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rainbowroygbiv 11 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 17, 1999 10:59 AM Member since: Apr 15, 1999
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    Warning to shorts!!!

    by greentank Sep 17, 1999 10:40 AM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv Sep 17, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    EPS numbers only moved up to consensus. Not a big deal. And they will only hit EPS by stuffing the channel. Watch those DSO's spike. JMHO.

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    CC info

    by RICKEVANS39 Sep 14, 1999 10:41 PM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv Sep 15, 1999 5:33 PM Flag

    ...48% operating income growth. EPS growth will
    be less. Some of the operating income growth comes
    from acquisitions (GET/EFTC) which were paid for with
    shares/cash. Curious what analysts models will turn out for
    EPS growth, and if it will be in-line with current
    estimates or an increase.

    So positives from call are
    outlook seems pretty robust.

    Negatives are revenue
    this Q a little light and big inventory

    What is unclear is EPS guidance. Will be interesting
    to see what stock does tomorrow.


  • rainbowroygbiv by rainbowroygbiv Sep 15, 1999 4:37 PM Flag


  • rainbowroygbiv by rainbowroygbiv Jun 29, 1999 8:59 AM Flag

    Power Industry Deregulation apparently driving
    large upsurge in trading of wholesale electricity.
    Baycorp's (TICKER: MWH) HoustonStreet operation is the
    first mover in the internet trading of

    According to the article, wholesale trading grew 500% from
    1986-1998 reaching $300bb.

    I would guess that is
    de-regulation gets nearer and nearer, this growth rate will
    accelerate. If in theory these guys can generate a few
    hundered million in revenue with HoustonStreet (and
    article also indicates Sapient built the site, so it is
    very professional), based on current internet market
    cap multiples, maybe they can create a few billion
    additional market cap. That would be over 40x return from
    here, as current biz with 8mm shares outstanding
    roughly has $50mm in market cap. Seems like the same
    position the internet stockbrockers were in a few years
    ago, and they created a huge/rapidly growing industry.
    Who knows though, a lot to go to get from here to
    there, but seems like a big and growing marketspace and
    a good opportunity for an early entrant.


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    by rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 9:31 AM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 2:12 PM Flag

    why would they build a 1500 bed facility and not
    have enough sewer capacity? that seems like a big
    waste of money? also, the facility has been open 3
    years, if sewer capacity was a problem, wouldn't it have
    eventually gotten fixed?

    also, where did you get this
    information from?

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    by rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 9:31 AM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 10:51 AM Flag

    really trying to get to bottom of this, if can
    understand a few key issues, would be helpful. stock seems
    cheap, prison industry has had great fundamentals, and
    pzn dominates the marketspace. however, also some
    inconsistencies i need to work through to get comfortable
    (previous post). chatter on this page seems to have died

  • rainbowroygbiv by rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 9:31 AM Flag

    a web page that shows facility utilization % by

    If you go to this page, and scroll down to the
    privately managed prisons section, they show data on the
    Eloy Detention Center. As I understand it, this is a
    CCA/PZN facility for federal inmates. The data they show
    on the page is as of May 21,1999. It shows only 1195
    of 1500 beds occupied, 79% utilization.

    does not seem to jibe with the press release that was
    put out by the comapny which indicated all beds in
    the federal system are at 100% capacity.

    anyone understand this? Is this definitely a PZN
    facility? Are all the beds supposed to be for Federal
    Inmates?? I am confused.

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    The good news is ......

    by GenJackripper May 22, 1999 8:38 AM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 24, 1999 9:37 AM Flag

    2 Prisoners escaped from CCA/PZN Mason County

    So far seems to be not too well known.

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    A simple and elegant solution

    by RetiredPaperman May 17, 1999 7:09 PM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 19, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    nobody had ever heard of anything of that nature
    before and is hard to believe because then bed-cost ex
    that fee would be too low. don't you get the point of
    all the posts on this thread and shareholders bailing
    out is it is impossible to believe anything.

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    A simple and elegant solution

    by RetiredPaperman May 17, 1999 7:09 PM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 18, 1999 10:30 AM Flag

    Take ~$120mm from PZN, send it down the operating
    company, have it send $100mm back to PZN and call it rent,
    and then PZN expenses nothing against that so they
    book a $100mm increase in FFO. I seriously question
    the merits of this treatment.

    For those not
    familiar, Boston Chicken was one of the biggest disasters
    of all time, I think it is now Bankrupt. Boston
    Chicken was a restaurant franchisor that had a bunch of
    franchisees that were paying it big fanchise fees. Boston
    Chicken was booking a lot of earnings from the franchise
    fees, but the franchisees were actually losing money
    after paying Boston Chicken the fees. On top of that,
    Boston Chicken
    was actually loaning money to the
    franchisees to send
    the franchise fee back up to the
    parent. Meanwhile,
    the franchisees were going broke,
    and ultimately couldn't pay
    back the loan. So even
    though Boston Chicken
    corporate was reporting good
    EPS (becasue you can do a
    lot w/accounting
    relative to how you treat cash expenses), the system as a
    whole was failing. Eventually, the Ponzi scheme
    collapsed on itself.

    Not sure if what PZN is doing
    is much different. Granted, PZN is a great company
    with some very positive charasteristics. However,
    numbers are numbers and aggressive acounting can only
    mask so much. Think is the part of the reason the
    auditors forced so much disclosure in the Q, so we would
    know about all the monies moving back and forth. Will
    be interesting to see how this plays out. JMHO.

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    Stop posting that CRAP!!

    by Dave___W Apr 15, 1999 10:28 PM
    rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv Apr 15, 1999 10:54 PM Flag

    What if it does get taken over. No way WCOM pays
    more than $40-$42 per/share, as stock has run up
    solely on takeover speculation and already incorporates
    a huge takeover premium. Then it is a stock deal,
    and WCOM shareholders hate the deal due to 25%
    dilution, so WCOM trades way down on the news, lowering the
    implied value on NXTL, i.e. NXTL ends up going down on
    the takeover news as WCOM shares worth less money. So
    if WCOM announces deal at $42, WCOm probably gets
    whacked 10%-20% stock price wise, and NXTL trades down
    commensurately. Notice every time takeover noise gtets hot and
    heavy, WCOM trades down $3/$4 just on the rumors. JMHO.

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