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  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Jul 11, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    Question. Is the supposed share ratio formula following the restructuring set at (- 30:1)? Somewhere in this debacle there must be an advantage or reason for the BK court to allow this venture to go through. Otherwise, it's simply a loosing battle and whoever holds the liability would have no ROI for the risk. It would only prolong the inevitable of a complete loss of all shareholder value and company cash.

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 May 27, 2015 6:04 PM Flag

    You are correct and many holders of CYTX, (retail/small hedge funds) that is, are finding this to be the case and have been posting on Stocktwits as such. There seems to be an ongoing theme of something coming that ...A) either points to BIG news of a critical Phase II,III finding or B) someone perhaps making a tender offer for this company. Could also be the later will come quickly if the first is announced. Having fallen to these lows only to have multiple analysts throw estimates anywhere from $3 to $7 usually catches many off guard hence the Squeeze and run up. One other thing, when Adam Feuerstein speaks harshly against a company like he attempted to do with Cytori months ago, they normally come out shining in the end. He plays it both ways and gets paid doing it. He's off the radar now on Cytori so look for some major news soon!

  • Major Shareholders CYTX
    Name Shares
    Held % Total
    Shares Held Shares
    Change % Chg from
    Prior Port % Total
    Assets Date of
    Portfolio Star Rating
    Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx 1,380,957 1.10 63,600 4.83 0 04/30/2015
    Vanguard Extended Market Idx Inv 1,124,009 0.89 0 0 0 04/30/2015
    CREF Stock R1 338,091 0.30 112,526 49.89 0 03/31/2015
    iShares Russell 2000 Growth 518,284 0.31 1,110 0.21 0 05/26/2015
    Fidelity Spartan® Extended Mkt Index Inv 285,340 0.25 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    Schwab Small Cap Index 190,900 0.17 112,900 144.74 0.01 03/31/2015
    Northern Trust Russell 2000 Index Fund - DC - Non-Lending 163,548 0.14 -3,627 -2.17 0 03/31/2015
    iShares Micro-Cap 230,010 0.14 0 0 0.02 05/26/2015
    iShares Russell 2000 Value 217,795 0.13 0 0 0 05/26/2015
    AXA 2000 Managed Volatility K 111,670 0.10 22,870 25.75 0 03/31/2015
    TIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Idx Inst 107,834 0.09 43,860 68.56 0.01 03/31/2015
    Vanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt Idx InstlPls 139,519 0.11 0 0 0 04/30/2015
    Fidelity Spartan® Total Market Idx Inv 69,588 0.06 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    BNY Mellon EB DL Mkt Completion 69,402 0.06 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    JNL/Mellon Capital Small Cap Index B 64,201 0.06 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    SSgA Russell Small Cap Completeness Idx 129,461 0.13 0 0 0 12/31/2014
    Northern Small Cap Index 51,491 0.05 13,758 36.46 0.01 03/31/2015
    CREF Equity Index R1 47,980 0.04 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    VALIC Company I Small Cap Index 41,470 0.04 0 0 0 03/31/2015
    The Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth Index 50,102 0.04 0 0 0.01 04/30/2015

  • 5/12/2015 Ascendiant Capital Markets Initiated Coverage Buy $1.25 View Rating Details Tweet This Rating Share This Rating on StockTwits
    4/24/2015 Maxim Group Reiterated Rating Buy $7.00 View Rating Details Tweet This Rating Share This Rating on StockTwits
    4/7/2015 Laidlaw Reiterated Rating Buy View Rating Details Tweet This Rating Share This Rating on StockTwits
    3/13/2015 Roth Capital Set Price Target Buy $6.00 View Rating Details Tweet This Rating Share This Rating on StockTwits
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    1/16/2015 Roth Capital Boost Price Target Buy $3.50 - $6.00

  • Cytori Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CYTX) has received a short term rating of buy from research analysts at Zacks with a rank of 2. The company has been rated an average of 1 by 2 Wall Street Analysts. 2 analysts have added the shares in their list of strong buys.

    Ascendiant Capital initiates coverage on Cytori Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CYTX) The current rating of the shares is Buy. Equity Analysts at the Firm announces the price target to $1.25 per share. Cytori Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CYTX) shares are expected to touch $6.5 in the short term. This short term price target has been shared by 2 analysts. However, the standard deviation of short term price estimate has been valued at 0.71. The target price could hit $7 on the higher end and $6 on the lower end.

    Even 1/2 value of these estimates and we'll see record volume! Holding my 34K with a death grio!

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 May 7, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    This was more than anyone could have asked for! A beat on ER and reducing debt while maintaining future contracts while oil bounces up and down. It clearly has to sink in for those in the market and may seem minuscule but this is better than investors could have expected! They have a ridiculous law suit pending against a board member that will soon add value back to the company as well as a deferred payment due them in July! Next Q will be stellar.

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 May 7, 2015 10:06 AM Flag

    Correction Earnings s/b +$0.06 and still a $+$0.02 BEAT!

  • this will begin to walk up in an orderly and deserving fashion. That even surpasses the the high estimate of $0.05 , people will eventually catch on! no worries about BK here!

    HOUSTON, TX—(MARKET WIRE)—May 7, 2015 — Vantage Drilling Company (“Vantage” or the “Company”) (NYSE MKT: VTG) reports net income for the three months ended March 31, 2015 of $21.4 million or $.06 per diluted share as compared to earnings of $24.8 million or $.07 per diluted share for the three months ended March 31, 2014

  • the price. However prior to that ER just 30 day earlier they hit $0.69 on news. It's forward guidance that moves VTG tomorrow and future contracts but $0.04 is already priced in. Oil is headed higher and VTG is trading sideways $0.38 - $0.42. while SDRL, HERO, PGN keep bumping up. Management needs adjusted contracts for higher profits for this to climb. They better have ammo ready in today's volatile trading market because status quo isn't being rewarded. C'mon VTG give shareholders some news with future contracts!

  • Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Date Insider Shares Type Transaction Value*
    Feb 3, 2015 BRAGG PAUL A
    32,565 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.41 - $0.46 per share. 14,0002
    Feb 3, 2015 SMITH DOUGLAS G
    11,138 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.41 - $0.46 per share. 4,8452
    8,481 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.41 - $0.46 per share. 3,6892
    Feb 3, 2015 HALKETT DOUGLAS
    20,251 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.41 - $0.46 per share. 8,8092
    Feb 3, 2015 BRANTLEY EDWARD G
    6,445 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.41 - $0.46 per share. 2,8032
    Jan 22, 2015 BRAGG PAUL A
    41,759 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.36 per share. 14,0002
    Jan 22, 2015 BRANTLEY EDWARD G
    8,090 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.36 per share. 2,7102
    9,454 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.36 per share. 3,1672
    Jan 22, 2015 HALKETT DOUGLAS
    23,158 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.36 per share. 7,7572
    Jan 22, 2015 SMITH DOUGLAS G
    13,187 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.36 per share. 4,4172
    Jan 21, 2015 HALKETT DOUGLAS
    32,752 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.35 per share. 11,0002
    Jan 21, 2015 BRANTLEY EDWARD G
    11,450 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.35 per share. 3,7782
    Jan 21, 2015 BRAGG PAUL A
    59,144 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.35 per share. 20,0002
    Jan 21, 2015 SMITH DOUGLAS G
    18,646 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.35 per share. 6,1532
    13,402 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0.31 - $0.35 per share. 4,422

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Mar 5, 2015 10:07 AM Flag

    Correct, now factor in that this treatment varietal includes several skin cancer distinctions and you add to it's value. Every patient that enters a doctors office for skin evaluations diagnosed with melanoma could potentially be spared invasive surgeries with a treatment such as the one mentioned in today's news! Huge impact if it's declared "OFFICIAL" by FDA!

  • it's over I now bee bankruptcy the only hope going forward. Lawyers will sue and take most of the company value.

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Feb 6, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    I think you mean to say it's lights out for Petrobas! They could never admit the fraud so this guy gets in to add more layers to an already complicated matter. and further disguise what's been stolen!

    Shorts kill this today, watch!

  • to maintain being profitable and satisfying shareholders as public company while operating like this ,then skimming billions off the top for government officials just destroyed any credibility they had left. No one trusts Dilma now and the appointee must be someone that protects her as well. If the Brazilians find out she's holding billions of dollars while they're living in slums it's lynching time for one government official.

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Feb 6, 2015 12:15 PM Flag

    If this banker is the choice by Dilma you can expect a 2-3 x current short position in remaing trading time today after announcement. Then analysts will have all the necessary ammo to fire downgrades out and suffocate any hope Brazil has going forward with this selection. Watch and learn how scandals are exposed regardless of the power big oil has. They made fools of themselves by lying and being greedy and those big institutions at $5.00 will be off loading and you'll see record volume in a single day.

    My prediction is 200+ million if they announce Bendine at Monday's open.

    MARK IT!

  • Seems Brazil is very comfortable making decisions that can destroy shareholders but keep criminal run companies protected. Anyone knows if a banker is put into the position there's a good chance that the laundered money is well hid. He would be the one coordinating it's whereabouts and have access to distribute without a trace.

    Right now I want to believe otherwise as my investment is deteriorating to ashes!

  • Reply to

    Car Share status with Kandi vehicles

    by frankblatterman Jan 29, 2015 9:26 AM
    ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Jan 29, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    Would love to know how the car share program works. Do customers simply walk up , check out a car get in and drive. How do they tally the ours used, taxi clock? When you were there did it seem that most the vehicles were being occupied or was the customer traffic light. It seems many are still not on board as the government is fighting big oil manufactures to change formulas for safer gas. They refuse to do so as it would cut profits. The current leadership has been unable to force them into compliance and has shown some weakness. In a communist country that's never good. Did you visit any potential factories that were scheduled to open in 2015? Any buzz on new styles of Kandi EVs? Can the government actually do enough to curb the desire from gasoline luxury cars to the less desireable EV market. I see they are trying everything to make owning EVs easy but will the people bite? I bought shares at a much higher price than today's level and HOLD firmly for some positive action by both the Chinese Government and Mr. Hu. He's been reluctant to release any forward guidance for 2015 as he normally did in past prior Q4 ER, hope it's to blow out some big #s and kill shorts who are desperate to get more short shares. This is leading up to one big BANG! I'm in Vegas to, live here, enjoy the cool weather and rain it's rare in these parts!

  • Zhejiang issues historic blue smog alert over severe air pollution
    Updated: 28 Jan 2015Share this news?...Click box Bookmark and Share
    Read more on Zhejiang air pollution Ningbo air pollution
    The Zhejiang Environmental Protection Office issued a blue smog alert yesterday for the first time in the history of the province as severe air pollution persisted for seven days.

    Air quality index (AQI) collected in the Qiandao Lake area, west of Hangzhou, reached 267 micrograms per cubic meter at 8pm yesterday. Visibility in central and northern Zhejiang dropped to about 1,000 meters and to 400 meters in some places.

    The Hangzhou Urban Management Commission asked sanitation teams to spray more water on roads and to control dust pollution at construction sites.

    Authorities asked children and seniors to reduce outdoor activities and urged people to take public transport as much as possible to cut car emissions.

    Severe air pollution was also reported in Huzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Quzhou, Taizhou and Wenzhou across the province as their AQI ranged from 201 to 300.

    But a cold front is coming from the north and is expected to disperse the smog today. Sleet and light snow are expected in the mountainous areas of Zhejiang tonight. Tomorrow will be colder and have drizzle.

  • Kandi’s plan is to build with both Government and “outside” support, 750 of these garages in just the City of Hangzhou over the next four years through a 50-50 joint venture with Geely Automotive, China’s largest passenger automaker, which would require some 100,000 Kandi electric vehicles to stock them. This model is slated to spread to other cities and regions like Shanghai, Shandong, and Hainan. Two garages were just completed in Hangzhou over the past two months and another 18 are currently under construction as of two weeks ago.

    The only reference I can find to Chinese government buying all electric Vehicles is Kandi Technologies. Highest population per country on earth at roughly 1.35 BILLION people and Kandi a favorite is bound for success. Government switching 30% of it's current vehicle population to EVs should have Kandi going 24-7 and building new factories throughout China.

  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 Jan 28, 2015 10:12 AM Flag

    Yes in deed, now look at what the Chinese are doing to help curve their future costs. Battery subsidies for purchasers of EVs will be another cost reduction for the vehicles they purchase. Also when the country sees they are going electric and eventually raise gas prices to unheard of levels where do think people will turn? Evs and millions of them. Kandi due to get a big piece of market share and as new plant open this year new luxury models will catch the eye of buyers. WIN WIN for investors. This Q will be a blowout as well.

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