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    by artusaj Jan 27, 2014 6:26 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 27, 2014 6:37 PM Flag

    There were 4 Marlboro Men. He was the last one on TV.

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  • It's unlikely that President Obama will ever shake his reputation among Republicans as a big spender. But a key fact counters that rap.
    As a share of the economy, spending on domestic and defense programs has been on the decline since 2010, and is on track to reach the lowest level in more than 50 years by 2023.

    At its height in 2010, "discretionary spending" under Obama reached 9.1% of GDP. That was largely due to the stimulus law intended to dig the country out of a deep recession. But even at that high level, it wasn't that much higher than the 40-year average of 8.4% and was still below the 40-year peak of 10% reached in 1983.
    Today, levels are well below the long-term average. And the Congressional Budget Office projects that by 2023 discretionary spending will fall to 5.3% of GDP, the lowest since 1962.

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    The Denires got SLAPPED DOWN by a judge

    by pilodialcyst Jan 26, 2014 2:47 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 26, 2014 4:27 PM Flag

    Quit being a coward. Tell me, how did it go for you when you signed up for ACA?

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  • And oddly, the Fox News Liars didn't report on this monumental decision.

    A judge for the D.C. Superior Court on Thursday refused to let libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and conservative news site National Review off the hook from a defamation lawsuit brought by climatologist Michael Mann, saying the sites’ musings about the accuracy of Mann’s research may not be protected by the First Amendment.
    Mann had sued the outlets in 2012, claiming they published defamatory articles accusing him of academic fraud and comparing him to a convicted child molester, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Specifically, Mann alleged that CEI published — and then National Review republished — an article calling Mann “the Jerry Sandusky of climate science, except that instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.”
    Judge Frederick H. Weisberg on Thursday ruled that while “opinions and rhetorical hyperbole” are protected speech under the First Amendment, accusing a climate scientist of lying about his seemingly factual data is serious enough to warrant defamation claims.
    “The allegedly defamatory aspect of this sentence is the statement that plaintiff ‘molested and tortured data,’ not the rhetorically hyperbolic comparison to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky,” Judge Weisberg wrote.
    The statement “he has molested and tortured data” could easily be interpreted to mean that the plaintiff distorted, manipulated, or misrepresented his data. Certainly the statement is capable of a defamatory meaning, which means the questions of whether it was false and made with “actual malice” are questions of fact for the jury. … To state as a fact that a scientist dishonestly molests or tortures data to serve a political agenda would have a strong likelihood of damaging his reputation within his profession, which is the very

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  • To Mike Huck-A-Fraud: PLEASE keep talking about women and their uncontrollable libido's. Democrats believe that ole' Huch is the best conservative and they hope he never shuts up, especially on the subject of how women should feel insulted and degraded by the implication that they might have sex for purposes other than making babies.

    Media liberals aren't wringing their hands so much as begging Huckabee to explain, in great detail, how respect for women is contingent on believing that women have enough control over their libidos to have no need for contraception. If he can get roomfuls of Republicans to applaud him wildly for sneering at birth control, so much the better.


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  • WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of thousands of people have chosen private health coverage under Obamacare so far in 2014, continuing the accelerated pace of enrollments from the end of last year.

    The Obama administration said Friday that more than 3 million people have now signed up for private plans through the federal and state health insurance exchanges, including more than 800,000 in January.

    "We are encouraged that millions of people have been enrolled in Marketplace or Medicaid coverage since October 1, and will work to give millions more Americans the peace of mind that comes with health security in the months ahead," Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said in a statement.

    The numbers are "as of this week," according to an administration official, which puts Obamacare on pace to have more than 1 million people pick a plan this month. Added to the approximately 2.2 million people who signed up for coverage between October and the end of December, Obamacare enrollments are expected to total more than 3.23 million at the end of January.

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    Reddnexxx: the place where hope goes to die.

    by al.gore27 Jan 23, 2014 7:03 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 23, 2014 8:31 PM Flag

    Even in the best of times, where one is born on the SES ladder, matters far more than any other indicator. And nearly all people either rise a single rung, stay the same, or drop a single rung.

    Bill Gates was born into an affluent life. He has never actually had to work or pull himself up by anything other than his eqestrian riding boots.

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  • I had no answer. Is owning another person worse than 16 year old kids having sex?

    Sons of the Confederacy.... what is going on here???

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  • Benghazi, Benghazi.....BENGHAZI...... Cut......

    We interrupt the constant flow of propaganda for this important message from sane America:

    The nation's uninsured rate dropped modestly this month as the major coverage expansion under President Barack Obama's health care law got underway, according to a closely watched survey released Thursday.

    The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that the uninsured rate for U.S. adults dropped by 1.2 percentage points in January, to 16.1 percent. The biggest change was for unemployed people, a drop of 6.7 percentage points. That was followed by a 2.6 percentage-point decline for nonwhites. Traditionally both groups are far more likely to be uninsured than the population as a whole.

    The survey found no appreciable change among young adults ages 18-34. Members of that coveted, low-cost demographic have been ambivalent about signing up so far.

    Based on interviews with more than 9,000 people, the Gallup numbers could be the first evidence that core provisions of Obama's much-debated law have started delivering on the promise of access for nearly all Americans.

    The overall drop in the uninsured rate would translate to approximately 2 million to 3 million people gaining coverage.

    Major elements of the health care law took effect with the new year. Virtually all Americans are now required to get covered or risk fines. Insurers can no longer turn away people with health problems. New state-based markets are offering taxpayer-subsidized insurance to middle-class households.

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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 22, 2014 4:50 PM Flag

    What???? are you talking about? Terrorism? I've never said anything about terrorism. ?????

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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 22, 2014 4:28 PM Flag



    That comes from talk show hosts and the Fox News Liars.

    The fact is, not a single Denier has published an article in a peer reviewed journal that shows that GW is not taking place. Not one.

    And the stupidity of people saying that the authors "pay" to publish is ridiculous.

    ANYONE can submit their manuscript for publication. But it must include the science and methods behind any conclusions. NOT A SINGLE DENIER HAS EVER PUBLISHED an article that debunks global warming

    And yes, with record HIGH temperatures in the southern hemisphere, record snow is predicted in ALL global warming models. Just as is the Southwest US drying out. All are happening.

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  • From the university of Texas, of all places:

    ....the conservative religious culture is in fact a major contributing factor thanks to "the social institutions they create" that "decrease marital stability."

    Specifically, putting pressure on young people to marry sooner, frowning upon cohabitation before marriage, teaching abstinence-only sex education and making access to resources like emergency contraception more difficult all result in earlier childbearing ages and less-solid marriages from the get-go

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  • Time for their "Ensure" and a catheter change.

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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 22, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    You have no idea, OK

    Just ONE peer reviewed journal article denying global warming. Talk show hosts, and the Fox News Liars are not credible sources.

    Deniers have NEVER published a paper. Why is that?

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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 22, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    Have no idea about Al Gore ;believers'.

    However, as a science believer, the record high temperatures across the southern hemisphere, coupled with the warming models of increased snow activity across the northern hemisphere are exactly as predicted by climate warming models.

    Remember, science trumps ignorance and big money by the Kochs and big oil.

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    Pot smoking is better?

    by k24chat Jan 21, 2014 7:07 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 21, 2014 10:06 PM Flag

    What is known is that those people that have a predisposition to addictive behaviors often have pot as the gateway to other drug use.

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    Pot smoking is better?

    by k24chat Jan 21, 2014 7:07 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 21, 2014 10:04 PM Flag

    Are there any studies about the health effects of smoking Pot?

    Not yet. Mostly because the longitudinal studies, which are underway, will not be completed until well into the future. Also, unlike cigarettes, the sample size is still relatively small due to the legal consequences of smoking pot in many states. That makes random sampling and control group studies much more difficult.

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    Rasmussen Reports Obama Aproval At 50%

    by conservatives_r_loons Jan 21, 2014 10:49 AM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 21, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    Rasmussen is accused by the board's lefties of being a shill for the "radical right wing".

    It still is. His actual approval is 57%

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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 21, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

    No idiot. He was saying that the far right and the GOP hate him because of his race. NOT America.

    And the president is absolutely correct on that point.

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    West Virginia: cesspool of America

    by al.gore27 Jan 20, 2014 2:46 PM
    pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jan 20, 2014 5:03 PM Flag

    It's all about jobs. Just ask the kids with 3 eyes and gills if their lives are any better because their parents had jobs in the chemical cesspool of WVA.

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