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  • California's insurance commissioner has indicated that, those who have to pay for healthcare insurance, rather than having the taxpayer flit the bill, could see rate increases of 22-88%. This is much higher than in other states, who have seen 12-25% increase requests. Considering even the CBO office can no longer calculate how much Oscumbag care is going to cost the taxpayers and premium payers, including businesses, you best plan for the worst.

  • disapprove of the Obama immigration policies. The facts are, Obama is responsible for the crisis on the border with his violations of American immigration laws, with the Dream Act. He has created the idea, in Central and South America that all they have to do is get here and they will be allowed to stay. Considering 85% of those illegals released into the nation never show up for their hearings. Americans are fed up, with this administration's continuing violations of American law and his ignoring his oath of office, and the Constitution.

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    we need to get more people to post

    by madmax19471952 Jul 11, 2014 1:53 PM
    qaydan qaydan 2 hours 50 minutes ago Flag

    GE is a good long term hold for those interested in a dividend. However, there are companies that pay more and are just as secure, but GE is one to have in a conservative portfolio.

  • qaydan qaydan 2 hours 59 minutes ago Flag

    MORON, the bill included a pledge by BOTH parties to SECURE THE BORDER. both parties lied when they signed that agreement. The fact is Democrats as well as establishment Republicans wanted the illegals for different reasons. Republicans for cheap labor. The Democrats for more people to put on welfare and to get taxpayer money, so when they do become legal, they will vote Democrats to keep their free money coming in. Democrats also wanted them to illegally vote for Democrat candidates, which is why Democrat oppose voter ID laws. You should also remember that Democrats loved that cheap labor as well.

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    America's Got Talent

    by trey_gowdies_hair 5 hours ago

    We have a House which is doing its job. It is the Reid Senate that is doing nothing but blocking the business of the nation, so the dictator in the WH can rule by decree. It is also Obama that has created all the current problems this nation is facing, including the largest percentage of the American work force, not participating, in forty years. The problem of millions of Americans who have stopped looking for work, because of the anti jobs policies of this administration. The problem of Americans unable to find full time employment and having to work two or three part time jobs, because of his policies make it to potentially expensive to hire full time workers. The problem of a healthcare system that has become so complex that even the CBO office can no longer compute the massive deficits in the Obamacare system. etc.

  • Yes, American business is adaptive, in spite of the most anti-jobs, anti-middle class. ant-business administration in American history. We will also have to see if the figure is changed either up or down, like most are.

  • By the way, you also seem to forget that the Auto Industry bailout was passed by Bush, not Obama. TARP was also passed by Bush, not Obama, so the two main programs Obama takes credit for, he didn't create. By the way, To big to fail, hasn't been changed by Dodd-Franks, in fact big banks are getting bigger, thanks to that law.

  • When historians look back on the Bush administration, they will look at more than just the brain dead propaganda of the Democrats. Since my personal library is made up of 90% history, and it is my profession as well, I can assure you that most, unless they are fanatical democrats, will look at all the factors, including the fact that it was caused by a policy started by the CLINTON administration, not by Bush. Bush, who acted more like a Democrat than a Republican, accepted it. They will also look at who was guiding the policy of loan money to people who couldn't afford to pay it back, and the pressure put on banks to make sub prime loans, by people like Obama, Barney Franks, Nancy Palosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, who kept telling us, right up to the collapse that the system was sound. They will also know the run on the banks was started by Chuck Schumer, who violated federal banking law, by spreading a rumor that IndyMac was not solvent. It was working on raising its reserves, when Schumer opened his big mouth and started the run, which spread to other banks and brought on the collapse. They will also know that Democrats, after they took control of the legislative branch in January of 2006 twice REJECTED banking reform legislation offered by the Bush administration. Fortunately, history will not be written by uneducated sheep like yourself. Bush bears part of the blame, by following that moronic policy created by the Democrats, but the real blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic party and its leadership.

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    3 Star General Reports

    by mr_non_sequitur 7 hours ago

    That shows you how out of touch Democrats are. The greatest danger to the nation, is the growing authoritarian government of Adolph Obama and his fanatical leftwing extremist hatemongers. After all, Democrats have a history of throwing bombs, just like extremist right wing groups. Obama is the good friend of the terrorist leader William Ayres.

  • Democrats question nothing, Obama and his party does. Democrats do not have the brains to think, reason or question. They, like the sheep in "Animal Farm" just repeat everything their party tells them to think.

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    Israel Requests More Ammo

    by trey_gowdies_hair 6 hours ago

    They can send the quarter million rounds of small arms ammo Obama's SSI administration purchased, and the military ammo of the BLM and whatever other Agencies Obama has militarized.

  • The house is going to pass a vA bill, and a response to Obama's demand for the border money. Now, it will be in the lap of the Senate and the President to approve it. Remember, most of the legislation sent to the Senate never gets a hearing, because Obama has told Reid to obstruct everything. It allows Obama to lie to the American people that Republicans are doing nothing, which of course is a lie. Obama wants to rule by decree. He wants to NOT do his job and enforce the immigration laws. Obama is the cause of this disaster on our southern border. A new Gallop poll indicates the American people are fed up with Obama's Immigration policies. 68% of Americans oppose the Obama immigration policies. Let us hope this translates into massive losses for Democrats in the House and Senate.

  • Agreed, Holder is using his position to cover up instead of investigating the IRS, Fast and Furious, and the host of other scandals. The fact that Holder appointed a major Obama donor as head of the IRS scandal is proof of the fact.

  • Rather than looking at which president it grows faster under, we should look at what programs were passed by which party, has created the massive increases in the debt, by expanding the destructive entitlement programs that have now made forty eight percent of Americans dependent on government, instead of themselves.

  • I don't think you will find much support from the Republicans. However, the Democrats have always been most favorable to Gaza and not so to Israel. Republicans would be much more likely to financially support Israel.

  • Ah, you are already considering her an authoritarian master.

  • There are legal grounds for impeachment of Obama, for not enforcing the laws of the land. I urged the threat of impeachment against Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama for their failure to enforce the law, as they violated their oath of offices. However, Obama's obstruction of the investigations of the IRS and numerous other scandals could also be used in articles of impeachment. However, I am not in favor of impeachment, yet. Since the Senate would never convict Obama, despite his guilt, it is pointless. However, the law suit against the president is an excellent idea and more should be filed regarding other areas he has tried to violate the separation of powers. Impeachment proceedings against Holder, the AG, would be a good idea to remind Democrats that the AG is not an office of phony investigations designed not to find out the truth.

  • Nothing, as long as Obama doesn't promise more money to a terrorist state that has Hamas as part of its government. Since, Obama seems to equate Hamas as a legitimate political party in Gaza, that is your party's problem.

  • I do believe he meant it. After all I grew up with the Democrats hating our military. Their recruiters are banned from many colleges controlled by Democrats.. Democrats still admire traitors like Jane Fonda, and Ramsey Clark. The current Democrats are gutting our military by giving pink slips to thousands of our men, and greatly reducing spending on defense, which use to be over 70% of the American budget at one time, and is now much less. Now we provide massive amounts of money to people who don't want to work. Democrats call SSI an entitlement, even though the money was paid into the fund for decades by working Americans and their employers, only to have the money stolen. No Democrats also demanded unilateral disarmament during the cold war. No, Obama, who is friends with the terrorist William Ayers, grew up hating America, and the military and he still does.

  • No, I have never wanted to take pensions away, nor those things that were promised as apart of what was their legitimate pay for services. However, in the case of the civilian side of government that takes away our money, our benefits, like health insurance, then the civilian government workforce should have to play by the same rules as the private sector they are telling how to live. You on the other hand what those civilian governmental workers to be a political elite, far above the common mundane middle class American. You also want to take money away from people, at the point of the gun to give it to people who are to lazy to work and to gutless to improve their own lives by their own effort. Even FDR understood that people should only be helped, if they are willing to help themselves, which is why CCC, WPA, etc, required WORK for your benefits, and hard work at that. You just throw the money at the lazy so they don't have to work. You also created SSI which required, again at the point of government guns, to trust a part of their retirement to the government, who took the money and gave it to the non workers. Authoritarianism doesn't work in the long run. Unfortunately, you Democrats don't understand that historical rule.

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