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  • be careful of what the commies are planning.short at will.
    Stay clear when the chinese decide to once again screw Americans to the wall.

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    Distribution is rock solid safe.

    by deepsea21 May 9, 2016 8:28 AM
    pouoien pouoien May 9, 2016 10:26 AM Flag

    Personal liability of owners in some states when the barely can cover working capital requirements without borrowing. You win to be the FOOL of this board. Will they borrow short term to pay dividends? Will there be another warm winter and if there is, can they survive it? The huge cold winter a few years back, didn't produce positive cash flows and they continue to invest in other companies and paying premiums when the reality is the fools are just paying off their friends by investing in companies that should have ended in bankruptcy, they call that goodwill, those companies should have been sold for pennies on the dollar, shareholders should be furious that anyone paid premiums for them. Are you ready for another warm winter? As you the fool of the board are an owner, just wait to the creditors come knocking at your door!.

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  • pouoien pouoien May 2, 2016 11:59 AM Flag

    proof you really are absolutely clueless on how it works.... when you buy stock in a margin account, they can use up to 150% of your margin debit balance to cover unreported shorts... do you have a margin account? Maybe I'm using your shares... I'm ahead, based on your history, seems like you are going to be having margin calls soon enough!!! Yap, YAP, YAP. SPH is like Popeye... Have fun paying those 6 figure salaries and your personal liability if she blows! I'll borrow today to pay you're dividend while my short produces daily interest on the cash. Fool and his money is soon parted. A hedged short and his money are nothing but gold. You better stop wasting your time trying to protect this dog and learn how to hedge your long position.

  • pouoien pouoien Apr 29, 2016 8:51 PM Flag

    GOODWILL!! Read and Cry as they have NOT reduced GW valuations... they overpaid $1B for companies and still in this market haven't written off half minimally when the stock market has tumulted for similar companies?

    Business Combinations. The Partnership accounts for business combinations using the acquisition method and accordingly, the assets and liabilities of the acquired entities are recorded at their estimated fair values at the acquisition date. Goodwill represents the excess of the purchase price over the fair value of the net assets acquired, including the amount assigned to identifiable intangible assets. The primary drivers that generate goodwill are the value of synergies between the acquired entities and the Partnership, and the acquired assembled workforce, neither of which qualifies as an identifiable intangible asset.

  • Direct from their Financials that are on their website... you should really read them if you invest.

    Some provisions of our Partnership Agreement may discourage, delay or prevent third parties from acquiring us, even if doing so would be beneficial to our Unitholders.

    A number of states have not clearly established limitations on the liabilities of limited partners for the obligations of a limited partnership. Our Unitholders might be held liable for our obligations as if they were general partners if:
     a court or government agency determined that we were conducting business in the state but had not complied with the state’s limited partnership statute; or
     Unitholders’ rights to act together to remove or replace the General Partner or take other actions under our Partnership Agreement are deemed to constitute “participation in the control” of our business for purposes of the state’s limited partnership statute.

    Unitholder’s tax liability could exceed cash distributions on its Common Units.

    The ability of a Unitholder to deduct its share of our losses may be limited

    Unitholders may have negative tax consequences if we default on our debt or sell assets WOW... only in footnotes of companies having issues!!

    Distributions are to extent they can keep BORROWING!!!!

    Lender changes to commitment which create major issues for SPH certain financial covenants, including (a) requiring our consolidated interest coverage ratio, as defined in the amendment, to be not less than 2.5 to 1.0 as of the end of any fiscal quarter; (b) prohibiting the total consolidated leverage ratio, as defined in the amendment, of the Partnership from being greater than 4.75 to 1.0 as of the end of any fiscal quarter (or 5.0 to 1.0 during an acquisition period as defined in the amendment)

    Reveolving credit is LIBOR plus 1% plus an additional FEE!!! wow, that is high for a daily rate! Higher than an individual pays!!!!

  • pouoien pouoien Apr 29, 2016 8:22 PM Flag

    wow deepsea21 you must be in deep!
    This balance sheet sucks. And you are looking at quarters. This BS represents a lender forcing inventory down. You should find the LOC and read the details.

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