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plmartin02 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 20, 2013 3:48 PM Member since: Apr 26, 2013
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    This Should Please Some of...

    by predisposable_nym_01 Nov 20, 2013 3:43 PM
    plmartin02 plmartin02 Nov 20, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    Yeah, it takes a real man to punch an elderly lady.

    These slugs should be charged with attempted murder when apprehended, and sentenced to 20 to life.

  • As widely reported, Bill Clinton said in a recent interview that the “If you like what you’ve got, you can keep it” promise is one that young people heard clearly, and it’s one President Obama needs to keep — even if it requires a change in the law.

    The AP asked Carney today if the President agrees with Clinton. The answer was emphatically "yes", and Obama has his people scrambling for a fix. Okay, soooo, the outraged Obama agrees with Clinton that this Obama fellow better damn sure keep his promise to the American people! Thank God we have Obama fighting for us!

    Oh, and the solution is going to be......wait for it......drum roll please.......throw more money at it. There will be a subsidy for those who lost their plans, the cost of which will be tossed on top of our great-great grandchildren's debt mountain behind the White House. It's the only option for the leftkooks, not just because they could care less about spending money we don't have. It is because Obamacare's very survival depends on private insurers eventually going away. Even one of the architects of socialized healthcare, Jonathan Gruber, says on Politico that the government can't simply allow people to keep their own plans and not participate in Obamacare, due to the false promises made to the insurers that they would get a certain number of customers. “If you allow the healthy enrollees to stay in their old policy, the insurers lose money and the program falls apart,” writes Gruber.

    In other words, socialism doesn't work unless you drag everyone (except the socialists, of course) down to the same level of mediocrity.

  • plmartin02 plmartin02 Nov 8, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    At least you are up front about your intentions with your alias - you have fulfilled your ridiculously fringe task.

  • plmartin02 plmartin02 Oct 17, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Oh, and in case you didn't know, the "compromise" passed yesterday only suspends the law establishing the legal debt ceiling, not raising it by a certain amount. In other words, another box of blank checks for Obama - no limit in force. Let's see how much the Loafer in Chief piles onto the debt mountain between now and February 7 when it comes up again for battle.

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    Employment Credit Checks ...

    by hawcreeks_world Aug 26, 2013 4:41 PM
    plmartin02 plmartin02 Aug 26, 2013 5:48 PM Flag

    What would be far more pertinent would be to find out if they vote for the party that is responsible for the proliferation of divorce over the last five decades. That would be the party of family destruction, the lovers of modern progressive social liberalism.

    It they voted for the dumb-basses that 1) do nothing to bolster America's employers, and 2) created massive costs, regulations and obstacles for America's employers, then they need to get used to the new normal.

    So, they are still unemployed.

  • The Ivy Leaguer pulled a fast one on them.

    The Princeton and Harvard man excelled in academia - a champion debater at Princeton, a magna cum laude graduate at Harvard. But at the mandatory kool-aid parties, organized and run by some of academia's most enlightened intellectuals(amongst themselves), Cruz was pouring his cup out into the ficus plant in the corner, never ingesting the poisonous brew.

    In addition, his Supreme Court clerkship, his stardom as Texas' Solicitor General arguing dozens of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, all make him far too dangerous to let him continue with his searing spotlight on the left's emotion-based kookery in Washington. And if he were to run for president....egads.

    Oh, by the way, that ficus tree in the corner is said to have listed severely to the left, and sprouted leaves all colors of the rainbow, until they all turned black and fell off, the tree disintegrating into a powder blown away by the wind of liberal despair and ruin.

  • ...says Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare Kommandant and HHS Secretary.

    Sounds a little like the childish rantings of enlightened kook, Jim Cannon of the Socialist Party of America in 1953:

    "Under socialism, all will share in the benefits of abundance, not merely a favored few at the top. All the people will have time and be secure for an ever higher development. All will be artists. All will be workers and students, builders and creators. All will be free and equal. Human solidarity will encircle the globe and conquer it and subordinate it to the uses of man.

    That, my friends, is not an idle speculation. That is the realistic perspective of our great movement. We ourselves are not privileged to live in the socialist society of the future, which Jack London, in his far-reaching aspiration, called the Golden Future. It is our destiny, here and now, to live in the time of the decay and death agony of capitalism. It is our task to wade through the blood and filth of this outmoded, dying system. Our mission is to clear it away. That is our struggle, our law of life.

    We cannot be citizens of the socialist future, except by anticipation. But it is precisely this anticipation, this vision of the future, that fits us for our role as soldiers of the revolution, soldiers of the liberation war of humanity. And that, I think, is the highest privilege today, the occupation most worthy of a civilized man. No matter whether we personally see the dawn of socialism or not, no matter what our personal fate may be, the cause for which we fight has social evolution on its side and is therefore invincible. It will conquer and bring all mankind A NEW DAY.

    It is enough for us, I think, if we do our part to hasten on the day. That’s what we’re here for. That’s all the incentive we need. And the confidence that we are right and that our cause will prevail, is all the reward we need."

    Your reward is being realized, my kook friend. Unemployment, class warfare, rampant misery.

  • plmartin02 plmartin02 Jul 24, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    peepeekook: "Duhr...uhmmm...'cost basis'....duhurrr..'profits offset by losses'....duhmmm....'previously taxed savings'.....all I know is yur rich, need pay more tax to govermint for my free program handouts....duhhhhmmmrrrr..............."

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