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  • by point-taken Jul 25, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    We are closing in on July 30th. There has been a great deal of chatter about KKH and the revenue it is creating. Please remember, KKH came out on June 25. The books closed on June 30. KKH will have little impact on those numbers. I fear many investors will be disappointed with the report. And oddly, Glu's numbers would have looked impressive before the hype of KKH. Greed and the lack of instant gratification may cause a dip. Listen to the forward guidance and plot your strategy.

    And a side note, I wish to thank all of you for posts, the conversations, we have been sharing. The majority have been informative and a good expression of opinions. And those few that have been childish or obnoxious have been simply ignored. By resisting the urge to engage leaves these wannabe bullies twisting in the wind. Last year I left this board as it was more a place to battle over foolishness then to learn. So again, as Karen has stated more than once, thank you my friends. A salute to future success.

  • by point-taken Jul 23, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    This should of happened earlier in July. It's important Glu establish a new bottom. If the stock price continued up unchecked there would have been a HUGE sell off driving the price back to the $3's.

    People, we are fine. Next Wednesday we get the numbers and the CC. What you will want to take away from the reports is what the "forward" will look like. I still believe $10 for the end of the year is a reasonable expectation. Should it be more...I will be pleasantly surprised.

  • by point-taken Jul 29, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    Look, Glu is doing fine. My thinking is, so long as Glu can stay above $6 it will continue moving up to new highs. And let's face it, there is a chance it will drop below $ big deal. What we need to do is think of the future. July, August, September. When that quarter is reported Glu will pop big time. This current run has some investors a little edgy. I'm holding my shares and may collect a few more if it drops to the low $6's. We are going to make m.o.n.e.y!

  • by point-taken Jul 26, 2014 2:10 PM Flag

    Does anyone know which gender is the main downloader? Traditionally males are the dominate player of games. If the majority of KKH downloads are women, this would be another coup for Glu. (I think only Farmville and King's Sagas have an even split among genders.) Not only does Glu have a hot game, but it is drawing a large amount of women users. Of course, I could be wrong. Would like some input on this. Thanks.

  • Our little timid, afraid of all the "BS" on this board, has started 13 new posts since the start of the opening bell. And they all come to the same conclusion: "Stay Away From Glu!"

    This poster is a pro basher.

  • point-taken Aug 9, 2014 11:17 PM Flag

    I think Z has promise. It is doing what it has to for improving. I will admit the cc went as I anticipated, but in my heart I secretly hoped for some stellar disclosure. I think by spring Z will be capitalizing on its new games and witnessing a steady increase in price. But it is a long way from today to spring. I believe with the next cc Glu will have better numbers to report. I also believe between now and October 1 Glu will have a greater percentage increase in stock value. (Yes, this is opinion. Next week, next month, I may reconsider.) For now, if investing in mobile game stock Glu is the better play.

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    Electronic Arts (EA) a problem for Glu?

    by point-taken Aug 13, 2014 3:59 PM point-taken Aug 13, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    It's the membership thing I'm currently thinking about. EA may do both "free" and "member" games for mobile. But the focus may be members. A player might like a Glu game but will stay with EA because of the paid membership. Also, free games nickel and dime the player. Paid membership provides everything. EA could change the business model of mobile gaming. Perhaps both will work, free and paid. It will be interesting.

  • by point-taken Jul 30, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    how much for 10 days? how much for 100 days?? How much for 365 days??!! And that's just one game.

    This is Glu's year. Don't let anyone tell you different.

  • by point-taken Jul 28, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    We are in the "Dark Zone." Nothing more from Glu until earnings on Wednesday. We take what information is available and speculate and hypothesize. We read reports. We read tea leaves. But none of us can be certain of what will come after the report.

    So, here's my speculative pointless babble. Currently, Glu is traveling on the blue highways. Roads that are not well maintained. We will see it bounce along until it reaches its destination on Wednesday. I think there will be a sense of disappointment with the number only because of the hype around KKH. Disappointment will ease when the forward guidance is heard. Glu may see a spike shortly afterwards, but I believe it will slowly slide down. Investors will like what they hear. They will understand how the next earnings report will be strong. But the feeling will be: That report is three months away. Why tie up money in Glu before then? Profits will be taken and invested elsewhere. Prior to the next report in November? we will see Glu spike big time.

    For me, I plan to hold my shares. If Glu does slide down I will gather a few more shares. Bottom line, tis is Glu's year. And like Glu I will make money. (Some fancy babblin' don't ya think??!!)

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    ZNGA's horrid volume--Ouch! This is an omen.

    by odonnellm66 Aug 13, 2014 4:07 PM point-taken Aug 13, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    Look, odie, Don was upfront at the last CC. He laid it out on the table stating earnings would be lower for the year and new games are coming but not as soon as hoped for. But it's not all doom and gloom. Z is near the bottom. It is from here it will move up, not down. I still believe by spring, with the new games building a following, Z will have value. Admittedly, I did sell my position in Z last week. I still believe in Z but don't want to see my money sitting idle. I'll have another position in Z down the road. And for others this is a bargain for taking a position.

  • by point-taken Aug 18, 2014 3:51 PM Flag

    Scooped up more shares @ $4.97. Should the price drift lower, I'm buying. There is just too much positive going with this stock. It's up 50% since the end of June. And it will be up another 50% by or before the next CC.

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    Textbook Breakout Underway

    by apachebunny Jul 14, 2014 12:51 PM point-taken Jul 14, 2014 2:25 PM Flag

    It is projected Kim Kar Hollywood will generate $200 mil annually. Before that Glu was project to make $52 mil. Since June 25 Glu is up 60%. I would not be surprised if some profit taking lowers its current numbers. However, Glu is finally on solid ground. Little if any debt, money coming in, and projections looking very good. Glu reports its numbers first week of August. We will all be pleasantly surprised. I think $7 is reasonable for the near future. Anything over $10 will take place next year. Bottom line, this is Glu's year and we will make money.

  • by point-taken Jul 22, 2014 7:14 PM Flag

    "Glu Mobile has almost doubled in 2014, but with the way things are progressing, more upside cannot be ruled out. The gaming company is employing shrewd strategies, and is using the technology gained over the years to deliver a solid experience to users. So, with the mobile gaming market expected to grow rapidly, Glu Mobile is one of the prime picks to profit from this opportunity."

    And we will profit taking advantage of this opportunity, as well.

  • by point-taken Aug 13, 2014 3:59 PM Flag

    Recently EA has mentioned that they are "doubling down" with their move into mobile gaming. EA is a well run company and very successful with video games. From 1999 to 2009 they were on a tear. Market imploded and they dropped a bit. Since mid 2012 they have been on the move up again. Two things going for EA. First, their ability to create popular games. Second, their membership. There are a lot of players with EA memberships. Their move into mobile will be felt come next summer.

    I'd like to know what your opinions are. Also, I've said, numerous times, Glu will never be bought out. Only game makers bought out other game makers. Would it be strategically wise for EA to buy Glu? Again, EA is no Zynga or King. They are big, have history of success, and they are coming.

  • by point-taken Aug 7, 2014 7:01 PM Flag

    First and foremost; take everything posted about the CC with a grain of salt. Go to Zynga investor relations and listen to the playback of the CC.

    Prior to Don's first CC it was widely speculated Z would partner with a casino and focus on online gaming. Don said "no." Instead, Z would reorganize and focus on games. We were told 2014 we would realize the fruits of these efforts. We are now told 2015 is when we will realize results.

    OK, making a deal with the NFL sounds good. EA has made some coin with football games. I'm unsure how to take the Tiger news. The man has not lead golfing like he once did. But, OK, sports. There is an audience ready to play. The delay of game releases; these companies need to learn you don't deliver bad news during the CC. Z should have eluded to the hold off back a month or so ago. Let the news be built in to the share price. Glu buying Cie is smart, but telling investors $100 mil is out the door during the CC is not smart. A little heads up before hand.

    Two questions asked but the answers were more fluff. Reducing the staff of 2,000 people. Do they really need a large staff at this time. Perhaps once the corner is turned more people will be needed. And, $1 bil plus on hand. Would Z do a stock buyback? They should. I doubt they will.

    There is a plan going forward. They are tweaking the held games, and they are creating new games. Some will be licensed, some will be of their own creation. They are using TV ads to reinforce their dominate games. I think they need to step up their TV ads, and the ads should be highlighting the actual games and not that they can be played in an airplane or at the office. big deal. Who doesn't know that. Sell the games. Let the viewer know Z's games are superior to anything King has.

    If all goes according to the Z plan we should see positive in the spring of 2015. Again, you are asked to wait and to have faith. Is money parked here for the next 10 months worth it?

  • point-taken Aug 20, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    Hey Goldfinger, Just read your 7 pages of posts. Turns out on average you slam other posters at least 3 times a page. Telling them they are stupid, phonies, and quite belittling. The real problem I see is guys like yourself that want to crucify for the sake of crucifying. You're a pro at putting people down. You are also a pro at being a hypocrite. Why don't you get down from your high horse. You're making us common folk nervous.

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    Rumors are good! There coming

    by deniso1026 Aug 27, 2014 3:29 PM point-taken Aug 27, 2014 4:49 PM Flag

    I'm a huge fan of Glu. But, don't bet the farm on rumors. Rumors can be wrong and misleading. How many times have we seen "rumors" of a buyout? I do believe good news will becoming as we head into the earnings report. Good news such as how many games are in the top 100, new games being released, and so on. Rumors like a "buyout" are nothing more than rumors.

  • by point-taken Jul 22, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    Since June 25 Glu has been climbing. We have all known at some point it would have to have a pull back. We need this. Glu needs to establish a new bottom. Even if Glu were to drop to the mid $6's, we'd still be fine. Taking profits is a good thing. Just wish it happened earlier. In eight days Glu reports. As pointed out, KKH will have a small effect on the numbers. However, the other income is strong, and no debt. More importantly, the "forward" should be incredible. Bottom line, don't #$%$ yourself, and don't let other #$%$ you. This is Glu's year. Seeing $10 by the close of the year is not a problem. It's simply being conservative.

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    Pure Facts

    by karenparsons51 Aug 8, 2014 11:41 AM point-taken Aug 8, 2014 4:32 PM Flag

    On July 31, 2014 money/cnn ran a story of the $700K. Author was Kate Lobosco. Title was "Kim Kardashian's game makes $700,000 a day."

  • point-taken Aug 20, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    And on August 19th at 9:53 you stated Glu would be down to $4.50 if not lower by Friday.

    Are you compensated by how many responses you get to a post? Am I helping you earn a living?

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