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radiofreeframingham 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 26, 2015 3:16 PM Member since: Jan 6, 2004
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  • radiofreeframingham by radiofreeframingham Mar 26, 2015 3:16 PM Flag

    According to Yahoo Finance the Staffords own 21,921,415 shares of Xencor worth at $14.96 share worth just under $330 million. They Staffords own 7,301,599 shares of Aware at $4.47 share worth $32,638,000. Modus operandi both companies same except Staffords investment in Xencor worth 10 times their investment in Aware. Based on what old man Stafford made on selling to TD Bank and their stake in Ronin Capital fairly safe to say the family is worth one billion dollars. When you have that kind of money do you think some disgruntled shareholders worry them. Xencor losing money but is a Biopharma company so it would appear the Staffords plan to sell at some point and cash in. Aware PR has gone dark at direction of Stafford family. He who contols the information controls the game.

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  • radiofreeframingham by radiofreeframingham Mar 19, 2015 4:55 PM Flag

    So far losing my shirt in NUAN. Thought a Mass. based company in the biometrics field would be a winner and what sealed the deal was Ichan buy 1.2 million shares (19% of the company) at $18.50 share or $1 billion plus investment. Ichan does not look so smart and I feel pretty stupid for jumping in with both feet. Based on current trend we are a year of two away from getting back to $18.50 share. That's OK with Carl Ichan cause his son Brett is on the BOD picking up 600g's every year for breathing. Carl is giving Brett some slack for this bad investment because Brett made him money on Netflix. Starting to give up all hope of a buyout from Samsung, Google or Apple. NUAN's diverse product portfolio hurts them as a takeover candidate. Little faith in current management's ability to grow the company.

  • In making the announcement of the new Astra product for large scale (sounds like federal government but could apply to private enterprise) biometric authentication. AWRE states the software is designed to be algorithm independent BUT is compatible with other AWRE software. Can anyone explain what the new product does that the other products AWRE sells do not? Appears press release timed just ahead of the connect ID trade show March 34 in Washington DC,

  • All positives. I am positive that Moberg and Russell are incompetent and should be fired. I am positive that Stafford is a rich guy that has no idea how to run a company (Moberg and Russell are proof). I am positive that the Biometrics sector is growing rapidly and that AWRE has not announced a contract signing since December 2013. I am positive that Stafford has purposely withheld information about AWRE from the shareholders and has told Moberg and Russell to say nothing. I am positive that at some point AWRE will be sold.

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  • Non GAAP made $.25 share with GAAP losing money. The GD executive stock options are killing the company. Great work by Brett Icahn! Too busy stuffing your pockets with money and stock as a director to watch out for the rest of us. Brett and his co-worker on the board's actions are exactly what his father Carl Ichan complains about-corporate greed. But when his son is the greedy beneficiary complete silence from the multi-billionaire ($25 billion) Carl Ichan. Thanks Carl!

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  • Unethical and probably illegal for Goldman to look at all the company books and records and then turn around and issue a downgrade on Nuance. They should be sued to return all fees they were paid.

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