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    GILD SELL ZONE ~ $120 / $135 range

    by mt_griffith Jul 30, 2015 10:07 AM
    planetarian101 planetarian101 Jul 30, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    I think your low end (120) is far too low. I guess it depends upon your timeframe but I see the big houses raising their targets long before we hit 135.00 By the time we're at 130.00 they'll be saying 150.00
    My advise to friends is to buy and sit tight. This company is a money printing press because they are saving lives.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • The deal with gaming giant EA and the first subscription GAMING platform is MEGA and going to give even the theme parks a run for their money IMO. We gamers are tired of ponying up for multiple systems and platforms and every new upgrade that comes out. A subscription basis would be far cheaper and more cost effective yet VERY lucrative for the cable operators. Im just surprised no one has offered it by now. In addition, almost every gamer I know listens to DJ style commentary from top gamers as they play. In fact Microsoft paid over 1 Billion dollars for the rights to a Youtube channel featuring one such "DJ". This IS the big story in my book.

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    Regarding the Timing of the USPSTF decision

    by turinmachine99 Jun 25, 2015 4:30 PM
    planetarian101 planetarian101 Jun 25, 2015 4:33 PM Flag

    The release of data at today's "investors day" conference should be able to settle many important questions for them.
    Contextual Questions
    Contextual questions will not be systematically reviewed and are not shown in the Analytic Framework.
    What are the current rates of overall screening for colorectal cancer and screening with specific tests in the United States?
    What is the adherence to testing for each of the currently available screening tests? What is the adherence to followup diagnostic colonoscopy for abnormal screening test results (i.e., fecal testing, flexible sigmoidoscopy, CT colonography)?
    Do rates of screening or adherence to screening tests vary by important subpopulations (i.e., by age, sex, race/ethnicity)?
    What is the likelihood of progression or regression of small adenomas (i.e., measuring 6 to 9 mm) to colorectal cancer?
    Does the natural history (progression or regression) of adenomas vary by race/ethnicity?
    What is the distribution of colorectal lesions (colorectal cancer, advanced adenomas, small adenomatous polyps) by location in the colon (e.g., proximal versus distal colon)?
    Does the distribution of lesions in the colon vary by important subpopulations (i.e., by age, sex, race/ethnicity)?
    Are there differences in adenoma (and advanced adenoma) prevalence or count by race/ethnicity?

  • -and verified. - Non believers can read the article in the W ashgton. Post
    And it's going to drive people to CG in droves!. I wonder if this is going to surface during "investor day". The rate of non compliance, especially among males is a big driving force behind the adoption of CG and now with the release of this story, it becomes quite clear that at least SOME of the female staff are taking the opportunity to crack jokes about their male patients genitalia and make derogatory statements about their male patients in general. So a big shout out THANK YOU TIFFANY I (Yahoo will delete if I post her full name - she's the anesthesiologist who caused the 1.7 million dollar lawsuit).
    Im sure the plaintiff is happy with his $500,000 settlement.
    I would bet that secretly Kevin is quite pleased as well.

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