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  • I called it this and u should give me credit :)

  • From what i research find out that it would take them 3-4 days before they know how many copies were sold during the first day.

    What i just dont get is that VGCHARTZ said that WW preorder stands in 7.5 million copies but anaylsis from Frobe and other site saying GTA5 would have a 6.5 million on the first day sale. If we really have 7.5 million preorder then we already beat those experts calls. Im so positive if we have 7.5 preorder we would hit 10 million sold in the first day because allot of people at the best buy i bught from didnt preorder thiers and the target i went too has no preorder at all.

    Just cant wait for fri and sat

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 17, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    Bought 2 one for myself and one for a friend bday coming up. So, on launch date I bought 2 copies

  • I got off at work today and went to local target to see how many copies of GTA5 were sold. I dont know how many they have but there were like 34 copies left. I see 3 people buying the games and they are like 11-14 years old. The guy ask for ID the parent say im playing the game and bought it for the kid. Like i say this is not right as a parent near future.

  • philchen6180 by philchen6180 Sep 17, 2013 4:27 AM Flag

    I really think this should be a 9.5/10, only thing so far from the 3 hours i have been playing was the shooting dots and the graphic is no onto the current PC, everything else is super. I think they should change the shooting dots into another color instead of white which was super hard to shoot when shooting the alien.

    I see this game going to sell really well into the years to come and the DLC that comes with it. It has been a while since i have sit down and played a game that i didnt want to stop playing until i get super sleepy.

    I think we can even make more money if we can get other company putting their logo into the game. The map is huge way better then GTA4 which was super hard to ditch the cops because it was super small.

    GTA online should be a major milk cow for all of us. I see TTWO by year end would touch $25 or ever more

    Sorry super tired and dont kow much what im typing but want to share with you guys first thing before go to bed and forget how awesome the game is

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    Post here about the midnight launch

    by philchen6180 Sep 17, 2013 1:41 AM
    philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 17, 2013 2:01 AM Flag

    Just got done with the first mission fun as hell way better then gta4. Which to me was really boring the worst of all. So far giving 9.5/10 graphic needs to be better. Hope PC or next console would be better. I really wanted the PC edition because i like the mouse and keyboard for aiming

  • Ok, just got back 10 min from the midnight launch and install gta to my ps3 which took about 18 min to install it all because i dont install allot that is why it is faster maybe.

    Got to local best buy at 11pm and there wasnt much people like 30 of us. 20 preorder and 10 not preorder. As time flys toward to 12am more and more show up. By then i have 110ish people waiting in line for the preorder and around 40ish people that didnt preorder the game from best buy. Got my game and left since i was like the 7th one in the preorder. As i was driving back home there was a gamestop close to the best buy i was in i drive super slow to see how many people are waiting to get this hands on the game. We are talking about the parking lots full of people and the lines were wrap around. I esitmate there was around 200 plus people waiting for it to be release

    then on the way drving home i see many cars going the oppossite from me i think they are too going to pick up a game because at that late in night while are there so many cars

    best buy 150ish peopl
    gamestop 200ish
    from the same scity
    we are talkinga bout 350ish copies sold in one city here

  • philchen6180 by philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Seeing this stock down on 1 day before GTA5 is out is just crazy. If they get me to sell, they are wrong. Im holding onto the black friday this year because i know by them we have sold tons of units and more game in making.

    Maybe all this selling is due to option call being expires too but once we hit the street with GTA5 people with calls would be happy because it is going to go sky rocket high

  • They are like 7 hours ahead of us, do you think people will post it on youtube how crazy it is on midnight release

  • philchen6180 by philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    I have check Gamespot website most of the game they reviews are in 95 max never a 100 anymore what gives???

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    BTW This would be a awesome Black Friday Sales game 39.99 after 2 months of release.

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Im not shooting for the low $40 anytime soon but im shooting for $25-30 in a short run (until black friday is over)

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 4:50 AM Flag

    Price In? no, I dont think we are anything near price in. When your company makes 2.5 billion in the next 2 years you should be trading around that price, wouldnt you agree to it?????

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    Sharesholder meeting is on Sep 18,2014 one day after GTA5 is out, why in the world would they choose that date. BTW

    Shares holder meeting would get Ichan involve because he holds 13% of the company. He is done with Dell buyout and have nothing to do. He might say it is tell to ripe TTWO apart and sell it to the other 2 big gaming company.

    When EA offer to buy TTWO there was really much gaming company out there that has the money to buy TTWO besides EA and ATVi. Now we have

    SONY making thier own game
    Warner Brothers

  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 16, 2013 2:55 AM Flag

    Lets say 980 million revenue we have to make. 1290 million + 200 million (catalog games)=1490-980=510 million over the estimate, that is 52%(510/980) over the low ball we did.

    Our market value is sitting at 1.54 billion and we are making 1.490 billion this quarter. What this tells me we are very under value here and we can go higher if Z dont Fxxxxxxxx us up.

    Then we have Christmas best time to sell game to kid in middle to high school and parent dont care what kind of game they want they just get it for them like that 11 year old kids from France. We also have steam holidays sales also, so my guess for next quarter would be around 800 millions also because we have GTA5, NBA2k14, WWE2k14 and steam sales with amazon matching it.

    1.490+.8= 2.290 billion in revenue lets say we only get 30 percent of the over all revenue as a profits. Since we took GTA5 cost the last 5 years making while paying for it. We would add 229x3=687 millions in cash plus what we have 620 million. We have a 1.307 billions sitting in the bank with a debt of 490 million that leave us a positive 817 million cash in hand. If they announce the 10 percent back buy from those cash and we have 90 million share floating. We would still have 727 million in positive cash and 10 percent shares off the market which make our pps higher.

    If EA can be a 8 billion dollar company and ATVi 19 billion dollar company why cant TTWO be a 4 billion dollar company with many promising game coming out

    4billion/90 million= $44.44 per shares we have.

    GTA is not the only game we sells Billions of dollar, we also have other series that sell super well too here are the list
    Bioshock series
    Borderland series
    Civ series
    RDR series
    Max Payne
    Midnight club

  • 2009 when gta4 was coming out
    -GTA4 had a first day sale of 3.6 million copies sold and they generate 310 million dollar in revenue
    310/3.6=$86 dollar per copies right?
    -During the release of GTA4 there was normal edition and collector edition for 89.99
    -Charge company more to make PS3 games and Xbox360 game

    Now lets fast forward to today
    GTA5 is coming out this tuesday morning and is expecting to break some kind of record
    -We have 3 edition this time Normal $60, SE $80 (Most thing are digital which mean more profit) and collectors edition $150.
    -We all know Normal edition/Collectors edition in UK amazon are SOLDOUT, meaning we might be able to sell through the 3 million plus copies they have over there.
    -In America #1 gaming in the world has unlimited Normal edition which is not sold out yet, SE edition which is all sold out everywhere and Collector edition(only rockstar and gamestop has)Xbox 360 one is sold and PS3 thinking it would sold out soon
    -People wants SE edition might have to get it online and we make more money and they will be happen dont have to go out for launch date
    -Ebay is selling normal edition over the normal price because people are buying it and selling it to Japanese gamer or gamer that couldnt get a hold of GTA5 yet. If you dont believe go look it up they are bidding over 67 dollar just for the normal edition at ebay
    -Gta5 has a PS3 bundle with it and GTA4 dont
    -Since it is a dead console which they dont charge as much putting into the PS3 and Xbox fee which more profits for us

    Now lets do the math here. Lets
    3million(UK)+ 6million(USA, we double that since we are a bigger gamer market)+2 million EU+500k AU=11.5million copies sold for the first week. Add 500k to each day end of the second week sale. We are looking at selling 11.5+3.5=15 million copies in the first 2 weeks.
    15million x 86= 1.290 billions dollar

    This quarter we esitimate 900+ million forgot what the number was,


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    How high would TTWO would be monday, guess

    by philchen6180 Sep 15, 2013 1:53 AM
    philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 15, 2013 3:21 AM Flag

    BTW since UK is sold out of hard copies, Im thinking allot of people are going to go for digital since they dont have to leave their house and have the game right in front of them. Here are a couple reason why i think most people now goign to buy it on PSN or Xbox live
    -Sunday you get to preupload gtav
    -Dont have to stand in line
    -There is always someone getting hurt with these evenets and you dont want to be part of it

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    How high would TTWO would be monday, guess

    by philchen6180 Sep 15, 2013 1:53 AM
    philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 15, 2013 3:18 AM Flag

    Even breaking all kinds of record???? If we did really beat COD records, I bet you that it would be super hard for any company to beat that even ATVI. Dude if we sold a billion dollar in sales for the last 13 days we are golden. I know we no pipeline down the year just gtav, dlc, nba and wwe. But i can sure tell you one thing that we have and that is MONEY. With sales at record high we making sales not only on the game for GTA but also the online add on like commerical, in game car, in game weapons and etc you get my point. Just take a guess at what the price would be, you can say 16.80 i really dont care just a fun guesssing game before the game release on the 17

  • Here are the reason why monday there would be a jump
    -With Amazon uk xbox 360 sold out
    -All the collectors edition in uk is sold out also
    -One day before we can all play gtav instead of watching it
    -Almost every single game store are open for midnight release of GTA5
    -Expert are exspecting 12-15 million in 2 weeks time frame. We beat that we should see a billion revenue
    - Shareholder annually meeting, RDR2???or turtle rock IPO ????

    IM going to say $18.93 we open and close at and oct 1 we would hit 25 if we beat allot of records

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    Where to get the best GTA pre-order?

    by rustyambiguous Sep 13, 2013 10:35 AM
    philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 13, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Best buy you get a 10 dollar gift cert when you preorder the game

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