexus LS 400 was built by Audi, BMW or Mercedes."

    tough one! i think its "a" but it could be "d"

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    by rift401 Jun 1, 2016 10:26 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 3, 2016 12:28 PM Flag

    "Never, not one single solitary owner of an Audi, BMW or Mercedes, that I know, has ever had trouble free ownership"

    a while back i had trouble free ownership of a lexus ls400 for five years. does that count?

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    by adrian_whapcaplet Jun 1, 2016 6:45 AM
    perfect_market perfect_market Jun 1, 2016 7:05 AM Flag

    even more of an accomplishment, honda made significant gains last weekend f1 / monaco circuit. mclaren-honda placed two cars in the top 10...

  • perfect_market by perfect_market May 31, 2016 6:50 PM Flag

    question: what manufacturer won the indy 500

  • perfect_market by perfect_market May 31, 2016 1:58 PM Flag

    with another gm management blunder - fuel mileage miscalculation. this time it only cost $100mm.

    oh well there's always the next quarter and the next blunder...

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    Chevrolet's on a Big Run

    by greatday43 May 24, 2016 5:49 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market May 27, 2016 9:13 AM Flag

    "It's interesting to me how anyone that has been proven wrong on so many occasions will continue to insist he's right."

    gawd i thought you guys have matured and moved on from playing this game...

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    Chevrolet's on a Big Run

    by greatday43 May 24, 2016 5:49 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market May 27, 2016 9:10 AM Flag

    "if you call a 911 Turbo S a "light version" of Porsche"

    no, i am just repeating what the article said: "the 911 Turbo S was on Pirelli P Zeros, essentially a street tire. Stickier Dunlop SportMaxx tires are an option but were no-shows. And, of course, the Turbo S is a nearly $200K luxury GT car, not the hardcore GT3."

    seems the camaro was setup for the track but the porsche wasn't. how fair is that?

    btw, if you knew anything about porsches you would never take an awd porsche to the track. rwd is the track version. that car is for the beautiful people to drive - bball stars, hedge fund admin staff, new money russians....

    my guess is that road 'n track was bribed by gm to write that article so someone could crow about it on a message board somewhere.

    lol --- 7 liter "small block" engine. oh yah! the colorado is a mid size pickup truck --- yuk, yuk, yuk. road atlanta track marshals recommend the corvette weekend warriors keep their stability control engaged. (don't offer similar advice for other vehicles) guess they're tired of cleaning up the mess those plastic cars make when they hit the gravel!

    i don't know about your classification of me as a basher. i'm just stating my opinion...

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    Chevrolet's on a Big Run

    by greatday43 May 24, 2016 5:49 PM
    perfect_market perfect_market May 26, 2016 7:14 AM Flag

    "Really the new Corvette is the best supercar value in the world and the Camaro Z-28 is a real horse not to be ignored"

    chevy's v8 designs are driven more by suv/pickup markets than sport car...

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