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  • Total sales and same store sales were down but many US retailers have also had similar results. Again, TLF's international results were very poor, down 16% compared to last January with same store sales down 30%. The CFO stated that part of the international results were hurt by fluctuation in foreign currency exchange rates, but SSS would still have been down 24%.

    Despite many months of poor international results TLF opened another store in the UK last year. Strange IMHO, but maybe the management hopes to score big if the currencies ever go in the other direction!!

    I expect management to keep doing the same thing for, well, forever, as long as they are there. If I were on the BOD I would give them 12 months to turn the ship or shop the company to a larger and hopefully better managed company. It's sad that this niche company isn't better watched over by the BOD.

  • Overseas results are continuing to be very poor. From Yahoo news "..International Leathercraft reported December sales of $374,000, down 7% compared to December 2014 sales of $400,000. Same store sales were down 21%....". I have been saying for a long time that the overseas business make no sense for this small company.

    That said, Dec sales were decent as many retailers have reported poor results. Personally, I plan to begin selling my shares mid year if the company makes no substantial changes by then. Best of luck to the employees and investors. In my opinion the board of directors, and some senior management, are failing in their oversight of this company. TLF needs some new input or reorganization.

  • Sub-headline from Yahoo News reads: "Retail SSS Down 4%; Wholesale SSS Down 2%; International SSS Down 20%". TLF's August sales were down but the company said that most of the decline was due to a later than normal Labor Day sale. If so, that should lead to a better than normal September sales report. We'll see. That international sales were down 20% is something I have been expecting. I have been questioning the logic of such a small company having 3 overseas locations, one in the UK, Spain, and Australia.

    If I were on the board of directors I would ask the company to send me to each international location every year so I could "inspect" the stores. Yeah, a free trip and a little sightseeing on the company dime. That's a little sarcasm as sending the BOD would be waste of funds. But I wonder how many executives go overseas for "site inspections"? Oh well, it's just my humble opinion and maybe I'll be proven wrong about those 3 store locations. Time will tell.

  • Another quarter of disappointing numbers and execution. Nothing much to say that I haven't already said in the past months. One thing that irritates me is why TLF feels the need to have overseas stores. What a drain on a small company. Maybe the management likes to take company paid trips to Spain, Australia and the U.K. and visit their one store in each country.

    This quote [from Yahoo News] regarding July sales sums it up IMO:

    Shannon L. Greene, Chief Financial Officer added, “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the currency exchange rates are wrecking havoc on our international sales and negatively affecting our sales comparisons to last year. Unfortunately, we don’t expect the situation to improve this year so we will be dealing with that negative pressure for the foreseeable future.”

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    time for earnings release

    by algo41 Aug 3, 2015 10:04 AM
    pezaguy pezaguy Aug 6, 2015 5:54 PM Flag

    I agree it is odd to release earnings during trading. Not sure many others do that. Maybe it's so the management doesn't have to come in early or stay late. If so this would be another sign of poor management. In the old days I might consider the mid day release would be so someone could "paint the tape".

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    Earnings out and disappointing

    by pezaguy May 12, 2015 4:35 PM
    pezaguy pezaguy May 18, 2015 2:35 PM Flag

    This post was a comment on the Q1 of 2015 earnings - May 2015. This makes 2 consecutive quarters of weak results. Others are commenting on the last quarter results in March, 2015. The thing is both quarters were similarly bad and another 1-2 weak quarters will prove my points that this company is in need of some new ideas.

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    Earnings out; stock punished

    by pezaguy Mar 10, 2015 12:45 PM
    pezaguy pezaguy May 18, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    Original post was a comment on the Q4 2014 earnings.

  • Net income down 22%. The good news is that the stock only sold off about 3.5% today. But the sub-par earnings may cause the stock to be weak for another few trading days or weeks. Who knows? IMO the earnings report supports my belief that this company needs some new blood at the senior management level. International sales down 10%, apparently partly due to exchange rates. Again I question why such a small company has stores in 3 oversea countries and thus has to fight foreign currency issues. I guess it gives upper management an excuse to travel the globe on the company dollar. Let's just hope we'll get a dividend this year because I doubt we'll see $11 a share.

  • It may be futile but I suggest that shareholders vote against the Board members up for election when the annual meeting details are sent out. Hopefully some of the lager institutional holders will get more actively involved. I realize that insiders hold almost 15% of the stock and I'm sure the board members and upper management are nice people.
    But this niche company is stagnant and needs some kind of change in my opinion.
    Maybe a regular stock buyback; maybe a regular dividend; maybe a new CEO; maybe new Board members; maybe shop the company around; maybe diversify; maybe acquire some small companies to begin diversifying. Or not. Maybe TLF will just choose to just pay a special dividend every 2 years or so. It seems like the insiders favor that. If so they should just say that's the goal. Just my 2 cents.

  • Wow. I'm surprised at the level of selling since the earnings report. This morning the stock price dropped to $6.31 and is currently at $7.65, down $0.51 or 6.25%. It appears that some of the largest holders of stock are leaving. I expect continued weakness until the larger investors are through selling. I will wait a while before selling my shares as I hope the stock price will stabilize a bit higher. Sad. I really believe the Board of Directors needs to address the path of this company.

  • As I write this the stock is down close to 6% [$8.37 - 0.53] on the earnings report. I've held this stock for years on the hopes that this small retailer could find a way to grow the company on a sustained basis. I've been wrong. I hold a number of shares and I will gradually exit the stock over the next few years since it appears the Board of Directors will not change the management or the direction of the company. IMO the cash used in the past for special dividends would have been better used to buy back shares with the ultimate goal of taking the company private. Oh well, another investing lesson learned!

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