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  • psychopath_watch psychopath_watch Sep 19, 2014 12:19 AM Flag

    As we all know, a bought and paid for federal government has been a disaster for the American landscape.

    During WWI the government guaranteed $2.00/Bu for wheat which would be like $30/bu or more today.(source: Ken Burns "The Dust Bowl". The price fell to 12 cents due to oversupply.

    The direct result was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s as tens of millions of deep rooted grasslands were deep plowed to plant wheat. Most of these growers were Eastern speculaltors who didn't need to hang around is was so easy to grow wheat deep plowed former grassland.

    These ancient grassland had roots down to 5 feet. Even after a multiyear drought the grass would reemerge .
    As the 1930s drought progressed, wheat farming had laid waste to the land. Dust strorms would cover Chicago and Washington DC in inches of topsoil.

    Now these destroyers are at it again. MILLION and MILLIONs of acres of grasslands are being burned to plant grains on marginal lands(for wheat,corn, soy). The 'growers' know the expectations of a 'yield' are very low. Even without a crop, they are guaranteed circa $1000/acre, more or less.


    When majors fertilizer runoff makes it way into the waterways, beautiful grasslands are destroyed, erosion leaves its ugly scars, we all know what the Big Ag mantra will be.


  • As we all know, the Feds pay circa 80% of so called crop insurance. There are other programs to pay for loss due to drought, flood, etc.

    This is the ultimate Welfare program. The current price for regular corn is $4.70 bushel, with variations by region. The Dec contract for corn is $3.37 /bu..

    Imagine that! Big Ag and the USDA meeting in top secret to set these prices based on input costs.

    MON conspirator says 'we will get our 15% yearly price increase. Capiche?'. Big grower conspirator says "No Biggie. next years minimum for corn goes up by 20%. We all win!" USDA conspirator says." You got it. Next year we raise all minimums by 25% on 1 condition. 400 USDA employees will retire/resign from Federal employment and be hired by Big Ag at a minimum of $500,000 a year"

    Leaving the top secret meeting, all are reminded to make generous campaign contributions. Ownership of the Congress is paramount.

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    DuPont#$%$ & Run Management!

    by funfundvierzig Sep 17, 2014 10:12 AM
    psychopath_watch psychopath_watch Sep 17, 2014 8:19 PM Flag a 20 year cyclist my #1 rule was 'Assume the driver is trying to hit you'. Hundreds of times I dismounted the bike for safety reasons . #2 was avoid dangerous routes, particularly curvy , narrow roads with no shoulder at all

    The photo of this accident scene reveals it was a hairpin turn with huge trees right up to the road.

    All pedestrians. cyclists and auto drivers should use common sense and focus on cause and effect. Apparently that is illegal today, the individual thinking for him or herself. Bureaucrats, regulators and lawyers have 100 million rules that will keep you safe.

    Recall the Belle phosgene fatality. The workers routinely failed to purge the line, and the bet is they didn't even close the valve. Who cares what the boiling point of phosgene is, or why it is important to purge the line.

    UPS has 4 rules of driver safety:
    1) Look ahead
    2) Keep you eyes moving
    3) Leave yourself an out
    4) Make eye contact with the other drivers

    These principles apply to cyclists as well, with the added one to keep you hearing finely tuned for the sound of approaching vehicles.

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    DuPont#$%$ & Run Management!

    by funfundvierzig Sep 17, 2014 10:12 AM
    psychopath_watch psychopath_watch Sep 17, 2014 12:32 PM Flag

    Winding, undulating 2 lane roads with 24 inch diameter trees 18 inch form the road. A full canopy making a dark night even darker. Sure!.Let's go for a night ride on the bicycle

    The bicyclist should be posthumously awarded the Medal of Stupidity. Recall the Grateful Dead lyric .."There's no such thing as luck, learn to duck"

  • psychopath_watch by psychopath_watch Aug 2, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    Of the countless frauds perpetrated by the 'global warming' racketeers, none is more farcical than the endless use of the phrases 'carbon in the atmosphere' and 'carbon pollution' when referring to carbon dioxide.

    By using carbon instead of carbon dioxide the fraudsters know most folks will have images in their minds of 'soot', particulate matter, floating in the atmosphere.

    CO2 is a gas, and referring to it as 'carbon' is like referring to water as hydrogen pollution.

    The CO2 level at 400 PPM up from the dangerously low level of 260 PPM still leaves the atmosphere in a state a CO2 deprivation. 1000 PPM should be the target.

    Burning Fossil Fuels has it environmental risks and costs, but adding CO2 back to the atmosphere is a windfall benefit.

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