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  • philipswallowflip by philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    .....There are many improvements for lithium batteries currently under research. There is one involving carbon nano tubes. Silicon lithium tends to expand and contract a lot, causing the battery to fail and explode or catch fire, as it shorts out due to constant expansion and contraction.
    .....If you would like to look at the carbon nano tube, google : Contour Energy Systems, Azusa CA. They are commercializing the carbon nano tube which holds ten fold the energy, and at five times greater than conventional chemical batteries. It has under gone 1000 cycles with no loss in performance.
    .....This also would mimic the German proto type and it is being done in the USA, from research under MIT, commercialized by Contour Energy Systems.
    .....Wouldn't it be great to have a US lithium processed here, with a newly developed US developed lithium battery to meet our needs. Something to look at over the weekend.

  • philipswallowflip by philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 4:05 PM Flag

    .....Mid March for year end numbers
    .....Lusacell transfers should be finished and reported -- along with -- the revenue stream from those transfers = growth going forward.
    .....Vodafone: should get some money and it will be accretive to ETAK's bottom line. Exactly how much on what kind of roll out.
    .....Hope for some update on FICO and the UK banks.
    .....Update on the middle east contracts needed.

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:34 AM Flag

    How will this injunction work ?? Will it not freeze a company if it is used to stop Goog or ZTE from operations and revenue loss would also effect VRNG's pocket book. I still do not understand your "injunction next Thursday". What time table are you referring to ??

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    Florida presentation 2/13 - highlights

    by jorgerodr1 Feb 14, 2014 9:21 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    .....Hi jorgerodr1,
    could you post some info on the "10-15 leads that are being interested" ?? thank you flip

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

    PS: I think we hit those levels yesterday, and we may have begun to form a new bowl, hopefully leading to a new handle. The handle would be based on fundamental good news from Florida meeting, new contracts and new revenue -- going forward, and going forward is what investors like- GROWTH !!

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    ....Excellent Fibo rules here, but I think 1.27 was fine with me this AM. Waiting for pennies, 1-2-3, on a return back to $1.61, or $1.77 and even higher, based on the fundamental news coming out of the Florida meeting, is just wasting time that might get you locked out on a run up on good news.
    .....These small stocks usually take a day or two to react to good news. Seems today is the day to take up a position for a great percentage gain up to the first 1.6 level.

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    .....Injuction ?? Do you really think VRNG will get an injunction against:
    1) Google
    2) ZTE.......... please explain how stopping a company using your patents is in VRNG's financial interest for revenue gains. Would it not be just as smart to allow the courts to run this out and allow the monies to be kept until a final verdict is given ?

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    raze you

  • .....Lets see them take it down to $4 and then back up to $4.15 and end above $.4
    Pattern seems set in stone.
    With large institution al ownership up, the smart ones are setting up for a big win.
    Daily ups and downs mean little.
    Options expiration on third Thursdays holds more weight.
    .....Use the ignore function for the heal bitters, and only engage in focused posts on VRNG.

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    Why Germany?

    by budman_77_2000 Feb 14, 2014 1:04 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 14, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    .....Could you give a reference for the German battery you are referring to ? and which company has developed it ? Thanks

  • EOM........... shorts must be crying, although I have most on ignore..

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    by cornergrinders Feb 13, 2014 10:35 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 13, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    Great headline for the Lith carbonate plant, and additional and higher future ROI, but as I have stated, I am only looking for the "mud plant" to open up now. I know they have a patented version to extract Lithium, but is it proven? This is a real question going forward, can they scale it up that BIG ?? The "mud" is a given, the Lithium Plant I will have to wait and see. Small spike above 30 cents, lets see if it holds until tomorrow.

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    Test my Math

    by boslercpas Feb 12, 2014 6:25 PM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 13, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    .....You need to do some more research and perhaps read the CC for the four fold events that VRNG has against Google. Uninformed at best, ignorant most likely, basher most assuredly. Have you even considered the Laches have been appealed for the Fed courts,(over 300 million accretive) and the amount initially ordered for the two awards so far? How about adding in MSFT, Austrailia, England, and others.
    ....Oh that's right , you forgot those numbers, which = POOR MATH = BAD INFO!!!!!!
    PS: POOR MATH SKILLS = BAD INFO = Poor attempt at bashing. ROTFLOL

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    Management allowing shares to be manipulated

    by jbardeen137 Feb 13, 2014 11:04 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 13, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    .....If you know about day traders who move in and out based on momentum then you would understand that they will not even wait until April or May for the oral arguments in the Fed courts. By the way, Google had better hope the USPTO rules in their favor - which they have not for the last two times.
    .....Realize ownership for the large holders is up, not down, so retail guys move in and out.
    .....Realize, the share price will be reflected higher as the courts cases defending the patents are enforced, and this is Managements Main Focus, Not the daily price move of 10-20 cents.
    .....ZTE, has lost and refused to negotiate in good faith, and the courts in Germany have explicitly stated this, so ZTE had better come up with the complete numbers, or loose their right to import any of their 20-30 million phones over the next three years. Get some Focus on this and stop posting empty complaints.

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    where's mameem the twit?

    by sdemo44 Feb 13, 2014 10:53 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 13, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    ....Please, put his like on ignore, and post with some real talking points.
    .....Do Not encourage anyone like that either by using thumbs down or replies.
    .....Those types are turned on by seeing who they can engage in useless arguments and seeing their name on a board in "conversation" ad infinitum.
    .....Don't respond, don't thumbs down, don't engage. Do Ignore.. jmo

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    2 Appeals relating to Google

    by david_365gtc Feb 12, 2014 5:21 PM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 12, 2014 5:45 PM Flag

    ....Liked the details involved in the case. Laches are appealed !
    Google has third attempt at USPTO t invalidate the 420, and yet they claim it is not important in the Add word search. Then claim a work around that is not so. USPTO should settle the 420 case for the third and last time. No further grounds for Goog after this point is made, and Laches are open for an additional 300 million.
    Appeals are argued at the Fed court in April or May.
    ....Zte, strong case for VRNG in court system, and VRNG has injunctions in Germany and India that will be availabl to shut them down..... ZTE acts like a child and does not give over documents, judge sites them as not genuine in their discovery with documents, and will not want to give the $2.50 per hand set. This financial award will be strong enough to fund VRNG for a long time.
    .....VRNG only going after strong positioned pats to avoid paying the courts costs if they were to loose. SMART.
    .....POINT: VRNG has won against Google and against ZTE, only the payments are left .

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    OK, just this one time for tcxln

    by philipswallowflip Feb 8, 2014 11:46 AM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 11, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    .....No reply to a just question tcxln back on ignore ....

  • .....Rumor #1: Warren Buffet bought a lot of shares, cause he needs pocket money. lol
    .....Rumor #2: Bill Gates followed Buffet, and between the two of them, they owned the shorts ovder the last 5 days. lol
    .....Rumor #3: Kramer called for a dead cat bounce from the "Street" , and after VRNG tripled, he did a 180 degree position, and said he was really long and acquired the same number of shares as Buffet and Gates, combined. All of Wall Street laughed so loud, they stopped trading for 2 minutes because they could not see with the tears in their eyes.
    .....Rumor #4: President Obama took credit for the rise in share price for VRNG, citing executive orders caused it to happen, and he took a phone and a pen and called up Bill, Warren and Kramer, LOL
    .....Add your own here......

  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 11, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    ....Would be nice to know where the USPTO stands on the "work around" and the 420 pat. That, I believe is the nail in the coffin for google.

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    So many green flags with this company

    by alfredamus Feb 11, 2014 4:13 PM
    philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Feb 11, 2014 4:23 PM Flag

    ...Checkered flag coming into view....

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