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  • The margins stayed strong. They beat EPS. They has a record quarter. They're going to make $53B next quarter. The P/E is 10. They've got $250B in Cash, an increasing dividend and continued improvement in shareholder value with a buyback plan. The revenue miss is predominantly exchange rate related - no way to control that though they did offset it as evidence in their EPS. You call them a "one trick pony" but that's like calling an auto maker a one trick pony. Their primary product is stealing market share and it's a product that is more widely used by humans than most anything else. When I last checked they are continuing to hire and are working on products and services to augment phone sales. Hang your hat on headlines and analysts and media if you want. I like looking at 10-K's and watching hiring practices, spend on R/D, margins, upgrade rates and shareholder value. They all look positive. The real issue is people don't know how to value the company so the default is to focus on the negative - yet they keep beating EPS guidance and growing CASH. So, this is yet another opportunity to buy.

  • Dollar exchange rates are no secret. Margins on products were very strong - again. These guys did what they had to do to put MORE MONEY IN THE BANK than what the precious analysts forecasted - or did you miss the EPS beat. Every quarter there's another negative piece of data for naysayers to hang their hats on and every quarter AAPL beats EPS estimates. That's just smart management at work. Jump on the negative nelly bandwagon if you want. This is yet another gift being given for a solid company with a superior balance sheet and strong management team. Smart money will take advantage of this opportunity and be buyers today. Don't be surprised to see the stock climb during the week.

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    A few simple questions proving analysts

    by protc1 Dec 30, 2015 2:51 PM
    protc1 protc1 Dec 30, 2015 3:03 PM Flag

    AAPL sets and has met its expectations with notorious consistency. The CEO doesn't need to respond to every analysts saying whatever they want. Just think how stupid that is. He gave them a chance during the last conference call and he answered all the questions. He gave guidance and he's met his guidance with consistency. The Street sets their own guidance and then when there's isn't met they say AAPL missed. Go back and listen to the guidance provide by the company and you'll see. Analysts are a joke.

  • know nothing. If all of this doomsday media about AAPL were true, why do 41 different analysts have a combined 12 month price target of $148? Why is the lowest price target from these experts still at 115? Why hasn't there been a single downgrade to anything below Market Perform (only two of these) if they're so sure the bottom has fallen out of iPhone sales? Where's the backup for all their comments - I mean bona fide evidence of anything they contend? Is there proof? How many times have analysts been "right" about AAPL only to be proven how ill-informed they really are? They all want to make a name for themselves by calling the demise of AAPL yet NONE of them actually back it up with a downgrade. Just a bunch of smoke.
    Of course, what do I know? I know what the financial statements say and if anyone really read them they'd know this company generates billions in revenue every quarter. It produces products at insane margins north of 38%. It's got $200B in Cash and generating more faster than it can spend it, even with an incredible amount going to R&D and $5B going into a new company complex. I know it's absolutely killing every other phone maker in profit generated from phone sales. I know it's successfully penetrating the Chinese market with its products through stores they can't build fast enough and it has plans to do the same in fertile untapped areas like India. I know it's on the cutting edge of next generation development in health communication and monitoring, media, transportation and transaction services. But, those are just the things I know for sure. No smoke - just fact.
    So, if you want to believe in people that aren't willing to back up their threats with something as simple as a downgrade, or better yet, a "sell" call, who can't produce one shred of real evidence that iPhone sales are experiencing anything more than a typical cycle adjustment, you go ahead. They said the same BS about iPod, then iPhone, then Margins and so on.

  • never trust analysts. They talk their own book And, never listen to the media. They're clueless and are out for headlines. Do your own research.

  • "experts" and analysts who are saying the same things now they did 10 years ago. They're BS. Do your own research. If you bought this stock in 2006 and just stayed in it, your investment would be worth 12X. It's doubled since 2013 alone. Analyze that.

  • a good December. It's been programmed that way this year, too.

  • will be up 300 points. Send in the Rangers and SEALS and let them take care of business!!!

  • Funds need to show positive growth for 2015 for shareholders and bonuses so what easier way than to spin a story of unverified information on the highest volume stock to force it into a slide. Then a buy back for quick profits is sure to follow. Typical Wall Street action at year end.

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