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pradeeplugimwidnaus 20 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 11, 2014 1:32 AM Member since: Oct 30, 2012
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  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Aug 11, 2014 1:32 AM Flag

    I am stranded in New delhi victim of financial crime encouraged and partnered by US DHS. I have a Kasikorn Thailand bank acount and i am trying to get some Thai Baht into it. I walked to citibank ATM deposit machine abd inserted my Kasikorn ATM to see if deposit option shows up. I can purchase Thai Bahtr or it should directly take rupee. I really need mulrinatiional banks with deposit ATMs and full cash convertibility. I then walked to SBI parliament street branch. The ATM deposit machine did now allow me to use my Thailand Bank ATM. I am suffering here with pestilence in food and drinks as a lesion in my feet and i am suffering because of financial fraud for many years. Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

  • while several millions of dollars of pending payments and i am being tortured and stranded in India..I posted some thing on Starbucks and McDonalds message boards as some insiders of these companies know about this organisation and my information site.. My mother became ill after this and i suspect a linkage.
    I am alerting FBI Interpl and US presidents office to help me.. I have access to 6750 RS cash and a Thailand Kasikorn account with 38 baht.. Instead of banking accounts with several millions of US dollars. I am 44 without a child or legal heir and this is a crime going on for a decade now..Please alert Yoga fitness community in US and i have no clue why they cannot help.. The independent among them should help me now..My mother is ill from low qualtiy nutrition.. and i am worried about law enforcement not being able to help.. pradeep kumar xplorer

  • and i spotted a small beggar boy messaged to appear on door to prevent me from enteting today morning.
    I can only eat hash browns from here.. Eggs are OK but not buns.. I need to cook in my own property..I dont like eating in fast food chains..Please help end this exploitation of a 44 year old who have created wealth..
    Mustard sauce tastes but has been made from lw cowstew cheese because they have read my information site..They have even started in palakkad.. McDonaldisation is not americanisation.. Please raise prices and sell fgod with less human odor.. Please be of service without my money being involved. You advertise that you dont sell beef or pork but sell cheese.. So that means you dont cater to fitness yoga community..

    Sentiment: Sell

  • I was given some Ice with Tazo chai Ice Soy that had a scent of toothpaste.. I had to return it.. I had to change a cup of coffee also.. I am not a coffee taster but someone wanting to drink some chai or coffee..then on way back i was attacked by oor street dwellers smoking whatever and they tore my trekkers shirt and slapped me.. I had to give a slap to get out of the two who tried to beat me up..Luckily they were weak.. Again the slap was on the left side.. Again some criminals testing whether the wounds from me being attacked in a Hanuman cafe putteparti has healed.. If this is a corporation i need some fitness woman behind machine to entertain me as it is not clear.I object to american companies exploiting beings like me. They wasted my money creating a SUN IEC long time ago. There was a couple also looking related to a Khamsen of US CBP some fraud relative of someone from palakkad.. They cannot follow me.. Theres no campus for me to make my coffee so i depend on Starbucks..I was attacked on the trun around connaught place that has hamilton house.. I lost a 1000 Nepali rupee shirt and peace of mind for one hour. The security at Asiana a look alike of another character from chepilamuri looked at my left side as if they are quality testing me.

    Sentiment: Sell

  • Thats what i meant..correction in title.

  • I have setup paypal account since 2005/2006. Now i have really need to recieve payments.
    I have not recieved a single cent and that makes me worried and i would like to alert hat thetes some serious fraud inside PAYPAL going on. PAYPAL has to be separated from EBAY and they cannot use
    customers money. Pradeep Kumar Xplorer.

  • I am starnded in India in connaught place arae because of cybercrime and disgusted by mostly men in most of the restaurents and even in kitchen..

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Aug 8, 2014 2:47 AM Flag

    i am a customer since 1999 they might be my wellwishers to appear in delhi recently after i arrived here from Nepal. I am still victim of financial fraud related to my publsihing and my past life in SUNW JAVA companies.
    Its a crime commited by several shameless deceptive authortes and psychiatrists who want money for nothing. Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

    Sentiment: Hold

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Aug 8, 2014 2:44 AM Flag

    I am pradeep kumar xplorer and google has paid me 32 million US dollars through some agent Feb 21 2013 to my emails to my domain pradeep at It has not been collected by me and if anyone has collected it is a financial crime. I am unable to enter US where i have Immigrated because of US DHS partnering with this financial crime with many Indians in palakkad and worldwide.They have paid me every year some money and none has been collected or enjoyed by me. Google has indexed my site and its IP is availabe freely on the web and its the obligtaion of those who view to pay me.A celevr deceptibe group is acting like my representatives or famly and stealing and expending my money for a decade.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Feb 25, 2013 12:09 AM Flag

    who want to enjoy his life between california and thailand..I am unable to enter United States because of some Government agency fraud... in US and India ..
    explodingmoon dot org

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Feb 24, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    explodingmoon dot org

  • for visalakshy2k4 incarcerated.. These criminals have deported from US and managing my wealth in US.. This is an unforgivable crime.. My wealth should be in my control in Thailand..and i am stranded in India..being attacked by some genetic relatives of visalakshy who want money for nothing..

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Feb 22, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    I need my documents stolen returned..
    explodingmoon dot org

  • I was harassed and forced to surrender my PR starus by a criminal in US CBP who was backed by a group of financial criminals who energetically followed my journals and my techniques of self exploration.. I am suspicious of now of Facebook.. i started using Facebook since 2008 and it has wasted my time.. Please end this nonsense.. I need to lead my life in California and Thailand and not just eat food and sleep..
    explodingmoon dot org

  • I should be living in California and Thailand. I am stranded in Bangalore. Please see explodingmoon dot org. SOme criminals in US CBP and some criminals in akathethara / palakkad is trying to steal my wealth that i created by my efforts. They are supported by Kerala Police. I am not getting replies from USDOJ and SantaClara Superior court. They are shameless criminals wanting money for nothing. I am 43 and does not have even one child.Some smart criminals in an area called chepilamuri in akathethara is behind this crime.

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Feb 19, 2013 12:39 AM Flag

    explodingmoon dot org is my personal site and the group exploiting me should be punished and stopped.I have complained in ic3 dot org and i suspect thats another fake organisation using my personal wealth/

  • I pioneered the browser information retrieval revolution and i created the design in NextGenWWWProj.
    I created the course in LugimWidNaus as a person. A shameless group is exploiting me and am a victim of assault for three times in palakkad. I have only 1000 Indian rupees left. Please help ..Justice or whatever word in your vocabulary
    explodingmoon dot org

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Feb 19, 2013 12:32 AM Flag

    I am seeking your attention to my personal site thats being exploited by a group. I am not able to lead my life in US or Thailand and stranded in India and exploited by a shameless group.
    explodingmoon dot org

  • I was reluctantly forced to stay in OLD BSNL landline 04912557868 and theres an injection like
    mark in my left biceos that i showed to a smasudin..or some police officer in olavaookde railway station as a backpoacker who was attacked by Vshalom Care and cure in Jan 2010.. after SUN sale tp ORACLE..I need them prosecuted and charged..many years of my life has been wasted money shold have been given to when my ATT platunum card maxed in sonoma county in Jan 2009.. please help..

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus Oct 30, 2012 12:43 AM Flag

    at the age of 42 with no woman, or money or a child..
    I want to be in thailand now..i dont have a child or any dependents and its unacceptable
    some in palakkad are exploiting wealth i created in Bayarea and my unqique creation on self
    exploration LugimWIdNaus..

    I am US Social 619726729...

    I do not have a family and my vakue of effort as a individual is being exploited..

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